Vintage Home & Garden - By Post Issue 2

Issue 2
Vintage Home & Garden - By Post
Welcome to Lytton & Lily
Vintage Home & Garden by post
At Lytton & Lily we offer traditional and vintage lifestyle
accessories for you and your home.There’s something for
everyone, including the little people in your lives.We have put
together a range of vintage and traditionally styled products
that we know you’ll love as much as we do. All of the products
have been lovingly hand-picked and we have one simple rule we only sell the things we absolutely love!
Lytton & Lily is a true family business.The theme of the shop
was inspired by memories of my grandparents and named after
them - Lytton & Lily. I wanted to bring together a range products
with timeless appeal for the home, garden and the special people
in our lives.
We stock a large range of products from leading suppliers such
as Nina Campbell, Susie Watson Designs, Cath Kidson, Monsoon
Home and Burt’s Bees to name just a few.
So pull up a chair, relax and take some time to meander through
the pages of this, our second catalogue - I hope you enjoy it.
Front cover: Beautiful Nina Campbell 100% lambswool reversible throw.
A must for any cosy night in! Presented in signature lilac Nina Campbell
box. Tartan red/camel. 190x150cm. WYW4677 £160
For Storm Lantern see page 11
1 Montmartre Range of Fermob Garden Furniture.Traditional metal table with perforated top, with elegant powder coated chairs.The backs of the chairs feature an ornate
heart shaped design which is hand finished. Supplied with little rubber feet for indoor use. Available in sand or white. Montmarte Table: diameter 96cm. Sand TMG5257 White
TMG5272 £145* Montmarte Stackable Armchair: diameter seat width 45cm. Sand TMG5262 White TMG5273 £85* Montmarte Chair: diameter seat width 40cm. Sand TMG5259
White TMG5274 £75* 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. All weatherproof. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. (We have more garden furniture on page 19)
2 Enamel Watering Can. Well designed, the slender long spout offers a delicate flow of water without the dribbles. 1.5ltr PTX7881 £16.50
3 Wire Wall Letter Rack.This stylish decorative wall mounted rack is great for letters or postcards. 64x18cm Rust WPG9798 £22 (coordinating wire products on page 11)
4 Twig Heart Wreath. Divine in it’s simplicity and perfect for year-round display - this is bound to be hugely popular. (Bow not included). Large 42x42cm SMY5922 £17.50
5 Railway Shelf.This sturdy iron shelf is vaguely inspired by old French Railway shelving. painted in Parchment this would be perfect at home storing hats and coats in a hallway
or sit happily in a more romantic setting like a bedroom or dressing room. 100x30cm NKW9438 £80*
in the kitchen
‘The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking: love, for those you are cooking for’.
Sophia Loren
Riess traditional pastel enamelware from
Austria.Thanks to its glass surface, enamelware is cut and scratch-resistant, as well as
oven and dishwasher-safe and suitable for
all types of hobs including induction.
Enamelware has the advantage of not taking
on food flavours. Stubborn stains can easily
be cleaned by letting them soak.
Oven and dishwasher safe. Suitable for any
hob/oven including induction. Scratch resistant.
1 Milkpot. 0.5 litre in Blue 79621970 £12
0.75 litre in Green 79622011 £12
1 litre in Pink 79622014 £12
Set of 3 (one of each) KFC3596 £32
2 Saucepan. 0.5 litre in Pink 79622018 £12
0.75 litre in Aqua 79622019 £12
1 litre in Green 79622021 £12
Set of 3 (one of each) FRP7423 £32
3 Baking Dish. Small in primrose (green)
BCH1578 £20 Medium in Blue BCH1576 £22
Large in Green BCH1574 £24
Set of 3 (one of each) ZXL8947 £60
4 Jugs. 0.5 litre in Sky 79621966 £11.50
0.75 litre in Green 79622004 £11.50
1litre in Pink 79622007 £11.50
1.7 litre in Aqua 79622008 £12.95
Set of 3 (0.5, 0.75 & 1 litre) VLV7576 £30
5 Two Handled Bowls. Enamel mixing bowl with
two handles. A sturdy design with flat bottom.
