The 49th Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society November 12

The 49th Midwest Regional Meeting
of the American Chemical Society
November 12th – 15th, 2014
T. Glass and C. Greenlief, Program Chairs
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Sci-Mix Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
7:00 - 9:00
1. Photophysical characterization of near-infrared absorbing chlorins. K. M. Faries, M. Ptaszek, D. Lahaye, M.
Krayer, J. R. Diers, D. F. Bocian, J. S. Lindsey, D. Holten
2. Binding of concanavalin A to self-assembled monolayers containing mannoside derivatives studied by
impedance spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy. Y. Tan, B. Pandey, A. Gururaj, J. Bhattarai, A. J. Alla,
P. Pornsuriyasak, K. Fujikawa, A. V. Demchenko, K. J. Stine
3. Development of modified nanoporous gold monolithic substrate for separation of lectins. A. J. Alla, Y. Tan,
A. V. Demchenko, K. J. Stine
4. Solution and solid state synthesis of photoreactive urea and thiourea co-crystals. K. L. Parrish, J. Clay, R. H.
5. Anisotropic gold nanoparticles prepared by the reduction of HAuCl4 with HEPES: Optimization of synthesis
conditions and shape stabilization by protein A. M. M. Neumann, S. A. Darveau, C. L. Exstrom
6. Antimicrobial light-curable polymeric composites including silver(I) cyanoximates. M. Whited, S. Popis, M.
Patrauchan, W. Earnhardt, N. Gerasimchuk
7. Plasmonic noble metal nanostructured films for biosensing. J. K. Bhattarai, A. J. Alla, A. V. Demchenko,
K. J. Stine
8. Multi-criteria drug discovery: Using CoMFA models to drive target specificity. L. Wang, F. Soltanshahi, B.
Masek, B. Wendt, S. Nagy, D. Cramer
9. N-acetylcysteine amide, a promising antidote for acetaminophen toxicity. A. Khayyat, S. Tobwala, M. Hart,
N. Ercal
10. Determining the binding properties of antiviral pyrrole-imidazole hairpin polyamides with DNA sequences
from human papillomavirus (HPV-18). M. J. Scuderi, G. He, K. J. Koeller, C. M. Dupureur, G. D. Harris, J. K.
11. Synthesis of histone deacetylase inhibitors for use in anticancer treatments. K. Lehenbauer, J. A. Morrill
12. Oxidation of thiols by photodeoxygenation of dibenzothiophene-S-oxide in solution. S. M. Baumann, M.
Zhang, R. D. McCulla
13. Binding specificity of a new class of N-methylpyrrole, N-methylimidazole hairpin polyamides that have a
modified N-terminus, tetramethyl guanidinium (TMG), using designed DNA of 120 base pairs (bp) and 365 bp
DNA of the HPV16 genome. E. Csiki-Fejer, K. J. Koeller, G. D. Harris, Jr., G. He, T. G. Edwards, C. Fisher, J.
K. Bashkin
14. Benefits of using automated systems for collection of NMR data. R. Block, S. Herdnand, M. Huang, R.
Gerald, K. Woelk
15. Using a comprehensive reaction map for teaching undergraduate organic chemistry. C. A. Knudtson
16. Fundamentals of rotating frame imaging in toroid cavity detectors. L. Chi, R. E. Gerald, II, K. Woelk
17. Ferrocene-based polyamide aerogels: Graphitization, transmetalation and use in heterogeneous catalysis. M.
A. Saeed, C. Wisner, S. Donthula, A. Mumtaz, C. Sotiriou-Leventis, N. Leventis
18. Calculating potential energy curves with quantum Monte Carlo. A. D. Powell, R. Dawes
19. Mechanistic insight into the nucleophilic trapping of radical cations via photoredox catalysis. M. D. Graaf,
K. D. Moeller
20. Synthesis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and coordination chemistry of substituted phosphine sulfide and
selenides. A. T. Breshears, J. Walensky
21. Density functional theory and ab initio study of Al + CO2 reactions. J. D. Veals, R. Chitsazi, Y. Shi, D. L.
22. Sunlight-assisted route to antimicrobial plasmonic aminoclay catalysts. S. Ravula, G. A. Baker
23. DNA curvature elicited by binding of pyrrole-imidazole polyamides. S. L. Evdokimov, G. He, K. J.
Koeller, G. D. Harris, Jr., K. Aston, J. K. Bashkin
24. Synthesis and characterization of robust terephthalaldehyde-phloroglucinol (TPOL) aerogels as precursors
for nanoporous carbons. H. Majedi Far, M. A. Saeed, S. Donthula, N. Leventis, C. Sotiriou-Leventis
25. Synthesis of monodisperse aluminum nanoparticles in zinc metal organic framework. C. O. Nyapete, P.
Jelliss, S. Buckner
26. High level computations between halogen anions and the buckybowls sumanene and corannulene. B.
Welch, C. C. Kirkpatrick
27. Subtle structural fluctuations of melittin upon insertion into a membrane. M. K. Eagleburger, J. W. Cooley,
R. D. JiJi
28. Conformational behavior and applications of mixed room temperature ionic liquid solvent systems
examined with a panel of solvatochromic probes. M. W. Ducey, D. Morrow, B. Thornton, V. Lahoti
29. Exploration of a tandem Diels-Alder Ugi-Smiles reaction through component variation. K. Mason, M.
Meyers, B. Richey, S. B. Luesse
30. Polystyrene coated iron-platinum drug delivery platforms for cancer treatment. E. O. Zargham, C. A.
Mason, K. Sadrerafi, M. W. Lee
31. Structure-activity relationship studies of 6,7-annulated-5-substituted indole libraries: Antitumor activities in
L1210 leukemic and human HL-60 promyelocytic leukemia cells. A. Bade, A. Nerurkar, L. Maina, N.
Chandrasoma, W. Welsh, E. Finney, N. Brown, K. R. Buszek
32. Combining solid phase microextraction (SPME) with TGA as a technique for guest analysis in crystal
engineering. M. Fischer, A. M. Beatty
340. See subsequent listings.
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gus T. Ridgel / S204
Analytical General Session
T. Glass, Organizer
S. Bossmann, Presiding
8:00 33. Investigating the chemical interface of plant-parasite interactions by MALDI mass spectrometry
imaging. A. T. Klein, G. B. Yagnik, Y. Lee
8:20 34. Protease signatures in cancer diagnostics. S. H. Bossmann, H. Wang, T. N. Samarakoon, T. B.
Shrestha, P. Thapa, D. N. Udukala, A. P. Malalasekera, M. Kalubowilage, A. S. Yapa, P. Maynez, Y. Toledo,
R. Ortega, K. Cole, M. Caywood, G. Zhu, D. A. Higgins, D. L. Troyer
8:40 35. Nanoparticle-peptide-dye based systems for the early detection of mastitis in dairy cows. T. N.
Samarakoon, M. Kalubowilage, H. Wang, A. S. Yapa, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
9:00 36. Pattern recognition of gamma-ray spectra for remote detection of radioisotopes. B. W. Dess, G. W.
9:20 37. Nanoparticle screening for mass spectrometry of plant metabolites and understanding of the
nanoparticle assisted laser desorption ionization mechanism. G. B. Yagnik, Y. Lee
9:40 Intermission.
10:00 38. Hormone replacement therapy in light of the Cancer Profile™. E. K. Schandl
10:20 39. Impact of frozen storage on the anthocyanin and polyphenol content of elderberry fruit juice. M. C.
Johnson, A. L. Thomas, C. Greenlief
10:40 40. Strategies for the attachment of organic functional groups to silicon surfaces. Y. Li, C. Greenlief
11:00 41. Studies of the reaction of CO2 with MgO(100) and TiO2(110) surfaces. J. Wang, T. R. Marrero, C.
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Analytical Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
8:00 - 9:30
42. Effects of airborne particulate matter on rat neuronal cells. M. E. Johnson, J. L. Adam, P. A. Mazzer
43. Determination of electroosmotic and electrophoretic forces in a gel matrix in different ionic strength
conditions. R. Flaugh, J. Lallman, K. L. Kounovsky-Shafer
44. LC-MS and NMR analysis of neurotoxic fruits in the Annonaceae family. R. E. Smith, R. A. Levine, K.
Tran, K. M. Richards, S. Ryan, R. Luo, J. G. Maia, A. O. Sabaa-Srur, M. R. de Moraes, H. T. Godoy, I. de
Moraes, F. L. Schmidt, A. Thomas
45. Molecular weight determination of a cationic polythiophene by size exclusion chromatography. T. A.
Sandgren, B. E. Eichler, D. E. Weisshaar
46. Accelerated solvent extraction of soluble solids from fruits. K. M. Richards, R. E. Smith, R. A. Levine, K.
Tran, S. Ryan, R. Luo, A. Thomas, M. S. Maciel, E. A. Melo
47. Immobilization and functional coating of gold nanoparticles in a polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic device
structure. J. R. Blum, R. L. Svatora, K. L. Kounovsky-Shafer, S. A. Darveau, C. L. Exstrom
48. Elemental analysis of CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots by AA. K. M. Stallings, J. L. Dancler, B. E.
