Students and Staff departing for France No.15 October 14 2014

No.15 October 14 2014
Students and Staff departing for France
“Our lives improve only when we take chances –
and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be
honest with ourselves.”
Walter Anderson
Student Leaders 2015.
Last week the new leadership team for 2015 was
announced at a whole school assembly. I look forward
to working with the new team for the remainder of this
term and into next year.
Student Leaders 2015 are:
Welcome to the commencement of term 4. This term is
always busy and very important in the lives of our
senior students, in particular the year 12 students.
Last week all students studying a unit 3/4 subject sat
October tests, supervised at school by external
supervisors. Year 12 teachers are busily marking these
exams to enable specific feedback to each student
about how well they are placed for the final exams
commencing in November.
Final arrangements for year 12.
Next week, on Tuesday 21st October, we will hold a
whole school assembly to acknowledge and say a final
farewell to the year 12 cohort. Parents are very
welcome to attend the assembly, which will commence
at 8.50am in the hall.
Valedictory Dinner is scheduled for the evening of
October 21st at Leonda. This is a marque event for the
school and is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the
end of thirteen years of schooling by our year 12
French Exchange to Arras.
Yesterday we welcomed back 21 students and 3 staff
from a three week exchange experience in France. The
students spent the majority of time in homestay and at
the host school in Arras. Thank you to Mr. Quinlan, Ms.
Hindle and Ms. Buzzi for looking after the students so
Whitehorse young citizen of the month for October.
Congratulations to Jonathan McGrath, year 10, on
achieving this nomination. The full article appears later
in this newsletter.
Creating a Safe and Supportive environment (CASSE).
Koonung is a pilot school for this student led program.
We were featured in an article in The Age newspaper
on September 21st and Jonathan McGrath and Sophie
Goldrick, both of year 10, were featured in the article .
Extracts from the article appear later in this newsletter.
Will Bennie
Bridgette Mulhern
Vice Captains: Alexander Smith
Olivia Bottomley
House – Conder:
House – McCubbin:
House – Roberts:
House – Streeton:
Jed Bastian
Zoe Diakoloukas
Madi Fitzgerald
Hannah Hillman
Jessica Herrod
Tammy Thomas
Ellie Anfrus
Liam Duffy
Helena Sims (President)
Matthew Harris (Vice President)
Caitlin Phong
International: Jenny Ji
Paige Joustra
Alexandra Thodis
Kara Livermore
Miriam Chang
Lauren Virtue
Madi Clayton
Stephanie Clare-Cover
Scott Shuai
VCE Art and Design Exhibition.
Opening Night is scheduled for Thursday 16th October in
the Senior Study Centre. This has become a highly
anticipated annual event and will showcase the
remarkable work of our Art, Visual Communication,
Media and Studio Arts students.
The work will be on display and open to parents on
Thursday night and Friday throughout the day.
Australian Council for Educational Leadership
I attended the annual conference for ACEL which was
held in Melbourne from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd
October. Over 1000 educators from Australia and New
Zealand and presenters from around the world were in
attendance. The key ideas and understandings I came
away with include:
 The quality of the teacher is a very significant
factor in improving student outcomes.
 Aerobic exercise is a key contributor to
powerful learning.
Australia can do better in extending its gifted
Differentiated learning in the classroom is
essential however, it is also very challenging to
A guaranteed and viable curriculum is essential
so that all students receive the same instruction
and content across all classes in a year level and
subject area.
I will be sharing these findings and others in
much greater detail with the staff and planning
for 2015 and beyond will certainly be
influenced by these learnings.
$1.2 million in funding in State Budget for Koonung.
We are still working with the DEECD and the region to
finalise our plans for how this money will be spent over
the next 5 years.
At the centre of our planning is the desire to:
 Upgrade our science rooms
 Upgrade the home economics room
 Create outside learning spaces and shelter for
 Maintenance, repairs and painting
 A partnership with the Koonung Comets
basketball club is also on the agenda.
What is coming up?
October 14th
October 16th
October 21st
October 27th
October 29th
November 4th
November 14th
November 18th
School Council Meeting
VCE Art and Design Show
Opening Night
Final Assembly Year 12s
Valedictory Dinner
Parents and Friends Meeting
VCE Examinations begin
Melbourne Cup Day
Student Charity Dress Day
School Council 7.00pm
Vacancies in the Year 7 and 8 High Achievers classes
have recently arisen.
