Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor Rev. Jose Fernandez-Banqueses, Parochial Vicar

October 19, 2014
Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor
Rev. Jose Fernandez-Banqueses,
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Maynard Nagengast, OSB, and
Rev. Bernard N. Mohan (Visiting Priests)
Weekend Masses
Saturday 4:30 PM, Sunday 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 Noon
and 5 PM (in Spanish)
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Fridays
after 11 AM Mass with Benediction at 3:45 PM.
Daily Masses
7:30 AM and 11 AM (except Saturday)
Miraculous Medal Novena
after Masses on Wednesdays.
215 Crescent Pkwy, Sea Girt, NJ 08750 Phone 732-449-6364 Fax 732-449-1646 Web
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Mass Intentions
Monday, October 20
St. Paul of the Cross
7:30 AM † Maggie Messick Conklin
† Linda A. Giannicola
† John McMahon
11:00 AM † Nan Gilsenan
† Susan Stanley Oberto
† Luigi Mazzella
Christopher Marvel
Maureen and Hugh Jamieson
Cae Allgor
Myles Gilsenan
John and Amy Longo
Tuesday, October 21
7:30 AM † 2nd Anniversary Joseph Lytle
† John Francis Walsifer
† Margaret Embon
11:00 AM † Walter Ferguson
† Frances McCarthy
† Catherine Walsh
Wednesday, October 22
Pope St. John Paul II
7:30 AM † Margaret McNulty
† Deborah Sisk
† Jane and Frank Heilmann
11:00 AM † Very Rev. Thomas R. Peterson, O.P.
† Sister Anne Powers
Special Intention Charlene Hanson
Thursday, October 23
Joseph and Georgeann Donatelli
Heilmann Family
Ertle and Sullivan Families
St. John of Capistrano
7:30 AM † Maureen McSweeney
† Special Intention
† James McNamara
11:00 AM Special Intention Donna Bailey
† Barbara Meyer
† Matthew McGuinness
Friday, October 24
Mary Lou Lytle
Maryann Apostolou
Perry Family
Ferguson Family
Pat McLaughlin
Peg Krauss
Daniel McSweeney
O'Meara Family
Ertle and Sullivan Families
Hamill Family
Kathleen Derella and Mary Dwyer
St. Anthony Mary Claret
7:30 AM † Masluk and Hilinski Families
† Adelina DiPaolo
† Raymond F. DeVoe, Jr.
11:00 AM † Marie Lynch
† Dolores Coyne
† Martin Dolan
Kathleen Santella
St. Mark's Parish Family
William Lynch
Tom and Pam Kenah
Introcaso Family
Saturday, October 25
7:30 AM † Father Richard Messenlehner
† Mary Jane Warshaw
† Deceased Members Frick Family
4:30 PM † Edward and Kathryn McGuirk
† Joan Russell
† Faye Lopez
Sunday, October 26
William Lynch
Brown Family
McGuirk Family
Looney Family
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:00 AM For the People of the Parish
10:00 AM † Norbert VanBergen
† Johanna Siderko
† Raymond Armistice Mills
12:00 PM † Bill Pertgen
† Latifia Abraham
† Rita Regenye
5:00 PM For the Spanish Community
VanBergen Family
Kathleen and Tom Jappe
Richard and Fran Bohacik
St. Mark's Choir Family
Millie and Sally Abraham
Jack Regenye
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Happy 1st Feast Day Pope St. John Paul II
The feast day of John Paul II has been decided! Traditionally, the feast of a saint is held
on their “arrival in heaven.” John Paul II died on April 2, 2005 but that day usually falls
during Holy Week. To guarantee his feast day will be solemnly celebrated every year,
the Vatican has decided his day of liturgical memory will be on October 22nd,
the Anniversary day of the Mass for the inauguration of his pontificate.
"Although I have lived through much darkness, I have seen enough evidence to be unshakably
convinced that no difficulty, no fear is so great that it can completely suffocate the hope that
springs eternal! Do not let that hope die. Stake your lives on it."