Small 26cm in Green EBS3528 £16.50
Medium 28cm in Yellow EBS3521 £17.50
Large 32cm in Blue EBS3524 £19.50
6 Omlette Pan. Blue 20cm HJX4186 £15
Yellow 22cm HJX4187 £16
With her recognised eye for design
and colour, Susie Watson has
created a fully coordinated range of
beautiful china that can be mixed
and matched for any occasion, from
a charming breakfast set to the
perfect dinner service for informal
dining. All the pottery is handmade
in England, and whilst retaining it’s
handmade charm is both extremely
durable and completely dishwasher
and microwave safe.This imaginative
and distinctive look will brighten up
any home and remain a classic for
years to come.
For more Susie Watson products
and new range of table linens visit
our website.
1 Pitchers. Mini: Blue/white spot 79622171 Pink/white spot 79622172 Oscar 79622175 £15.50 each
Baby: Blue/white spot 79622170 Pink/white spot 79622168 £22 each
Medium: Blue/white spot 79622149 Pink/white spot 79622151 Oscar 79622155 £32 each
2 Half Pint Straight Mugs. Blue/white spot 79621986 Pink/white spot 79621988 £13.95 each
3 Half Pint Straight Mugs. Multi heart 79622030 Multi star 79622029 £13.95 each
4 4 Cup Conical Teapot. Blue/white spot 79622192 Pink/white spot 79622191 £39.95 each (All microwave and dishwasher safe)
orderline: 01271 372172
Do you believe in fairies?
1 Enchanting mugs, bowls and plates for children available in a wonderful choice of designs.Taken
from beautiful illustrations by Lucy Clibbon and hand-made in England. The perfect gift.
All completely microwave and dishwasher safe.
4 French Enamel Jugs. Small 21cm. Cream 79621844,
Blue LYG5727, Pink LYG5728 £12.50 each.
Large 37cm. Cream 79621842, Blue 79621913,
Pink 79621850 £35 each.
1 Lucy Art Mugs: Do you Believe in Fairies? 79621992 Fairy Cakes (as shown) 79621993 £13 each
2 Lucy Art Bowls: Do you Believe in Fairies? (as shown) 79622120 Fairy Cakes 79622121 £15 each
3 Lucy Art Plates: Do you Believe in Fairies? 79622214
Fairy Cakes (as shown) 79622215 £15 each
Visit our website for our wonderful range of Lucy
Art books and hand finished greetings cards.
Reproductions of
20s/30s tin clocks
5 Delightfully shabby chic style clock (30cm square
approx.) MHS6654 £35
6 A wonderful reproduction of an old French
florist clock featuring trailing roses on a pale blue
background. (35cm diameter approx) MHS6649 £35
Retro enamel storage tins - a must for any vintage style kitchen or larder cupboard! Available in blue, pink or cream.
5 Bread Bin 31x32x23cm Cream 79621875, Pink 79621905, Blue 79621907 £30 each.
Flour tin 20x15cm Cream 79621857, Pink 79621904, Blue 79621911 £12.50 each
Biscuit tin 20x15cm Cream 79621856, Pink 79621900, Blue 79621902 £12.50.
6 Set of 3 enamel canisters 14x10cm Cream NMG1283, Pink NMG1284, Blue NMG1286 £35
Lytton & Lily household hint!
