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Head-up display (HUD) is in form of transparent screen present in front of user. It is an
innovative technology developed to assist drivers and pilots to view dashboard data in the user’s
field of view. HUDs were previously developed using cathode ray tube (CRT) technology, but are
currently available with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology, which gives clearer picture to
user. This technology enables users to maintain concentration while driving or flying, thus
ensuring their safety. HUD systems are satisfying the security, safety, comfort, and entertainment
requirements of its users. HUDs are widely used in commercial and defence airplanes,
automobiles, and gaming applications. HUDs in airplanes display information regarding position,
radar information, flight path, acceleration, and real time position, which helps pilots to react in
timely and rapidly manner. This innovation has slowly made its way into the automotive industry
and is currently being considered amongst the prominent driver assistance systems. HUDs in
automobiles display GPS information, speed, and engine details on to the windshield of vehicles.
HUD market is expanding because of continuous development in various devices. Advancements
in Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices and smartphones has triggered the growth of HUD
technology, as these small electronic gadgets can be used as complement of HUD for various
applications. Besides these advancements, new prototypes have been developed for
implementation of this technology in two-wheeler helmets and on-board diagnostic features,
thus opening up new scope for applications. Major advantage of Head-Up display is that, it
allows driver or pilots to concentrate on their path & simultaneously read any important
operational information on the display,
Report Description
it minimizes the possibilities of accidents and gives easy access to information. Some major
concern for Head-up display is that many times it creates distraction while driving if
continuously any text or voice message flashed. In automobile industry such devices comes with
technology of portable multimedia which can read or display your emails, which is also a big
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Drivers responsible for growth of HUD market in North America region are increasing awareness
about active safety systems in automobile & aircraft manufacturing business. Increasing
demands of premium and luxury cars also encourages growth of HUD market as HUD act as
value added feature for these cars. Luxury car manufacturers like AUDI, BMW and Mercedes are
collaborating with HUD manufacturers to introduce HUDs in their cars. HUD technology is still in
its initial stages of development, hence required huge amount of investment on research and
development activity which is a restraining factor for the growth of market. HUD devices are yet
not very much popular for ordinary consumers which also has a small impact on growth of
North American HUD market is segmented on the basis of countries, components, technology
and applications. It includes countries like U.S and Canada. By components it can be further sub
Report Description
segmented into projection unit, combiners, video generator, display panel, and others. By
technology it can be sub segmented as Optical waveguides, Led technology, Cathode ray tube
technology, and others. Applications of HUDs are primarily for Military & civil aviation but
currently they are used in automobile, infotainment and gaming and sports also.
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Key players in HUD market for North America region are Recon Instruments Inc., Johnson
Control Inc., Head Up Technologies Inc. and Liteye Systems Inc. etc. These players are focusing
more on research and development activities. In 2013, Recon instruments received significant
amount of investment from Intel Capital, which they decided to use for marketing, global sales
expansion and product development activity. HUD market is expected to grow rapidly in near
future due to increasing use of this technology in automobile industry. Currently, penetration of
this technology is under 5% in the automobiles industry, which will increase in future period
because of growing awareness towards safety systems.
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