Blessed Beads
St. Mark’s parishioner, Sally Abraham, admits that her
Embarrassed, she explained that no one had cautioned
memory is not what it used to be, but she can still recall
her. The Pope then handed her a pair of Rosary beads
every detail of her meeting
which he blessed.* Reflecting
with Pope John Paul II.
back on that moment, she
Back in the late 1990s,
feels rather honored. She can
she accompanied a retired
even laugh about it now.
bishop, who was a
“I got hollered at by a saint!”
personal friend of the late
Those Rosary beads are a
Holy Father’s, for a private
cherished possession which
Mass in the Vatican’s
she prays on daily. That his
papal chapel. She received
feast day would be held during
Communion in the hand
the month of the Rosary
by the saint himself!
makes this gift from a saint all
After Mass, the small
the more special.
group of about 30 were
received by the Holy
*Peire of bedes” was an old
Father in a nearby
English expression meaning a set
reception area. When he
of Rosary beads but in America,
greeted Sally, he gently
the phrase was translated to a
Sally Abraham holds the white Rosary beads with the
scolded her for not receiving
“pair of Rosary beads.”
pouch which were given to her by St. John Paul II.
Communion on the tongue,
The photo in the picture frame captured the moment that
“You from America, huh!”
he handed them to her.
What’s Inside?
Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Isaiah 45:1, 4-6 I am the LORD, and there is no other,
besides me there is no God; I gird you, though you do
not know me...
Psalm 96:1, 3-5, 7-10 O sing to the LORD a new song;
sing to the LORD, all the earth!
1 Thessalonians 1:1-5 We give thanks to God always for
all of you, remembering you in our prayers, unceasingly.
Matthew 22:15-21 And Jesus said to them, “Whose
likeness and inscription is this?”
Treats for the Homebound ..................................... 5
It’s Almost Turkey Time ......................................... 5
ENCOMPASS ......................................................... 6
Regular Features
■ Liturgical Minister Schedule 4 ■ Pray for Military 4
■ Prayers for Healing 5 ■ Week at a Glance 5
■ Community Activities 7 ■ CYO News 7
Bulletin deadline: Monday at 2:00 PM (except before
Joanne Gibson, Editor Diana Zuna, Associate Editor
Email submissions to: [email protected]
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Next Weekend’s Liturgical Minister Schedule
Oct. 25/26
4:30 PM
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 Noon
5:00 PM
Glenn Skola
John Kemper
Anthony Granato
Jerry Zoufaly
Joe Walsh
Tom Hayes
Bob O’Neill
Richard Siderko
Harry Dunne
Ed Robinson
James Revel
Jim Mulvihill
Brendan Heslin
Carlos Solis
Bill Hannon
Matthew Grogan
Joseph Stillo
Jim Mulvihill
María Valdez
Julia Alvarado
Ministers of
the Eucharist
Joan Murphy
Mary Murphy
Peter Warshaw
Dan Crimmins
Rose Crimmins
Pam Zusi
Joan Wypler
Don McLaughlin
Mary McLaughlin
Marianne Sheridan
Mike Malia
Jim Mulvihill
Florence Guippone
Jim Revel
Carlos Zuna
Brígida García
Carlos Medina
Altar Servers
Casey Campbell
Tucker Farrell
Olivia Castello
Ryan Castello
Connor Prior
Casey Prior
Michael Anthony
Sally Tamayo
Lessly Sanchez
Brianna Alvarado
Cristian Gonzalez
Lessly Lazaro
Pam Pergen
Margaret Price
Victoria Napolitano
Victoria Gathmann
Ava Abrahamson
Children’s Choir
Breath of Life
Mary Bogan
Néstor Román
Espíritu de Vida
Nancee McManus and Doris Wilson
Altar Ladies
Readings for the Week
Please Pray for Our Military on Active Duty
Cpl. Ian Michael Rivera, USMC, Staff Sgt. Carmen
Maffucci, USAF, IS Second Class Brian Maffucci,
USCG, Lt. Nicholas Guariglia, USMC,
Specialist (SPC) Colin P. Marvel, US Army,
Lt. Commander Brenden Piccolo, USN,
Major Sean P. Cox, USMC, Major Kevin Ward,
US Army, Lt. Robert J. Bennett, USN
Monday: Eph 2:1-10; Ps 100:1b-5; Lk 12:13-21
Tuesday: Eph 2:12-22; Ps 85:9ab-14; Lk 12:35-38
Wednesday: Eph 3:2-12; Is 12:2-3, 4bcd-6; Lk 12:39-48
Thursday: Eph 3:14-21; Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 11-12, 18-19;
Lk 12:49-53
Friday: Eph 4:1-6; Ps 24:1-4ab, 5-6; Lk 12:54-59
Saturday: Eph 4:7-16; Ps 122:1-5; Lk 13:1-9
2015 Massbook Opens November 4
Our 2015 Massbook will open on Tuesday,
November 4th at 8 AM. Please note at this printing,
there were still openings in 2014, including Christmas
Eve and Day Masses.
