Derby Leisure Facility Gyms and bfit memberships

Derby Leisure Facility Gyms
and bfit memberships
•Springwood Leisure Centre
•Moorways Sports Centre
•Queen’s Leisure Centre
•Derby Arena, opening early in 2015
“Let us help you
achieve your
fitness, health and
wellbeing goals.”
Issue October 2014
Our bfit gyms
We have gyms in all three of our leisure facilities.
Our gyms are a great place to help you to achieve
your fitness and wellbeing goals, whatever your age
or fitness level. Our helpful and qualified wellbeing
advisors are there to help you to make the most of
your time in the gym.
You do not need to be a member to use our gyms you can pay as you go, or take out one of our great
value bfit memberships. If you are new to our gyms,
simply book an activation session where a wellbeing
advisor will work with you to develop the right
programme to suit you.
Our Technogym equipment is suitable for both disabled and non-disabled
people to work out together.
The Movement
Supervised gym sessions for young people aged 12 to 16 years. Movement
members can also use the gym with an adult member outside the Movement
session times. For more information and movement gym session times visit
Activation Session
Activation Sessions are free to new bfit members.
Casual gym users will need to pay for an Activation Session. If you decide to become a bfit
member at a later date, you will not be refunded for this Activation Session.
FREE Lifestyle Consultation
This is a FREE 30-minute one to one service for anyone who wants to join our gym. The
consultation includes a free body MOT, measuring your blood pressure and Body Mass Index.
The wellbeing advisor will provide advice and guidance on the choosing the right type of
exercise to meet your personal fitness goals. For more information ask at any leisure facility
For gym prices and opening times
Be active and stay healthy with our affordable
bfit memberships
Membership options…
Choose from:
• Gym
• Group Exercise or
• Swim
Gym includes:
• The gym at Moorways Sports Centre, Queen’s Leisure Centre, Springwood
Leisure Centre and Derby Arena, opening early in 2015.
• Includes free Induction session.
Swim includes:
• All casual swimming and SwimFit sessions at Moorways Swimming Pool and
Queen’s Leisure Centre.
Group Exercise includes:
• All classes on the group exercise
programme at Moorways Sports Centre,
Queen’s Leisure Centre, Springwood
Leisure Centre and Derby Arena.
• Spin classes at Moorways Sports Centre,
Springwood Leisure Centre and Derby
Other great benefits…
• You can use your bfit membership
card at four Derby City Council sports
facilities. They are Moorways Sports
Complex, Queen’s Leisure Centre,
Springwood Leisure Centre and
• You receive Leisure Card 20% off prices
for all activities that are not included in your bfit membership.
• Your bfit membership card can be used as a deposit for any hired equipment.
Derby Arena
Derby Arena is located on Pride Park next to the iPro stadium and is scheduled to open in early 2015. The development of this arena brings the most exciting and important
changes to leisure facilities in Derby in
the last 40 years.
The new arena will primarily be a sports and physical activity space; however it will also serve as a venue to host
some cultural events, exhibitions, product launches and
conferences, as it will be able to hold up to 5000 people.
Facilities on offer at the new 14,500m2 Arena include the
- 250m indoor cycling track
- Infield sports hall suitable for a range of sports
- State of the Art, 125 station fitness gym, using Technogym equipment
- 2 group exercise studios
- Indoor cycling studio
- Cafe and a bar
- Venue for events, conferences, meetings and more
Let us keep you up to date with news regarding Derby Arena - email
us on [email protected] to express your interest.
Choose a bfit memberships that’s right for you
Choose from…
‘Just’ membership
Choose one option from Gym, Group Exercise or Swim
‘Mix and Match’ membership
Choose two of the following options, Gym, Group Exercise or Swim
Mix and Match
‘Full’ membership
Includes Gym, Group Exercise and Swim
Monthly Direct Debit Payment
For more information please visit
Payment method for the memberships is by Direct Debit. Direct Debit payment
instruction to your bank will be given on the 15th day of each month, this may
take up to three working to be taken from your account. Please see the bfit
membership terms and conditions on page 6 of this leaflet or visit www.derby.