There is now a call for
applications for next year’s High Achievers. The
successful students will be placed in these classes at the
beginning of Term 1 in 2015.
To be eligible for consideration, your child must have
demonstrated consistent achievement. As vacancies
are limited, only students who have consistently
received “1s” and “2s” on the mid-year report will be
considered. The applicant must also have two
recommendations from his or her current teachers
regarding suitability for the program. Once applications
have closed, all candidates will need to sit a 70 minute
test during school hours.
If you would like your child to be considered for the
program or have further queries, please email Luke
Day-Smith at: [email protected]
Applications close on Monday 27 October at 4pm.
Luke Day-Smith
Teachers identify teams of students who are natural
leaders. Some already have skills in resolving conflict,
others represent various peer groups such as the "cool"
kids, the "nerdy" kids and different ethnic groups.
"Some may have a reputation as a bully or leading other
kids into trouble but all have a good heart," Peaceful
Schools Program director Carolyn Aston says. "This
provides an opportunity for these kids to change."
Staffing Term 4
I wish to welcome the following staff back from leave.
Mr Dimattina, Mrs James, Ms Asvestas, Ms Nugent and
Ms Castricum.
Also welcome to :
Mr Nathan Tobin replacing Ms Keays (Family Leave)
Ms Anne Anderson replacing Ms Fiore (Long Service
Ms Elizabeth Sutherland replacing Ms Thomas (Family
Ms Rachael Miller replacing Ms Pringle.
Peter Wright
College Principal
Team Leaders Jonathon Magrath and Sophie Goldrick
Year 10 students Sophie Goldrick and Jonathon Magrath
are team leaders at Koonung Secondary College. Sophie
says she had been taught anti-bullying programs since
prep. "A lot of the programs we'd done were really,
really obvious to students. Don't bully, respect your
peers. They can be very preachy. After a while you
don't listen any more."
But the Peaceful Schools Program, which Koonung
Secondary began trialling in 2011, is different. It
acknowledges that each of us has the capacity to adopt
the role of the bully, the bystander or the victim at
different stages throughout our lives. "It's not putting
the blame on the bully because that can distance the
bully from everyone else," Jonathon says.
Students are taught to "mentalise" - to be aware of
their own and others' mental states and how this
affects behaviour. They then act out the bully, the
bystander and the victim in role-playing exercises.
"Normally the role plays are around how we might
respond to being left out of a group of friends," says
Raulin. "If you turn up to a group of friends in the
morning you might have got the cold shoulder. The
non-mentalising response might be accusatory and
aggressive. The mentalising response is, 'I'm feeling
vulnerable', and thinking through ways you might be
able to peacefully resolve that."
Koonung acting principal Anne Abbott is so pleased with
the results of the Peaceful Schools Program she has
made it part of the strategic plan for the next four
years. The school's annual well-being surveys show
improved empathy between students and a remarkably
low absentee level.
“I think there is a big connection between the program
and not having as much bullying going on,” Abbott says.
Aston says all 12 schools reported a significant
reduction in bullying and mean behaviour and an
increase in inclusion after the three-year pilot. A second
cohort of schools is invited to participate this year.
Sourced from The Age September 21,2014.
Three staff and 21 students spent the last three weeks
in France on a student Exchange. Our students got to
experience the French culture and language in Arras,
Paris and Nice.
The student teams speak at assemblies and visit year
levels. They are also contact points in the school yard.
Sophie describes ordering students who had filmed a
fight to delete the footage from their mobile phones.
Sophie is formidable.
Amazonian in height and
articulate beyond her years. When I express surprise
she looks at me as if I am a moron. "The film could have
been used to mock or defame .. it could be uploaded to
Facebook or YouTube," she says.
Physical fights have always been pretty rare at Koonung
Secondary but the students identified more covert
forms of bullying as an issue. “I feel like that probably
was the primary issue – the isolation of some people in
this school,” Sophie says.
Koonung and French students
As part of the whole-school approach championed by
the Peaceful Schools Program, the student team ran a
Teach the Teacher program at which they aired their
frustrations. Why did all the teachers set assignments
due at the same time? Why did students in art classes
get stuck with sport relief teachers? Why did teachers
pick on some students and neglect others?
