EDP CUP 2014 FALL MSSL College Showcase Series

Applications welcome for the MAPS / MSSL Showcase Series!
Is now part of the
MSSL College Showcase Series
All governing body passes accepted: USYSA - USCS - AYSO - Others
U15 – U19 BOYS: Saturday & Sunday, November 29 & 30, 2014
The EDP CUP / MSSL 2014 WINTER COLLEGE SHOWCASE will be conducted at Tuckahoe
Turf Farms in Hammonton NJ, five minutes from US Highway 206.
Standard formats will have teams play two 60-minute games on both Saturday and Sunday.
While U15, U16, U17, U18 & U19 Showcase teams are normally scheduled to play two days, a
limited number of older teams may also be able to participate for a single day. U18 and U19
teams form a single age group for scheduling purposes.
Super Groups:
Highly competitive teams may be invited to compete in a special Super Group bracket in various
age groups. Super Group brackets may have unique formats designed to create interesting
matchups and maximize interest to evaluators attending the event.
Applications are invited from Boys teams ages U15 to U19 duly registered with their State Youth
Soccer Association, with US Club Soccer, with AYSO, with SAY or with any other valid national
governing body.
Foreign teams accepted.
Guest Players:
The Committee has authorized a maximum of five guest players for teams playing with Youth
Soccer rosters and passes; US Club rosters may include an unlimited amount of loan players;
other rostered teams should check with Acceptance Committee.
Teams may not “mix” passes: the submitted roster and all player passes on a single team must
be from the same governing body.
Only rostered and approved players with a player pass shall be allowed to play.
Rosters may not exceed 20 players on any day of the tournament, or 24 players for the
Teams are responsible for knowing the regulations of the governing bodies from which they are
submitting rosters.
To Enter:
Complete the online application entry form accessed from the Tournament Homepage. Teams
must pay online by credit card or eCheck.
Entry Fee:
$1,075 for U15-U19 EDP Cup / Showcase teams participating two days
Mailing Address:
EDP Cup / MSSL Winter Showcase
8 Cornwall Court
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
[email protected]
Entry Application with payment should be received by October 15, 2014. Late applications may
be placed on the waiting list.
Timely-applying EDP, MAPS and MSSL teams are guaranteed acceptance at the EDP Cup /
Note that clearly qualified teams will be accepted on a rolling basis, so early application is
Player Profiles:
Upon acceptance, Showcase teams must complete online Player Profiles by no later than
November 5, 2014. See the INFO LETTER FOR PARTICIPATING BOYS TEAMS accessed
from the Tournament Homepage.
Permission To Travel:
Permission To Travel forms must be presented upon registration from all teams whose
governing bodies require their use. Teams are responsible for knowing the regulations of the
governing bodies from which they are submitting rosters.
Teams participating in the EDP Cup / Showcase that are not “daytripping” must book lodging
through the Showcase.
Please contact MSSL-approved Titan Lodging Travel.
Titan Lodging has reserved a block of rooms to meet our showcase needs throughout the year,
even at times that rooms are scarce in the area. However, in order to maintain relationships with
cooperating hotels, Titan Lodging does need to ensure that reserved room blocks are utilized.
We appreciate your cooperation with our booking policies.
At this time, contact Travel Coordinator Laura with your needs at [email protected] or at
No application is complete until payment has been received. Payment is normally due upon
application, by online eCheck or credit card. In the event that a payment plan is authorized, or
an online payment has to be re-processed, a $50 processing fee will be applied for any
payments received less than 30 days before the event. In addition, the applicant will forfeit any
discounted rate or any credits applied if payment is not completed until after the event.
Timely applying teams participating in EDP and MAPS Flights are assured of acceptance to the
Competitive teams, both regional and national, that would benefit from showcase exposure will
be selectively accepted to complete the field.
Competitive Brackets:
The decisions of the Competition and Scheduling Committee in creating brackets is final.
Weather and other uncontrollable conditions:
In the event of modifications or cancellations, the Committee’s determination on format
change and the amount of refund, if any, is final.
Provide as much meaningful information about your team as possible, including recent records,
participation in State Cup and Regional competition, records in recent major tournaments, etc.
Please advise us of highly competitive leagues in which the team participates.
The tournament reserves the right to contact State Associations, league officials and club
officials to obtain additional information about applicants.
The Player Profile information must be submitted. Tentative team acceptances are contingent
upon player profile information being supplied online. Space will be provided at the tournament
for teams to display more detailed player profile information that teams print and bring with
them. Nonetheless, experience shows that coaches reference the tournament-supplied Player
Profile books first and foremost during games as they incorporate primary information in an
organized manner that coaches have come to rely upon.