Eichler, D. E. Weisshaar
49. Identification of proteins in elderberry leaves by 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry.
B. Yang, A. L. Thomas, C. Greenlief
50. Optimal digestion reagents for closed vessel fish tissue digestions when analysing mercury by CVAFS. J.
Ejnik, C. Pavan
51. Novel methylmercury reducing marinade (MRM) optimization. M. Salm, J. Ejnik
52. Spectral corrections for REEs in granite samples analysed by ICP-OES. A. Coolidge, J. Ejnik, M. Ruiz, J.
53. Characterization and molecular weight determination of polydiethynyl-thiophene derived polymers. K. M.
Erlandson, T. A. Sandgren, J. L. Duffy-Matzner, D. E. Weisshaar
54. Quantifying the binding interactions between HSA and atrazine using affinity chromatography. A. Blair, A.
C. Moser
55. Using GC-MS to detect atrazine in soil samples. A. Donovan, C. W. Willicott, A. C. Moser
56. PDMS-interconnected microfluidic systems for rapid separations of neurotransmitters. Q. Zhang, N.
57. Fluorogenic derivatization of amino acids for laser-induced fluorescence detection in capillary
electrophoresis. N. Maddukuri, Q. Zhang
58. Unconventional use of palm oil as sunscreen modifier. S. Marzorati, D. Agoumba
59. Fluorescence quenching in fractions of natural organic matter. J. Wang, C. A. Johnson-Edler, J. A. Rice
60. Use of reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography to measure adenosine amounts in mouse
brain. D. D. Smith, H. Roundtree, T. Simeone, K. Simeone
61. Analysis of methylphosphonic acid nerve agent metabolites by ion chromatography and mass spectrometry.
J. An, S. Przybelski, R. P. Oda, B. A. Logue
62. High-throughput analysis of modified Micrococcus luteus for cell therapeutics using microfluidic flow
cytometry and light scattering combined with laser-induced fluorescence. S. A. Stewart-James, C. Culbertson
63. Analysis of clay soil samples by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Z. A. Alhawdar, E. Alqurashi, K. S. Siam
64. Identification of Serpin 2 complex binding partners in Anopheles gambiae by immunoaffinity
chromatography and mass spectrometry. K. Sellens, C. Culbertson, E. Metto, K. Michel, X. Zhang
65. Spectroscopic investigation on the effect of naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds on the structure of
the amyloid-β peptide. B. Hagenhoff, R. JiJi
66. Automated isolation of an inhibitory immune protein complex from mosquito hemolymph. A. M.
67. Determination of limits of detection and quantitation for aqueous metals and halides using portable XRF. A.
Sindt, S. Hiley
68. High capacity multiple affinity depletion of major proteins in bovine plasma and follicular fluid. P. A.
Afedi, G. Perry, L. Jing
69. Trace analysis of perchlorate in Midwest regional water sources by ion chromatography/electrospray
ionization tandem mass spectrometry. S. Splett, T. Cox, K. Peterson, D. Brandis, J. Cole-Dai
70. N-nitrosamine formation potentials within drinking water. D. M. West, Q. Wu, A. Donovan, H. Shi, H.
Jiang, C. Adams, J. Yang, B. Hua, E. Inniss, T. Eichholz, Y. Ma
71. Conversion of cellobiose into glucose and mannose by means of polyoxometalate supported cerium oxide
catalysts. J. Burke, Z. Gernhart, C. Cheung
72. Facile, room temperature reduction of chloroauric acid using carbon nanodots towards plasmonic Au
nanoparticle/C-dot hybrids. J. Essner, C. Laber, S. Ravula, G. Baker
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Aarvah Strickland / S203
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
T. Glass, Organizer
L. Sutton, Presiding
8:00 73. Thermomagnetic switching in water from a covalently-linked radical dyad. M. R. Geraskina, A. T.
Buck, A. H. Winter
8:20 74. Self-immolative phthalate esters sensitive to fluoride, light, and hydrogen peroxide. K. M. Mahoney,
A. H. Winter
8:40 75. γ-Cyclodextrin mediated photo-heterodimerization between cinnamic acids and coumarins. A. R.
Clements, M. Pattabiraman
9:00 76. The modification of benzochalcodiazoles for improved organic solar cell performance. M. D. Ewan,
E. Muller, B. M. Kobilka, M. Jeffries-EL
9:20 Intermission.
9:40 77. Dependence of transition-state structure upon electronic properties of cephalosporins. L. D. Sutton, H.
Yang, H. Young, S. Yu, M. W. Crowder
10:00 78. Expanding the philosophy of template-directed photocycloadditions in the solid state. A. J. Duncan,
G. S. Papaefstathiou, L. R. MacGillivray
10:20 79. Viologen based spin crossover organic materials in water. M. J. Juetten, A. H. Winter
10:40 80. Investigation of the photodegradation mechanisms in dicyano polyphenylenevinylene polymers with
different side chains. L. P. Sanow, J. Sun, C. Zhang
11:00 81. Noncentrosymmetric packings of click products as influenced by electronic properties. R. C. Laird,
N. P. Nguyen, S. F. Rusch, J. Baltrusaitis, L. R. MacGillivray
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Benton / Bingham / N214
Organic Synthesis in the SEC Symposium
M. Harmata, Organizer, Presiding
8:00 82. Ground state stabilization in 5-membered heterocyclic biaryl ligands for enantioselective catalysis. A.
8:45 83. Cu(II) quinoxalinol salen complexes for catalytic oxidation of alcohols in aqueous systems. A. E.
9:30 Intermission.
10:00 84. Substrate scope and mechanistic investigations of silylation-based kinetic resolutions. S. L. Wiskur
10:45 85. Advances in ligand design for catalysis with earth-abundant metals. A. J. Arduengo, J. W. Runyon,
G. Gurau, S. P. Kelley, W. J. Marshall, J. C. Nelson, W. Taylor
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Joplin / Boone / N222
Polymer and Materials Chemistry
T. Glass, Organizer
M. Nath, Presiding
8:00 86. Protease signatures in blood serum and biospecimens. R. Ortega, D. N. Udukala, T. N. Samarakoon,
H. Wang, P. L. Maynez, J. Barriga, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
8:20 87. Metals and metal carbides' synthesis by EEW. E. Abdelkader, S. W. Buckner, P. A. Jelliss
8:40 88. Multifunctional magnetic nanomaterials for biomedical applications. M. Nath, A. Pariti, N. Ashokan
9:00 89. Microwave-assisted synthesis of “designer” semiconductor nanocrystals. E. J. McLaurin, R.
Siramdas, M. S. Yazdanparast
9:20 90. It's not a waste until you waste it: Control and take use of crack and delamination of polymer. K. Jiao,
C. Zhou, A. Poudel, P. Kohli, T. Chu
9:40 91. Gadolinium-encapsulating iron oxide nanoprobe as activatable NMR/MRI contrast agent. S. Santra, J.
Kallu, D. Thompson, J. Perez
10:00 Intermission.
10:20 92. Synthesis and characterization of in situ forming hydrogel as vitreous substitutes. J. Liang, N. Ravi,
P. Hamilton, H. Du
10:40 93. Static vs dynamic surface tension of colloidal unimolecular polymer (CUP) particles. A. M. Natu, M.
R. Van De Mark
11:00 94. Isotope effect of deuterium on colloidal unimolecular polymer (CUP) surface and free water by T1. Y.
Dawib, R. E. Gerald, II, M. R. Van De Mark
11:20 95. DSC evaluation of free and surface water for colloidal unimolecular polymer (CUP) particles utilizing
the heat of fusion. P. Geng, M. R. Van De Mark
11:40 96. Particle size effects in film formation of latex particles and colloidal unimolecular polymer (CUP)
particles using micro indenter. S. V. Gade, M. R. Van De Mark
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gillette/Ware / S206
Inorganic Radiochemistry Symposium
J. Walensky, Organizer, Presiding
8:20 97. Dose fractionation of a 177Lu-labeled peptide nucleic acid-peptide conjugate is more effective than a
single high dose. M. R. Lewis, D. Liu, E. R. Balkin, F. Jia
8:50 98. 89Zr antibody imaging of HER2 expression: Preclinical and clinical studies. S. Lapi
9:20 99. Inferred speciation of protactinium via selective extraction by aliphatic alcohols and mesoporous
carbon materials. A. W. Knight, E. S. Eitrheim, A. W. Nelson, T. Z. Forbes, M. K. Schultz
9:40 100. Differential uptake of 89Zr-DFO by Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. N. C.
Goscinski, T. A. Wencewicz, S. E. Lapi
10:00 Intermission.
10:20 101. New radiometal/radiometalloid chemistry for potential radiopharmaceutical applications. S. S.
10:50 102. New radiochemical separations technologies for Ge/Ga radiopharmaceutical applications using
mesoporous carbon materials. E. S. Eitrheim, M. Peterson, A. W. Knight, A. Nelson, P. R. Zalupski, M. K.
11:10 103. Chemistry of nanoconfined water molecules in porous materials: Influence of the uranyl moiety. T.
Z. Forbes, D. K. Unruh, A. Jayasinghe
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Todd / S207
Computational Chemistry Symposium
J. E. Adams, T. Sewell, Organizers
C. Deakyne, Organizer, Presiding
8:30 104. Density functional theory investigations of gold and silver nanoparticle properties. C. M. Aikens
9:10 105. Mechanisms for zirconium catalyzed hydroamination reactions. T. L. Windus, W. C. Everett, K.
Manna, A. D. Sadow
9:50 106. Design of RNA biosensors. C. M. Woodbridge, K. Wickiser
10:10 Intermission.
10:30 107. Understanding and predicting the strength of non-covalent interactions of aromatics via energy
decomposition calculations. M. Lewis, C. Bagwill, L. Hardebeck, S. Wireduaah
11:10 108. A molecular dynamics study of melting of the triclinic molecular crystal TATB initiated at the
crystal-vacuum interface. N. Mathew, T. D. Sewell, D. L. Thompson
11:30 109. Resorcinarene conformer interconversions that facilitate capsule formation. K. N. Youmans, J. E.
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Walt Disney / N206
Green Nanochemistry Symposium
G. Baker, Organizer, Presiding
8:30 110. Indium tin oxide photonic crystal for controllable light coupling in solar cells by an inexpensive
nanoimprint lithography with HD-DVD and Blu-ray. B. Chen, C. J. Mathai, S. Mukherjee, S. Gangopadhyay
9:00 111. Environmentally-friendly approach to quantum dot synthesis. M. A. Ellis, J. M. Davis, N. A. Mundt,
K. M. Fichter
9:30 112. Thin-film dye-sensitized solar cell platform to tap into photon capture and charge transfer of light
harvest complexes. J. Li, Y. Yang, Y. Zheng, S. Klankowski, R. Jankowiak, C. Lin, K. Pawlak, M. Reus, A. R.
10:00 Intermission.
10:30 113. Using ionic liquids for the synthesis of nanophosphors. A. V. Mudring
11:00 114. Exploring TiO2 nanomaterials for lithium ion battery applications. X. Chen
11:30 115. Resolving conflicts with tiny droplets. C. Zhou, R. R. Pradeep, R. Balaraman, K. Jiao, P. Kohli
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Mark Twain / N201
Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium
J. Atwood, Organizer, Presiding
I. Raston, Presiding
8:35 Introductory Remarks.
8:45 116. Design and preparation of a new shape selective Pt-C Cat with high effectiveness for liquid phase
reactions. H. C. Foley
9:15 117. Vortex fluidics thin film organisation of materials under shear. C. L. Raston
9:45 118. Crystallization and gelation: Orthogonal self-assembly far from equilibrium. J. W. Steed
10:15 Intermission.