Whilst in Arras the students stayed with their host
families and attended school. Our group had a fantastic
time trying to use our French and English language
skills. This trip is just one of the many exchanges
available at Koonung.
Mark Quinlan
Assistant Principal
"It was excellent," says teacher Brendan Tuckerman.
"We had a speed dating set-up where students told
teachers what did and didn't work." The mentalising
process helped remind students that teachers might be
cantankerous because they were worried about sick
parents or up all night with a screaming baby.
"It's so easy to forget that teachers are people too,"
Sophie says.
Parents, students, and members of the community are
invited to attend the opening of KSC's annual VCE Art
Exhibition held in the VCE Centre on Thursday 16th
October, 6-8pm. Leading contemporary artist and
Archibald finalist, Juan Ford will open the exhibition.
Preview Juan's work at
VCE Art, Studio Art, Media, and Visual Communication
& Design will be represented in the exhibition. Art
awards will be announced during the evening. Please
join us for this special occasion. We look forward to
seeing you there.
Mark Threadgold
Arts Domain Manager
On Friday the 10th of October Koonung College sent 24
students to represent the Whitehorse district at the
Eastern Metropolitan Region Athletics event held at the
Knoxfield Athletics track. The day was a great success
with Koonung finishing 18th overall out of 44 schools in
total. All students tried their best on the day and
achieved some
congratulations to the following students who won
their events on the day and will be representing
Koonung Secondary College and the Eastern
Metropolitan Region at the Victorian State Athletics
Carnival this coming Friday at Albert Park Athletics
Sarah Poulton – who won both the 18-20 girls
100m hurdles and 200m events.
Darren Lim who won the 15 boys long jump.
Aaron Peter-Budge who won the 12-13 boys
100m, 200m and 400m events. Aaron also
broke region records in both the 100m and
200m events.
Congratulations to all of the attending students on the
The second hand book sale for this year will be held on
Saturday 6th December 2014, 9.30 am to 12 noon.
PFA have a large selection of good quality second hand
books available for sale.
Please direct enquiries to Carolyn Minster at
[email protected]
VETis in schools
Year 7 – 9 Koonung students
Junior Maths and Science Tutoring
School Library
Every Wednesday afternoon
3:15pm – 4:15pm
Some snacks are provided.
Thank you,
Mr Canning and Ms Symons
Dear Parents,
Campion School Supplies’ new premises are located at
Unit 1, 170 Rooks Road, Nunawading.
Trading hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am until 5.00
pm, with extended hours during January and February.
8.15am – 11.15 am
Wednesdays: 10.15am – 1.45pm
Contact Kylie Hawkins at the Uniform Shop on 9897
4726 or email [email protected] for all enquiries.
Monday October 27th
December Xmas Dinner TBA
All meetings are 7.30 - 9pm in the MYC
Any students interested in completing a VETis subject as
part of their studies at Koonung should have completed
an expression of interest form. If you have not
completed this form but would still like to consider
VETis please come to the careers office to discuss as
soon as possible.
Year 12
VTAC Registration
VTAC registrations and applications have now opened
for courses, SEAS, scholarships and STAT/ALSET. Timely
Applications closed at 5pm on Tuesday 30th September,
however there you can still submit a late course
application, these close on Friday 7th November.
Year 9
Work Experience will be held from Monday 22nd June to
Friday 26th June, 2015 (Last week of Term 2). Popular
work experience placements within many industries like
the Health, Animal, Law and Architecture fields are very
competitive and students must be researching and
securing their placements now. Work experience forms
were handed out during assembly. Any student who did
not receive Work Experience forms please come to the
Careers Office. Outside the Careers Office is a Careers
Board and it has an area dedicated to Work Experience.
Students should come and check the Work Experience
board which indicates when some companies
applications open and close.
All current Year 12 students should apply for
scholarships via VTAC and SEAS (if applicable). VTAC
scholarship applications for domestic students will close
17 October 2014. Check the VTAC website for tips:
Monash University Extension Program
Any student interested in studying Monash Extension in
2015 is invited to attend the Extension Information
on Wed 15 October, 7:00pm: Clayton Campus
The Extension program allows high achieving Year 12
students to get a taste of university before finishing
school. Students complete a pair of first year university
subjects as part of their final year school studies,
allowing them to extend and enhance their learning in
an area of interest.
