The Global eBook report 2014: New updates and new features

The Global eBook report
2014: New updates and new
Updates in 2014: April and
The Global eBook report provides an overview of the
international evolution of ebook markets, with a
unique set of data from a wide array of the best available
sources, a thorough analysis and a synopsis of key global
developments and a broad set of detailed references to
both global and local actors, forming a resource for anyone
interested in the globalization of digital (book) content production and dissemination.
The report offers a status on the US and UK markets as well
as close ups on ebook markets as they take shape across
Europe, Brazil, China, India, Russia, and in the Arab
world. Thematic chapters focus on critical policy debates
and on key driving forces, notably ebook bestsellers and
pricing strategies across European markets, selfpublishing, government regulation, piracy, and the expanding activities of the leading global players such as
Amazon, Apple, Google, and Kobo. Fundamental statistics
on the more mature ebook markets in the US and UK serve
as benchmarks, to help with the evaluation of data from
all other market developments.
Started in 2011, the Global eBook report will be updated
in April and in October 2014, with presentations at the
London Book Fair, Publishers Forum Berlin, and the Frankfurt Book Fair.
The Global eBook report is available at all major international ebook plaforms, in ePub, PDF and Amazon’s Kindle.
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Introducing “eBook Yellow
Pages”, a dedicated B2B
The eBook Yellow Pages highlight and organize B2B references to relevant companies and organizations involved
in the context of evolving ebook markets.
The eBook Yellow Pages point to companies according
to categories such as the following:
• Distributors and aggregators
• eBook-only publishing startups and sub-divisions of
traditional publishing houses
• eBook service providers
• Specialized educational programs
The references will appear
The Global eBook Report 1
1. In a new, special section of the Global eBook report,
with a company name, a link to a company website,
and optional advertisement
2. At the end of each market close up chapter
3. In an index, in alphabetical order of the listed companies
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the eBook Yellow Pages
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Advertisements will allow companies to have
their logo and personalized profile highlighted
with the company name and link.
The advertisement will be live in the report for the full
year of 2014. Bookings with submissions before March 5,
2014, will have the early bird benefit of appearing both in
the spring (April) update (which will be promoted at the
London Book Fair and the Berlin Publishers Forum), as well
as in the fall (October) update (with promotion at the
Frankfurt Book Fair.
Advertisements have a standard size of 80x80 mm
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rate, instead of the regular 300 Euros).
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Global eBook Yellow Pages
Aggregators and distributors
Bookwire is a Frankfurt-based aggregator offering smallto medium-sized companies easy access to the ebook
market. Bookwire is serving all relevant German dirtibuting platforms and is offering DRM-protected as well as watermarked files.
2 The Global eBook Report
eDigita is a distribution service in Italy, founded by three
publishing companies —GeMS/Messaggerie, Rcs, and Feltrinelli, representing a combined market share of about
30% of Italian trade publishing— took the initiative in May
2010 and joined forces to create a consortium platform for
the distribution of ebooks, branded , which claims to offer
a solution “from publishers to publishers, for the emergence and development of books in digital formats.”
Elib, founded in 2000 and owned by the Swedish publishing companies Bonnier, Natur & Kultur, Norstedts (of the
KF group), and Piratförlaget is Scandinavia’s biggest ebook
Epagine —which also has a Dutch branch— is a generalsolutions provider founded in 2008 for (currently) 177
publishers and bookshops specializing in ebooks.
KN Digital, a branch of the distributor KNA, is a “full-service
provider for digital media”, which includes digital distribution, ecommerce solutions, print on demand, conversion,
digital warehousing (or hosting), and marketing services
for ebooks.
Sony Readerstore: In December 2012, Sony opened its own
dedicated ebook store after having partnered exclusively
with traditional book retailers in Germany.
Txtr, based in Berlin, offers a broad range of distribution
services on various platforms, notably for retailers, usually
in the form of white label shops under their customers’
YouBoox is a streaming service created in 2011, which
could expand its services and its capital in summer 2013.
eReading platforms and communities
Clearpassion is an online library of 2000 titles specialized
on erotic literature and founded by a former executive of
Nubico, opening in fall 2013, is proposing a combined
ebook subscription with the participation at a digital reading community at a flat rate of €8.99 per month. The platform is co-owned by Planeta’s Circulo de Lectores and the
market leader in mobile communication, Telefonica.
However, Nubico is not the first subscription service for
ebooks in Spain, as the model has been pioniered by
24Symbols with a current collection of 15,000 titles.
Skoobe is a consortium led by Bertelsmann and Holtzbrinck that specializes in lending ebooks as a “mobile library” via an app in the Apple App store or from Google Play.
Zazie is a social network specializing in books and reading,
and belongs to the Italian ebook service provider digitpub.
eBook-only publishing startups and
sub-divisions of traditional publishing
B de Books was launched in November 2011 as a spin off
of Barcelona-based Ediciones B to become Spain’s first
digital-only book publisher to experiment with new approaches for the book business in several regards, including competitively low pricing of its titles.
Emma Books is catering, as a digital publisher, to a predominantly female readership, similar to Canadian Harlequin.
The Global eBook Report 3
Novellix is a Swedish startup founded in May 2011, specializing in the publication of short stories and other books
with a limited volume of around 32 pages each, which are
released in print, audio, and ebook formats. Novellix’s titles
include one of the early ebook bestsellers in Sweden: Heder, by Jens Lapidus (Publishing Perspectives, July 30, 2012).
the ebook store BookRepublic and two ebook publishing
ventures: 40k, specializing in short digital-only books, both
fiction and essays, most released in several languages, including Italian and English.
Educational platforms and organizations
Roca Editores launched a new platform for self-publishing:
Rocautores in 2012. Roca Editores also announced a partnership with Jane Friedman’s Open Road Integrated Media, to prepare an English-language ebook series with its
“Barcelona Ebooks” spin-off (read more here).
eBook service providers
DigitPub was founded in 2011 in Milan by former Harlequin
Mondadori president Marco Ferrario; the group comprises
The Global eBook Report
IfBookThen is an Italian conference format, focusing on
ebook market development; the conference series has expanded in 2012 from Italy to Sweden and Spain.
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