10:30 119. Halogen···halogen vs halogen···π interactions in new platinum complexes. P. C. Junk
11:00 120. One supramolecular chemist's view of 3D printing. A. W. Coleman
11:30 121. Dynamic formation of hybrid peptidic capsules by chiral self-sorting and self-assembly. A. Szumna,
H. Jedrzejewska, M. Wierzbicki, M. Szymanski, P. Cmoch, K. Rissanen, M. Gilski, M. Jaskolski
Memorial Union South Tower/ University of Missouri - Columbia
Eyler / S110
Mass Spectrometry and Targeted Proteomics Symposium
B. Mooney, Organizer
J. Thelen, Organizer, Presiding
9:00 122. Quantitative proteomic analysis of protein complexes and protein interaction networks. M.
9:45 123. Proteomic quantification and site-mapping of S-nitrosylated proteins using isobaric iodoTMT
reagents. Z. Gu, Z. Qu, F. Meng, R. D. Bomgarden, R. I. Viner, J. Li, J. C. Rogers, J. Cheng, C. Greenlief, J.
Cui, D. B. Lubahn, G. Y. Sun
10:10 Intermission.
10:35 124. Systems analysis of soybean seed development: Oil body ontogeny. J. A. Miernyk, R. S. Wilson,
M. L. Johnston, J. J. Thelen
11:00 125. Brij-58 enrichment and label-free quantitative proteomics to investigate stress-induced changes in
plasma membrane proteins in plants. J. C. Anderson, P. Voothuluru, Z. J. Zhang, C. A. Collins, A. Heese, R.
E. Sharp, S. C. Peck
11:25 126. Orthogonal ion production for a novel harmonic oscillating ion trap mass spectrometer. T. R.
Rusch, C. Hanson, K. O'Conner
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
10:00 - 11:30
127. Isolation of a charge-transfer complex between praziquantel and Br2. C. Wang, Q. Zhao, Y. Dong, J. L.
128. Design, synthesis, and evaluation of aryl hydantoins and diaryl ureas as antischistosomal agents. C. Wang,
J. Keiser, Y. Dong, J. L. Vennerstrom
129. New N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) for the benzoin condensation. N. Bae, H. Palencia, R. D. Murbach
130. Synthesis of a new alkyl-branched N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) precursor for mechanistic investigations
on the transesterification of soybean oil and methanol. R. D. Murbach, H. Palencia
131. Synthesis of silicon bound N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) precursors. P. Santos, R. D. Murbach, H.
132. Synthesis of new triazolylidene N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) precursors for organocatalysis. A. VargasCastano, H. Palencia
133. The more conjugated the more stable. J. R. Dias
134. Organozirconium transformations in medicinal chemistry: Discovery of potent small-molecule agonists of
the orphan nuclear receptors, steroidogenic factor-1 (SF-1) and liver receptor homolog-1 (LRH-1). J. Stec, T.
M. Willson, H. A. Ingraham, R. J. Whitby
135. Antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticle embedded polylactic acid nanofibers. J. D. Candler, R. K.
Gupta, P. K. Kahol, L. Dong
136. Preparation and photolysis of non-glucosinolates. E. M. Voigt, E. H. Pauley, J. R. Mays
137. Preparation of 2,2-diphenylethyl glucosinolate. J. R. Brown, J. B. Klecker, E. H. Pauley, J. R. Mays
138. Exploration of the nitronate synthetic pathway of glucosinolates. S. E. Fisher, J. R. Mays
139. Synthesis of a new functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene and its use as a catalyst. H. Palencia
140. Bioorthogonal reaction of amphiphilic cyclobutenes and 1,2,4,5-tetrazines. W. Lambert, W. Sittiwong, P.
H. Dussault
141. Electrospun nanofibers of polycaprolactone embedded with hydroxyapatite for biomedical applications. A.
Jimenez, R. Gupta, P. Kahol, S. Yang
142. Examination of regioselectivity of intramolecular silyl nitronate cycloadditions. J. C. Stevens, E. M.
Kaufman, J. L. Duffy-Matzner, A. Viste
143. Fabrication, characterization and application of polylactic acid-hydroxyapatite nanofibers. T. D. Elmore,
R. K. Gupta, P. K. Kahol, S. Yang
144. Reaction based approach for detection of fluoride. H. A. Houtwed
145. Templated [2+2] cycloaddition reactions involving acetoxy-containing olefin in the organic solid state. D.
P. Ericson, R. H. Groeneman, M. A. Sinnwell, L. R. MacGillivray
146. Silver complexes involving a 2-pyridyl group that undergo a [2+2] cycloaddition reaction in the solid state.
K. N. Aslan, R. H. Groeneman, M. A. Sinnwell, L. R. MacGillivray
147. Morphology and dynamic mechanical properties of fibers from poly lactic acid/thermoplastic polyurethane
blends. V. Jašo, M. V. Rodić, Z. S. Petrović
148. Synthesis of a clickable lanthanide chelating reagent as a novel NMR and fluorescence probe to study
protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions. J. N. Lampe, S. C. Bishop
149. Synthesis and characterization of P2FDPP-2E-HT polymers (polydifurotetradecyl-diketopyrrolopyrrolediethynylhexythiophenes) as low-band-gap polymers. D. Schara, K. Klubben, J. L. Duffy-Matzner
150. Metal-organic frameworks based upon photoproducts from a [2+2] cycloaddition reaction. P. M. Truong,
R. H. Groeneman, M. A. Sinnwell, L. R. MacGillivray
151. Synthesis of eugenol derivatives as the basis for a comprehensive series of organic laboratory exercises.
M. McAfoos, J. Davis, D. Peitz
152. Expanding the uses of liquid carbon dioxide as a solvent for undergraduate chemistry reactions. Z. Reisen,
D. Peitz
153. Investigating oxidation reactions catalyzed by iron complexes using absorption spectroscopy. H. G.
Mayes, C. M. Dupureur, E. Bauer
154. Design and synthesis of a novel p2F2EHDPP-DECPDT polymer. K. M. Smith, J. L. Duffy-Matzner
155. Preparation of ammonium receptors that target bacterial membranes. M. Alsuri
156. Synthesis of Quinabactin and related analogs. G. Nora, L. Liu
157. Complexation of small gases by a heterocapped cryptophane-111 derivative. G. El Ayle, K. T. Holman
158. New dibenzothiophene s-oxide derivatives: The effects of substituents on their sulfoxide bond strength and
their potential for site-specific cleavage of nucleic acids. J. C. Throgmorton, J. Korang, W. R. Grither, M.
Zhang, B. K. Welch, M. Hasanagic, A. Fritz, R. D. McCulla
159. Anthracene-based, non-porphyrin dyes for solar cells. K. Klumper, K. Dolge, B. Eichler
160. Alteration of metallo-carbapenemase mechanisms upon removal of a single substrate atom. A. R.
Poffenberger, N. Zhou, S. Yu, M. W. Crowder, L. D. Sutton
161. Exploring coconut as a biodiesel additive. D. Jantz, E. Peltier, C. Depcik, R. Carter, J. Jachuck, J. Mattson
162. Synthesis of dinaphtho[2,1-b:1',2'-d]thiophene S-oxide and its use as a ground state atomic oxygen
precursor. X. Zheng, R. McCulla
163. 2,8-dihydroxydibenzothiophene as a novel precursor of atomic oxygen in solution. H. Shoemaker, R.
164. Synthesis of a 1-aza-9-crown-3-substituted coumarin for fluorescence sensing of metal ions. X. Zhang, C.
J. Forsythe, D. L. Nutbrown
165. Broadening the scope of the Passerini-Smiles reaction. K. Hausman, C. Summers, S. B. Luesse
166. Expanding the range of releasable moieties from BODIPY-derived photocages. F. Bhinderwala, A. H.
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Entrepreneurs' Tool Kit: Resources and True Stories
J. Sabol, Organizer, Presiding
1:15 Introductory Remarks.
1:20 167. The elements of entrepreneurship. S. Hartmann
1:50 168. Biochemchar and entrepreneurial misadventures at the business/academic interface. S. Manahan
2:20 169. HD Sciences: Pioneering a chemistry-based drug discovery company in the Midwest region. P. C.
2:50 Intermission.
3:10 170. Kona paper recycled coffee bean bag paper: Pitfalls and challenges. T. C. Gast
3:40 171. Balbes Consultants: Twenty+ years as a freelance technical writer/editor. L. M. Balbes
4:10 172. Member benefits, programming, and entrepreneurial activities from the ACS Division of Small
Chemical Businesses (SCHB). J. Sabol, P. Kearney
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gus T. Ridgel / S204
Analytical General Session
T. Glass, Organizer
S. Trabue, Presiding
1:30 173. Occurrence screening of PPCPs and their removal study in the Missouri drinking water system. R.
Mu, H. Shi, C. Adams, Y. Ma, T. Eichholz, T. Timmons
1:50 174. Rapid analysis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in commercial sunscreens using single particle
inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry method. Y. Dan, H. Shi, C. Stephan, X. Liang
2:10 175. Novel fiber-optic based single-cell pH sensor. Q. Yang, H. Wang, S. Chen, X. Lan, H. Xiao, Y. Ma,
H. Shi
2:30 176. Super high resolution of tobacco mosaic virus using microlens based optical microscope. R.
Balaraman, C. Zhou, K. Jiao, P. Kohli
2:50 177. Grain odor as determined by GC-O and odor activity. S. Trabue, K. Scoggin, P. Murphy
3:10 Intermission.
3:30 178. Rapid analysis of free long chain fatty acids in biological matrix. S. Trabue, K. Scoggin
3:50 179. Single-particle ICP-MS method development for simultaneous detection of dissolved and
nanoparticulate metals in Missouri drinking water systems. A. R. Donovan, H. Shi, C. Adams, C. Stephen, T.
4:10 180. Evaluation of drinking water disinfection byproduct formation potentials by using peracetic acid as a
potential alternative disinfectant. D. M. West, R. Mu, R. Xu, H. Shi, C. Adams, J. Yang, B. Hua, E. Inniss, Y.
4:30 181. Comparison of pyrolysis products of Prairie cord grass at different temperatures by accelerated
solvent extraction and GC-MS. E. A. Boakye, R. Douglas
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Joplin / Boone / N222
Chemical Education
T. Glass, Organizer
D. Richter-Egger, Presiding
1:30 182. Correlation of possible indicators and student success in general chemistry. T. J. Fisher, W. L.
