A large number of old buildings exist in the public sector, in the private sector and even individual
houses, which represent our culture, history and values, and deserve restoration to their original
shape and taste. A number of old buildings also exist which can be economically renovated rather
than demolished and replaced. Restoration and renovation is a very important field today, which
promises good employment opportunities. In the West, training package programs are offered
which charge handsome amounts. The programs impart know how in art, craft, design, and
technology in the field of restoration and renovation. There is a learning point for young students,
technicians, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and officials who are engaged or are desirous to
adopt this field. We have gathered considerable expertise in this field and as a matter of fact are
actively engaged in renovation and restoration of 150 years old main building at the Government
College University Lahore these days. The works are open at the campus the people can see how
things are being done.
The Training Package
 The Series of 5 Lectures has been designed to provide know how to all tiers of students,
architects, engineers and technicians in building trades in art craft design technology on
preservation and restoration of major heritage building of Lahore.
1.Restoration of Decorative Masonry
(i)Stabilizing de-laminated brickwork
(ii)Removing paint, plaster or tiles
(iii)Exposing original brick by sandblasting
(iv)Brick by brick replacement with New masonry
(v) Flush Pointing
2.Restoration of Historic Woodwork
(i)Wooden arches, trusses and beams
(iii) Doors, Windows and Ventilators
(iv) Wooden Floors
(a) Repair Class I: Routine Maintenance
(b) Repair Class II: Stabilization
(c) Repair Class III: Affected Members Replacement
(d) Weatherization
(e) Complete Replacement
3.Architectural Wrought Iron Works
(i)Caulking, cracks filling, and patching
(ii)Mechanical repairs
(iii)Complete replacement
(iv)Cleaning and paint removal
(v)Exposing original and coating
4.Restoration of the Stone Works
(i)New monumental/architectural stone work
Import stone/ local stone
(ii) Cleaning stone work with specified detergents
(iii) Repairing the stone work
(iv)Preservation treatment
5. Strengthening of Structures
(i)Conditions of distress
(ii)Locating causes
(iii)Remedial measures
(iv)Strength evaluation
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