Panhellenic Council General Body Minutes February 4, 2014 Time: 8:00pm

Panhellenic Council General Body Minutes
February 4, 2014
Location: Alpha Chi Omega House
Time: 8:00pm
Panhellenic Council Mission: To foster a supportive Greek community of critical thinkers and intentional interactions
by serving as positive resource and example.
Call to Order
Roll Call and Chapter Announcements
Guiding Inspiration
1. From Alpha Chi Omega: “Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth
or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.” —
Hillary Clinton
Announcement from March of Dimes
75th anniversary this year
mission includes decreasing premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality
provides new moms with info and funds research
partner with cwru and uh
march for babies at wade oval this year on april 27th
hope to raise over $500,000
more students involved in walk
lots of volunteer opportunities
internship opportunities are available (see info packet)
Panhellenic Bulletin
A. GCEC: Anna Hirsch (amh184)
1. Faculty Friday is this week! The registration link is available through the whole
semester on the Greek Life website calendar. Tell your chapters to attend!
B. Members-At-Large: Kara Richardson and Brian Hayt (kar92, bah79)
1. Giortaste, the annual Greek Awards ceremony, will be Monday April 14th and Lou
Stark, our new VP of Student Affairs, is the keynote speaker! Mark your calendars
now, you won't want to miss it!
C. VP of Finance: Jordan Trump (jet82)
1. Panhel dues
a) info sheet/amount due is in folder
b) contact jordan with questions
Old Business
New Business
A. VP of Recruitment: Kelly Buchanan (klb150)
1. Now that recruitment is over and everyone has new member classes, where do you
think we are as a community in terms of "values based recruitment"?
conversations were more values based this year
members were better educated about values based recruiting thanks to prerecruitment
phired up workshops helped a lot, everyone benefitted, conversations were better
went into recruitment feeling good about values based recruitment, but we missed the
mark -- room for improvement
from rho chi perspective: girls were making decisions based on values, not on stereotypes
B. PHC Delegate Discussion:
1. From Alpha Chi Omega:
Referring to this passage: "Does slapping three Greek letters on my resume
increase my merit, my social standing or my competence? I do not believe so. Yet
somehow, being Greek is automatically associated with being a smarter, stronger and
more driven young man or woman. Greek life boasts that once a brother or sister, you
will have the tools to be a better leader, socialite and student. While that is true for many
young men and women, the message should be that Greek life can help you become a
better individual, not that you need Greek life to become a better individual. - See more
For many of us, greek life provides very unique opportunities for leadership,
personal growth and skill building, so why is it that these women feel that they found
no benefits in the greek system, when so many of us seem to? What was different
about their experience and how can we change some of the stereotypes brought up in
this article, such as "paying for friends" or the superficiality of recruitment. What about
these stereotypes might be at least partially true and how do we address these issues?
initial reaction = upset but after reading it a couple times it seemed less offensive
women who wrote the article chose not to participate for misconstrued reasons
some things in article were obviously false
we know what our rules are so we shouldn’t be offended by misconstrued rules
we get out of greek life what we put into it
greek life is great if we put in the effort - women who wrote article didn’t put in
article was contradictory to personal experience
avoid coming across as exclusive
comparison of formal recruitment to courting ritual
ritual/traditions should be savored
job fair, networking events are exactly like formal recruitment
formal recruitment is the best way to give everyone a chance to get to know all of
the chapters, superficiality aside
formal recruitment = values based recruitment
after recruitment some people are rude to nms who joined other chapters. does this
enforce superficiality?
how can we react to article without overreacting?
we need to live our values/show our values in order to prove article-writers wrong
observer has portrayed greek life negatively recently. we should try to get positive
recognition in observer
fraternity men shared this article and seemed to agree with this article. IFC should have a
conversation about this also
little credibility in article
make it known how great we are. make sure people realize facts: greeks have higher gpas
and leadership involvement
continue to have pride in our own organizations, we don’t need to react back
observer tends to attract negative articles
who says we need greek life to be a better person
we have all had great experiences as greek members so we like to tell people about it -- we
need to be careful not to be too pushy about it
article was meant to bring discussion - we should use the article to reflect on what we’re
doing in the community
keep living in a way that will prove stereotypes wrong
40% of women on campus are greek!!!!
Upcoming Dates to Remember
Faculty Friday:
Dr. Sri
Faculty Friday:
Dr. Mano
Culture of Care
Alpha Phi: Red
Dress Gala
Delta Gamma:
Panhellenic Council Executive Board Office Hours
President - Mikaela Fenn (mrf63): Monday 1:00-2:00, Friday 9:30-10:30
GCEC - Anna Hirsch (amh184): Monday 2:30-5:00, Thursday 1:00-3:30
VP of Administration - Shriya Kannan (sxk797): Tuesday 9:30-11:30
Member at Large - Kara Richardson (kar92): Wednesday 2:00-4:00
Member at Large - Brian Hayt (bah79): Wednesday 3:00-5:30
Theme: Giortaste...What is it?
VP of Finance - Jordan Trump (jet82): Tuesday 8:30-9:30, Friday 12:30-1:30
VP of Membership Development- Sydney Pierce (sjp96): Friday 2:15-4:15
VP of Recruitment - Kelly Buchanan (klb150): Monday 11:00-12:30, Wednesday 11:00-12:30
VP of Social Responsibility - Nicole Cornelius (nmc41): Tuesday 2:30-3:30, Wednesday 3:30-4:30
VP of Service - Holly Johnson (hrj9): Monday 12:30-2:30
VP of Communications - Hannah Olson-Williams (heo3): Tuesday 11:30-1:00, Wednesday 10:15-12:15
Theme: How can we effectively use Greek Life bulletin board space?