ISSR in Action Student/parent/teacher Conferences UN-day

ISSR in Action
Week 42
October 14, 2014
International School of the Stockholm Region
On Friday, October 24th, UN-day will be
celebrated around the school. This day we will
celebrate that we are all Global Citizens.
MYP and DP students will listen to a lecturer
and then be divided up into mixed groups. They
will work on activities around the theme. After
school there will be a mingle for MYP and DP
students, run by CAS students.
The PYP students will prepare an assembly
around the same theme. The PYP classes will
need the support of parents to prepare and
organize an international lunch in each of the
classrooms. You will receive more information
from you homeroom teachers
Leave of Absence
On October 15th and 16th school ends at 12:00 for all
PYP and MYP students. Lunch will be provided that
day. Development conferences will take place in the
afternoons on both days. Students will attend the
conference together with the parents.
You will receive an email from school with
directions on how to sign up for conferences. The
sign-up will be online.
PYP parents will sign up for a time slot (20 min)
with the homeroom teachers. Single subject
teachers will also be available at school if you would
like to see them. Fritids will be open all afternoon. If
your child is in fritids, parents will have to collect
them to bring them to the conference.
MYP parents sign up for time slots with the subject
teachers they would like to see. Please bring a print
out of your times.
It is strongly discouraged to take children out of
school to travel. Families may take children out of
school for up to 2 school days due to travel/
vacation plans. Beyond the allotted 2 days only
special events (decennial birthdays, weddings, and
funerals) will be approved by the administration.
Traveling without approval from the administration
is at the responsibility of the parents and no work
will be prepared by the teachers.
MYP Student Council
We have officers for the MYP, they are:
Petra Bolt (MYP 2): President
Giulia Armiero (MYP 4A): Vice-President
Aleksandra Sekovska (MYP 2): Treasurer
Jessica Betts (MYP 4A): Secretary
ISSR in Action
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Dear ISSR Fritids Families,
For the conferences tomorrow please ensure that you pick up your child from fritids at
least 5 minutes before your scheduled time with your home room teacher. We will either be in the South/North Pole hubs or outside on the school yard.
Best regards,
Anna Kristina Kumm
Fritids Coordinator
Important Fall Dates
Oct 15-16
Oct 24
Week 44
PYP and MYP 1-4 Student/ Parent / Teacher conferences
School ends at 12:00 both days
UN Day is celebrated at the school
Fall break—no school for all programmes
Dec 16
Winter concert and school bazaar
Dec 19
Last Day of School
ISSR in Action
PTA News
PTA monthly meeting was held Tuesday, October 14 at 8:30 a.m. Thank you to
all who attended. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 11 at 8:30.
ISSR Spirit Wear - Order forms have been placed in staff mailboxes and will be
available online and emailed out shortly to those people who have provided
contact info to the PTA. Deadline for your order is Wednesday October 22. PTA
members with order forms and some samples will be in the lobby during student conferences this Wednesday and Thursday. Some small items will be for
sale at that time as well.
Monthly Potluck Luncheon - to be held Friday, October 17 10:30 a.m. at Maria
Ancora’s home. Please see ISSR PTA Facebook group for more information.
Out & About to Prins Eugens Waldermasudde 22 October - 10:30am
Prins Eugens väg 6, Djurgården
Join us for our next out&about, Prins Eugens palace and lunch at Prince's kitchen!! It
is a very famous palace with a nice art collection in a lovely park. You can join
us at
school lobby at 10:30 or 11:10 at museum.
Monday Morning Walking Group - 8:30 every Monday morning meet us up in the
school lobby for a sporty & chatty walk around Södermalm regardless of the
weather! No need to sign up, just turn up!
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