Online Workflows: Submitting Projects for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part...

Online Workflows: Submitting Projects for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV Credit
Caitlin C. Donohue, MSPH, CHES; Julie M. Bryar, MS; Andrew Norden, MD, MPH;
Suzanne E. Davidson, MBA; Joseph O. Jacobson, MD, M.SC; Carole K. Dalby, RN, MBA, OCN, CCRP
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – Boston, MA
In 2009, the American Board of Medical
Specialties (ABMS) authorized Portfolio
Sponsor organizations to internally
approve projects for MOC Part IV credit.
These designated Portfolio Sponsors
must demonstrate a process for the
approval and oversight of quality
improvement projects.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI)
became an authorized Portfolio Sponsor
in the spring of 2013 in order to provide:
• A valuable service to DFCI physicians
• Oversight and incentive to ongoing
quality improvement projects
• A harmonized, centralized approach
to quality improvement projects
A User-Friendly Approach
After reviewing the requirements from
the MOC Portfolio Program,
of physicians, administrators, and
information specialists convened to
create a simple, user-friendly, online
system to house and submit MOC
Part IV project specific information.
This online system is complete with:
• Web-based forms
• Feedback loops
• Automated emails with links to
• Reporting, tracking, and cataloguing
Need MOC Part IV Credit?
Participation Contract, Attestation, & Personal Reflection
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: MOC Part IV Intranet Site
Participation Contract Workflow
Physicians access MOC Part IV information
on the DFCI MOC Part IV intranet site.
This site serves the following functions:
• Provide an overview of MOC Part IV
• Share requirements for submitting projects
• Share information about previous projects
• Introduce Review Board members
• Link to external MOC Part IV resources
• Link to the Project Application Workflow
Application & Evaluation Workflow
Each proposed project for MOC Part IV credit must be approved through the Application
& Evaluation Workflow. The system allows the Physician Team Leader to submit an
Application, the MOC Program Managers to review the Application for completeness,
and the Review Board to review and approve the Application as well as evaluate the
proposed project. The system is designed with feedback loops where the MOC Program
Managers and Review Board members can return the Application to the Physician Team
Leader for additional information prior to project approval.
After obtaining project approval,
each physician participating in
the project for MOC Part IV
credit must electronically sign
agreeing to meet the ABMS
requirements for meaningful
Attestation and Personal Reflection Form
When the project commences, each physician must complete an Attestation and
Personal Reflection Form. This online form provides attestation that a physician
meaningfully participated in the project as well as the ability to personally reflect on
the experience.
Feedback from Workflow Users
The physicians and administrators who have used the system enjoy:
•The ‘save’ functionality which allows them to complete work over time
• The automated emails informing them of when they have an assignment to complete
• The ease of completing web-based forms in lieu of paper-based forms