St. Andrew’s ’S ANGEL Alert

St. Andrew’s
Today’s Stewardship Speaker: Martha Russell
Oktoberfest TODAY
Enjoy a “Brats N Beer” luncheon.
Please bring sides, salads & desserts.
((Bread, meat & drinks are provided)).
Bring $ for the Olive Wood Religious Art
& Bethlehem Handicrafts sale
(Hannoona family).
October 26, 2014
All Saints Eucharist
Saturday, Noon,
November 1
Please sign your loved ones names in the “All Saints
Remembrance book” (back counter) TODAY if you want them
remembered in prayer, All Saints Sunday, November 2.
Stewardship Ingathering on All Saints’ Sunday,
November 2. It is a principal feast day of the church and the
day of our pledge ingathering. Please bring your pledge card
to place on the alter or in the alms basin.
S u nday, October 26, 11:45-3pmEYC Fri g h t-A-Thon (Ea t a t l u nch eo n,
w a tch a scary flic k & s e t up for t h e EYC
Ha u n t ed Hou s e for Trun k or Trea t).
Friday, October 31, 6-7:30pm -TRUNK
or TREAT* & Haun t e d Hou s e
S a t urday, Nove mber 1, Al l Sai n t s
Euchari s t S ervice at noon i n
Columbari u m Chapel
S u nday, November 2: Al l Sai n t s S u nday*
St e w ard s h ip In g a t h eri n g*
7:30p m FASO concert*
Dayl i g h t S a vi n g s Tim e end s“Fal l back one hour”
* s e e det a i l s i n an nou ncem e nt bo x e s
Newsworthy note: Father Pace’s sermons are
online at
Trunk or Treat
& Haunted House
Friday, October 31,6:00-7:30pm
Sign up your decorated car & help to pass out
candy (back counter). Place candy donations in
container in back. Bring the family for hot dogs
& then go trick or treating in the parking
lot,.visit the Haunted House,.join the fun!!!
The Heinavanker Estonian Folk Ensemble
presents the 2nd concert in the FASO
season…..Sunday, November 2, 7:30pm!
This group hails from the northern European
country of Estonia. Reviewers have found the
a cappella Heinavanker’s singing beautiful & soothing, with praises for notes so perfectly blended and
in tune that overtones can be heard!
1601 S. Georgia, Amarillo, TX 79102
Phone: 806-376-6316
The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer, Bishop -Episcopal Diocese of
Northwest Texas Northwest Texas Diocese:
The Rev. J. Scott Mayer, Bishop [email protected]
The Rev. Jo Roberts Craig, Rector & School Chaplain (101)
The Rev. Dr. Robert Pace, Associate Rector (102)
The Venerable Patsy Masterman, Archdeacon Emeritus
The Venerable Chris Wrampelmeier, Archdeacon
The Rev. Todd Baxley, Deacon
The Rev. Pat Knight, Deacon
The Rev. Dede Schuler Ballou, Deacon
Sr. Warden– Sally Emerson
Jr. Warden–Monty Nash
Marlone Givens, Sexton (109)
Kathy Roach, Parish Administrator & Publications (100)
Margaret Lacy, Organist/Director of Music Ministries (107)
Edee Aikman, Christian Education Dir(103)
Sheri Langford, Financial Manager (104)
Barbara Whitton, Pastoral Associate (105)
Dean Kennedy, Parish Assistant
Centering Prayer -MONDAYS, 6:00-7:00pm
Children’s Chapel
Noon Bible Study–TUESDAYS- St. Catherine
Daughters of the King (DOK) -2nd Wednesdays,10:00am
DOK Evening chapter– 3rd Tuesdays, 6:30pm St. Gregory
(contact Deborah Rolland 335.5030)
St. Brigid’s Prayer Shawl Ministry—3rd Thursdays, 6:308pm St. Gregory (meet once a month now)
EfM (2 classes) —Mondays & Thursdays, 6:30-9:00pm,
St. David
Black belt Bible Study-FRIDAYS 10:00am -St. Gregory
Men’s Group-Friday noon -St. Gregory. Bring a sack lunch
& friend.
NOTE: The office keeps a “Maintenance Log” of reported
things around the church campus and grounds that need repairing
or brought to the attention of the Junior Warden. Call, email or
stop by the office to report. Office #376.6316
[email protected]
Make it your ministry to “report it not ignore it”!