In Loving Remembrance
We ask your prayers for our beloved
parishioners, family members and friends
who have recently died, especially Joyce and
John Sheridan and Lawrence V. Fitzgerald.
Our parish family extends its sympathy and
assurance of prayer to their family, friends,
and to all those mourning the death of a loved one.
May the Lord Jesus sustain them with His peace.
Please send an email to [email protected] if you
would like to add a name or change a rank. If you do not
have email, please call the Rectory at 732-449-6364 x100.
Day of Prayer
The members of the St. Mark’s Holy Name Society
will participate in a Day of Prayer at the San Alfonso
Retreat House in Long Branch on Monday, November
10th. If you are interested in attending, the activities
begin at 9:30 AM and conclude at 3:00 PM.
The cost is $25.00 to be paid the day of the event at
the Retreat House.
Cover photo: A waterfall during fall of the year is
available at
Last Weekend’s Collection
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Parish News and Upcoming Events
It’s Almost Turkey Time
St. Mark’s Social Concerns Committee will begin
this week to collect the necessary food items to provide
Thanksgiving Dinners for those in need in our area, as
well as the Mercy Center Food Pantry and Our Lady of
Mount Carmel Parish in Asbury Park. We are in need of
turkeys and frozen pies, which can be placed in the
freezer located in the church basement kitchen. Nonperishable items: stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams,
peas, corn, string beans, instant coffee bags and tea bags
along with sugar packets, can be put in the container
bins located at the entrances to the church. In the past
our parishioners have been most generous in response to
this drive and we hope for the same this year! Please
consider asking your neighbors if they have an extra
turkey to donate and we will arrange for pickup.
Thank you in advance for your
support and generosity. For information,
please contact Pat Cademartori at
732-449-4043, Linda Zoufaly at 732-9748879 or Jill Violette at 732-449-2305.
Is God Calling You?
Vocational discernment groups meet to assist
young men who are discerning the possibility that God
may be calling them to a life of priestly ministry. There
groups are designed to explore a priestly vocation with
other like-minded men through prayer and sharing
vocation stories and experiences. The group meetings
aren’t meant to convince anyone that the priesthood is
their vocation. They are designed to assist you in
discovering if the priesthood is your true vocation and
build your relationship with Christ along the way. If
you are a faithful, single, Roman Catholic man,
between the ages of 18 and 40, and are asking yourself
whether God is calling you to be a priest, you are
encouraged to attend the discernment meeting and
join Rev. Michael McClane and Rev. Tom Vala, as
they share their experiences of the priesthood,
followed by prayer and concluding with a great meal.
Gathering will be held next Sunday, October 26th
from 4 PM-6 PM at St. Gregory the Great, 4620
Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square. Register with the
Vocation Office at [email protected] or
call 609-406-7449. It’s an exciting time as you discover
and respond to His invitation.
Prayers for Healing
Patrick Wypler
Virginia Barnes
Anne Fleming
Richard McCarthy
Ken Hauck
George Lister
Charlene Hanson
Michael Sheridan
Enedina Marquez
Maralyn McKeon
Victor Bini
Efraín Montoya
This list of parishioners, relatives, and friends are in
need of your prayers for healing. Please note that the
pastor’s policy to ensure the consent of the person whose
name appears here requires that only they or a family
member may request a name be added to this list.
Also, call 732-449-6364 ext. 100 if you would like a
Communion visit or anointing of the sick.
Treats for the Homebound
On Tuesday, October 30th before
9 AM, all parishioners are invited to bring
candy and cookies to the church basement
for our All Hallows’ Eve giŌ baskets.