Bank account details will be required to set up the bfit memberships.
Concessionary memberships
Concessionary memberships are available for over 65s, full time students,
unemployed and disabled people.
Proof of concessionary entitlement will be required when applying for a
concessionary bfit membership and at certain times of the year to ensure
continued eligibility for the reduced rate.
Membership terms and conditions
safe to use. In these circumstances we will:
1. Your first payment will be by cash, cheque, debit or credit
• give you as much notice as practicable by displaying notices at
card at reception. This payment will cover your membership
the facility
from the day you join until the first payment is taken by Direct • indicate the nearest alternative facilities available during such
Debit. Direct Debit payments will be instructed to be taken
period of closure refund a proportionate amount to reflect
from your bank account on the 15th of each month; this can
your losses when we need to close any facility for longer than
take up to three working days.
a week.
2. If Derby City Council, or your bank or building society, make a Advance booking
mistake with your Direct Debit payment, you are guaranteed a
full and immediate refund from your bank or building society 1. We will refund any booking fee you have paid if we take a
booking from you for an activity and then it is not available due
of the amount paid.
to circumstances outside your control.
3. If you fail to make Direct Debit payments, your membership
2. You can book for an activity online or at reception up to seven
will be invalid and your bfit membership cancelled.
days in advance. However, you cannot re-book the same activity
Cancelling your membership
for the same time the following week until the pre-booked
1. You may cancel your Direct Debit membership at any time
period has finished.
by completing a bfit membership cancellation form from
3. You cannot use your bfit membership card to book any activity
your sports facility, emailing [email protected] or
for other people. You must be taking part in the activity to take
by writing to your bank or building society. The sports facility
advantage of the booking arrangements.
must receive your completed cancellation form or email by
bfit members are required to give 24-hours’ notice of
the 6th of the month to cancel your membership by the 15th
cancellation of booked court/session/activity. If you do not
of the same month. Any forms received after the 6th of the
give 24-hours’ notice or do not attend the booking, your
month will be effective from the 15th of the following month.
membership rights to book in advance may be suspended.
Your membership will be valid up to the day before your next
due payment. Please return your membership card to your
General conditions
sports centre.
1. You must show your bfit membership card, or use the fast
2. Alternatively you can choose to freeze your Direct Debit
track kiosk at the sports facility or pool reception before you
membership up to a maximum of six months. The minimum
take part in any activity and every time you use the facilities,
period you can freeze your membership is for one month.
otherwise we will charge the standard casual rate. Please retain
To freeze your Direct Debit membership you must complete
your receipt.
the appropriate section on the bfit membership cancellation
2. Your bfit membership does not give you priority over other
form, available from your sports facility or by emailing admin.
users or guarantee the availability of facilities.
[email protected] The sports centre must receive your
3. During un-programmed sessions, children aged under eight
completed form by the 6th of the month to freeze your
must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 16 or over
membership by the 15th of the same month. Any forms
at all times.
received after the 10th of the month will be effective from the
15th of the following month. Your Direct Debit payment will
be reduced to £5 a month for the period that you choose to
freeze your card.
Changes to membership benefits and payments
4. If you lose or damage your bfit membership card, we will charge
you £2 for replacement.
5. Your bfit membership card must not be used by anyone other
than yourself. Any card being used by another person other
than the authorised member will result in us cancelling the
authorised user’s membership.
1. We will give you four weeks’ notice in writing of any increase
in the price of a bfit membership paid for by monthly Direct
Debit. You can cancel your bfit membership without penalty if 6. You must comply with Derby City Council’s Sports Facility
you decide not to continue membership at the new price.