Dedications for Altar Flowers
To dedicate flowers to a loved ones on their birthday or wedding
anniversary or for a loved one’s anniversary of death or birthday:
place their name in the Altar Flower Notebook, fill out Altar
Flower Envelopes (Envelopes are on back counter or in Flower
Notebook) and insert money & place in alms basin.
Promise Project (summer camp) Office (Lowndes Hall)
Contact: Todd Baxley or Milly Martinez (316.6005)
Regular Services on Sunday
8:00 am Holy Eucharist I (nave)
9:30-10:15 am Sunday School (Lowndes Hall)
10:30am Children’s Church
(Children’s Chapel of Lowndes Hall)
10:30 am Holy Eucharist II (nave)
Breakfast is served on Sunday Mornings between
8:45-9:45am by the Breakfast Ministry Crew.
5:30 pm Wednesday Eucharist/Holy Unction,
Rite II, Children’s Chapel (Childcare)
Sunday School Classes
9:30-10:15am Lowndes Hall
(Children & youth)
Nursery for infants-5 years old
Follow the Good Shepherd: (level
1)ages 3-6
Exploring Our Church: ages 1st-3rd grade
Mustard Seed :4th & 5th grades– St. Elizabeth
Rite-13: 6th-8th grades in St. Clare
J2A: 9th & 10th in EYC room
YAC -Young Adults in Church:11th &12th,
St. Benedict
Rector’s Bible Study– St. Catherine
Underground Christians– St. Gregory
Vestry meet every 4th Tuesday, 6:00pm
Finance Committee meet on 3rd Tuesday, 6:00pm
Properties Committee meet on 2nd Tuesday, 6:00pm
Christian Education Committee meet on 2nd
Water in
Dear Parishioners, The Breakfast Teams are recruiting three new teams,
new leaders & more cooks to start cooking after Jan.1, 2015! Each team
prepares breakfast every 7 to 8 weeks served from 8:45-9:45am.
The “Breakfast Teams” started in 2002 & has grown into a
rewarding ministry at St. Andrew’s. We have fun and enjoy being
involved in this parish activity!
Please contact one of the team leaders, if you would like to join in cooking
with a team or form a new team or have
Anne Northcutt (353.0006), Don Paxton
(671.8940), Bruce Baca (206.9214),
Dave Blakley (679.8186), Slater Elza
(206.0540), David Stidham (679.0413)
Tai Chi Class time
lesson change
The Underground Christian
Class has started an internet
conversation called “theme of the
week.” A theme is set on Sunday,
when someone writes a conversation
starter for the participants. The
internet conversation is open till the
following Sunday. If you would like
to participate, email
Mary Emeny at [email protected],
subject line “UC theme”.
….starting Nov. 4,
meet on Tuesday)
5:00—5:45pm Basic lessons
5:45-6:30pm Forms &
St. Andrew’s Day is Sunday, November 23.
Please check the gonfalon list on the back
counter and sign up to carry your family’s
gonfalon or sign up to carry someone else’s.
Taize Community Programs. . . Every 2nd Friday, 6-7 pm….
A meditative prayer service. All are welcome! Childcare is
available by the Parents Night Out program here from 6-10 pm
(please call to sign up your child at 376.6316 or
email: [email protected]).
November 14: Polk Street Methodist
December 12: St. Andrew’s
Altar Guild Annual
Meeting November 8,
Saturday at 11am in
St. Catherine’s Room,
Lowndes Hall
The second of three Remnant Trust
Lectures based on theme The Declaration
of Independence in Legacy Hall at West
Texas A&M University:
The last lecture is on Thursday,
November 30, 5:30 reception, 6:30
lecture by Dr. Bryon Pearson & Dr. James
Hallmark will join him.
Packing lunches on
Thursday, November 20
at 1:00pm in
St. Catherine’s Room.
Please sign up if you would
like to help ( back counter).
St. Andrew’s is collecting prepackaged food items that can be
put in a lunch bag & distributed to homeless individuals one
time each month. EXAMPLES INCLUDE: (pop-top cans/packets)
tuna or other protein items, Vienna sausages, beanie weenies, Beef
Jerky (individually wrapped), applesauce, fruit cocktail, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, power bars, cookies, bottled water & individually wrapped wet wipes. NO candy please!
Deliver lunches every 3rd Sunday.
