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The Netherlands
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Tom McGrath
Oporto British School
Rua da Cerca
338 Foz do Douro
4150-201 Porto
16 October, 2014
Dear Tom,
Award of Candidate Status for CIS Re-accreditation
On behalf of the Council of International Schools, the CIS Accreditation Service and its
Advisors have now completed their consideration of the October 2014 Preparatory Visitors’
Report on your school. I am pleased to inform you that the report has been accepted, along
with the recommendations it contains. This means that the school has been granted candidate
status for CIS re-accreditation. My congratulations go to you and your school community on
this achievement.
The report comments on many positive school features which support the recommendation for
re-accreditation candidacy, and the most important of these can be found listed in the
conclusion of their report. The school should therefore proceed with the next stages of the
accreditation process, following the timeline negotiated with the Visitors:
Suggested Timeline – Oporto British School
Set up all committees and begin the Self-Study.
Put an early emphasis on Part One and Section A of
Part Two.
30th January, 2016
Complete and distribute the Self-Study Report to CIS
12th March to 18th March,
Host the Team Visit.
The school will be using the 8th Edition of the ‘Guide to School Evaluation and Accreditation’
(Version 8.2). Further practical help can be found in the booklets ‘The Self-Study’ and ‘The
Team Visit’. If you do not already have copies, all these documents can be obtained from this
address: [email protected]
Setting the Standards for International Education
ACCREDITATION -2During the Self-Study period, the school should take into account the ‘Suggested Actions’
highlighted in the Preliminary Visitor’s Report. In particular, please note the points which are
given special emphasis in the report’s conclusion.
May I wish you, Tom, and the entire school community, every success as you continue the
drive towards CIS accreditation? Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Lesley Stagg the CIS
Accreditation Officer responsible for your school ([email protected]) or me
([email protected]), if we can be of further help.
With my best wishes.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Graham Ranger
Director of School Support & Evaluation
Council of International Schools (CIS)
Dr.Lesley Stagg, CIS Regional Accreditation Officer
Katie Sandwell, CIS School Services Advisor
Please note: You should have received the Preliminary/Preparatory Visitors’ Report to which
this letter refers. If this is not the case, please contact our Accreditation Staff at
[email protected] so that they may send you a copy.
Setting the Standards for International Education