‘To keep celery fresh roll it in brown paper sprinkled with water, then in a damp cloth, and putting it then in a cool, dark place. Before preparing it for the table, submerge it in cold water,
and let it stand for an hour. It will then be found very crisp’. (Things a Woman Wants to Know!)
wash day
2 Beechwood drainer.
(For items on drainer see page 5
and our website)
79621823 £12.95
1 Beechwood clothes airer.
Untreated beech. 150cm high
when extended. Folds flat to
approximately 32x32cm when
not in use. 79621824 £24
Laundry Bag ‘Big Wash!’ 79621858 £13.50
Bag tidy RXK6494 £8 Peg Bag 79621860 £8.50
Laundry Bag 79621998 £13.50
4 Ironing spray. Simply spray on clothes or use with the steam portion of your iron to gently fragrance your ironing. 16fl oz/473ml. Paris Rain LXP4441, Beach Days
LXP4429, Lavender LXP4440, Pure Grass LXP4442 £10 each
5 The Good Home Company Surface Cleaner: Paris Rain WGT6958, Beach Days WGT6956, Lavender WGT6954, Pure Grass WGT6959
34fl oz/1 litre. £8 each. Dish Soap: Paris Rain SDE1120, Beach Days SDE1118, Lavender SDE1119, Pure Grass SDE1121 16fl oz/473ml. £6.50 each.
Tile & Tub Cleanser, soft liquid scrub for tough tile jobs made from baking soda. Great for tiles, sinks and tubs: Paris Rain BEN2671, Beach Days BEN2667,
Lavender BEN2668, Pure Grass BEN2669 £7.50 each.
6 Laundry fragrance.
Just add to your rinse
cycle for delicate
scenting and extra
softening of all
washables. Choose
from the four unique
Good Home Co.
Paris Rain LXP4446
Beach Days LXP4414
Lavender LXP4445
Pure Grass LXP4447
34fl oz/1 litre glass
bottle. £10.50 each
The Good Home Company was established in
1995 with the mission to create natural and
fragranced products for every part of your
home. It all started in the New York city
kitchen of founder Christine Dimmick, where
she created each product and recipe by hand.
It was Christine’s love of design and sincere
desire to help other make their home a
personalised, relaxing sanctuary that inspired
her to develop The Good Home Company.
All the products are made of biodegradable
and natural ingredients and fragrances so
wonderful, they take you back to a fond
memory or place.The Good Home Company’s
wonderful scents are tested on good people,
not good animals.
Paris Rain - Inspired by the scent of a Parisian
flower garden after the warm summer rain.
Paris Rain will transport you to the romance
and delights of this beautiful city.
Beach Days - Transform your home to a
beach house retreat no matter where you live.
It captures the essence of a perfect day by the
sea in a bottle.
Lavender - Calming and relaxing. The
Lavender fragranced products will bring the
essence of Provence into your home.
Pure Grass - The delights of a summer day
and the smell of freshly cut grass are captured
in this fragrance. It is the scent of a weekend
drive on a country road with the windows
down and the sweet breeze of summer.
orderline: 01271 372172
7 Laundry detergent with beautiful fragrance to wash even your dirtiest jeans. Paris Rain LXP4433, Beach Days LXP4427, Lavender LXP4430, Pure Grass LXP4438.
34fl oz/1ltr glass bottlle £10.50 each
8 Simply spray this sheet spray on your bedding to release the delightful scents of your choice. Paris Rain LXP4450, Beach Days LXP4421, Lavender LXP4449,
Pure Grass LXP4451. 4fl oz/118ml £11 each
9 Fragrance Refill. Paris Rain LXP4437, Beach Days LXP4431, Lavender LXP4436, Pure Grass LXP4443. 64fl oz/1.89 Litres. £13 each
Detergent Refill. Paris Rain LXP4437, Beach Days LXP4419, Lavender LXP4425, Pure Grass LXP4434. 64fl oz/1.89 Litres. £13 each
at home
‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’.
1 Wonderful flat chipped dial clock is a
classic & timeless design which will
compliment a wide range of settings.
Diameter 50cm/20” 79621785 £60
2 Classic Wooden Trays by Cally & Co.
Large 50x38cm. Blue 79621941, Putty
79621943,White 79621944 £25 each
Small 38x25cm. Blue 79621887, Putty
79621888,White 79621889 £19 each
3&4 Writing Desk and Fold Up Stand.