Coker, III, M. T. Williams
1:50 183. Major choices: Influence of college major on students' beliefs about learning chemistry. M. D.
Herridge, G. Bhattacharyya
2:10 184. “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”: Learning the languages of organic chemistry. G.
2:30 185. Synergy and interference in organic chemistry. G. Bhattacharyya
2:50 Intermission.
3:10 186. Teaching concepts in thermodynamics using a real world application. U. Panse, V. Waghulde
3:30 187. Improved content mastery and student retention in general chemistry using ALEKS. D. RichterEgger
3:50 188. Analysis of the Missouri Western State University 2013-2014 Dual-Credit General Chemistry I
Teacher Survey. E. M. Hoover, J. L. Torres y Torres
4:10 189. Pilot of a blended general chemistry wet lab to optimize campus resources while maintaining ACS
standards. S. Burchett, K. Woelk
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Todd / S207
Computational Chemistry Symposium
T. Sewell, J. E. Adams, Organizers
C. Deakyne, Organizer, Presiding
1:30 190. Surface properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs): A quantum chemical study on
acetaminophen. L. Valenzano, K. Adhikari
2:10 191. Molecular dynamics simulations of the nitromethane solid-liquid interface. S. Jiang, T. D. Sewell, D.
L. Thompson
2:30 192. Selectivity considerations for alkaline-promoted Ni catalysts using first-principles methods. M. Zhou,
B. Liu
2:50 Intermission.
3:10 193. The electronic structure, spectroscopy and dynamics of small molecules. R. Dawes
3:50 194. Host-guest interactions in zinc-seamed pyrogallol[4]arene nanocapsules. H. Kumari, C. M. Mayhan,
J. L. Atwood, J. E. Adams, C. A. Deakyne
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Walt Disney / N206
Green Nanochemistry Symposium
G. Baker, Organizer
J. Essner, Presiding
1:30 195. Targeted nanoscale materials and their biomedical applications. R. Kannan, C. W. Caldwell, Jr., A.
Zambre, S. Raman, D. Suresh, A. Upendran, G. Arthur
2:00 196. Plasticized sulfur: A functional material synthesized entirely from industrial waste. J. M. Chalker
2:30 Intermission.
3:00 197. Integration of nanostructured dielectrophoretic device and surface-enhanced raman probe for highly
sensitive rapid bacteria detection. F. R. Madiyar, S. Bhana, L. Swisher, X. Huang, C. Culbertson, J. Li
3:30 198. Recyclable mesoporous silica nanosphere (MSN) supported zirconium catalysts for hydroboration. A.
D. Sadow
4:00 199. Thermostable, ionic liquid and succinonitrile-based gel electrolyte for high‐performance all‐solid‐
state supercapacitors. G. P. Pandey, C. Hancock, J. Li
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Inorganic Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
1:30 - 3:00
200. Mercaptoazulenes and their complexes with gold(I): Syntheses, molecular structures, photoluminescence,
and reactivity. B. A. Tappan, A. D. Spaeth, N. N. Gerasimchuk, M. V. Barybin
201. First example of a linear aromatic π-linker featuring mercapto and isocyano termini in the same molecule:
Efficient synthesis and heterobimetallic complexation. J. C. Applegate, M. K. Okeowo, C. L. Berrie, M. V.
202. Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of [DUPA-6-Ahx-Lys(64Cu-NODAGA)-5-Ava-BBN(7-14)NH2]:
A novel bivalent targeting vector radiopharmaceuticals for potential PET imaging of human prostate cancer. Z.
Jiang, R. P. Bandari, T. S. Reynolds, T. L. Rold, T. J. Hoffman, A. F. Szczodroski, C. J. Smith
203. Novel method for the synthesis of highly substituted pyrazoles. L. R. Kadel, J. R. Kromer, D. M.
204. Solid state synthesis of ZIFs: Templation effects and novel ZIF structures. I. Brekalo, K. T. Holman, J. R.
Ramirez, C. Kane
205. Analyzing the impact of hard water on glyphosate activity. A. Bostrom, D. Sammons, X. Ge, W. Harris
206. Optimization of a green synthesis of CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals and their bioconjugation to DNA. A.
Malmanger, A. Mohror, A. Tims, B. Eichler
207. Coordination chemistry and reactivity of transition metal complexes with bulky thiocarboxylate ligands. P.
Rungthanaphatsophon, J. R. Walensky
208. Characterizing metal binding in small peptides derived from the metal-binding domain of the nickel
metallochaperone SlyD. T. E. Bjorklund, A. J. Munch, D. Rathore, E. D. Dodds, A. M. Glass
209. Computational studies of chromium tricarbonyl adsorbed in faujasite zeolite. W. M. Shirley, S. Zhuang
210. Synthesis and photochemistry of novel air stable pt(IV) hydroperoxo-hydroxo carbene complexes. T. A.
Perera, P. R. Sharp
211. Selective bromination of N-(2,5-di-tert-butylphenyl)-perylene-3,4-dicarboximide (PMI) and its complexes
with platinum. M. Masjedi, P. R. Sharp
212. 77As complexes for potential PET and radiotherapy. Y. Feng
213. Chemistry of Group 11 formamidinates. A. C. Lane, W. Antholine, J. R. Walensky
214. Asymmetric nucleophilic attack on ruthenium allenylidene intermediates to yield alkynyl complexes. M. J.
Queensen, E. B. Bauer
215. Concentration levels of cadmium, arsenic, and lead in selected cosmetics. A. M. Johnson
216. Icosahedral Closo-B122- core supporting DTPA-based multimeric chelator assembly as a high-field MRI
contrast agent. S. Chakravarty, L. N. Goswami, L. Ma, A. A. Khan, S. S. Jalisatgi, M. F. Hawthorne
217. Multiple isomers with linear tetrathioether ligands: Importance to potential 105Rh radiotherapeutic agents.
N. N. Crenshaw
218. Electronic properties and composition of GaAs1-xPx grown by close-spaced vapor transport. A. Davis, A.
Greenaway, S. Boettcher
219. Synthesis and characterization of uranium-citrate complexes and the analysis of solution chemistry
influences on uranium speciation. M. Basile, D. Unruh, A. Johns, K. Gojdas, T. Forbes
220. Synthesis and characterization of ortho-substituted benzoic acids in the Mn12O12-type magnetic cluster. C.
D. Oberle, A. M. Beatty
221. Selectivity of uranium metal organic nanotubes for water. A. S. Jayasinghe, D. K. Unruh, A. E. Kral, T. Z.
222. Infrared spectroscopic study of the role of acid-base sites toward C-C bond formation on TiO2-based
nanomaterials. J. D. Gaucin, D. K. Paul
223. Tris(N-pyrrolyl)phosphine-containing ruthenium catalysts for propargylic OH group replacement. M. J.
Stark, E. B. Bauer
224. Bromination and photochemistry of organonaphthyl platinum(IV) complexes. A. Raphael Karikachery,
P. R. Sharp
225. Low temperature FTIR studies of the adsorption of aldehyde on MgO nanomaterial. T. N. Cheney, D. Paul
226. Iron-platinum nanoparticles as multifunctional vehicles in imaging and drug delivery. C. A. Mason, E. O.
Zargham, M. W. Lee
227. Uranyl-amino acid crystal chemistry: From coordination complexes to the supramolecular assembly of
metal-organic materials. J. de Groot, B. A. Cassell, S. A. Miller, K. Gojdas, T. Z. Forbes
228. Synthesis and characterization of some dinitrosyl iron compounds. V. Acquah, M. W. Jones
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gillette/Ware / S206
Inorganic Radiochemistry Symposium
J. Walensky, Organizer, Presiding
1:30 229. Oxidative addition facilitated by uranium complexes bearing redox active pyridine(diimine) ligands.
J. J. Kiernicki, P. E. Fanwick, S. C. Bart
1:50 230. Examining the coordination chemistry of (trimethylsilyl)anilido and phosphinimide complexes of U
and Th. R. K. Thomson
2:20 231. Synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of uranyl species bearing redox-active ligands. S. C.
Bart, J. J. Kiernicki, P. E. Fanwick
2:50 232. Computational heavy-element chemistry: Searching for clarity and holy grails. B. E. Bursten, D. A.
3:20 Intermission.
3:40 233. Synthesis and reactivity of actinide complexes with soft-donor atoms. A. C. Behrle, J. R. Walensky
4:10 234. Synthesis and reactivity of uranium imido complexes via azide reduction. N. H. Anderson, P. E.
Fanwick, S. C. Bart
4:30 235. Uranium imido complexes: A window into actinide-ligand bonding and reactivity. J. M. Boncella, N.
C. Tomson, B. L. Scott
Memorial Union South Tower/ University of Missouri - Columbia
Eyler / S110
Mass Spectrometry and Targeted Proteomics Symposium
J. Thelen, Organizer
B. Mooney, Organizer, Presiding
1:30 236. Absolute quantification of soybean allergens: Comparison of genetics versus environment on allergen
load. J. J. Thelen
2:15 237. Targeted approach for absolute quantitation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase phosphorylation. R. S.
Wilson, J. J. Thelen
2:35 238. Proteomic characterization of gold nanoparticle-antibody conjugates. A. Zambre, A. Upendran, J. D.
Campbell, B. P. Mooney, R. J. Lowery, R. Kannan
2:55 Intermission.
3:15 239. Using lipidomics to probe lipid metabolism. R. Welti, H. Vu, S. Shiva, M. Roth, P. Tamura, M. Li, S.
Sarowar, G. Gadbury, X. Wang, J. Shah
4:00 240. UPLC-ESI-MS/MS assisted targeted metabolomics to study small molecule regulators involved in
plant immunity. A. J. Koo
4:25 241. A multisite study of variation within grain polar metabolome from multiple commercial corn hybrids.
M. Chen, R. P. Rao, Y. Zhang, C. Zhong, J. J. Thelen
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Wrench Auditorium / S107
Midwest Awards Symposium
S. Larsen, Organizer, Presiding
1:30 242. CO2 capture issues and potential technological solutions. P. Dutta
2:00 243. Applications of zeolite and mesoporous silica nanomaterials in catalysis, adsorption of environmental
contaminants and drug delivery. S. C. Larsen
2:30 244. Spectroscopic investigations of the complexation and photodegradation of catechol to iron(III) as a
model for multicomponent aerosol systems. H. A. Al-Abadleh
3:00 Intermission.
