Dean’s Newsletter College of Pharmacy and Nutrition Issue 1, October 2014

College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Proud of Our Tradition and Home of Research and Practice Innovation
Dean’s Newsletter
Issue 1, October 2014
Thank you for selecting me as your new Dean of Pharmacy and Nutrition. I am thrilled to
be here and looking forward to working with all of you to move our College in a positive
and upward direction!
Pharmacy and Nutrition are dynamic, challenging disciplines, committed to the
promotion of health and the treatment of disease. Our programs provide students with
the knowledge and skills to be professional leaders committed to high quality patient
The College has immense talent, outstanding students, and a great tradition and world class reputation for research and
practice innovation. Over the past 100 years, Pharmacy and Nutrition graduates have gone on to be pharmacy practice
innovators and nutrition leaders. Our faculty is doing important research in the university’s signature programs and
beyond – research with societal impact, enhancing the health and wellbeing of people everywhere.
Dr. Kishor M. Wasan, R.Ph, Ph.D, FAAPS, FCSPS, FCAHS
Professor and Dean
The Medication Assessment Centre (MAC) officially opened in
September. One of only two program s of its kind in Canada, the
center provides comprehensive medication assessments to any
patients who may benefit.
“This is truly a significant addition to our College, the University,
and the Province,” noted Dean Wasan, “It demonstrates a national
leadership role in the education of pharmacy professionals while
optimizing the health of our people and our communities.”
The College was delighted to welcome MLAs Paul Merriman and
Left to right: Eric Landry (MAC Manager), Ivan Muzychka, Rob
Rob Norris, Dean of Medicine Preston Smith, and Ivan Muzychka,
Norris, Kish Wasan, Paul Merriman, and Derek Jorgenson (MAC
AVP Communications. Also in attendance, representatives from
Advancement and Community Engagement and Health Sciences
Library, Pharmacy practitioner-partners, faculty, staff, and students.
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College of Pharmacy and Nutrition Dean Emeritus Research Trust Fund
A new trust fund in support of research and other innovative initiatives is being established in honour of past deans of
Pharmacy and Nutrition. We have already received $100,000 and will launch the Pharmacists and Dietitians Celebration
Tour, a new campaign to raise additional dollars over the next year.
A big thank you to the former deans who have agreed to sit on the fund’s advisory board: former Pharmacy and Nutrition
deans Bruce Schnell, Jim Blackburn, Dennis Gorecki, and David Hill; former Dean and UofS Alumnus Frank Abbott; and
former Acting Dean Wayne Riggs, both from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC.
New Pharmacy and Nutrition Student Scholarships
The Dana Karlson Award in Pharmacy will provide financial assistance and recognize a 4th year student in the BSP for
his/her interest in Pharmacy ownership, entrepreneurial promise, and social and interpersonal skills that extend
beyond the pharmaceutical industry. The annual $3,000 award will be disbursed for three years, on behalf of Dana
Karlson (’97 Graduate), pharmacy owner in Battleford, Cut Knife, and Turtleford. Thank you Dana!
Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy – U of S Campus Scholarship will reward academic achievement and recognize
volunteerism and commitment to community service of a 4th year BSc in Pharmacy student. The annual $500
scholarship has been put in place by Carla Guedo (’05 Graduate) owner of the Medicine Shoppe located in Place Riel.
Thank you Carla!
Dr. Phyllis Paterson, professor of Nutrition was profiled on Global News Saskatchewan on the role of nutrition in the
rehabilitation process of stroke patients. See full story.
Dr. Fred Remillard provided his expertise to CBC radio on the dangers of date rape drugs. See full story.
iCo Therapeutics recently announced positive Oral Amphotericin B study results from a technology developed by Drs.
Kishor Wasan and Ellen Wasan. See full story.
Dr. Anas El-Aneed received the 2014 Provost’s College Award
for Outstanding Teaching.
Dr. David Blackburn is reappointed as Chair in Patient
Adherence to Drug Therapy and Director of the Saskatchewan
Drug Utilization and Outcomes Research Team, with more than
$600,000 in financial support from AstraZeneca Canada, Pfizer
Canada, Merck Canada, and the Ministry of Health. David was
also highlighted as Researcher of the Month in September.
