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Dear Patient
You can now book and view appointments that are available at the practice online any time of
day or night through or by accessing the practice website The details of how to access this facility are outlined below and
can also be accessed through the practice website. The service is also available through
Digital Television via looking local from the interactive menus.
The advantages of using Patient Access are:
The system is quick and easy to use and enables you to book an appointment if the
practice phone lines are busy or closed
The screens and prompts are easy to follow and ensure it’s simple for you to view,
book or cancel an appointment at any time
You will receive confirmation of your booking immediately once you have booked
your appointment
There is no need to re-confirm by email or phone, just arrive promptly on the day
You have electronic management of your appointment
The service is available via most internet browsers, it is even possible to use Patient
Access from some mobile phones
To register to use Patient Access, you will need to fill in a consent form. Once you have given
your consent, the practice can then activate your registration to enable you to use the
facilities. This will then generate a registration form detailing the information that you will
need to be able to create your account. Please look after this form carefully until you have
created your account, and then destroy it. If you are unable to access your account, please
contact the surgery. To use the appointment booking facility, you will need to go to the
following websites.
Then follow the instructions below:
Click on Register
Screen 1 - Your Registration Information
Enter your PIN
Enter your Access ID
Enter your Practice ID: 2542
Enter your NHS Number
Click on submit
You will then be taken to Screen 2 to enter your security details
1. Your personal details (surname and date of birth)
2. Choose a password (please read carefully when choosing your password and ensure
that no-one else has access to it)
3. Complete a security question (e.g. favourite film, then enter in box below)
4. Click on sign in
How to sign in
Once you have registered for the service you can then sign in. You will need to enter the
following information each time you use the service:
1. User ID (given to you at the end of the registration process) 10 digit number
2. Password (chosen by you during the registration process)
If you forget your sign in details
You can use the Forgotten Password and Forgotten User ID features to help recover your
IMPORTANT: The practice must have your email address and mobile number stored to
use these features.
You will then be taken to the appointment booking screen where available appointments will
be displayed. Simply click on the GP you wish to book an appointment with and choose the
time that is suitable. Booking your appointment is immediate and you will be able to print a
copy of this.
Appointments can be made 2 weeks in advance online, but no more than 2 appointments can
be made within the 2 week period. If you are unable to attend your appointment then you can
either contact the practice by phone; or by logging into your Patient Access account to cancel
your appointment.
In addition to booking an appointment online, the practice has the facility to either contact you
by email or text message (subject to your consent being obtained). The service is for the
purpose of health promotion and for appointment reminders.
The text messages are generated using a secure facility. The practice will not transmit any
information which would enable an individual patient to be identified. However, these are
transmitted over a public network onto a personal telephone and as such may not be secure.
The surgery does not offer a reply facility to enable patients to respond to texts.
If you decide that you no longer want to use any of the facilities, please contact the surgery so
that your details can be updated.
This facility may be used if we need to contact you and unable to do so by telephone. This
facility could be used to inform you that there may be a change to an appointment you may
have or if you order your prescriptions via the surgery website and there is a query with
regard to your prescription request, your registration (for new patients) and attendance for a
new patient health check or health promotion that could benefit you.
N: B All appointments are audited by the practice and failure to attend your appointment or to
notify the practice in advance may result in your access being revoked.
N: B The use of Patient Access is your choice. If you do not wish to use the service, then you
can still book your appointments in the normal way by contacting the surgery by telephone.
All data contained within Patient Access is protected using the highest standard internet
security so you can be sure all your personal information is safe and secure.
This facility is only available to patients aged 16 years old and over. You will need to
bring a form of photo ID (i.e. driving licence or passport) when collecting your
registration form. If you do not have a form photo ID, please contact the surgery.
Please allow a minimum of 5 working days before returning to collect your
Should you have any queries or concerns, or problems with accessing Patient Access, please
do not hesitate to contact Mrs Julie Fairclough.
Granville Street
Lancs, PR6 9PY
Tel: 01257 481966
Fax: 01257 474655
Please fill in the consent form and return it to Reception if you wish to have access to book an
appointment online and if you wish to receive emails and text messages from the practice. If
you have any further questions about any of the features that the practice now offers, please
leave a message with the Receptionist along with your contact details so that we may be able
to contact you later to go through any issues you may still have.
Please delete as appropriate
*I wish to have access to book appointments online
*I do not wish to have access to book appointments online
*I wish to receive text messages from the practice
*I do not wish to receive text messages from the practice
*I wish to receive emails from the practice
*I do not wish to receive emails from the practice
I have read and understood the information about having access to book an appointment
online and receiving emails and text messages from the practice. I consent to my GP
Practice enabling me access to the facilities outlined above.
I further agree to use the system in a responsible manner in accordance with all instructions
given to me by the GP Practice and understand that the facilities can be withdrawn at anytime
if these are not adhered to (as outlined in the patient information covering letter). If I see any
data which does not relate to me (i.e. email), I will immediately report the matter to the GP
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