Financial Report
January 1, 2014– October 19, 2014
Annual Budgeted Pledge, Contribution & Plate Income
Budgeted Pledge, Contribution & Plate Income YTD
Actual Pledge, Contribution & Plate Income YTD
Over Budget
Intercessory Prayer Requests
For the sick (current): Ann O’Hara, Rudy Pace, Pam Ruth, Aaron Brown, Madge Phillips, Johnnie Delle Cogdell,
Tiny Sturdevant, Linda, Goodrich family, Chase Moore family, Laura Willis, Susan Ladd, Mike Price, Katy Miller,
Robert Pendleton, Billie Dawn Watkins, Jim Henneman, & Mike Bryce.
For special concerns (current): Mother Jo & O’Hara family, Rudy Pace, John Wells, MJ Coats/Viggani family,
Libby Hayes, Debby Benton, Boyce Family, Toth family, Hutchins family, Campbell family, Tevis Paxton, Irma &
Harold Taylor, Carmen, Blan Quattlebaum, Belva Bennett, Brynne Voran, Linda Plude, Katy, James, & Jessica/
Dick & Barbara Davis. Health workers, individuals & nations dealing with Ebola virus.
For the Church; especially for . . . Justin, the Archbishop of Canterbury; Katharine, our Presiding Bishop; Scott,
our Bishop; for Jo Roberts Craig and Robert Pace, our priests, for Patsy Masterman, Chris Wrampelmeier, Todd
Baxley, Pat Knight, Dede Schuler Ballou, our deacons; and especially for… St. Nicholas’ in Midland and clergy:
David Huxley and Tom Burns.
In Thanksgiving . . . St. Andrew’s clergy, staff, parishioners, community, family & friends, parish; students &
teachers, all schools, especially St. Andrew’s School; the Columbarium Chapel; good stewardship promotion &
good stewards; nice rainy fall weather; upcoming events.
Those serving in the Armed Forces, especially… Grady, Tim, Austin, Gary, James, Phillip, Jenks White, John
White, Ryan Boeka, Brandon Chase, Greyson Geer, Van Nielsen, Justin McGee, Levi Tarr, Dan Miller, Tim May,
Mauriella DiTommaso, Steve Revelas, Joe Turk, Jerimy Massingill, Josh Crabtree, Jaxon Abdoo, Casey Bronaugh,
Payton Lockman, Sam Russell, Stephen Beacham, James Scott, Larry Evans & Lt. Col. Scott DeJesse.
For those who have died:
Sidney Stinnett Boyce, The Rev. Clay Towles, & John Rogers
For the sick (long-term): Andy Kauffman, Steve, Jim, Lisa. Lyle, Kim, Kelly, Wendy, Billy Don, Seth Himlan,
Heidi Long, Pamela Jones, Bill Merriam, Walton Moore, Richard High, Shaun Brogan, Debbie Jackson, Jim
Thompson, Mary Holman, Pam Schuster, Donald Soya, Nancy Eagan, Randy Tupin, Gentry Lee, Diana Gerk,
Amy King, Margaret Richiter, Ann Jenkins, Steve Nelson, Gerald Rogers, Richard Smith, Gil Farren, Maxey
Dodson, Joe Astuto, Buck Carter, Bruce Campbell, Katherine O’Brien, Linda Hare, Ann Rinehart, Paulette King,
Leah Talbot, Don Frank, Jerry Terry, David Swaim, David Brown, Christina Aquiliera, Margaret Cizon, Doneice
Hayes, Neva Garrett, Jan Noffsker, Lisa Brent Stephenson, Charles Wilson, Dick Brennan, Don Turner, Betty
Fickle, & JC Burgess.
For special concerns (long-term): Ann O’Hara, Patsy Masterman, Pat Knight, Jacob, Ellen Steinrucken, Randy
Schuster, Steve & Martha Field, Jeff Davis, Brad Yates, Courtney Mulvanney, Juana Ree Forrester, Tammye,
Jason, Charles & Pat Lewis, Linda Adams, Burke-Tinsley families, Don Marsh, Louie Womble, Jamie Schmidt,
Doug Cashell, Molly Frank, Buddy & Mikala Stephens, Sam & Missy Darden, Mark Reed, Cyn Kerbs, Jennifer
Hinkle, Wilson family, Louis Capell & family.
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