“Summer/Fall” 2014 President’s Message

Summer/Fall 2014
Volume 9 Issue 2
Vol. 9 Issue 2
“Summer/Fall” 2014 President’s Message
Next Meeting
Be a voice…
Welcome to another exciting NC Chapter year! Your Chapter’s executive committee has
developed a dynamic program for you. As always, our meetings are on the second Thursday
of the month, please see the web site, www.nc-asse.org for location and time.
Date: November 13
11:30 a —1:30 p
Topic: NFPA 70E—
Lessons Learned
Joint Meeting with
Meetings. Yet another meeting in our busy schedules. I get it: we all get it. So, as your new
Chapter President, my question to you is “How can I serve the Chapter membership?” I
want to hear your voice.
ASSE is a membership driven organization. Membership driven – that’s you – us – the
Chad Stansbury and W.
Jon Wallace
safety profession. As a safety professional, we have to be an integral part of the job. Be it
with industry, consulting or academia, we merge our profession into our work and dare I
say into our lives. Don’t we live our profession?
BD Technologies
ASSE is the safety professional’s backbone. It supports, standardizes, educates, stimulates,
21 Davis Drive
and motivates. However, ASSE, whether at the National level or the Chapter level, cannot
function without you. I encourage you to seek out the support you need for your professional development. It may not be attending a meeting, but maybe a webinar will get you
We would love to have
the information you need. Or your practice specialty can support your needs and provide
your input regarding future meeting topics or
you with the tools you want. Maybe it is networking with a group of like individuals.
newsletter/webpage conIf you would like support from your Chapter, please let me know how we can serve you. I
tent. Please send your
suggestions to any of the want to hear your voice. [email protected]
officers listed on last
Alicia Mitchell, CSP, CHMM
Roundup from your Governmental Affairs
Inside this issue:
Bob Andrews and Tom Cecich
Government Affairs
Membership Update
Out & About
Technical Meeting
News to Know
Feature Article
EC Officers
OSHA NEWS: Major changes are being made, specifically to record keeping and reporting
that will be effective January 1, 2015. Please look to the website for more information. This will be
the Lunch and Learn topic for February 2015, presented by David Coble, CSP.
Membership Update
Kim Sebastiani
Please welcome our new members since June 2014
Stephanie Driscoll
Anthony Allen
John Collins
Frank Cameron
Elizabeth Lawrence
Elyse Bernstein
Steven West
Anthony Allen
Alexandria Moseley
Jaime Bauerle
Ronald Sessoms
Adam Kelly
Jeremy Jernigen
Tracy Hunt
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up when
we needed her
Erin will be
the first to
admit that
she never saw herself as Chapter President, but
many of us saw a true leader in her. Warm
thanks to Erin Hite for her dedicated service as
NC ASSE Chapter President for 2013-2014.
Erin now becomes our Delegate for 2014-2015.
Coble has been awarded the SPY by the
manufacturing division. David has been a member of
our chapter for years and years. Congratulation David!
Please submit your
nominations to Tom Werner
([email protected]) by November 15, 2014.
For more information, please click the following
link: ASSE Chapter SPY
Legality v Liability: What Every Safety Professional
Should Know
We were very lucky to have John Ormand join us for our second Lunch
and Learn for this year. Atty. Ormand, a NC civil litigator with extensive
experience in personal injury, wrongful death, products liability, and
FELA among other claims. His presentation specifically discussed Tort
litigation in North Carolina, focusing on negligence, duty to ordinary
care, proximate causation and ultra hazardous jobs versus inherently dangerous jobs. John discussed Woodson v. Rowland extensively and the
importance of OSHA “willful violations” issued against companies and
how they affect outcomes. John encouraged companies to clarify liability and worker’s compensation coverage for
businesses that hire both general contractors and subcontractors so that you are protected. It was a great presentation on claims from a legal perspective and one that we as safety professionals should become well versed in.