49x40x80cm H. Blue SMC6567, Putty
SMC6565,White (not shown) SMC6568
£55 each
Lytton & Lily household
‘Lighting lots of wax candles... touch the wicks
with a little spirits of wine by means of a small
camel-hair paintbrush, and they will catch the
flame the instant it is applied to them’.
(James William,The Footman’s Guide.)
William Morris
Foldaway Butlers Tray and Stand. A straight sided
butler’s tray with a separate stand. Suitable for any
room in the house with three colours to choose
from - white, blue or putty.
Small tray 38x25cm. Blue RCF2700, White RCF2701,
Putty RCF2696. (Stand 46x33xH47cm) £44
Large tray 50x38cm. Blue RCF2693, White RCF2699,
Putty RCF2695 (Stand 46x33xH69cm) £50
‘Fantasie’ is a fusion of wire, rust and the occasional
jewel - creating an antique-cream wire-work with
more than a hint of faded glamour.
72x40cm. NKW9444 £55
1 This wall sconce from the Fantasie Collection
will add a touch of glamour to any wall, and
compliments the candelabra beautifully. Antiquecream with jewels. 67x34cm. NKW9453 £22.50
2 We absolutely love the simplicity of this new
product - the marriage of a large glass tube and
rust saucer - very South of France of Provencal
Bastile. (Candle not included). 24x13cm.
NKW9443 £16
3 Hang your keys in style with this wire rack.
25x15cm. NKW9439 £8.50
4 Twig Heart. Our annual favourite just got
even better with the introduction of the new
mini version - perfect for on the wall or as a
wreath on the front door. Mini 18x20cm
SMY5923 £7.95 Small 28x29cm SMY5924
£10.50 Large 42x42 SMY5922 £17.50
5 Wire Rack Desk. Store your post in this
decorative letter rack - very retro, very stylish. For
even more storage of letters or postcards take a
look at our Wall Letter Rack on page 3. 28x30cm.
Cream WPG9797, Rust WPG9799 £13.95
orderline: 01271 372172
sweet dreams
‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined’.
Henry David Thoreau
1 & 2 Roger Lascelles Travel Alarm Clocks. Beautiful clocks presented in a tin matching the colour of the clock. H: 85mm.
Classic Roman London Dial in elegant cream MHS6668 Antique Parisian Lavender MHS6667 Parisian Pink Rose MHS6661 £30 each
3 This pretty ladies shelf clock has a gently distressed antique cream finish and aged floral dial. HWD: 17x10x4cm. 79621681 £35
Gorgeous Patchwork bedding range by A.U. Maison. 100% cotton.Wash 40oC. Cotton fill.
4 French Quilt. Reversible. Single (140x200cm) NEH8428 £50 Double (240x265cm) NEH8423 £90 King (275x265cm) NEH8430 £120
5 A.U. Maison Patchwork Quilted Cushion. 45x45cm. VXX5631 £26
6 A.U. Maison Patchwork Quilted Pillow. 45x60cm. VXX5632 £30
Lytton & Lily household hint!
‘Curtain rings sometimes run with great difficulty and seem to stick to the pole.To remedy this take all the rings off and well rub the pole with paraffin
until it is quite smooth, when the rings may be replaced, and will be found to slip along with the greatest ease’. (Things a Woman Wants to Know!)
pamper, pamper...
‘There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort’.
Decorative wooden tray.
