There are some aspects of Little Athletics that you need to be aware of before you register
your child. These rules are established by Little Athletics for your safety and enjoyment.
You need to be aware of these rules and abide by them throughout the season.
What is Little Athletics?
Little Athletics is for children from Tiny Tots to 17 years of age to develop running, jumping
and throwing skills. Emphasis is placed on having fun, learning new skills, personal
improvement and competing rather than winning. The centre’s rewards to athletes reflect
this philosophy.
Parent Involvement
Parents are expected to be involved as voluntary helpers and officials in a family orientated
supportive environment. Little Athletics is different to other children’s sports in that parents
or caregivers are expected to be involved on competition days. This could be as simple as
raking the sand in the long jump pit or retrieving a discus. Each age group will also need
parents to help with more general activities like time keeping and place judging. If we do not
have enough parents to help out either events will not be run or results will not be recorded.
There are lots of people to show you how you can help, so don’t worry if you have not done
this sort of thing before.
It is a requirement of enrolment with this Centre that you remain on site with your child
during competition days to provide support and encouragement, help the Centre and deal
with any issues that may arise with your child. You cannot drop them off and leave.
Age groups will be rostered on to specifically help with setting up and putting away
equipment and you could be called for canteen assistance which includes our weekly
sausage sizzle.
Centre Information
The Centre provides information to members in a number of ways:
General information, field status. programs and event calendars are all available on our
website at www.kdlac.org . You can also follow us on Facebook. We will also communicate
to you from time to time via the email address that you provide us at registration.
Wet weather or field information
The information phone number for our Centre is 9294 3680. The voice messaging service
will give information on doubtful weather days and other administrative matters. Do not
leave messages on this service.
Wet weather information or field closures will also be available on our website and Facebook
pages at 7:30 am on competition days.
Costa Zakis
0414 606 538
Vice President
Malcolm Clines
0414 316 962
Jo Lucas
0424 532 028
PO BOX 414
Competitor Results
Each week you child will compete in set events which follow a three week rotating program.
Each time your child competes in an event they will be awarded points both for where they
place in their age group, and how much their results improve. The points are awarded
automatically as results are entered into the computer, and discretionary points are not
possible. Clearly, athletes need to come to as many centre days as possible to maximise
their points.
Each week your child will receive a slip which shows their result (time / distance and place)
for the previous week’s events. Information on other competitors is not available, and
parents and athletes are not allowed to request another athlete's results from either the
timekeepers or age managers.
The centre’s Presentation Day is at the end of the season and will reflect these ideals. To be
eligible for trophies and awards athletes must attend 60% (rounded up) active competition
days at Pitt Park throughout the season. Eg 60% of 17 comp days = 10.2 (rounded to 11
days for eligibility). Trophies and awards are based both on personal improvement and
overall results.
Our Competition Program
Events will begin after morning announcements.
General competition will start promptly at 8:30am. If an athlete misses an event because
they arrive late they cannot make it up. Please make sure that you arrive in sufficient time to
read / hear notices and prepare properly for the competition day ahead.
We aim to have competition finished by about 11:00 am, though this will depend on the size
of the age group and the level of parental assistance. Any information provided at morning
announcements will also be on our website.
Events are organised on a cyclical basis appropriate to an athlete’s age. Athletes must
compete in their own age group. You cannot compete ‘up’ an age group to either access
a different event, be with friends etc.
We will be trialling a new program for 2012/13 that will involve a 3 week rotating program.
Each week there will be 2 track and 2 field events per age group. Some weeks may also
offer other track activities that are restricted to specific age groups e.g. 3000m These
additional activities will be offered either prior to the commencement of or after the
conclusion of the normal Saturday program on any given week. This program, including
these additional events, will be made available on our website once we have finalised the
season registration and know our numbers and age groups for the season.
Dress Code
Once registered, athletes are expected to wear full approved Centre attire. You will need
to purchase uniform at registration if you do not already have it from previous years, and this
uniform must be worn every competition day. Please ensure all clothing is labelled as per the
LANSW standards.
You will receive three patches at registration – a registration number (large patch) an age
group number (small patch) and an IGA patch.
These patches must be sewn on as follows:
Registration number – middle chest, note the red square around the number must be
visible (Don’t hide or trim the red square).
Age patch – left chest (above the registration number) or left front of shorts, near the
IGA patch - right side of the chest.
If you compete at zone, and additional centre number will be issued – this must be sewn on
the back of the singlet or crop top.
These patches must be sewn on. They are NOT iron on transfers. We will not be
exchanging or refunding uniforms that are damaged if you try to iron on the patches.
Our centre is affiliated with Little Athletics Association of NSW and our uniform needs to be
approved annually. This means that you cannot vary the way uniform in any way. You
are not able to vary colours, styles or location of patches. A T-shirt for sun protection or on
cold mornings may be worn under the regulation singlet but must be plain white. This will be
strictly enforced at Zone and Regional competition meets and competitors may be not be
allowed to participate in competition if their uniform is not correct, so it’s best to get into the
standard from day 1.
U16 & 17 and dual athletes should wear their LA’s uniform and not Athletics NSW Blue
Mountains uniform.
Please ensure that your child is adequately protected against the sun with hat, water and
Registration refunds will only be available up to and including the trial day on September
29th, 2012.
Fundraising is an important part of the centre’s activities to purchase and maintain the
centre’s equipment. Guessing competitions, canteen and BBQ money will feature
Special Events
Our Athletes get involved with a number of additional competition meets outside of the
All registered members from U7s and up will have an opportunity to compete at the Western
Ranges Zone carnival which will be held at Tom Hunter Park on 8th & 9th December. Zone
is a great chance to compete with athletes from other centres, and should not be seen just
for those who wish to qualify for Region (in Dubbo) or State.
Also watch out for other special events such as Gala Days in Country/Metropolitan areas
that come up from time to time.
Certificated coaches will offer their services again this year. We hope to offer track and
running technique, as well as other activities depending on when our coaches are available.
Watch our website for details.
Officials Courses
Age Managers and any interested parents have the opportunity and are encouraged to
attend basic or more advanced coaching or official’s courses. Check the website for details.
Questions and Feedback
Your Age Manager will be your first point of contact for most matters.
Please contact executive committee members if you have any questions, ideas or minor
Matters of major concern or complaints should be made in writing and addressed to the
Secretary at the address below. Your concerns will be discussed at the next committee
There will also be a feedback box in the canteen for any ideas or general feedback