Kishor “Stilts” Wasan participated in this fall’s Kinspin to raise
much-needed funding for the College of Kinesiology’s Special
Needs programs.
Dean Wasan and Associate Dean Academic
Yvonne Shevchuk took the ALS Ice Bucket
Challenge in front of faculty and students. See the
The Dean’s newsletter is published every 2nd month.
Join us in celebrating our achievements by submitting your
updates to Merry Beazley and Kishor Wasan.
Dr. Ellen Wasan – Assistant Professor of Pharmacy
Professor Courtney Quiring – Lecturer in Pharmacy
Professor Rhett Carbno – Lecturer in Pharmacy
Stephanie Mulhall – Coordinator, Assessment and Evaluation
Tracy Everitt – Nutrition Professional Skills Coordinator
Dr. Bill Semchuk, Jennifer Bolt et al. – teaching Pharmacology for Nursing in Regina
Tanya Nystrom – teaching Pharmacology for Nursing in Yorkton
Isaac Asiamah – Sessional Lecturer (PHAR 201)
A warm welcome also to Susan Bens from the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness – Susan has kindly been
‘loaned’ to the College one day a week to provide her expertise in several curriculum-related initiatives in both Pharmacy
and Nutrition. She is located in 116.6 THORV on Mondays.
Sessional Lecturers – Barry Lyons (PHAR 462), Barry Ward (PHAR 408), Andrea Banadyga (NUTR 120 in Melfort), and
Ray Joubert and Lori Postnikoff (PHAR law and ethics)
Pharmacy academic staff – Amber Ly, Terry Damm, and Cynthia Thoms
Nutrition academic staff – Poppy Lowe and Cathy Langdon
New Assistant Dean Positions - As of July 1st, our division head positions were converted to assistant deans to reflect the
significant responsibilities of these roles. Drs. Roy Dobson and Gord Zello were appointed acting assistant deans of
Pharmacy, and Nutrition and Dietetics, respectively for the next six months. The divisions will confirm the terms of
reference for the new positions during this period, with searches to take place this fall. In part because of anticipated
retirements, the dean is working with HR and our staff to optimize our workforce with respect to College staff
administrative positions.
Thank You from UofS Safety – to Jane Cassidy, Jolene Johnson, and Shauna Gerwing, who have volunteered as licensed
Pharmacist ‘witnesses’ to work with Safety Resource staff on the disposal of controlled substances from various units.
Best Wishes on Your Sabbatical Leaves – to Drs. Ildiko Badea, Anas El-Aneed, and Kerry Mansell.
College Centennial – thank you to our alums, faculty, staff, and students for making the 2013-2014
College Centennial celebrations a great success!
Communications and Alumni Relations Specialist – this August, we bid a fond farewell to Heather
Dawson, who has moved to the new position of Events Coordinator with the University’s central
Advancement and Community Engagement unit. Thank you Heather, for all of your hard work,
enthusiasm, skills, and the wonderful spirit that you brought to the College. We are in the final stages
of recruitment for this position and hope to make the appointment very soon.
College Welcome, Vision and Implementation – On September 24, Dean Wasan presented a College-wide address to a
full house of faculty, staff, and graduate students.
The Annual Dobson BBQ and Huskie game was held on September 19 for faculty and staff to cheer on the Football
Huskies. Thank you to Jo and Roy Dobson.
The 4th annual Western Canadian Medicinal Chemistry Workshop was
held on campus Sept. 26-28. The workshop attracted 50 participants
from the pharmaceutical sciences. Drs. Ed Krol and David Palmer are
the organizers of the biennial event. Funging for the WCMCW is
provided by SHRF, NSERC, GSK, Merck, Gilead Alberta, K'Prime
Technologies, UofS PRISM Centre, and the Biological and Medicinal
Chemistry Division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry.
22nd Annual Pharmacy Professional Enhancement Day (PED) took
place on Sept. 25 . A presentation was given by Dean Wasan to over
150 participants addressing issues related to the future of healthcare.
Watch for the Nutrition PED in the New Year.
