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South Atlantic Relay Leadership Conferences
Season: Winter
Name of Fundraiser: Santa Letters
Description of Fundraiser:
Please provide a detailed description of this fundraiser and how it is conducted, to
serve as instructions for replicating at another site. Details on Who, What, When, How, and How Promoted a must!
What is the fundraising activity and how is it done? Santa Letters are a wonderful way to surprise your
child with a letter from Santa Claus for the holidays. For a $5 donation (or you can set the amount) your child
will receive a letter form Santa through the mail that is personalized with his/her name. Each letter will be
printed on holiday stationary. Delivery guaranteed before Christmas Eve.
Who should plan and coordinate the activity? A team can set this up as their fundraiser but will need to
have all items and information secured no later than the 1st week of December.
How many people are needed to work the fundraiser? 1 person to create the form letter (see attached
sample), 1 person to create promotional materials, 1 to secure postage and work with post office about mailing
deadlines for the season in order to reach the children by December 24th. 1 to create a mail merge file for the
orders and double check that all the information is correct before mailing.
Should this fundraiser be held at a particular time of year? Yes, during the holiday season, promotion
should start in early November and the deadline for all forms to be filled out should be no later than the first
week of December.
Is one day of the week or time of day better for this fundraiser? The promotion would be ongoing, the
earlier the better in order to make this a worthwhile fundraiser.
What materials/supplies are needed? Holiday stationary, order forms, postage for letters
Do you need to check into legal statutes? There are probably not any legal statutes but as always check
with your staff person.
Are permits required? Check with local staff on whether this is required
Expected results: Creative fundraisers geared for young kids around the holiday season.
Please see attached form samples for this fundraiser.
For more Fundraising Ideas you can go to and search fundraising in the Relay Library
Santa Letters
Sponsored by your County’s Relay For Life
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to send your child a personalized
letter from Santa! For only $5.00, your child will receive a letter from Santa
through the mail that is personalized with his/her name. Each letter will be
printed on holiday stationery, and will contain a thoughtful message
from Santa. Delivery is guaranteed before Christmas Eve! All letters will be post
marked from the North Pole. AK (check with your local post office to see if they
can do this for you)
All proceeds from this project will be donated to the American Cancer Society
Please detach and mail the order form below along with your payment (checks
made payable to American Cancer Society) by (date to be determined) to:
Your County’s Relay for Life
c/o contact person
street address
city, state, Zip
Local contact e-mail address
Santa Letters
Sponsored by your County’s Relay for Life
Santa Letter Order Form
Parent/Guardian Name:______________________________________________________
Purchaser’s Name (if different from parent)_______________________________________
Phone (only used if there is a question regarding the order__________________________
Email address________________ Child’s mailing address___________________________
Number of letters:_____________@ $5.00 each = $_____________total payment enclosed
Child's Gender
Child's Age
Child's First Name
Child's Last Name
Child's Eye Color
Child's Hair Color
Favorite TV Show
Favorite Gift from Last
(Sample Sentence: The elves
told me that you enjoyed your
“gift” from last year)
Child's Birthday
Name of sister, brother, or
friend (identify relation)
Sample sentence: I look
forward to visiting you and
your “friend Timmy”
Child's Favorite Color
List one thing Santa is proud
of your child for
Dear Chase,
It’s me Santa! Wow. I can’t believe you’re already 5 years old. Time
flies when you’re having fun. The elves and I are having a blast
getting the gifts ready for Christmas this year.
By the way, the elves wanted me to tell you they said, “Hello!” I know
they packed a special gift just for you, but I can’t tell you what it is.
You’re going to love it. Did you enjoy the bicycle I got you last year?
Mrs. Claus and I love this time of year, don’t you? The reindeer and I
are so excited to fly to all the cities around the world, especially
I’m looking at my good kids list right now and I see you’ve been a
good boy all year. Mrs. Claus and I are so very proud of you for
keeping your room clean. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to be
nice to others.
Remember, in order for me to stop by, you must be in bed sleeping with
those big blue eyes shut. Be sure to remind your friend Johnny to do
the same.
It’s almost time to feed my reindeer. Do you know how many reindeer I
have? I’m sure you know the most popular reindeer of all…Rudolph.
In fact, he included a little note in this package for you, too! That
sure is a cute picture of him, don’t you think? Do you know his favorite
color is blue just like yours!
Your friend,