Each year, St. Mark’s Social Concerns
delivers these goodie baskets to our parishioners who
are homebound. Several recipients have commented
that it means so much to them to receive this giŌ from
their parish community.
This Week at a Glance
Weekend, October 18/19
Second collection is for World Mission Sunday.
Thank you for your generosity!
Champion for Life dinner honoring Mary Reilly, our
CYO Director, will be held at Doolans at 5 PM.
(Reservations only.)
Tuesday, October 21
Virtus training at 6:30 PM in the church basement for
all volunteers of St. Mark’s who are working with youth
or vulnerable adults here. For details, please call Donna
O’Meara in the Rectory at 732-449-6364 ext. 100.
Next Weekend, October 25/26
Right to Life Raffle tickets on sale outside after
all weekend Masses.
Rite of Welcoming Mass at 10 AM for all our
Confirmation candidates. There will be a Parent/Child
meeting after Mass to answer any questions regarding
Sponsors, saint names, and service for preparation for
Confirmation. Refreshments will be served.
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All and
Parish News
All Souls’ Mass falls on a Sunday this year.
Msgr. Flynn will celebrate the 12 Noon Mass on Sunday,
November 2nd in commemoration of the faithful of the
parish who died over the past year. Yes, this Mass fulfills
your Sunday obligation. Our Bereavement Committee is
sending out invitations to families of all those whose
loved ones from St. Mark’s died this past year. All are
invited to this beautiful celebration where the names of
the deceased are read and a chime is rung in their
May God's mercy illuminate the darkness and give
meaning to life's trauma and burdens. Yes, death is real,
and pain is real. But so are hope and mercy. Let’s join
the families at this Mass as they celebrate the lives of
their departed love ones.
“It is a holy and a wholesome thought to
pray for the dead, that they may be
loosed from sins.”
2 Macabees 12:46
All Souls’ Novena
Say once a day for nine days, starting this Friday, October
24th and ending on Saturday, November 1st, All Saints Day
(the eve All Souls Day).
God our loving Father, your power brings us to birth.
Your providence guides our lives,
and by your command we return to dust.
We pray for our dead loved one’s, especially for N…….
May all those who have been dear to me in life
find a place with you in heaven.
We pray for all the souls yet in purgatory.
Lord, those who die sƟll live in your presence, their lives
changed, but not ended.
We pray in hope for our families, relaƟves and friends,
and for all the dead whose faith is known to you alone.
In company with Christ who died and resurrected
may they rejoice in your kingdom
where all tears are wiped away.
Unite us together again as one family to sing your praise:
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches,
wisdom and strength, honor and glory and praise.
To the One seated on the throne, and to the Lamb,
be praise and honor, glory and might, forever and ever! (Rev.)
A Catholic Men’s Group for a New Spiritual Direction
1% of Catholics Can Change the Direction of the World!
We are a group of about 22 men who have started meeting once a week on Wednesday
before 7:30 AM Mass from 6:30 AM to 7:20 AM. Our focus is on spiritual reading and sharing.
Free books and free coffee! We are eager to build on our success!
*This is not a fundraising group. Open to all Catholic men.
For daily inspiration, visit
Starts with your investment of
1 Hour, 1 Wednesday a Week!
Interested? Just join us! For details, email
Jim Sheridan at [email protected] or contact Stan Ciemniecki,
Thomas Albin or Rich Sudowsky.
Pg. 7
CYO Fall 2014 Schedule by Mary Reilly
Many thanks to St. Mark's Holy Name Society and all
those who are sponsoring our participation this
weekend at the Champion for Life dinner. We extend
our heartfelt gratitude!
St. Mark's CYO
N.B. Sophomores bring refreshments in October. Juniors bring
them in November. Seniors bring them in December. Thanks!
Sunday, Oct. 19: 4:15-8:15 PM. Champion for Life
dinner at Doolan’s Shore Club. Service night, senior
awards, and dinner. Permission slips required.
Tuesday, Oct. 21: 6:30 PM. Virtus training for CYO
volunteer parents at Church.
Sunday, Oct. 26: 7:30-9 PM. Improv Jam. Tons of
fun!!! Sophomores bring Halloween refreshments.