David Palmer (far left), Ed Krol (far right), and GSK WCMCW
poster award winners: Natasha Vetter, Erin Fenton,
Katherina Levedeba, Leah McGurn, and VVM
The 10th Annual Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony welcomes Year 1 pharmacy students to the
College and the profession of pharmacy. The event will be held on Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 2:00
p.m. in Room 1150, E-wing, Health Sciences Building. The keynote address will be given by Julia
Run for the Cure – faculty and staff are supporting our CAPSI students again this year with the
Breast Cancer Fundraiser, to be held October 5. Way to go everyone!
Light the Night – Also on October 5, staff and friends will support the mission of the Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society of Canada and honour the memory of Bev Allen.
2014 Simpson
Lecturer: Tim Green
associate professor in
Human Nutrition, UBC
Open House – On October 3, 11 am - 2:30 pm, the College will host a recruitment fair-style comeand-go outside the Apotex lab (E2130) for high school students, parents, and counsellors. Visitors
will have the opportunity to learn about our programs, meet current students, tour the Apotex
pharmacy skills lab, and play a fun Nutrition food-facts game.
Saskatchewan Public Health Nutrition Research Network Symposium: Integrating Research, Policy and Practice –
October 16-17. This symposium provides an overview of public health nutrition and presents perspectives from the
audience on priorities and directions in research, policy, and practice.
The Simpson Lecture will be held on October 16 at 7 pm in the Leslie and Irene Dubé Theatre, Health Sciences E-wing. Dr.
Tim Green will speak on mandatory folic acid fortification in Canada. Everyone is welcome and a reception will follow.
Nutrition 25 Anniversary – On Oct. 17 , a reception for SHR preceptors and College faculty and staff will be held for at
Louis’ Loft from 4 to 6 pm to mark the 25 years since the Division of Nutrition and Dietetics joined the College. A
celebration of the anniversary will take place in RQHR in the spring.
Pharmacy Career Fair – organized by the Student and Employment Career Centre, the fair will be held on Saturday,
October 18 at TCU Place from 11 am to 2 pm.
Analysis of Membrane Protein Clustering in Lymphocytes as a Putative Biomarker of
Therapeutic Efficacy in Mood Disorders – Dr. Hector Carucho (Pharmacy) received a SHRF
Establishment Grant ($120,000) for his work on biomarkers of depression.
Wuskiwiy-tan! Let's Move! Aging Well in a Northern Saskatchewan Métis Community –
Health sciences researchers, including co-investigator Dr. Hassan Vatanparast (Nutrition)
were recently awarded a $1.2 million CIHR operating grant to evaluate effectiveness of
Aboriginal healthy aging initiatives.
Surgery Quality Outcome Reports (SQORs): Low-cost Evaluation and Spread of a Surgery
Outcomes Improvement Program – researchers at UBC and co-investigator Dr. David
Blackburn (Pharmacy) were awarded a $390,000 CIHR Partnerships for Health System
Improvement grant.
Imaging Gene Delivery Nanoparticles Targeted to Melanoma – Dr. Ildiko Badea (Pharmacy)
and colleagues were recently awarded a $200,000 research grant from the Sylvia Fedoruk
Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation to develop and track the targeted delivery of drugs
using nuclear imaging.
Novel Treatment for Leber Congenital Amaurosis – Dr. Kishor Wasan and his UBC
colleagues were awarded a $236,000 research grant from the Foundation Fighting Blindness
of Canada to test a new compound against eye defects.
Drs. Carol Henry and Gord Zello are working with Dr. Bert Vandenberg, Plant Sciences and
colleagues at BRAC University in Bangladesh on a diet-based solution to iron deficiency. This
work recently received $120,000 seed funding from Grand Challenges Canada. See full
Alaverdashvili, M., Hackett M.J., Pickering, I.J., and Paterson, P.G. Laminar-specific distribution of zinc: Evidence for
presence of layer IV in forelimb motor cortex in the rat (2014). Neuroimage. Sep 2. pii: S1053-8119(14)00720-4. doi:
Botterill, J.J., Guskjolen, A.J., Marks, W.N., Caruncho, H.J., Kalynchuk, L.E. Limbic but not non-limbic kindling impairs
conditioned fear and promotes plasticity of NPY and its Y2 receptor(2014). Brain Structure and Function. doi:
Carlson, R.J., Doucette, J.R., Nazarali, A.J. Current developments in pharmacogenomics of multiple sclerosis (2014).