La Trobe University VCE Plus Information and Offers
Thurs 16 October, 6:00pm – 7:00pm: West Lecture 2, La
Trobe University, Bundoora
The VCE Plus program is for Year 12 VCE students who
 self-motivated and academically capable
 hard working
 keen to start university sooner rather than later
This is an opportunity for students to have their
questions answered, meet two current VCE Plus
students and hear about their experiences within this
La Trobe will also be giving on the spot conditional
offers to students who wish to apply for the 2015 VCE
Plus program on the night.
To register, visit:
University of Melbourne Virtual Fair for International
Thursday 16 October, 7.00pm – Friday 17 October,
11.00am: Melbourne
The Virtual Fair is an opportunity to chat online to staff
and current students and learn more about courses,
entry requirements and how to apply.
TAFE & Apprenticeships
Box Hill Institute VCAL Information Session
Box Hill Institute is holding an information session on
their VCAL program at 6pm on Wednesday 12th
November. This will be their final information session
for 2014.
SAE Institute Scholarship Program
Applications close Sat 20th December
SAE Creative Media Institute offers scholarships to
outstanding creative media applicants. SAE Scholarships
are awarded to recognise creative talent coupled with
academic excellence and outstanding leadership.
Think Education: Festival of Change
Friday 7th - Sunday 9th November @ Melbourne
Think Education comprises eight different private
colleges with courses in design, health, business and
hospitality. The Festival of Change is a free event with
between 30 and 50 free activities in the form of
demonstrations among other exciting events.
FREE THROGA Workshops for JMC Academy & High
School Students
Celebrity vocal coach, Richard Fink IV, will be visiting
from New York to teach his world-renowned vocal
development techniques known as THROGA (throatyoga). Learn how the 7 Dimensions of Singing and the
THROGA Guidelines can help you reach your full vocal
potential! The first hour will focus on safe and efficient
methods for warming up, maintaining, and developing
your voice. The second hour is an open format where
Richard will address your voice and vocal-related
questions directly.
Wed 15 October, 1:00pm – 2:45pm: Melbourne: JMC
Academy, Auditorium, 171 Bank Street, South
Cost: Free
RSVP: Please register your attendance (please include
your Full name, School and contact details) to
[email protected]
2014 Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia Graduate Exhibition and Parade
Thurs 4 December, 12:00pm: Melbourne Campus
Interior Design and Creative Direction & Styling
Graduates exhibiting their final year projects
throughout the campus, and Fashion Design Graduates
showcasing their graduate collections on the runway at
the Matinee Fashion Parades.
For more information email [email protected] or phone 1300 551 433, for a booking
Other News
The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
Each year, two talented Australian students are
selected for the unique opportunity to complete an
undergraduate degree at one of the leading academic
institutions in the United States, Duke University and
the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Australian selections are organised through UNSW. For
more information about the selection process and to
access application forms, click the clink below.
Hobsons Course Finder: The Good Universities Guide
The latest edition of The Good Universities Guide,
produced by Hobsons, helps students compare
institutions based on objective ratings derived from the
feedback of thousands of recent graduates. The Guide
rates Australian universities based on categories such as
educational experience and graduate outcomes, as well
as the composition of the student body.
AFDA Online Facebook Q and A
Thu 23rd October, 6.30pm – 8.00pm (AEST)
Chat live with midshipmen and officer cadets to learn
about their experiences, life at ADFA, and how they find
balancing military training with their university study.
Antipodeans Abroad: Gapbreak Webinar
Wednesday 5th November, 6pm - 7pm (AEST)
Listen in from home on a computer, laptop or iPad to
find out specific information about destinations and
projects that you are interested in.
Projects Abroad Information Session
Tue 11 November, 6:30pm – 7:30pm: Northcote Town
Hall, Melbourne
Trish Paddick/Kylie Poppins/Carole Marcianti
Careers Team
A group for mothers, fathers, partners, step-parents,
carers whose adolescent is abusive and/or violent at
Do you feel threatened, frightened or controlled by
your son/daughter? Do other family members,
particularly younger siblings feel scared? Do you feel
that you are walking on eggshells? Do you feel that you
are no longer in charge? Do you feel isolated and alone?