Congratulations to the following Members who are receiving Long Service Certificates:
Karen A Messana (25 years) James J Elia (25 years) Richard G Raymer (25 years)
Jerry N Garner (25 years)
Edward L Moore (40 years)
CHAPTER Earns Gold Recognition on Appeal: After pointing out a discrepancy in how points could
be awarded under old and new award application submissions, NC ASSE Chapter was awarded the Gold Star—Congrats to
Erin and Arlene for identifying the error and being persistent in the application submission process.
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Technical Meeting Calendar
2014-2015 NC ASSE Technical Meetings
We will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month, offering lunch, dinner and breakfast meetings, to
maximize your ability to participate in topics important to our field. HURRAH! Chapter meetings are
now 1 hour, which will credit one contact hour. Please contact Erin Hite ([email protected]) for your
participation certificate.
Date & Time
November 13, 2014
11:30 am —1:30 pm
(please note that this meeting
may run long due to extensive
content to be discussed)
December 11, 2014
5—9 pm
January 8, 2015
NFPA 70E—Lessons Learned &
Regulatory Update
(This will be a joint meeting with CHMM)
Chad Stansbury and W Jon
BD Technologies
21 Davis Drive, RTP NC
NC ASSE Chapter Social
(Spouses, Partners and significant others
An RSVP will be sent out
Silica—Sponsored by EI Group
Lindsay Cook, CIH
Alicia Mithcell‘s home
BD Technologies
21 Davis Drive, RTP NC
Note: Your Executive Committee meets 1-1/2 hours prior to the scheduled technical meetings to discuss Chapter initiatives and other business. This meeting is open to all members, and we encourage you to attend. Your input and feedback
are always welcome.
News You Should Know:
The NC ASSE Chapter is please to inform you that we are introducing new opportunities for
other organizations to become more integrated with services and resources.
° The first major change is the addition of a Local EH & S Consultants Directory on the NCASSE website. This will allow local businesses to list themselves as resources for EH & S professionals. Should you or a business you know be interested in posting on this tab, please contact
Steve Crooks, at [email protected]
° The second exiting change is the ability for businesses to sponsor our lunch and learns. As you
know, we are a not for profit, and while we would like to be able to provide more resources for
our members, that costs money. Sponsorships information will be available on the Chapter
webpage soon. Please stay posted for more information.
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B-Corps: Is it the right decision for your business?
In 2013, Dimensions in OH&S became a certified B-Corp. The process took approximately 6 months. I’d like to take an opportunity to
explain what a B-Corp is, what the concept may mean for EHS&S professionals, and why our company decided to go through the
certification process. The U.S. Dept of Labor Newsletter recently highlighted B-corps, and we believe it is a step in the direction of
advocating a more sustainable business model.
Dimensions became interested in B-corps because we believed that if we wanted to help our clients develop core values focused on
workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment, then we should hold ourselves to those values as well. The B-lab
(certifying agency) is currently developing an assessment tool for larger corporations who may be interested in seeing how they are
doing in these areas of focus (workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment).
A B-Corp is a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. There are currently
over 1,000 certified B-Corps from more than 60 industries and 34 countries with the unified goal of redefining “success” in business.
One of the driving efforts of B Corps is to inspire all businesses to compete not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for
the world.
B-Corps have to meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. It’s much like
Fair Trade certification, but for the entire business, not just a bag of coffee (or USDA Organic certification, but not just a carton of
milk, or LEED certification). The performance standards are comprehensive and transparent. They measure a company’s impact on
all its stakeholders including workers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but also these stakeholders
(workers, suppliers, community, and the environment). Some of the better known B Corporations include: Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Method Products, Ben and Jerry’s, and Dansko Shoes.
David Machles, Principal, Dimensions in Occupational Health and Safety (Raleigh/Durham, NC)
NC Chapter Executive Committee for 2014-2015
Think Safe / Act Safe
It’s Contagious
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Erin Hite
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Government Affairs
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Career Opportunities and Website
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