Business Office

Business Office
Below is a list of Business Office employees and a brief description of the types of issues they
handle. If you have a question, please review the descriptions and call the appropriate person at the
number listed. If you cannot reach the person listed, please contact the manager to whom that person
reports. If you cannot find something that references your question, then contact the Director of
Business Operations and he will direct you to the appropriate person or answer the question himself.
Richard Swindell, Director of Business Operations: strategic oversight and
management of the department, emergencies, credit card issuance, monthly activity
report questions, vendor contract review, business insurance, food service
management, computer/faculty/staff & emergency loan requests, general accounting
procedure questions. (202)537-8124.
Angela Hare, Accounting Manager: oversees all daily operations for the Accounting
Office. (202)537-2411.
Keith Pierce, Accounts Payable Accountant: handles vendor information, invoices,
check requests. Please come in person to the Finance Office for copies of invoices and
to pick-up non-payroll checks. (202)537-2408.
Marilyn Wynn, Student Billing & Accounts Receivable Accountant: Student account
information, cash/check/credit card receipts (coins only if wrapped), Key payment &
loan plan, Tuition refund plan, Bus transportation. (202)537-2410.
Julie Welter, Payroll & Staff Accountant: Receives Credit Card and Advance
reconciliation forms and receipts, Receives hourly/semi-monthly time sheets and
substitute/tutoring/stipend forms for payroll processing, Handles paycheck and W-2
distribution. (202)537-2412. (to change payroll information, such as withholding,
address, retirement, please contact HR).
Anne Bahr, Financial Assistant: PO sheet order requests, office supply account set
up. (202)537-2405.
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If you do not find a reference for your question, please call the Director of Business
Below are three key important items to keep in mind:
1) Weekly Timesheets are due in Julie Welter’s mailbox every Monday by 10AM for all nonexempt/hourly employees. You will find a copy of an hourly timesheet included in your new hire
packet. Exempt employees will have their time reported semi-monthly, and a designated
person within your department or division will be responsible for completing the
department/division Attendance Form and submitting it to the payroll department. It will be your
responsibility to communicate with this person (and your supervisor) regarding any leave you
have taken as an exempt employee.
2) Accounts Payable (AP) does a weekly check run every Thursday, for items submitted to AP
prior to 10 AM Thursday morning. All payment requests should be turned in ASAP. The 10 AM
deadline is really for last minute items, and should not be treated as a target for submitting
payment requests. Early submission of requests gives time for the AP manager to review and
ask any questions that might arise, which helps assure that your vendor payment or
reimbursement is paid with the next check run.
3) Per the Employee Handbook the school will reimburse up to $50/day for receipt supported
meals during business related travel. Any unused portions of the $50 limit do not carry over to
the next day, and amounts exceeding the limit will not be reimbursed. If eating with others
employees please request that the ticket be split, paid separately, if possible, or list the
employees who participated in the meal so that the cost of the meal can be properly allocated
to the named employees.
The Business Office is here to help employees with reimbursements, loans, student billings,
and other business related activities. The department strives to treat employees in an equal
and consistent manner. There are exceptions, but those are rare and involve situations
where, hopefully, the community as a whole would see the need for a deviation from policy.
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