Would you like to find ways to help your son/daughter
become more responsible and respectful? If any of
these questions apply to you, this group may be for you.
 Wed 8th Oct – 26th Nov (Evening)
Spring Festival - Expressions of Interest for Youth
Whitehorse City Council’s Spring Festival is a free, funfilled day that celebrates our talented and diverse
community. A number of 10-30 minute performance
spots are available for groups or solo artists looking to
showcase their talent as part of the entertainment
program at Spring Festival.
All performances will be supported by a professional
sound technician, stage manager and stage crew. Spring
Festival is being held on 19/10/14 and performers must
be between 12-25 years old. See Mrs Buzzi ASAP if you
are interested.
Parents often ask - what will I do if my son/daughter:
 Pushes, hits or threatens me?
 Verbally abuses me and puts me down?
 Follows me around and won’t let me leave the
 Puts holes in walls or damages things?
 Runs away or threatens to leave?
We have been running these groups for 15 years. The
groups have been developed with parents and we have
received very positive feedback. Previous participants
say that the group has provided them with ideas for
change, ways of managing their situation differently in a
supportive, informative and affirming environment.
VENUE: 7 – 11 Shipley St, Box Hill
TIME: Evening 6:30 – 8:30pm, Daytime 10 – 12pm
COST: $50.00 individual or $80.00 couple (negotiable)
CONTACT: Meridian Intake at Anglicare on 9896 6322
Meridian Youth & Family Services
Enquiries & Referrals
Tel 03 9896 6322
Fax 03 9890 8640
The Meridian Duty Worker
Anglicare Eastern Youth Services
7-11 Shipley Street
Box Hill VIC 3128
Other programs at Anglicare Eastern Youth Services:
Youth Accommodation
Adolescent Community Placement
Foster Care
Child Residential Care
Financial Counselling
IE Kinship Care Program
“Springboard” Leaving Care Program (educational focus)
Meridian Youth & Family Services - Programs
General counselling / family therapy
Individual and family sessions can be provided for young people, their families and other significant people.
Inner East Integrated Family Services (IEIFS)
More intensive family support and counselling (assertive outreach; complex case management) is available
to young people and their families in the Cities of Whitehorse, Manningham, Boroondara and Monash.
An interagency community based intake and referral system operates for this program.
Breaking the Cycle (BTC)
BTC is a group work program for parents and carers of adolescents who are violent in the home.
The research and development of this program was undertaken by the Meridian Team.
Education, Training & Workshops
A range of workshops and education seminars are available to parents, household members, staff and
other service providers.
Secondary Consultations
How can the Meridian Team help?
The Meridian Youth & Family Services Team provides support to young people aged 10-23 years and their
The Team consists of trained Social Workers/Psychologists/Family Therapists who can provide therapeutic
work and other support to young people, parents, families and significant others.
Short, medium and long term therapeutic interventions are available.
Both outreach and centre based responses are available, depending on individual circumstances.
What are some of the reasons you might want to see a Meridian counsellor?
Adolescent violence to parents
Behavioural problems
Eating disorders
Family breakdown
Grief and loss
Parent-adolescent conflict
Parenting issues
Physical illness and disability
Protective and safety concerns
School refusal
Self esteem issues
Sexual identity issues
Sexual or physical abuse
Social isolation
Step-family issues
Substance abuse
Suicidal thoughts
Meridian intake and assessment processes aim to identify the most appropriate services to address the
needs of the young person and their family.
Referral Procedure
Eligibility for each program varies due to criteria set by our funding bodies. Meridian is committed to
providing a service to young people and their families wherever possible.
General eligibility
Young people aged 10-23 years and their families
Who to contact
The Meridian duty worker can be contacted by young people, family members or professional staff.
Monday – Friday
Tel 03 9896 6322
9.00am – 5.00pm
Fax 03 9890 8640
All new referrals are discussed at the team meeting on Tuesday morning. Allocation will depend on levels of
urgency and counsellor availability. Referrers and clients will be notified accordingly.
The wellbeing and engagement team!
