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Friday 17th October 2014
Chilton Primary School
Weekly Newsletter
“Together we make a difference”
Dear Parents & Carers
A book for every family – ‘Their Name Is Today.’
This week I am delighted to share with parents the paperback book,
written by Johann Christoph Arnold; ‘Their Name Is Today –
Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World’. It is captivating reading,
I've read it twice - once as a parent, and again, as a teacher. The
book has been acclaimed by Tricia David of Canterbury Christ Church
University as being, ‘…a beacon of hope calling us to grow a world in
which all children are truly loved’. I believe that it is a book that should
be read by all of us who have the good fortune to touch children’s
lives. I hope you enjoy reading it and I would be interested to hear
your views on it.
Community Playthings has sponsored free copies of this book for the
school and I am grateful for this.
We have had another fantastic week of learning at Chilton Primary
School. Year 1 Children have visited the Ramsgate Tunnels and the
‘Home Front’ bus showing them what life was like during the war.
Year two made some fantastic cakes as part of their Insects topic –
which they also enjoyed eating! Year 5 as part of the outcomes of
Diversity week will also be writing a report for the Governors, which
also ties into their learning in English.
I would also like to Thank You so much for your very generous
donations to our Harvest Collection this week. We received so many
tins and packets and donation boxes to help support the vulnerable,
needy and homeless of Ramsgate and Thanet. We have passed all
your donations onto Porchlight.
Yours sincerely
Christopher Dale
Is your child due to start school in September 2015?
If you, or anyone you know, have a child due to start school next year,
we have a series of Open Mornings for prospective parents to meet
with the Headteacher and be provided with a tour of the school and
see us at work.
Open sessions are due to take place on:
Wednesday 19th November 2014,
Wednesday 3rd December 2014 and
Wednesday 7th January 2015 – all starting at 9:30am in the Main
School Hall – no appointments are needed, just come along.
Social Media
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Dates for your diary
Mon 20th Oct
Year 6 to Swattenden
Tues 21st Oct
Full GB meeting 6.30pm
Fri 24th Oct
PTFA Disco
Fri 7th Nov
PTFA Fireworks display
Wk begin Mon 17th Nov
Open classes for parents
– see class newsletters
Wk begin Mon 24th Nov
Parent Teacher
Consultations this week
Thurs 4th Dec
Rotary Father Christmas
Fri 24th Oct
End of term
Mon 3rd Nov
Aspiration – Challenge – Collaboration – Diversity – Engagement – Enquiry – Autonomy
Children return to school
Thurs 18th Dec
Thanet Schools Tournament Winners
Last weekend Chilton’s football team won
the Thanet Schools John Curran Cup for
the first time. Having topped the qualifying
group the previous week, scoring 14
goals and conceding only 1, they faced
the 3 other group winners to decide the
best school in Thanet. Mr Hales said ‘it
was a Brilliant all-round performance and
every player in every game played their
part in clinching Chilton’s first football
Home Learning – Love to Learn Books
Love to Learn books are given out every Friday at Chilton and need to be
returned to school every Wednesday to be reviewed. They are designed to be
a reflective journal for the child to record their knowledge and understanding in
whichever way they feel is helpful. Children can use pictures, writing,
diagrams, labels, bullet points, mind maps or whatever style they wish to
choose to present their work. But they must aim to keep the work on 1 page in
the most creative way possible. Pupils are given time at school to review and
discuss their work, they are given a high profile in school and we regularly
celebrate children’s good work and effort.
Below are some examples of the different ways in which children have
recorded their love to Learn activities.
Don’t forget to
follow us on
We now have 65
Our Value this term
Challenge is an
attempt to prove
Challenge is to
allow our ability or
thoughts to be
How have you
Parking and Dropping off your child
been challenged
Please DO NOT park on the zig-zag markings or double park outside the school. If youtoday?
are dropping
your children at school please DO NOT let them out on the road side of the car. We appreciate the
roads around the school are busy when you are bringing your children or collecting them at the end
of the school day, but please consider the safety of our children and the convenience of our
neighbours. Thank you
This week’s Awards
Walk on Wednesday – 264 pupils walked at
least part of the way to school on Wednesday
this week. 5GS were this week’s ‘Walk on
Wednesday’ winners with 26 out of the 28
pupils present walking to school.
With a class attendance this term of 99% our
Top Class attenders are 3CI, 4JW & 6BL
Closely followed by RGD, 1JJ & 5GS all with
98% - Lets reach our school target of 97%
Aspiration – Challenge – Collaboration – Diversity – Engagement – Enquiry – Autonomy
Aspiration – Challenge – Collaboration – Diversity – Engagement – Enquiry – Autonomy