How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?
If you would like to be involved in the Career Coaching Programme
there is a simple application and selection process. Please don’t let
this put you off: it is to ensure that the programme is appropriate to
you and that you are able and willing to attend all of the sessions.
The application process
Step 1
In no more than 400 words please tell us why you think the Career
Coaching Programme is right for you and what you hope to gain
from participating. Please send this as an attached Word document
to Clare Ebdon ([email protected]). Do not forget to
include your name, degree subject and college.
Closing date for applications is Friday 31st October 2014.
Step 2
If your application is successful you will be invited to a brief 5-10
minute discussion about the programme. This is an opportunity to
meet the Career Coaches and find out more about the programme.
Step 3
You will be provided with finalised details of the programme and
asked to sign a learning agreement. This is an outline of what you
can expect from us and what we will expect from
If I have any questions?
If you would like to find out more about the
programme before you apply please do not
hesitate to contact David Henderson
([email protected]).
Career Coaching
Is the coaching programme for me?
The programme is designed to support penultimate year
undergraduate students who are uncertain of their career options
and anxious about employability. The bullet points below will help
you to decide if it is right for you!
Yet to begin thinking about your future career?
Little or no work experience or employment?
Not actively involved in extra-curricular activities?
Unclear what skills and qualities employers are looking for?
Want to improve your self-confidence in respect of the
graduate job market?
What will I gain?
A lot depends on your willingness to participate in activities, but you
will develop your employability and career awareness:
Access to individual career coaching
Better prepared for job applications and interviews
Develop a professional CV
Michaelmas Term
Workshop: Self-awareness
Introduction to the programme with a focus on self-awareness and
how it relates to careers and employability.
Workshop: Opportunity awareness and effective applications
Identifying opportunities for employment, work experience and
volunteering. Developing effective CVs, covering letters and
application forms.
Individual: Consultation with Careers Coach
An opportunity to explore career ideas and discuss your CV.
Epiphany Term
Workshop: Interviews and assessment centres
An introduction to graduate recruitment techniques.
Workshop: Practice assessment centre
A practical activity designed to simulate typical assessment centre
activities. This will typically involve input from an employer.
Individual: Practice interview
30 minute practice interview focussing on competency and strength
based questions.
What is involved?
Easter Term
A commitment to attend:
5 workshops
2 individual appointments
The CCP involves a range of activities which will take place on a
Wednesday afternoon (14:30-16:30) and will be delivered by David
Henderson and Peter Fox from the Careers Centre.
Workshop: Plenary
Review of programme, student feedback and awarding of
Individual: Consultation with Careers Coach
Opportunity to discuss progress and next steps (optional).