Koonung Secondary College
Tour Departs: September 2015
Information Night: Thursday 30th October 2014
Contact: Jonathan Moore
KOONUNG VIETNAM TOUR $2,500.00-Information Evening
Koonung Secondary College will be offering Year 10 and 11 students the once in a life time chance to visit
Vietnam in September 2015 for only $2,500.00. Trekset will be offering an information evening on
Thursday 30th of October in the Middle Year Centre explaining costs, visa requirements and all of the other
necessary information for such a fantastic trip. Students and parents will be able to give an expression of
interest on this night. The proposed schedule for the trip is summarised here.
VIETNAM TOUR September 2015
Day 1: (D)
Melbourne – Hanoi
Meet at Melbourne Airport and check-in for your international flight to Hanoi. On arrival at Hanoi airport,
pass through Immigration before meeting your coach and guide to transfer to your hotel. There is time to
freshen up before heading out for dinner and an early night in preparation for tomorrow’s sightseeing
Day 2: (BLD)
This morning after breakfast at your hotel, meet your guide and coach for a Hanoi city tour. Your sightseeing
tour features both cultural and historical highlights, include the Ba Dinh Square , Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum &
Museum, One Pillar Pagoda and the Temple of literature. Your tour also visits the Hoa Lo Prison complex,
where US Senator John McCain and other Prisoners of War were held. Lunch today is at the Koto Restaurant.
In the afternoon your tour continues with visits to Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple. Your tour ends with a
rickshaw ride around the Old Quarte and a visit to Dong Xuan market. Dinner tonight is at a local restaurant.
Day 3: (BLD)
Hanoi – Halong –Hanoi
This morning after breakfast at your hotel, meet your coach and guide for your transfer to Halong. Enjoy a 4
hour cruise along Halong Bay, where you visit the recently discovered Thien Cung Grotto and Dau Go cave, as
well as Hai Hing Village. Lunch today is on board the cruise. After your cruise, meet your coach for the transfer
back to Hanoi. Dinner tonight is from a Western menu at a local restaurant.
Day 4: (BLD)
Hanoi – Hue
This morning after breakfast, meet your guide and coach for your transfer to the airport for your morning
flight to Hue. On arrival in Hue, meet your guide and coach for a full-day tour of Hue. Your tour includes a
boat trip on the Huong River where you visit the Thien Mu Pagoda. You then visit the Imperial City, Royal
Palace and Tu Duc Tomb. Dinner tonight is at a local restaurant and includes a traditional music show.
Day 5: (BLD)
Hue – Hoi An
This morning after breakfast at your hotel, meet your guide and coach for your visit of Hue University before
transferring to Hoi An. On the way to Hoi An you stop for lunch at the Lang Co fishing village. Upon arrival in
Hoi An experience a walking tour around the Ancient town. Your walking tour visits the Chinese Assembly
Halls, Japanese Bridge (also known as Lai Vien Bridge which mean “Bridge of Friends from Faraway countries)
and an ancestral family. Dinner tonight is from a Western menu at a local restaurant.
Day 6: (BLD)
Hoi An – My Son – Hoi An
This morning after breakfast at your hotel, meet your guide and coach for your early departure from Hoian to
My Son by Boat on Thu Bon River. On arrival in My Son, meet your coach for your visit to the My Son Holy
Land. Your coach transfers you back to Hoi An for Lunch. In the afternoon enjoy a Vietnamese cooking class at
Red Bridge Restaurant where you will also have dinner.
Day 7: (BLD)
Hoi An – Danang – Ho Chi Minh City
This morning after breakfast at your hotel, meet your guide and coach for your transfer to the airport for your
morning flight to Ho Chi Minh City. On arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, meet your guide and coach for a guided
tour of the Cu Chi underground tunnel complex, which was one of the most famous battlegrounds of the
Vietnam War. Later in the day your coach takes you back to Ho Chi Minh City for a tour which visits the Notre
Dame Cathedral and the Reunification Palace which is a historic landmark in Ho Chi Minh City as it was the site
of the official handover of power during the Fall of Saigon. Dinner tonight is at a local restaurant.
