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Report Description
Enzymes are the protein produced by live cells which helps in the chemical reactions
without being itself changed. Enzymes are used in food processing for various purposes
such as to enhance nutritive value, to produce desirable aromas and flavors and mainly to
control food appearance and texture.
Food processing industry is presently the largest user of industrial enzymes acquiring
almost around 40% of the USD 400 million markets. Enzymes such as amylase is used in
making of high fructose corn syrup, rennet another type of food enzyme are used in
cheese making, proteases are used as meat tenderizer, and pullulanase are used in
making of lite beer. The North America and Europe are the market leader but in future
demand is expected to be more from the markets of Asia Pacific regions for food
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One of the major factors driving the growth of the food enzymes are their use in the
industry for fermentation. Other factors such as their high performance and the
environment benefit associated with it also contributing in the growth of the market. In
future, immobilized enzymes are expected to replace the batch fermentations for
producing non-nutritive sweetener, amino acids, aspartic acid and tryptophan. In
addition, immobilization of rennet can increase the process of developing innovative
methods in the fermentation of dairy industry.
Report Description
Novozymes is the market leader in the food enzymes market occupying major share of
the market. Some of the other major players of the food enzymes markets are Danisco,
DSM and AB Enzymes.
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