3:15 245. From the vibrational spectroscopy of pinene and isoprene to the climate system. F. Geiger
3:45 246. Seeing the trees inside the forest: How single particle chemistry informs our knowledge of
atmospheric particle impacts on climate and health. A. P. Ault, R. L. Craig, A. L. Bondy, J. L. Axson, H. Shen
4:15 247. Linking composition and hygroscopic behavior: Measurements of the aqueous phase photo-oxidation
of succinic acid. C. Daniels, M. Ho, S. Carter, D. Du Rivage, P. de Lijser, P. K. Hudson
4:45 Introduction of Midwest Award Winner. S. Larsen.
5:00 Midwest Award Address. V. Grassian.
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Aarvah Strickland / S203
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
T. Glass, Organizer
J. Fletcher, Presiding
1:30 248. Pregabalin cycle. A. M. Drachnik, H. Kumari, C. M. Mayhan, D. A. Fowler, C. L. Barnes, C. A.
Deakyne, J. L. Atwood
1:50 249. New fluorescent probes for thiaminase activity. T. M. Tran, J. L. Zajicek, D. E. Tillitt, T. E. Glass
2:10 250. Tandem preparations of aldehyde- and imine-substituted 1,2,3-triazoles. J. T. Fletcher, J. A.
2:30 251. Developing BODIPY based dual modality (PET/fluorescence) probes. P. L. Cavins, S. Zhang, A.
Packard, T. Glass
2:50 252. Synthesis and evaluation of VLA-4 targeted multimodal imaging agents for molecular imaging. H.
Zhou, W. J. Akers, M. Y. Berezin, M. Shokeen
3:10 Intermission.
3:30 253. Molecular recognition ability of multiple binding pockets in acetamido based ligands. B. Sandhu, C.
B. Aakeroy, J. Desper
3:50 254. New modes of reactivity for strained alkynes in chemical biology. J. M. Chalker
4:10 255. Water soluble near IR pH sensors. N. P. Cooley, T. E. Glass
4:30 256. Fluorescence sensing of glycolipids in aqueous media. C. W. Littlefield, C. Ren, T. E. Glass
4:50 257. Visible light cleavage of BODIPY derived photocages. P. P. Goswami, A. H. Winter
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Benton / Bingham / N214
Organic Synthesis in the SEC Symposium
M. Harmata, Organizer, Presiding
1:30 258. Rearrangement of the Breslow intermediate. M. McIntosh, K. Ayinuola, S. Alwarsh
2:15 259. Chemical synthesis in the pursuit of structure and function. J. R. Ragains
3:00 Intermission.
3:30 260. Next generation ligand architectures: CCC-NHC pincer Ta complexes; synthetic methods and
applications. T. Hollis, C. Webster, T. R. Helgert, H. K. Box, H. U. Valle, A. G. Oliver, W. D. Clark
4:15 261. Mechanistic studies and scope of the regiodivergent synthesis of 1- and 2-arylsulfonyl 1,3-dienes. C.
S. Hampton, M. Harmata
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Mark Twain / N201
Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium
J. Atwood, Organizer
J. Steed, L. MacGillivray, Presiding
1:30 262. Synthetic amphiphiles that exhibit a range of biological properties. G. Gokel, M. Patel, S. Negin, J.
Meisel, M. Gokel
2:00 263. Smart molecules for imaging, therapy, and health. B. D. Smith
2:30 264. Protein supramolecular engineering: Development of novel catalytic and molecular recognition
nanomaterials. P. Shahgaldian, A. Cumbo, R. Correro, P. F. Corvini
3:00 265. Multifunctional nanocrystals for multimodal imaging in biomedical applications. J. M. Davis, M. A.
Ellis, N. A. Mundt, B. A. Agana, M. N. Butts, K. M. Fichter
3:30 Intermission.
3:45 266. Calixarenes as versatile platforms for supramolecular coordination chemistry. S. J. Dalgarno
4:15 267. Solid-state self-assembly: From minerals to metal-organic frameworks. T. Friscic
4:45 268. Adventures with non-conventional hydrogen bonds: Supportive crystal-packing forces or dominant
crystal engineering force. E. Bosch
5:15 269. Fluorescent logic gates as multi-input chemical sensors for neuronal imaging. T. Glass, K. Hettie, J.
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Chemical Education Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
3:30 - 5:00
270. Synthesis of polyaromatic dyes via Doebner modification. A. J. Cruz, R. M. Steinert, L. T. Dorn, J. L.
271. The parallel synthesis of para-substituted-N-(benzalamino)isatins for potential breast cancer treatment. T.
Lane, J. A. Morrill
272. Investigating the effect of PGE2 on ROS production during C2C12 myogenesis using flow cytometry. R.
Zhao, L. Wetmore, C. Mo, M. Brotto
273. The glass-forming ability and packing efficiency of ternary hard sphere mixtures as model bulk metallic
glasses. B. Dice, C. O'Hern, K. Zhang, J. Morrill, M. Wang
274. Analysis of calcium and magnesium content in MWSU parking lot runoff water. J. Mitchell, S. Hiley
275. Application of MMT-polymer composites in triphase catalysis. A. P. Sneed, N. Shabestary
276. Creating active laboratory learning experiences for first-year chemistry students. A. Z. Brito, H. Van
Maanen, C. P. Fictorie
277. Utilization of standard operating procedures as a mechanism for preparing undergraduates for careers in
chemical research. G. D. Claycomb
278. Voltammetric behavior of resistors, capacitors, ionic solutions, and solvents. P. G. Hughes Luebbert, A.
Demster, Y. Liang, K. Woelk
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Polymer and Materials Chemistry Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
3:30 - 5:00
279. Bio-based Mannich polyols for rigid polyurethane foams. R. Gupta, M. Ionescu, X. Wan, D. Radojcic, Z.
280. Bacteria are the better liposomes. L. Chlebanowski, S. O. Wendel, S. Menon, A. P. Malalasekera, H.
Alshetaiwi, J. Barriga, S. Narayanan, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
281. Inkjet printing of polyaniline nanoformulations as a sensor of small molecules. H. Mitchell, A. Wanekaya
282. Chemical heterogeneity to the surface of porous architectures: Application in selective capture of carbon
dioxide. M. G. Rabbani, B. M. Roe, A. M. Moore, J. L. Heitsman, K. A. VonArx
283. Crystalline organic cavitands as microcavity materials. C. M. Kane, K. Holman
284. Electrical properties of copolymers from 3-phenyl[5]ferrocenophane-1,5-dimethylene and various para
substituted phenylmaleimides. H. M. Thomas, B. O. Tayo, C. J. Neef
285. Bicyclic carbonated soybean oil-based non-isocyanate polyurethane adhesives and coatings. O. Bilic, I.
Javni, Z. S. Petrovic
286. Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional fluorescent quantum dots for non-viral gene therapy
applications. J. M. Davis, K. M. Fichter
287. Polybenzoxazine aerogels: Synthesis, characterization and use in the carbothermal synthesis of nanoporous
metal and alloy aerogels. S. Donthula, S. Mahadik-Khanolkar, C. Sotiriou-Leventis, N. Leventis
288. Hydrogenation of succinic acid using noble metal catalysts: Applications in petroleum engineering. S. A.
Tarrant, A. Torres, R. Chaudhari
289. Investigation of the cytotoxicity of gadolinium-doped quantum dots in a neuronal cell line. D. R. Klaus,
M. A. Ellis, N. A. Mundt, K. M. Fichter
290. Shape memory polyurethane aerogels. S. Donthula, F. Zheng, C. Sotiriou-Leventis, N. Leventis
291. Targeting PSMA-receptors with glutamated magnetic nanoparticles: Novel nanotheranostics for the
treatment of prostate carcinomas. K. Woody, B. Heckert, S. Sulthana, S. Santra
292. Effects of gamma irradiation on the mechanical properties and chemical structure of High Density
Polyethylene. J. S. Cassidy, S. Nasaei, R. McTaggart, F. Delfanian, J. Rice
293. Functionalization of nanocrystal quantum dots for use in biomedical applications. N. A. Mundt, M. A.
Ellis, K. M. Fichter
294. Encapsulation of a rigid macrocycle inside a ZIF: Using a template approach to target a ZIF topology. J.
R. Ramirez, K. Holman
295. Synthesis and characterization of mixed-ligand metal-organometallic MIL-101 analogues incorporating
[CpM]+-functionalized ligands. A. N. Ley, K. Holman
296. Synthesis of Gd-doped quantum dots with multiple imaging modalities for theranostic applications. M. A.
Ellis, N. A. Mundt, K. M. Fichter
297. Multifunctional aqueous graphene nanodispersions: Stability and thin film fabrication. J. O. Webber, A.
Wanekaya, S. Caudle
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gus T. Ridgel / S204
Analytical General Session
T. Glass, Organizer
H. Shi, Presiding
8:00 298. Isolation of high quality lanolin from waste sheep wool using supercritical carbon dioxide. G. N.
Gachumi, D. E. Raynie
8:20 299. Analysis of U and Th in granite samples by ICP-OES. C. J. Mueller, J. Ejnik, G. DuPuis, J.
8:40 300. Label-free phosphatase activity profiling using peptide arrays and mass spectrometry. J. Su, C.
Kalinich, R. Seftor, M. Mrksich
9:00 301. Trapping of volatile compounds after supercritical fluid extraction and application to extraction of
essential oils. J. Kiratu, D. Raynie
9:20 302. High-throughput intracellular pteridinic profiling by liquid chromatography – quadrupole time-offlight mass spectrometry. C. Burton, R. Weng, L. Yang, Y. Bai, H. Liu, Y. Ma
9:40 Intermission.
10:00 303. Dielectric constant and polarizability measurements over THz frequencies. B. Bandaranayake, T.