Day 8: (BLD)
Ho Chi Minh City – Mekong Delta – Ho Chi Minh City
This morning after breakfast at your hotel, meet your guide and coach for your guided tour of the Mekong
Delta. Your tour includes; a boat trip along the Delta, visiting snake farm orchids and Sampan Rice farm and a
visit to the Cai Be Floating Market where you have the chance to taste the seasonal local fruit. Your coach
returns you to Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon where you can test your haggling skills at the Ben Thanh
Market. Dinner tonight is from a Western menu at a local restaurant.
Day 9: (B Lunch Box D)
Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau - Long Tan - Ho Chi Minh City
This morning after breakfast at your hotel, meet your guide and take the hydrofoil to Vung Tau. On arrival,
meet your coach for your guided tour of Vung Tau, Long Tan Cross ( War Memorial), Australian War Graves,
Long Tan Battlefield , Long Dat district ( Nui Dat). Following your tour your coach returns you to the hydrofoil
for your return to Ho Chi Minh City. Dinner tonight is at the Quan An Ngon restaurant.
Day 10: (BL)
Ho Chi Minh City – Melbourne
This morning after breakfast at your hotel your guide and coach take you to the War Museum. After your visit,
the rest of the morning is free for some last minute shopping before a Vietnamese buffet lunch. After lunch,
meet your coach for your transfer to the airport for your return to Melbourne.
Day 11:
Arrive Melbourne
On arrival in Melbourne, pass through Immigration before collecting your luggage and clearing Customs.
Hear from returned students, find out more about
discounts and scholarships available and ask questions
Thursday, 23rd October - 7.30pm
Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens
380 William Street
or call 1300 135 331 for more information
13 Oct (Day 6)
14 Oct (Day 7)
15 Oct (Day 8)
16 Oct (Day 9)
VCE Art and
23 Oct (Day 4)
17 Oct (Day 10)
18 Oct
24 Oct (Day 5)
25 Oct
30 Oct (Day 9)
31 Oct (Day 10)
1 Nov
4 Nov (Day 2)
10 Nov (Day 6)
11 Nov (Day 7)
12 Nov (Day 8)
VCE (Units 2 & 4)
S/N’s Due
VCE Revision
17 Nov (Day 1)
18 Nov (Day 2)
19 Nov (Day 3)
Senior School
Senior School
Senior School
Exam Period
Exam Period (Year
Exam Period
(Year 11)
(Year 11)
24 Nov (Day 6)
25 Nov (Day 7)
26 Nov (Day 8)
Senior School
Senior School
Senior School
Exam Period
Exam Period (Year
Exam Period
(Year 10)
(Year 10)
1 Dec (Day 1)
2 Dec (Day 2)
3 Dec (Day 3)
Senior School Study Programs
Year 11 - ‘The Edge’ & Year 10 – Stepping into VCE
Exam Return Day Year 10
6 Nov (Day 4)
8 Nov
13 Nov (Day 9)
7 Nov (Day 5)
Complete Unit 2
14 Nov (Day 10)
Charity Dress
20 Nov (Day 4)
Senior School
Exam Period
(Year 11)
27 Nov (Day 9)
Senior School
Exam Period
(Year 10)
4 Dec (Day 4)
21 Nov (Day 5)
Senior School
Exam Period
(Year 11)
28 Nov (Day 10)
Senior School
Exam Period
(Year 10)
5 Dec (Day 5)
22 Nov
8 Dec (Day 6)
Year 7 2015
15 Dec
Summer Program
10 Dec (Day 8)
11 Dec (Day 9)
12 Dec (Day 10)
Last Day of the
academic year
for Years 7-9
17 Dec
Summer Program
Reports Available
on Compass
18 Dec
Interviews as
required only
19 Dec
Last Day for
20 Oct (Day 1)
21 Oct (Day 2)
Year 12 Assembly
and Farewell
22 Oct (Day 3)
Valedictory Dinner
27 Oct (Day 6)
7.30pm PFA
28 Oct (Day 7)
3 Nov (Day 1)
9 Dec (Day 7)
Year 7 2015
Orientation Day
Year 8-9 students
not required at
16 Dec
Summer Program
29 Oct (Day 8)
VCE Unit 3-4
Exams Begin
5 Nov (Day 3)
15 Nov
29 Nov
6 Dec
books sale
9.30 am to
12 noon
13 Dec