Sunday, Nov. 3: 7-8:30 PM. CYO Fall Bowling Night
at Lanes at Sea Girt. Permission slip required.
Saturday, Nov. 15: 9:30 AM to 2 PM. Service Day at
soup kitchen at Trinity Episcopal Church in Asbury
Park. Permission slip required.
Sunday, Nov. 16: 7:30-9 PM. Operation Christmas
Child. Bring a shoe box, toys, and wrapping paper.
Sunday, Nov. 23: 7:45-8:45 PM. Thanksgiving with
our families.
Saturday, Dec. 6 and Sunday, Dec. 7: CYO Christmas
Wreath sale at all Masses.
Sunday, Dec. 7: 7:30-9 PM. CYO Christmas Party with
gift exchange. Also Operation Christmas Socks.
Sunday, Dec. 14: 6-7:30 PM. Christmas Caroling at
Care One at Wall. Permission slip required.
This calendar is subject to change. God bless you all!
Mrs. Mary Reilly
Email: [email protected]
Sunday, Nov. 9: NJEA convention weekend. No meeting.
Community Activities
Journey on Your Path to Healing
Broadway Retreat at Sacred Heart in Bay Head
Experiencing the loss of a loved one brings changes into
our lives on multiple levels. It is with these changes in
mind that you are invited to attend a series of unique
workshops to aid you as you journey on your path to
healing. Area experts will cover topics such as emotional
well-being, financial decision making, tips on reducing
stress and more. There is no charge for any of the
programs and they will be held at the Manasquan
Recreation Annex, 67 Atlantic Ave., Manasquan.
Programs begin on Wednesday, October 15th.
Call Linda Conroy from O’Brien Funeral Home at
732-449-6900 for information about the programs and
registration. All are welcome.
Sacred Heart Parish Hall, 751 Main Ave., Bay Head,
presents a Broadway Retreat on Thursday, November 6th,
from 7 PM-9 PM. Enjoy a Broadway performance of
faith-inspired songs, personal testimony and faith-sharing
with Broadway performer Kathy Deitch. She performed
on Broadway in Wicked and Footloose. She has also
appeared in other productions including Hair, The
Maiden's Prayer, A Girl Named Dusty, A Midsummer
Night's Dream and Rent. Her TV/Film credits include,
The Big C, Raising Hope, Law and Order, Cupid and
Going the Distance. Admission is $10 per person. For
information, contact Dawn Rusinko at
[email protected] or call the Parish office at
Mass with Fr. Pio Mandato
This Monday, October 20th, St. Dominic’s Church,
250 Old Squan Rd., Brick, will host Fr. Pio Mandato,
who is the Godson of St. Padre Pio, as he celebrates Mass
at 7 PM. After Mass, Fr. Pio will offer an individual
blessing with the glove of the saint.
Holy Innocents Church Eucharistic Adoration
Holy Innocents Church, Neptune, has Eucharistic
Adoration every Thursday (except Holy Days and
holidays) from 9:30 AM to 9 PM. They schedule two
people each hour and need help. Please call Carol at
732-904-0305 if you can assist.
Invitation from The Knights of the Holy Eucharist
Attention, single Catholic men, ages 18-30: The Knights
of the Holy Eucharist, a community of consecrated
brothers dedicated to fostering reverent devotion to Our
Eucharistic Lord, invite you to discern your vocation at
their House of Formation, located at the Shrine of the
Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL. Learn more
at Also, the Knights (who have members
from around the country) offer hospitality to priests.
Any priest who would like to make a private retreat at the
Shrine (totally free of charge) can visit
for information or to make reservations.
Pg. 8
Iglesia de “San Marcos” Apostolado Hispano
Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor
Rev. Jose Fernandez-Banqueses, Vicario Parroquial
[email protected]
Teléfono: 732 449-6364 ext. 122
Misa Dominical: Domingo 5:00 PM
CONFESIONES: Todos los domingos de 4:00 PM-4:45PM.
También pueden llamar a la rectoría en caso de emergencia
ext. 122.
SACRAMENTO DEL BAUTISMO: Los padres de familia que
deseen celebrar el sacramento del Bautismo. Para más información
llamar a la oficina ext. 100.