Regulations and Swimming Pool byelaws, rules of behaviour,
safety rules and any byelaws relevant to any facility you use. We
2. We will give advance notice by displaying details at each
always display these prominently at each facility. The Council
sports centre of any changes to conditions for use of facilities.
reserves the right to cancel your bfit membership if you do
You can cancel your bfit membership without penalty if you
not comply with these rules, regulations or byelaws. We may
are not happy with these changes to conditions of use.
also cancel your bfit membership if you abuse the scheme,
3. Our sports facilities are normally closed on Christmas Day,
abuse our staff or other users, or interfere with others’ use and
Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. We usually close our sports
enjoyment of the facility. Except in the most serious cases, we
centres early on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and public
will tell you if we propose to cancel your membership and give
holidays. We may also close a sports centre if it is needed for
you the chance to comment.
a Parliamentary, European or local government election or
7. If we cancel your bfit membership because you breach these
for occasional special events. No refunds will be available
conditions or fail to pay membership charges no further Direct
for these periods. We will display details in advance at each
Debit will be taken. No refund will be made for the unexpired
facility of our opening and closing times for these periods.
portion of the current membership month.
4. Events will take place at Derby Arena, which may affect the
group exercise class provision. We will display details of events 8. All information provided by you will be treated in accordance
with the Data Protection Act 1998.
in advance and indicate the alternative facilities available to
9. If you need to speak to someone regarding your membership,
5. We may need to close a sports facility, or part of it, for repair
and maintenance or when it is damaged and is unfit or not
please ask at a sport facility reception or
email : [email protected]
We can give you this information in any
other way, style or language that will
help you access it. Please contact us on
01332 641234, Minicom 01332 640666.
01332 640666
01332 641234
01332 641234
01332 640666
01332 641234
01332 640666
Springwood Leisure Centre
Springwood Drive, Oakwood,
Derby DE21 2RQ
Telephone: 01332 664433
Minicom: 01332 665261
Moorways Sports Complex
Moor Lane, Allenton, Derby
DE24 9HY
Telephone: 01332 642180
Minicom: 01332 294526
Queen’s Leisure Centre
Cathedral Road, Derby DE1 3PA
Telephone: 01332 641444
Minicom: 01332 640666
Derby Arena, opening early in 2015
The Arena
Royal Way, Pride Park,
Derby, DE24 8AN
email: [email protected]
Getting Started
Health Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions
Have you ever had a heart condition or high blood pressure?
Do you have a lung condition such as asthma or bronchitis? Do you have an orthopaedic condition, sever back or joint pain?
Are you recovering from illness or injury?
Do you suffer from headaches, dizziness or feeling faint? Have you had any injuries in the past few months?
Do you suffer from epilepsy or diabetes?
Are there any other conditions we should be aware of?
Other conditions - please give detail here:
How would you describe your present level of activity?
InactiveMod InactiveMod ActiveActive
In terms of fitness, how would you describe your present level of fitness?
UnfitModerately FitTrainedHighly Trained
How would you consider your present body weight?
Ideal Weight
Slightly Over-weight
Very Over-weight
Smoking habits:
Do you smoke? Yes
(if Yes no. per day)
Are you a previous smoker
No. per day
An occasional smoker
No. per day
If you have answered yes or you are doubtful about ANY of the above questions, you should not
proceed with the fitness assessment or any form of vigorous exercise before checking with one of the
senior staff or with your own Doctor.
In completing the above questionnaire I declare that I have answered all of the above questions
accurately and understand that if I proceed with the fitness assessment and any subsequent exercise
programme that I do so at my own risk.
Client SignatureDate
Instructor Signature
Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Other – please delete as appropriate
Full name
Telephone Call
All personal information provided will be treated in confidence and
in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be used
to administer your bfit membership and only shared with other
departments within Derby City Council for this purpose.
Please read and keep the Membership Terms and Conditions
How can we keep in contact with you? (please tick)
Email address
Membership Number:
Membership Option Agreed:
For Wellbeing Advisor Use
*A lifestyle consultation is free of charge and will help us direct you into
the right type of activities and classes suitable to your needs. This will
ultimately help you achieve your own personal goals and targets more
Gym Induction
Lifestyle Consultation*
Type of appointment (please tick)
Appointment information
Personal Details
Please complete this card and bring it with you on your first appointment