23.5x19.5x7.5cmH. White 79621939 £10
Jane Austen
1 Unique little cup cakes of cocoa butter, bubbles and pure essential oils cleanse and moisturise as you soak! Just pop one in
the bath, lie back and relax. Presented in a black presentation box with dried scattered rosebuds. 79622295 £16.95
2 Burt’s Bees Healthy Treatment Kit.With essential oils, vitamins and herbs to rejuvenate and nourish skin. BHL3345 £13
3 Attractive double layered French style glazed pottery, draining soap dish. No more soggy soaps! EHE8732 £15.75
4 Salle de Bain Set. Comprises of one for the bath and one for the basin, tied with ribbon.This delightful product is available in 3
fragrances. 325g. Magnolia JXZ4274, Purple Lavender JXZ4276, or Wild Rose JXZ4275 £9.95 each
5 Boxed French Soap. 2 chic pebble-shaped soaps available in Lily of the Valley ZYC9527 or White Lavender ZYC9543 £11 each
6 Lily-Flame Candle. 35hr burn time. ‘Party Time’ 79621774, ‘Bed Time’ 79621776 or ‘Bath Time’ 79621775 £14.95 each
7 A beautiful bag containing 6 30g guest soaps. Chevrefeuille (Honeysuckle), Eglantine (Wild Rose), Lavander, Lavande Broyer
(Lavender with crushed plants), Muguet (Lily of the Valley) and Rose, together with a handful of rose petals. ZYC9525 £7.50
night night...
‘The best inheritance a person can give to his children is a few minutes of his time each day’.
1, 2, 3 & 4
O. A. Battista
5, 6, 7 & 8
‘Swan Lake’ by Monsoon Home.This bedlinen is the ideal for any girl, with
its ballerina theme, flowers, bows and sparkly crystals.
‘Planes,Trains and Automobiles’ by Monsoon Home.This wonderfully vintage
inspires boy’s collection echoes a nostalgic feeling of those firm favourites.
1 Single Quilt Cover and Pillowcase. 135x200cm. 100% cotton. Machine washable. XAX7473 £45
5 Single Quilt and Pillowcase. 135x200cm. 100% cotton. Machine washable. ZCM4766 £45
2 Bedspread. One size. 150x200cm. 100% cotton. Filling 100% polyester.
Machine washable. XAX7474 £50
6 Bedspread. One size. 150x200cm. 100% cotton. Filling 100% polyester. Machine
washable. ZCM4763 £50
3 Curtains. One size. 135x137cm. 100% cotton. Machine washable. XAX7475 £50
7 Curtains. One size. 135x137cm. 100% cotton. Machine washable. ZCM4764 £50
4 Cushion. 45x45cm. 100% cotton. Filling 100% polyester. Machine washable.
XAX7476 £18
8 Cushion. 45x45cm. 100% cotton. Filling 100% polyester. Machine washable. Aeroplane
ZCM4765 or Fire Engine ZCM4767 £15 each
for little people
limited edition dolls
These stunning Limited Edition soft toys by Moulin Roty, are sure
to look beautiful displayed on the nursery shelf, and are sure to
become cherished heirlooms. Each one has removable clothes and
comes in its own beautiful gift box.
‘Suzanne’ and ‘Ting Ting’ are limited edition rag dolls from the Moulin
Roty range, with only 999 of each being made.With soft fleece
bodies and jointed limbs, they are simply gorgeous.With beautiful
clothes made from the finest French fabrics with which you
can dress and undress these stunning dolls. They each
measure 50cm from head to foot and come in their
own beautifull gift box. Suitable from 36months.
Suzanne LSD4244 Ting Ting LSD4245 £49.00
‘ting ting’
Julius the dog
sylvain the rabbit
nini the mouse
Julius the dog, Sylvain the rabbit and Nini the mouse are three friends from
Moulin Roty’s Grand Family range of soft toys. Handmade luxury velvet touch soft
toys made in France.
Julius has a white and black plush body and is wearing a striped knitted romper;
Sylvain has a pale brown plush body and is wearing a pair of stripy dungarees; Nini
has a soft grey plush body and is wearing a blue fleece dress. All can be dressed
and undressed and measure about 30cm from ear to foot. Suitable from birth.