Rupasinghe, K. Hutchins, L. MacGillivray, A. Tivanski, M. A. Arnold
10:20 304. Reflective loss correction for molar absorptivity measurements of solvents over near infrared
wavelengths. A. Bohman, M. A. Arnold
10:40 305. Thermal and structural characterization of lignin. T. A. Amit, D. E. Raynie
11:00 306. Designing and characterization of multilayer microchip for single cell analysis. D. R. E W
Patabadige, C. T. Culbertson, S. M. Lunte, D. B. Gunasekara, J. Siegel, T. R. Mickleburgh, A. H. Culbertson,
L. R. Ferris
11:20 307. Rapid simultaneous determination of haloacetic acids and other halogen compounds using ultraperformance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. R. Xue, H. Shi, J. Yang, E. Inniss
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gillette/Ware / S206
Inorganic General Session
T. Glass, Organizer
N. Gerasimchuk, Presiding
8:00 308. Synthesis, characterization and application of Li3Fe2(HPO3)3Cl as a novel cathode material for Li-ion
batteries. H. Yaghoobnejad Asl, A. Choudhury
8:20 309. 1D coordination polymers based on Pt(II) cyanoximates as new class of NIR emitters beyond 900 nm.
N. N. Gerasimchuk, M. Berezin, D. Klaus
8:40 310. Synthetic models for nickel superoxide dismutase (NiSOD). S. K. Senaratne, D. M. Eichhorn
9:00 311. Investigating reaction conditions for controlling the self-assembly of metal-seamed
pyrogallol[4]arene nanocapsules. A. S. Rathnayake, J. White, D. Fowler, C. L. Barnes, J. L. Atwood
9:20 Intermission.
9:40 312. Ditopic ligands for the construction of extended metallo-supramolecular solids. C. A. Gunawardana,
J. Desper, C. B. Aakeröy
10:00 313. Crystal engineering an intramolecular [2+2] photocycloaddition. R. C. Laird, N. P. Nguyen, D. C.
Swenson, S. S. Mariappan, L. R. MacGillivray
10:20 314. Crystal engineering using integrated acac- and halogen-bond donor ligands. J. C. Gamekkanda
Gamaethige, C. B. Aakeroy, J. Desper
10:40 315. Synthesis of vanadium oxide aerogels through epoxide-assisted gelation of VOCl3. T. M. Fears, S.
Mahadik-Khanolkar, J. G. Winiarz, C. Sotiriou-Leventis, N. Leventis
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Aarvah Strickland / S203
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
T. Glass, Organizer
K. Manfredi, Presiding
8:00 316. Identification and assessment of botanical based preservatives and antimicrobials for personal care
products from Juniperus virginiana. K. Manfredi, M. Walter, D. Reents
8:20 317. Matrix metalloprotease-8 assay for mastitis diagnostics in dairy cattle. M. Kalubowilage, T. N.
Samarakoon, A. S. Yapa, H. Wang, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
8:40 318. Rational design, preparation and characterization of peptide nanovesicles as drug delivery vehicles.
H. Wang, A. S. Yapa, J. Yu, P. L. Maynez, T. B. Shrestha, M. Pyle, M. T. Basel, P. Thapa, P. E. Smith, D. L.
Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
9:00 319. Cell based drug delivery in the battle against antibiotic resistant bacteria. S. O. Wendel, H.
Alshetaiwi, S. Menon, L. Chlebanowski, S. Narayanan, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
9:20 320. Chemical characterization of the DIBOA-Glc/atrazine reaction. C. D. Willett, R. N. Lerch, K. W.
Goyne, N. D. Leigh, C. Lin, C. A. Roberts
9:40 Intermission.
10:00 321. Development of targeting systems for bacterial membranes. A. Alliband, Z. Wang, C. Thacker, D.
English, D. Burns
10:20 322. Peptidomimetic prodrugs of glutamine synthetase inhibitors: The 'Trojan Horse' strategy. G. J.
Patrick, T. A. Wencewicz
10:40 323. Chemistry and biology of ferrioxamine siderophores. T. A. Wencewicz
11:00 324. Reaction driven molecular invention: Generating synthetically feasible design ideas. L. Wang, D.
Baker, S. Nagy, F. Soltanshahi, R. Dorfman, B. Masek
11:20 325. N vs. S vs. O: The selective coupling of peptides to a polymer-coated microelectrode array. M. D.
Graaf, K. D. Moeller
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Walt Disney / N206
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
T. Glass, Organizer
C. Pfeiffer, Presiding
8:00 326. Endo vs exo: Solvent effects on the complexation of xanthone with pyrogallol[4]arenes. C. R.
Pfeiffer, D. A. Fowler, J. L. Atwood
8:20 327. Inducing photochromic properties in a salicylideneaniline through co-crystallization. K. M.
Hutchins, S. Dutta, B. P. Loren, L. R. MacGillivray
8:40 328. Potential of co-crystals as stabilizing agents of volatile substances by halogen bonding. A. L. Raithel,
C. B. Aakeröy, J. Desper
9:00 329. Self-assemblies of aryl footed resorcin[4]arene and pyrogallol[4]arene with bpy-type molecules. R. S.
Patil, J. L. Atwood
9:20 330. Structural and gas sorption properties of pillar[n]arenes. S. Jiang, J. L. Atwood
9:40 Intermission.
10:00 331. Investigating routes to obtain all cis cone conformers of aryl pyrogallol[4]arenes. K. Feaster
10:20 332. Crystal engineering of pyr nets from a novel 6-connected supermolecular building block. K. Chen,
H. S. Scott, M. J. Zaworotko
10:40 333. Crystal engineering of energetic materials: Co-crystals of ethylenedinitramine (EDNA). T. K.
Wijethunga, C. B. Aakeroy, J. Desper
11:00 334. Binding affinity of ethynyl activated hydrogen bonding and halogen bonding in solution: A
quantitative study. D. T. Welideniya, C. B. Aakeroy, J. Desper
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Benton / Bingham / N214
Organic Synthesis in the SEC Symposium
M. Harmata, Organizer, Presiding
8:00 335. Interstrand cross-links derived from abasic sites in duplex DNA: Lesions with possible relevance to
aging, cancer, and anticancer drug action. K. S. Gates
8:45 336. Chemical approaches to the investigation of protein-membrane binding interactions using synthetic
lipid probes. M. D. Best, M. M. Rowland, T. Ricks, S. Eni Eni, S. I. Mattern-Schain
9:30 Intermission.
10:00 337. Unimolecular rectifiers incorporating perylene bisimides. D. L. Mattern
10:45 338. Mitochondria-targeted delivery systems. S. Dhar
Memorial Union South Tower/ University of Missouri - Columbia
Eyler / S110
Physical General Session
T. Glass, Organizer
J. Darr, Presiding
8:00 339. Iron-containing nanoparticles for cell-mediated hyperthermia. Y. Toledo, H. Wang, T. B. Shrestha, P.
Thapa, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
8:20 340. Monitoring the uniformity of α-helices in lipophilic environments. A. Zare, J. Xiong, J. Cooley, R.
8:40 341. Near infrared spectra of aqueous sodium thiocyanate solutions: Simultaneous vibrational transitions
in a hydrogen bonded environment. H. R. Krueger, Jr.
9:00 342. The hygroscopic properties of amino acid and mixed amino acid-Na2SO4 aerosols. J. P. Darr, P.
Morales, S. Gottuso, A. Johnson
9:20 343. Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble iron/iron oxide nanoparticle for theranostic
applications. A. Alderson, H. Wang, T. N. Samarakoon, A. S. Perera, G. Podaru, Y. Toledo, T. B. Shrestha, G.
S. Abayaweera, H. C. Manawadu, A. Konecny, J. Rosa, A. S. Yapa, M. Ikenberry, P. Thapa, K. L. Hohn, D. L.
Troyer, V. Chikan, S. H. Bossmann
9:40 344. Pulsed magnetic field induced ultrasound generation. G. V. Podaru, V. Chikan, P. Prakash
10:00 Intermission.
10:20 345. TPD-based photorefractive composites: Design and application in restoration of an aberrated laser
beam. Y. Liang, J. Moon, J. G. Winiarz
10:40 346. Using microwave spectroscopy to quantify and qualify dihydrogen complexation: A study of H2AgCl. G. S. Grubbs, II, D. A. Obenchain, H. M. Pickett, S. E. Novick
11:00 347. Engineered metal based nanomaterials in aqueous environments: Surface interactions and
implications. I. A. Mudunkotuwa, V. H. Grassian
11:20 348. Rotational waves in an oscillatory electrochemical system. M. L. Sebek, I. Z. Kiss
11:40 349. Spectrophotometric study of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky batch pH oscillator. Y. Chen, A. Sawuti, G.
A. Frerichs
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Physical Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
8:00 - 9:30
350. Identification of physical variations in damaged DNA caused by N7-methylguanine. N. T. Pickering, G.
M. Gray, A. van der Vaart
351. Effect of various compatibilizers on low density polyethylene-MMT nanocomposite. C. Chapple, N.
352. Investigation of the hygroscopic properties of glycine and glycine-Na2SO4 aerosols using infrared
spectroscopy. S. Gottuso, A. Johnson, J. P. Darr
353. Photophysical properties and electronic structure of strongly coupled hydroporphyrin dyads with extended
near-infrared absorption. H. Kang, Z. Yu, C. Pancholi, G. V. Bhagavathy, J. K. Nguyen, C. Kirmaier, D. M.
Niedzwiedzki, J. R. Diers, D. F. Bocian, M. Ptaszek, D. Holten
354. Analysis of Candida antarctica lipase B in non-aqueous solvents using molecular dynamics simulations. J.
N. Dahanayake, R. Verma, K. R. Mitchell-Koch
355. Simulating fluorine chemical shifts: The role of protein environment on fluorohistidine tautomer stability.
C. Kasireddy, J. G. Bann, K. R. Mitchell-Koch
356. Computational modeling of fluorescent probes to understand how lithium treats manic depression. S. M.
Claridge, D. Nutbrown
357. Adapting quantum-based molecular dynamics on-the-fly during chemical reactions. M. P. Kroonblawd,
M. J. Cawkwell, A. M. Niklasson
358. Computational investigation of porphyrin-quinones to study photoinduced electron transfer. G. Nelson, P.
A. Karr
359. Theoretical and experimental investigations of ortho- and para-hydroxyphenyl benzimidazoles. E.
LaCoursiere, M. Laurich, V. Mukku, T. J. Dudley, D. D. Mall, W. J. Boyko, W. G. Dougherty, W. S. Kassel,
J. J. Paul
360. Theoretical study of vibronic transitions in MgC. P. Lolur
361. Obtaining the Hessian from the force covariance matrix: Application to crystalline explosives PETN and
RDX. A. Pereverzev, T. D. Sewell
362. Molecular dynamics simulations of the anisotropic shock response of crystalline β-HMX. M. G.
Froehlich, T. D. Sewell
363. Predicting reaction pathways using dynamical mapping: Hydrogen combustion. H. Rafatijo, D. L.
364. Water oxidation processes on small Ca-doped MnO2 complexes. K. M. Weerawardene, C. M. Aikens
365. Effect of activation method of metal oxide nanoparticles for methane combustion in chemical looping
combustion process. H. A. Alalwan, V. H. Grassian
366. Determining the behavior of TiO2 nanoparticles in biological media: Adsorption, aggregation and surface
charge. Z. Xu, V. H. Grassian
367. TDDFT study of the chirality and electronic structure of helical silver nanowires. N. V. Karimova, C. M.
368. A high level computational study of C60-X- (X=F-,C-,Br-) systems. B. Welch, C. C. Kirkpatrick
369. Chemistry of inorganic and organic acids on silica surfaces. Y. Fang, V. Grassian
370. Calibration CapPack devices for magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR experiments. L. Chi, M. Huang, R. E.
