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October 2014
Wednesday 12 November 2014 10.10 am – 3.30 pm
Baysgarth School Hall
Dear Parent or Carer,
The Careers Convention will take place in the Main School Hall on Wednesday 12 November 2014.
Students from Years 10 & 11 will be able to attend at various times during the day. The Sixth Form
students may also attend throughout the day.
Representatives from Baysgarth Sixth Form, many of the local colleges, universities and training
providers will be present, as well as the armed forces, and commercial and industrial employers. As
well as gathering information, students will be able to pick up brochures from
companies/institutions of interest.
Fiona Fisk, the Careers Advisor, IAG Team, will also be present for any queries. She has begun her
work with Year 10 & 11 in school, and will be able to give advice and guidance on a wide variety of
careers issues.
I hope your child will find the Careers Convention a useful tool when making an informed decision
about their future career.
If you would like to attend the Careers Convention please contact Miss Julie Cross on telephone
number 01652 632576 or via email [email protected] to make the arrangements.
Yours faithfully,
Claire Charge
Claire Charge
Head of Information, Advice and Guidance