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. doi: 10.1007/s10571-014-0095-0.
Haddadi, A., Hamdy, S., Ghotbi, Z., Samuel, J., Lavasanifar, A. Immunoadjuvant activity of the nanoparticles' surface
modified with mannan (2014). Nanotechnology, 25 (35), art. no. 355101. doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/25/35/355101.
Langlois, I., Planché, A., Boysen, S.R., Abeysekara, S., Zello, G.A. Blood concentrations of d- and l-lactate in healthy
rabbits (2014). Journal of Small Animal Practice. doi: 10.1111/jsap.12247.
Mansell, K., Bootsman, N., Kuntz, A., Taylor, J. Evaluating pharmacist prescribing for minor ailments (2014).
International Journal of Pharmacy Practice. doi: 10.1111/ijpp.12128.
Smith, S.E., Figley, S.A., Schreyer, D.J., and Paterson, P.G. Protein-energy malnutrition developing after global brain
ischemia induces an atypical acute-phase response and hinders expression of GAP-43 (2014). PLOS ONE. doi:
Merlin Thangaraj, a third year PhD student studying under Dr. Adil Nazarali, was awarded
the 2014 AFPC/Rx&D National Student Research Poster Award at the AFPC conference for
her poster Functional Requirement and Regulation of SIRT2 during Oligodendrocyte
Development and Myelination. Co-authors included Ronald Doucette, Shaoping Ji, and Adil
Saniya Alwani, a second year MSc student in Dr. Ildiko Badea’s lab, received the Antoine
Noujaim Award of Excellence for her poster Amino Acid Functionalized Nanodiamonds as
Gene Delivery Vectors at the CSPS/Canadian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society
annual conference. Co-authors included Jackson M. Chitanda, Deborah Michel, Ron
Verrall, and Ildiko Badea.
Merlin Thangaraj is a 3rd
year PhD student in
Caitlin Strugari, also in Dr. Badea’s lab, received the UofS GlaxoSmithKline National
Summer Student Research Program Award and was invited to present her research on
cyclodextrin-based nanoparticles as a means to overcome drug resistance in melanoma at
the CSPS conference. Co-authors included Masoomeh (Ziba) Poorghorban, Deborah Michel, and Ildiko Badea.
Dr. Mark Hackett was awarded a CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship to continue his work on developing novel synchrotron
radiation techniques to image metabolic changes in the brain after stroke. Mark works in the labs of Ingrid Pickering,
Graham George, Phyllis Paterson, and Helen Nichol under a joint CIHR/Heart and Stroke Foundation team grant.
Solmaz Setayeshgar is highlighted in the Sept-Oct. Trainee Spotlight, a new feature on our website. Solmaz is a
finishing PhD student studying nutritional epidemiology. See full story.
Dr. Josh Buse, PhD graduate was recently awarded the Canadian Society of Mass
Spectrometry Best Grad Thesis Award for 2014! This award is chosen based on
the proven or potential impact of a thesis to the mass spec community. See full
Allison Cammer, PhD candidate was awarded a Dietetians of Canada Graduate
Student Award. Allison was also recognized with the Canadian Association on
Gerontology’s Schlegel‐U of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging Ph.D. Award for
academic success and dedication to practice and volunteer service with older
Solmaz Setayeshgar is completing her
PhD in Nutrition this month.
Graduate Scholarships – the College Graduate Awards Subcommittee awarded
scholarships to 18 MSc and PhD students. See full story. Maryam Kazemi (PhD
student in Nutrition was awarded a UofS International Dean's Scholarship and
Larisa Matwee (MSc student in Toxicology) was awarded an Inspire: Building
Brighter Futures bursary.
Students and instructors of the MAHN
program, Hawassa University.
Students and instructors of the Master’s in Applied Human Nutrition program at
Hawassa University (HU) were recognized at the Micronutrient Forum Global
Conference, in Ethiopia. Drs. Carol Henry, Susan Whiting, and Gord Zello work
with HU to build capacity for the program. The School of Nutrition, Food Science
and Technology at HU was recently named a Center of Excellence in Nutrition, one
of only two centers in Africa. See full story.