CLASES DE RELIGION: Se ofrecen clases de Religión todos los
domingos antes y después de la Santa Eucaristía desde los grados:
(Pre-k, K hasta el 8th grado).
Para los adultos se ofrece RICA en Español. Las inscripciones se
llevan a cabo cada año entre los meses Mayo a Septiembre. Para más
información llamar a la oficina ext. 100.
SACRAMENTO DEL MATRIMONIO: Las parejas que deseen
celebrar el Sacramento del Matrimonio, Para más información
llamar a la oficina ext. 100.
Horario de oficina en Español:
Lunes, Martes & Miércoles 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Diana Zuna, Apostolado Hispano
[email protected]
Teléfono: 732 449-6364 ext. 100
Fax: 732 449-1646
MINISTERIO DE MUSICA: Les invita a las personas que deseen
cantar otocar cualquier instrumento musical, les invitamos a que se
integren al coro en español de San Marcos, la persona Néstor
Román. Vengan a cantar al Señor Jesús.
CIRCULO DE ORACION: La Renovación Carismática en el
Espíritu Santo "Al Encuentro con Jesús" te invita a que vengas a
encontrarte con El Señor Jesús a través de oraciones y alabanzas,
ven y gózate en la presencia del Señor, ahora con el Ministerio de
Música Carismática: "Sembrando Esperanza." Te esperamos todos
los días viernes a las 6:30 PM. No faltes, Cristo te espera Salmo 150!
Alabe al Señor todo ser que respire!
TRANSPORTACION: Ofrecemos transportación a las personas
que viven en Pt Pleasant, Brielle, Manasquan, Sea Girt, Bradley
Beach & Belmar durante todo el año. Mandar un texto o llamar los
domingos a Diana Zuna al 908-783-4221 antes de las 2:00 PM si
necesitas este servicio.
Presentación de las Ofrendas para 19 Octubre
Evelia García y familia
Vigésimo Noveno Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Primera Lectura: Isaías 45, 1. 4-6. El Señor llamó a
Ciro, su ungido, para que sometiera a las naciones y
desbarataba la potencia de los reyes. “Yo soy el Señor y
no hay otro; fuera de mí no hay Dios”.
Salmo Responsorial: Salmo 95, 1-10. Aclamen la gloria
y el poder del Señor.
Segunda Lectura: 1 Tesalonicenses 1, 1-5. Con acciones
de amor, fe y esperanza, los tesalonicenses reflejaron la
aceptación del evangelio. Pablo dio gracias a Dios por la
fe de los tesalonicenses y oró por ellos.
Evangelio: Mateo 22, 15-21. Los fariseos buscaron la
manera de acusar a Jesús. Le preguntaron si estaba
permitido pagar el impuesto al Cesar. Pero Jesús tomó
la moneda romana y les dijo: “Den, pues, al César lo
que es del César, y a Dios lo que es de Dios”.
Lecturas y Calendario para esta Semana
20 Lunes: Memoria opcional de san Pablo de la Cruz.
Ef 2:1-10; Sal 100 (99):1b-5; Lc 12:13-21.
21 Martes: Ef 2:12-22; Sal 85 (84):9ab-14; Lc 12:35-38.
22 Miércoles: Memoria opcional de san Juan Pablo II.
Ef 3:2-12; Is 12:2-3, 4bcd-6; Lc 12:39-48.
23 Jueves: Memoria opcional de san Juan Capistrano.
Ef 3:14-21; Sal 33 (32):1-2, 4-5, 11-12, 18-19; Lc 12:49-53.
24 Viernes: Memoria opcional de san Antonio María
Claret, obispo. Ef 4:1-6; Sal 24 (23):1-4ab, 5-6;
Lc 12:54-59.
25 Sábado: Memoria opcional de santa María Virgen.
Ef 4:7-16; Sal 122 (121):1-5; Lc 13:1-9.
Virtus “Protegiendo a los Niños de Dios” Octubre 21, 2014
La Diócesis de Trenton estará conduciendo un taller de VIRTUS llamado “Protegiendo a los Niños
de Dios” el día martes Octubre 21, 6:00 PM en el sótano de la Iglesia.
Este taller es solo para catequistas o voluntarios que trabajan con niños y todavía no han asistido.
El taller será bilingüe y es solamente para adultos.
Pg. 9