Machine washable at 30oC. Each comes complete with Moulin Roty gift bag and
Moulin Roty have been producing beautiful toys for over thirty years. All their
products are expertly designed in France and the colourful characters from the
Grand Family range perfectly capture the charms of a bygone era.
Julius LSD4255, Sylvain LSD4250, Nini LSD4254 £13.95 each
something special
Limited Edition Prints, each being 1 of
295.These enchanting framed bear prints
are simply delightful. Each print is made
from pawmade paper which has tiny bits
of magic weaved between the leaves! You
can get lost in these beautiful illustrations
for brief moments or hours... and of
course daydreaming is essential for the
mind. Each print comes with its own
Certificate of Authenticity, and signed by
the artist.
1 ‘Laughter’ 79621767.
2 ‘Hot Cross Bears’ 79621755.
3 ‘Nursery Meeting’ 79621756.
4 ‘Fond Farewell’ 79621754.
Framed Print £85 each
(available unframed) £50 each
an excerpt from the ancient
‘Lazy Day and Baggy Jumpers’
Believers n. Believers have absolute faith in the
truth and existence of the bears.They believe
passionately in the Quest and endeavour to do
all in their power to assist the bears and spread
the magic.When they have learnt and understood the true meaning of magic they actively
seek out these moments and reveal them to
others. believe v. believe in.
So as these Shaggy Knights set forth upon
their Quest the question that fizzes in the air
is will you join them as a Believer? Will you
help spread their word? Will you take a leap
with us and help restore the balance of magic
to this world? Are you indeed prepared to
fight with us and bring about ‘The Change’?
We welcome you who are bold of heart to
join us on the Quest, there are many
adventures ahead of us but for us all there is
an end and it is a world thats full of sparkle, a
time that’s full of hope, populated with people
of great warmth and mesmerising minds and
stretching out ahead of us will blaze a bright
and brilliant future and magic that will spread
like a honey glazed gloss glooping through
our streets enveloping and enlightening every
saddened soul it meets.
orderline: 01271 372172
Beautiful mugs from the wonderful Lazy Days & Baggy Jumpers collection. Each come gift boxed
and all have a message on the reverse.
1 ‘Don’t Look Down’ featuring Mischief and Boris. Message reads...“Look back, look ahead... Don’t look down!” RNJ2486
2 ‘Laughter’ featuring Ernest, Sparkler and Hamish. Message reads... “Laughings easy, Stopping’s not”. RNJ2484
3 ‘Expensive Taste’ featuring Esmerelda. Message reads... “Splash me with expensive perfume. Dress me in luscious
pearls. Prop me up in high heels. I’m just a simple girl! RNJ2487
4 ‘Star Gazer’ featuring Ernest. Message reads... “I look to the nearest star, the one that burns the brightest and I
know that you are there”. RNJ2482 Capacity 10floz/275ml £10 each
time for tea
‘A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards’.
A.A. Milne
1 & 2 ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ - Tea for Two. Design
depicts two feminine fashionistas against a pale pink
background.This chic set comprises of 2 plates that
feature a saucer-like well to hold each large tea cup.
Beautifully gift boxed. Set of 2 plates approx. 8”D and
2 tea cups approx 2.5”Hx3.5”D. SYS8135 £25
4 dessert plates in gift box SYS8136 £25
3 A comforting cup of cocoa is all the better with
this collection! Embellished with the language of
chocolate in English, Italian, French and Spanish.
Microwave and dishwasher safe. 4 Latte cups &
saucers SYS8131 £28 4 Plates SYS8132 £25
4 & 5 Around the World Collection. Bring the
romance of travel and foreign languages to your
table with letters from London,Venice, New York
and Paris against a backdrop of modern art. Sturdy
stoneware. Porcelain coasters. Microwave and dishwasher
safe. 4 Plates SYS8138 £22 4 Mugs SYS8137 £22
4 Coasters SYS8139 £12.50 All sets gift boxed.
6 The Cafe Paris Expresso set transports you to an
European cafe where you nibble on buttery croissants
and enjoy an intoxicating cup of expresso. Microwave
and dishwasher safe. Set of 4 Expresso Cups and
saucers packaged in hatbox SYS8142 £25
in the garden
‘God almighty first planted a garden: and, indeed it is the purest of human pleasure’.