In Memory of Rafaela and Clara – Rafaela Andrade had just completed graduate studies with Dr. Phyllis Paterson, when
she, her husband, and daughter Clara were involved in a terrible car accident. Sadly, Rafa and Clara did not survive, but
their memory does, through Clara’s Play Day at the Park, an event that raises awareness for blood donation and
fundraises for the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.
Orientation for first year nutrition and pharmacy students was held in September with a SPNSS-sponsored lunch, followed
by a welcome from Dean Wasan, a review of policies, procedures, and the concept of professionalism by Associate Dean
Shevchuk, and presentations from SPNSS and faculty and staff introductions. The day ended with a BBQ co-sponsored by
the College and SPNSS, where first year students were introduced to ‘buddies’ in the College.
I-PASS (Inter-Professional Annual Students’ Symposium) took place on Sept. 17 and was organized by the Health Sciences
Students’ Association of Saskatchewan. The symposium introduces first year health science students to the concept of
inter-professional collaboration, explores inter-professional initiatives, and provides an overview of issues facing
Saskatchewan health services and the roles health professionals play in patient-centered care. Our College was a Gold
Sponsor of the event and Dean Wasan provided welcome remarks to the student delegates.
TurningPoint – the College’s Executive approved funding for a pilot project to enable faculty to use new technology in the
classroom. TurningPoint allows for added interaction between instructors and students.
BSP Students Contribute to MedSask Drug Information Service – A survey of callers to the consumer information line was
administered in June by Joanne Fontaine, 3 year pharmacy summer research student with medSask. Results indicated a
high level of satisfaction. Janelle Trifa, a 3 year summer research student, working with Dr. Rémillard and Karen Jensen,
conducted a focus group to evaluate training manuals for pharmacist-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for
insomnia. Participants provided excellent feedback and were very enthusiastic about the manuals and the opportunity to
introduce this service into their practices. MAC has also expressed a need for such a service and is hoping to incorporate it
into their program. The medSask annual Advisory Board meeting in August established a work plan for the year ahead.
SPEP Update – Shauna Gerwing and Dean Wasan delivered a warm welcome to
the students and coordinators at the annual Pharmacy 280 Service Learning
Recruitment and Appreciation Fair. Associate Dean Dr. Yvonne Shevchuk gave an
insightful and motivational speech on behalf of the College. The service learning
coordinators then provided information about their community organizations and
senior students shared their service learning experiences. Site information booths
offered 1 year student a chance to ask questions about service learning sites.
Thanks to Amber Ly and Claire Sutton, who worked hard to make the evening
informative and enjoyable.
Lindsay Chong (4th year) and Trevor Kwan
(3rd year) at the SWITCH booth, Recruitment
and Appreciation Fair.
The SHR Annual Nutrition Preceptor Workshop was held August 27, reports
Natasha Haskey, Coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetics Practice for SHRPreceptors. Year 4 students focussed on “Essential
Ingredients to Success,” involving upcoming Nutrition Professional Practice program changes, the new documentation for
the program, and the new student rating scale. Dietitians participated in a session on “Creating a Vision for the Future” to
discuss programming changes to ensure continued growth within the profession. Invited speaker Penney Murphy
provided an interactive session on stress management, dealing with difficult people, and team work.
PharmD Retreat – spearheaded by Dr. Yvonne Shevchuk, the retreat will be held Nov. 12-14 to plan the redesign of the
BSP to an entry-level PharmD. We are delighted that Professor Emeritus Linda Suveges has offered her continued
involvement and support in the planning. Thank you Linda!
Curriculum and Practicum Review – following a curriculum mapping project, the Division has been incorporating the new
integrated competencies into the BSc in Nutrition. Dr. Jim Blackburn has been contracted to lead a review of our
integrated Year 4 internship to gain improved manageability, incorporation of new competencies, and achievement of a
sustainable funding model. Dr. Shawna Berenbaum and Sharon Walker (RQHR) are co-chairing the steering committee
for the project.