Gaoxiang Ma

Gaoxiang Ma
San Jose, CA 95134 ! Phone: (408) 797-8776 ! E-Mail: [email protected] ! Website:
Seeking a full-time position in the Software Development that utilizes my knowledge and skills in web development and Objectoriented design and development. I am a good team player, and passionate about solving problem with software programming.
Technical Skills
C++, Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SQL, HTML5, CSS and XAML
Windows Forms, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET, MVC, Socket, Threads and Synchronization, and XML
Visual Studio 2012, Eclipse, XAMPP, Xcode, Android Studio, NetBeans, and Microsoft Visio
Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Linux and Mac
MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server
Volunteer Project, San Jose Christian Assembly, Milpitas, CA
Aug. 2014-Oct.2014
• Developed a web template to provide a dynamical Bible study schedule for based on WordPress. Used PHP to
request data from MySQL on GreenGeeks Hosting server. It supplies a self-defined calendar view and a daily view.
• Developed a Hymnal Android Mobile Application providing songs, lyrics, and music accompaniment, including functions like
searching songs, online and offline playing, and managing favorite.
Mobile App Developer Intern, Zenius Solutions, Inc. Redding, CA
Oct. 2013-May 2014
Designed Custom UI Components and developed RESTful web services interfaces for an Android payment Application.
Participated in testing of the application in various devices and also performed unit testing on the application.
Software Engineer Intern, Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group CO., LTD, China
July 2012-Sept. 2012
• Improved and maintained the company’s website using C# and CSS.
• Collaborated with the engineering group on a database project.
• Implemented a web-based, file-sharing application.
Academic Projects, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Aug. 2011-May 2013
Remote Test Harness (C++)
• Developed a socket-based Communicator to support sending Executable Test libraries to remote Test Harness and receive results.
• The Test Harness client with Windows Forms interface provides means to send configuration files includes test DLLs and test
files to the server input queue. After the Test Harness receives configuration files and test request in XML format from the Client,
it spawns a thread for each test configuration and receives the results back from that thread by pipe to pass back to the client. The
client receives a XML format result includes Test Name and ID, date of testing, and success status and display to user.
Web Business Management System (C#)
• Developed a business website selling software on ASP.NET MVC 4 framework and associated WCF-based web services.
• Used HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to set the website layout; used SQL Server databases to manage all roles and products. Used
WCF-based web services to support uploading files to server and exchanging files for product sales and establishment of
contracts. Implemented internal employees only Wiki, used to record and track customer and contract issues.
Graphics Engine for UML Diagramming (C#)
• Designed and implemented a remote graphics engine, and prototype application for drawing a UML diagrams.
• Provided multi-clients which could synchronously view, create and edit class diagrams and package diagrams from user inputs or
XML files, assisted in the creation of Standard UML class and package symbols according to user specification. Built a hosting
server for WCF services for managing users, storing files and committing changes, allowing simultaneous access of multiple
Database Development Project for Large Department Store (SQL)
• Designed a database schema for tracking sales, customers, employees and vendors data.
• Created SP/function to insert, delete, update and return tables.
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
• M.S. Computer Engineering
• Coursework: Object Oriented Design, Algorithms, Design Patterns, Software Modeling and Analysis, Cloud Computing, Internet
Programming, Data Mining, Advanced Computer Architecture, and Database Management.
Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao, China
• B.Eng. Electrical Engineering