Francis Bacon
2 Garden Enamel Barometer. Cream.
12cm diameter. 79621846 £28
Stainless Steel Fork and Trowel
with solid ash handles. 29x8cm.
79621841 £15
3 Topiary Crowns.These wonderful architectural ‘objects’ are perfect for growing plants through. Large MRR1199 £22 Small MRR1196 £16
4 Wire Basket. Perfect for collecting fruit. Large 32x38.5cm EGV1598 £32 Small 26x31cm EGV1599 £22
5 Dutch Rust Lanterns. Available with brackets. Large 56x20cm MRR1192 £36 (with bracket NDC6677 £42) Small 46x20cm MRR1191 £26
(with bracket XHA3823 £32)
6 Square Topiary Frame.This frame will add certain grandeur to any humble ivy. 48x17cm MRR1201 £13.95
7 Classic Zinc Watering Can. Made to the highest standard with a water tight seal and a unique patina that gives it a classic antique look.
BDC2285 £22
8 This simple but elegant sconce looks simply wonderful on the porch or on the humble shed or verandah. Supplied with glass tube to shield
the candle from draughts. (candle not included). 50x16cm GGS2874 £22
natural remedies
Burt is not a doctor, but he certainly knows a thing or two about the healing
properties of nature.This line is full of botanical oils and herbs to help cleanse,
soothe and take care of your skin.The same Mother Nature who creates
problems for your skin also helps fix them. She sure is one busy bee.
1 Hand Salve. Burt’s most intensive hand
treatment for hard working hands. Almond
oil moisturises, Rosemary stimulates
circulation and lavandin helps prevent
scarring. 3oz/85g. 79622098 £8
This beautiful ‘Bagatelle’ Chair will add an elegant touch to any summer-house or
garden. Folds away for easy storage when not in use. Available in Willow Green
or Pink. Willow Green HMM6741 Pink HMM6745 £70 each
Lytton & Lily household hint!
‘To cure a sting: A bruised leaf of the poppy, applied to the part affected, will give
immediate relief. (C.E. Francatelli,The Cook’s Guide and Housekeeper’s and Butler’s
Assistant, 1877)
2 Burt’s Bees Natural Remedy Kit. Includes
sample size selections of safe and effective
natural remedies formulated to help relieve
the discomfort of minor skin irritations,
burns, bruises, stings and scrapes. Ideal for
the keen gardener! 79622260 £14
3 Res-Q Ointment will soothe and comfort
life’s bumps and bruises with green magic of
Mother Nature’s herbal remedies. Comfrey
helps promote healing with allantoin, which has
regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.
Lavandin helps prevent scarring. Dr. Burt to the
rescue. 0.6oz/17g. FZV3912 £4.95
See page 13 for more Burt’s Bees
turn back the clock
‘Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those
who rejoice. But for those who love, time is not’. Henry Van Dyke
Radio Controlled Vintage Clock. The tea stained dial and case
complete the vintage look, whilst the radio controlled
movement brings these clocks into the 21st century. A tiny
receiver inside the clock picks up a signal from your country’s
transmitter. Insert a battery and watch the clock hands turn
until they reach the correct time... down to the exact second.
These ingenious clocks will even self-adjust at the beginning
and end of British Summer Time/Daylight saving Time.
Available in cream 79621666
or brown 79621667
metal. Diameter 34cm/13”.
Depth 12.5cm/3” £90
These two wooden clocks will add life to
any kitchen. Choice of ‘Juice’ 79621725
or ‘Milk’ 79621674
Diameter 50cm/20” £55 each
orderline: 01271 372172