Gerald, II, K. Woelk
371. Synchronization patterns of oscillatory nickel dissolution in microfluidic flow cell with branched channels.
Y. Liu, J. Coleman, I. Z. Kiss
372. Development of in situ NMR pH meter based on 19F chemical shifts. M. Huang, K. Hogan, R. Block, T.
Mustaquim, R. E. Gerald, II, K. Woelk
373. Impact of surface reactions of atmospheric gases with ZnO nanoparticles on nanoparticle properties. A. I.
Gankanda, V. H. Grassian
374. Probing the chemistry and properties of sea spray aerosol using microscopy and spectroscopy techniques.
A. D. Estillore, O. Laskina, J. R. Grandquist, J. V. Trueblood, V. H. Grassian
375. Computational studies of transition metal hydroxides. C. D. Stiles, L. G. Asaro, D. L. Myers
376. Investigation of batch pH oscillations in the Cu(II)-catalyzed reaction between hydrogen peroxide and
thiocyanate ion in alkaline solution. Y. Chen, A. Sawuti, O. Faria, M. Ardiansyah, G. A. Frerichs
377. New vibrational bands in the electronic spectrum of NiCl, nickel monochloride. C. N. Gipson, J. J.
O'Brien, L. C. O'Brien
378. Computational study of the formation of hexamethylene triperoxide diamine. A. Sindt, J. N. Woodford
379. Electronic structure of PtF: A new 2Σ - 2Σ transition in PtF in the near-infrared. L. M. Macke, L. C.
O'Brien, T. N. Dahms, J. J. O'Brien
380. Neutron activation of liquid versus solid lanthanide targets. M. Ruvalcaba-Andrade, S. Jurisson, C.
Cutler, M. Embree, G. Gunn
381. NMR T1 analyses of multiple sample tubes tested simultaneously. M. Huang, K. Czeschin, F. S. Bush, C.
L. Parrish, M. N. Rector, R. E. Gerald, II, K. Woelk
382. Studies of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in different environmental and biological media. A. H.
Alminshid, V. H. Grassian
383. Infrared studies of low temperature reaction of nano-MgO with organic molecules. T. Cheney, D. K. Paul
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Mark Twain / N201
Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium
J. Atwood, Organizer
L. Barbour, M. Zaworotko, Presiding
8:30 384. Supramolecular chemistry in the liquid state: What can halogen bonds offer ionic liquids? R. D.
Rogers, S. P. Kelley
9:00 385. Hydrogen bonds and halogen bonds: Invaluable tools for crystal engineering. C. B. Aakeroy
9:30 386. Crystal engineering of task-specific materials. M. J. Zaworotko
10:00 Intermission.
10:15 387. Crystal engineering the covalent bond. L. MacGillivray
10:45 388. Porous materials for energy and environmental applications. P. Thallapally
11:15 389. Xenon (and other gas) complexation in solution and in the solid state: From sensors to separations.
K. T. Holman
11:45 390. Guest-induced single-crystal transformations. L. J. Barbour
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Todd / S207
Policy and Science Communication Symposium
J. Cooley, Organizer, Presiding
8:40 391. World of science communication. J. Stemmle
9:20 392. Keeping chemists from talking to themselves: Can we teach students to speak to the public about their
work? J. W. Cooley
10:10 Intermission.
10:40 393. Science outside the lab: Teaching scientists how the government works and getting them to believe
it might not be so bad. I. Bennett, K. Reifscheinder, M. Bernstein
11:20 394. Story structure, word choice, informative visuals: Tips for effective slides-based (science)
communication. D. J. Gentleman
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Biochemistry Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
10:00 - 11:30
395. Chemosensitization of cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer by cucurbitacin B. A. M. El-Waseef, F. A. Badria,
F. Halaweish
396. Purification and characterization of polyhydroxybutyrate synthases from Allochromatium vinosum strains.
C. N. Ward, P. Li, R. Shrestha, K. Jia, C. Chen
397. Validation of a computational methodology to identify the noncovalent binding site of heparin
oligosaccharides to proteins and small molecules. D. Peana, C. Deligkaris
398. Utilization of a predictive computational methodology to determine non-covalent ligand-DNA binding
sites: Validation and application to B[b]F-TP53. A. J. Greene, C. Deligkaris
399. Physical interactions between ellagic acid and the carcinogen (+)-anti-benzo[α]pyrene diol epoxide. B.
Tuhlei, C. Deligkaris
400. Inclusion of empirical entropic contributions to binding free energy of DNA-ligand systems during
docking. G. C. McElfresh, C. Deligkaris
401. Isolation of tannins in willow bark fractions for identification. N. Distefano, N. Pokorny, J. Chapman
402. Systematic binding assessment of paralogs and homologs. S. H. Zeigler
403. DNA-binding properties of two antiviral polyamides in the long control region of human papillomavirus
type 18 genome. C. H. Castaneda, J. K. Bashkin, C. M. Dupureur, G. D. Harris, G. He, K. J. Koeller
404. Analysis of damage done by various buffers on E. coli pBR322 plasmid. B. L. Hostetler, G. Histand
405. Properties, characterization of polyamide/DNA complexes with different binding orientations. G. He, K. J.
Koeller, G. D. Harris, P. Liao, J. K. Bashkin
406. N-acetylcysteine amide (NACA) prevents retina degeneration in mice models. H. Wang, S. Tobwala, D.
Lindgren, R. S. Aronstam, H. Karacal, N. Ercal
407. Comparing myoglobin and hemoglobin using circular dichroism spectroscopy. E. P. Edwards, A. M.
408. 4-Iodo-1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (4I-MPP+) as a probe to study the mechanism of dopaminergic cell
death in Parkinson's disease. M. S. Mapa, K. Wimalasena
409. Neuronal cell toxicity of fluorescent molecular probes structurally similar to MPP+. C. C. Kadigamuwa,
K. Wimalasena
410. Characterization of an engineered ascorbate peroxidase. F. A. Kovacs, J. McGovern, Z. R. Porter, H.
Tobias, A. M. Glass
411. Trapping of intermediates with substrate analog HBOCoA in the polymerizations catalyzed by class III
polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) synthase from Allochromatium vinosum. R. Cao, C. Chen, P. Li
412. Proteomic analysis of cucurbitacin B-sensitized cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer cells. F. F. El-Senduny,
A. M. El-Waseef, F. A. Badria, E. A. Callegari, F. T. Halaweish
413. Biological activity testing of novel estrone analogs for targeted pancreatic cancer treatment. J. J.
Atkinson, F. F. El-Senduny, L. C. Kopel, M. S. Ahmed, F. T. Halaweish
414. Biological study of estrone-analogue cucurbitacin-like compounds against melanoma. J. K. Taylor, F. F.
El-Senduny, M. S. Ahmed, L. C. Kopel, F. T. Halaweish
415. Structural and functional studies of a novel HR-1 domain of human cytoplasmic activation/proliferationassociated protein-1. Y. Wu, J. Zhu, X. Huang, Z. Du
416. Study of chemopreventive activity of juneberries. S. L. Gunawardana, F. Halaweish, K. Hartman
417. Characterizing an oxidation/degradation product of SlyD en route to protein purification. T. E. Bjorklund,
Z. R. Porter, F. A. Kovacs, A. M. Glass
418. Molecular docking studies of the DNA interaction of pyrethroids. A. McAfee, J. McAfee, I. Zegar
419. Analysis of heterotypic proteins-protein interactions between hRaly and hRalyls protomers. T. Shelby, I.
Zegar, J. McAfee
420. The canonical Leucine zipper interacts promiscuously: Analysis of Leucine zipper specificity in the Cprotein family. J. Beach, E. Noel, J. McAfee, I. Zegar, E. Yambay-Tilman
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Stotler Lounge / N103
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Poster Session
T. Glass, Organizer, Presiding
10:00 - 11:30
421. Design, synthesis, and biological screening of novel estrone analogues towards treatment of hepatocellular
carcinoma. M. H. Mahnashi
422. Development of novel smart therapeutics: Toward the synthesis of a prototype. A. N. Smith, A. J.
423. Amino acid-derived epoxides: Reactive linchpins that expedite the synthesis of key pharmaceutical
intermediates. S. N. Hautsch, M. R. Lecklider, A. J. Lampkins
424. Synthesis of novel small organic molecules as TLR7 agonists. S. H. Dempsey, J. R. Boquin
425. Design, synthesis, and biological activities of two tricyclic pyrone derivatives. O. A. Hull, M. Zhang, S.
Weerasekara, A. Meier, B. Zou, X. Xie, D. H. Hua
426. Boronic-aurone derivatives as antitumor agents. C. Fricke, A. Lick, M. E. Kim, F. E. Umesiri
427. Development of a NAMPT inhibitor prodrug and the stability of its cleavable linkers. K. Sadrerafi, E. O.
Zargham, M. W. Lee
428. Further investigations into the regioselectivity of 6,7-indole aryne cycloadditions with 2-substituted furans:
Remarkable contrasteric preference depends on pyrrole and benzene ring substitution patterns. A. Nerurkar, N.
Chandrasoma, L. Maina, A. Brassfield, D. Luo, N. Brown, K. R. Buszek
429. Mechanisms by which synthetic 6,7-annulated-4-substituted indole compounds with antiproliferative
activity disrupt mitosis and block cytokinesis in human HL-60 tumor cells in vitro. J. H. Perchellet, E. M.
Perchellet, C. R. Singh, M. T. Monnett, E. Studer, P. D. Thornton, N. Brown, D. Hill, B. Neuenswander, G. H.
Lushington, C. Santini, A. Nerurkar, K. R. Buszek
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Benton / Bingham / N214
Chemistry Teaching and Science Standards
J. Puckett, Organizer, Presiding
12:00 430. Half a century of environmental chemistry. S. E. Manahan
12:40 431. Resonance-theoretic interpretation of conjugation in hydrocarbons. J. Dias
1:20 432. Collaborative chemistry activities to enhance global citizenship. S. W. Keller, E. O. Zargham
2:00 433. ACS Division of Chemical Education: What it offers you. D. Rillema
2:40 ABC Lab Tour.
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gus T. Ridgel / S204
T. Glass, Organizer
H. Zhou, Presiding
1:30 434. Evaluation of a novel iRGD derivative to improve the delivery of hexagonal Fe3O4-platelets to 4T1
tumors in BALB/c mice. J. Yu, H. Wang, M. T. Basel, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
1:50 435. Measurement of lipase activity in milk. A. P. Malalasekera, H. Wang, D. L. Troyer, S. H. Bossmann
2:10 436. Reversing selenite-induced cataractogenesis in rats by N-acetylcysteine amide eye drops. S.
Maddirala, S. Tobwala, N. Ercal, H. Karacal
2:30 437. Crystal structure of the transcriptional regulator Rv1219c of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. N. Kumar,
A. Radhakrishnan, E. W. Yu
2:50 438. Crystal structure of the transcriptional regulator Rv0678 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A.
Radhakrishnan, N. Kumar, E. W. Yu
3:10 Intermission.
3:30 439. Rapid uptake of fluorescently-labeled Aβ42 protofibrils by microglia. L. Gouwens, S. Terrill-Usery,
S. Karki, M. R. Nichols
3:50 440. Activation of microglia inflammatory pathways by amyloid-beta peptide monomers is dependent on
aggregation. S. Karki, S. Terrill-Usery, M. R. Nichols
4:10 441. Stimulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) secretion by bioactive borate nanofibers
studied by using a home-build in vitro dynamic model system. S. Chen, Q. Yang, H. Shi, K. A. Brow, R. K.
Brow, K. Liu, Y. Ma
4:30 442. Aggregation-prone 42-residue amyloid-beta peptide dominates early nucleation events in the presence
of the shorter 40-residue peptide. B. A. Colvin, S. Terrill-Usery, R. Davenport, M. R. Nichols
4:50 443. Extraction and purification of laccase from Bipolaris oryzae. A. G. Armstrong, L. Cleveland
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Todd / S207
Chemistry Outreach Program and Activities Symposium
R. Jiji, Organizer, Presiding
1:30 444. National Association for Broader Impacts. S. D. Renoe
2:00 445. Spark interests in chemistry and make connections for the learning community with outreach
activities. J. R. Oh
2:30 446. Chemistry Immersion Program (CHIP). R. D. JiJi, E. A. Harbert, D. M. Lankford, A. M. Waldron, P.
V. Cornish
3:00 Intermission.
3:20 447. Camp cuisine: Collaborating for science. L. Duncan, D. Freppon
3:50 448. Musichemistry: A creative approach to chemistry outreach. G. D. Michels, J. Fujita
4:20 449. Benton Elementary Science Club: Designing outreach activities to engage elementary students with
concepts in chemistry. D. M. Lankford
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Gillette/Ware / S206
Inorganic General Session
T. Glass, Organizer
L. Wickramasinghe Weerakkodi, Presiding
1:30 450. Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to aromatic hydrocarbons. S. H. Bossmann, H. Wang, J. Hodgson,
T. B. Shrestha, P. Thapa, X. Wu, M. Ikenberry, D. L. Troyer, D. Wang, K. L. Hohn
1:50 451. Mechanistic investigations in the hydroamination/cyclization of unactivated amino-alkenes with
CCC-NHC Zr pincer complexes. W. D. Clark, T. K. Hollis, K. N. Leigh, C. E. Webster
2:10 452. Mechanistic Studies of Direct Dissolution Processes. A. S. Yapa, H. Wang, E. McLaurin, X. Lin, C.
Sorensen, S. H. Bossmann
2:30 453. Solid state 71Ga NMR study of group 13 mixed-metal clusters [Ga13-xInx]. B. A. Hammann, Z. L.
Ma, K. M. Wentz, M. K. Kamunde-Devonish, V. V. Terskikh, D. W. Johnson, S. E. Hayes
2:50 Intermission.
3:10 454. Computational study of a K-diglyme adduct of [NiS4C4(CN)4]3-. C. C. Kirkpatrick, B. A. Kowert, J.
3:30 455. Patterned electrodeposition of CdTe nanorod arrays for solar cells. W. P. Liyanage, M. Nath, J. S.
Wilson, E. Kinzel
3:50 456. Photochemistry of PtIV hydroxo complexes and C-H activation. L. A. Wickramasinghe
Memorial Union South Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Aarvah Strickland / S203
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
T. Glass, Organizer
M. Hulce, Presiding
1:30 457. Efficient synthesis of oxidation impurities of opioids. T. Mannino
1:50 458. Synthesis of furan-3(2H)-ones. R. Tata, M. Harmata
2:10 459. Sterically directed imidazole side chain protection strategies for preparation of 4(5)-benzyl-Lhistidines suitable for solid-phase peptide synthesis. B. M. Cokingtin, K. P. Cokingtin, R. T. Ishihara, M.
Hulce, D. D. Smith
2:30 460. Development of a tandem Diels-Alder Ugi-Smiles process for the efficient assembly of
epoxyisoindoline derivatives. B. Richey, K. Mason, M. Meyers, S. B. Luesse
2:50 461. Developing catalytic, enantioselective hydroacylations of olefins as a platform for synthesis of
heterocyclic and carbocyclic ketones. L. Stanley
3:10 462. Enantioselective alkene hydroacylation in the absence of chelation assistance. K. Johnson, A.
Schmidt, L. Stanley
3:30 Intermission.
3:50 463. Catalytic activity of a CCC-NHC pincer Rh complex in 1,4-addition. S. W. Reilly, H. K. Box, K.
4:10 464. Enantioselective dearomative [3+2] cycloadditions of azomethine ylides and 3-nitroindoles. A.
4:30 465. Carbocations or diradical ions: A fine-line of separation in donor-unconjugated cations. T. R.
Albright, A. H. Winter
4:50 466. Tandem alkyne hydroacylation and oxa-Michael addition: Diastereoselective synthesis of 2,3disubstituted chroman-4-ones and fluorinated derivatives. X. Du
5:10 467. Palladium-catalyzed conjugate addition of aryl boronic acids to β,β-disubstituted α,β-unsaturated
ketones in aqueous media. R. Van Zeeland, L. M. Stanley
Memorial Union South Tower/ University of Missouri - Columbia
Eyler / S110
Physical General Session
T. Glass, Organizer
B. Kowert, Presiding
1:30 468. Are molecular mechanics force fields improved by using more accurate molecular electrostatic
potentials? G. N. Pallewela, P. E. Smith
1:50 469. Molecular modeling of chiroptical properties towards structural elucidation of chiral medicinal
natural products. T. Goncalves, N. Nath, D. Luo, A. G. Petrovic
2:10 470. Interactions of amino acids in aqueous solutions. S. Karunaweera, S. Weerasinghe, P. E. Smith
2:30 471. Crystal structures based upon C-H···N hydrogen bonding: A crystallographic and computational
study. H. R. Krueger, Jr., R. H. Groeneman, E. W. Reinheimer
2:50 472. Multi-component MOFs: Tethering zinc-seamed pyrogallol[4]arene dimers. A. M. Drachnik, C. M.
Mayhan, J. L. Atwood, C. A. Deakyne
3:10 473. Theoretical determination of anisotropic thermal conductivity for initially defect-free and defective
TATB crystal. M. P. Kroonblawd, T. D. Sewell
3:30 Intermission.
3:50 474. Diffusion of alkylbenzenes in n-pentadecane. B. A. Kowert
4:10 475. Experimental and computational studies of micelle-mediated in situ generation of bromine for
selective oxidation of alcohols. A. Mishra, R. Verma, K. M. Koch, D. S. English
4:30 476. Perfluorophenyl-perfluorophenyl interactions support a [2+2] photodimerization in the solid state. M.
A. Sinnwell, J. Baltrusaitis, L. R. MacGillivray
4:50 477. Infinitely dilute partial molar properties from single state point computer simulations using
Fluctuation Solution Theory. E. A. Ploetz, P. E. Smith
5:10 478. Ideal and non-ideal gas heat capacity of nitrogen atoms at high temperatures. L. Biolsi
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Mark Twain / N201
Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium
J. Atwood, Organizer
K. Holman, S. Dalgarno, Presiding
1:45 479. Supramolecular chemistry and carbene-stabilization of main group molecules. G. H. Robinson
2:15 480. Supramolecular lanthanide nano-drums: Potential biomedical applications. R. A. Jones, K. A. Brown
2:45 481. The use of sulfur-containing compounds to remove soft metals and metalloids from water. D. Burriss,
J. Walrod, K. Sandell, W. Zou, D. Cremer, D. Atwood
3:15 482. Pincer-associated coordination assemblies. K. Bowman-James
3:45 Intermission.
4:00 483. Calixarenes rôle in the synthesis of luminescent graphene quantum dots. N. P. Power, S. Kellici, J.
Acord, B. Saha, D. J. Morgan
4:30 484. Dynamic behavior and solid state properties of pyrogallol[4]arenes. S. Negin
5:00 485. Incorporating organic functionality within photoreactive olefins that undergo [2+2] cycloaddition
reactions within solids. R. H. Groeneman
5:30 486. Supramolecular complexes in solution. H. Kumari, J. L. Atwood
Memorial Union North Tower / University of Missouri - Columbia
Benton / Bingham / N214
Chemistry Teaching and Science Standards
J. Puckett, Organizer, Presiding
8:30 487. Chemistry and STEM in the middle school. S. German
9:10 488. The next generation of chemistry teaching. J. Krajcik, C. Gabler
10:20 489. ACS Division of Chemical Education: What it offers you. D. Rillema
11:00 ACS Division of Chemical Education Midwest Region Award for Excellence in High School Teaching in
Honor of John E. Bauman Jr.
11:30 Chemical Safety Training.