@ Trumpington
@ Cherry Hinton Road
October 2014
No: 61
It's rather difficult to sum up Lance's final weekend in a few words. Where
does one start? With the celebration on Saturday evening, when Emmanuel
folk brought contributions of food, resulting in a splendid feast for all? Or
the sight of so many who have come to know and appreciate Lance in all
his roles in Cambridge, working for the wider church as well as our two
congregations? It was so good to see the church packed with people sitting
round tables in a relaxed atmosphere, listening to Mark Dawes playing
gentle jazz numbers on the piano and meeting
lance’s farewell weekend 2-3 those coming to wish Lance well for his new
emmanuel—the next steps 3 life of ministry in Amsterdam.
4 So, after all had eaten sumptuously, the
music in emmanuel
5 entertainment began, put together almost
emmanuel forum
5 single-handedly by Jane Bower, though helped
commitment for life
6 and advised by others.
‘earth connect’ display
Stephen Thornton (a very polished and
CHR tuesday fellowship
accomplished MD, dressed in his dinner suit)
regular meetings
and led us through the
cambridge area meeting
9 introduced
visitors from zimbabwe
10 proceedings.
bible society
10 There was a lightning trip through Lance's life,
hila rious
a nd
innova tive
peter kardos
11 providing
‘awayday’ report
12-13 interpretations of various photos dug out from
pastoral and prayer news
13 family albums. These were mounted in a
house groups
13 wonderful book for Lance, supplemented by
road peace service
many contributions from friends and members
advent miscellany
of Emmanuel, which Jan spent many hours
castle end mission
2015 URC diaries, etc.
15 putting together.
16 Then we had the “interview”. This was
text for the year
16 conducted by David Reynolds (not actually
present) but recorded apparently interviewing
Lance, who answered the questions with choice words which had been
extracted from his sermons. How long that took to put together can only be
imagined. It has to be heard to be appreciated!
Lance and Sally were invited to come up and receive some gifts. Rather
than speak, Lance brought out his guitar to sing his farewell- a very
touching number in the style to which we have become accustomed. Lance
and Sally thought that was the end of the evening.
But no, there was the song, written by Jane, substituting new words to a
compilation of well known tunes (The times they are a changin', A mouse
lived in a windmill, Tulips from Amsterdam and Let's face the music and
dance) which I'm sure most of you knew about, having been urged to
practise it at home. After the choir began, all were invited to come up and
join in. A wonderful end to the evening.
Sunday was of course very different, with a welcome to Imke Esmann, our
new Time for God Worker from Germany; the induction of 4 elders for a
further term of service; admission of new members Richard Bowman, Beth
and Mike Humphries; and communion. The sermon should be read by those
who couldn't be there (it is on the Emmanuel web-site) as it fitted perfectly
with our time together as a community of God's people. A time to be so
thankful for all that Lance has brought to this community.
We were all invited to stay for coffee and a piece of Liz Barrow's fantastic
cake. William McVey asked Lance to come and say some final words to those
The whole weekend was a fitting tribute to Lance's ministry and I hope that
he will take away very happy memories of it.
We know that a group will be going to Lance's induction, (Johann Friedrich
will also be there) sending him on his way with many blessings for his future
Huge thanks should go to those who gave so much time putting the
weekend together: Jan, Jane, Mark, Liz, Margaret, David, Stephen and
many, many more.
Pippa Jones
Emmanuel—The next Steps
After bidding Lance farewell, we enter a period of reflection and planning. The
elders have met with Paul Whittle to discuss the processes followed by the
United Reformed Church when a new minister is being sought. These involve
the appointment of an Interim Moderator, a Vacancy Committee, and the
drawing up of a pastorate profile. Scoping is not yet known - it may be that
the minister whom we call will serve Emmanuel and another congregation.
It would be very helpful for members and friends to discuss informally what
they would like to see happen, both in terms of the personal qualities looked
for, (don’t say someone just like Lance!), and in thinking outside what may
seem to be a very comfortable box. How might co-operation develop across
the city of Cambridge? Above all, please pray for the congregation and those
responsible for nurturing it.
Margaret Thompson, Secretary to the Church meeting
Sunday Morning Worship at Trumpington Street (TS) at 10.45am.
And at Cherry Hinton Road (CHR) at 10.30am.
Nursery (TS) from 10.30am.
Choir practice (TS) Sundays at 9.30am
Wednesday 1st
Sunday 5th
1.00 Lunchtime Concert. See p.5
7.30 Elders Meeting
TS Morning Worship with Communion.
Revd Elizabeth Caswell.
CHR Alison Smith.
Wednesday 8th
Saturday 11th
Sunday 12th
1.00 Lunchtime Concert. See p.5
Eastern Synod at Witham URC.
TS Morning Worship. Revd Pat Heap.
CHR Chris Wright. Communion.
Tuesday 14th
Wednesday 15th
Friday 17th
Sunday 19th
7.30 Worship Group. See p.8
10.30 Ferried Friends. See p.8
1.00 Lunchtime Concert. See p. 5
7.00 Bible Society Autumn Meeting. See p.10
TS Morning Worship. Revd Michael Jagessar.
CHR John Boocock.
Monday 20th
Tuesday 21st.
Wednesday 22nd
Sunday 26th
7.15 for 7.45 Cambridge Area Partnership Meeting. p.9
7.30 Emmanuel Forum. Dr David Reynolds. See p.5
1.00 Lunchtime Concert. See p.5
TS Morning Worship. Revd Ian Randall.
CHR Maureen Kendall
7.00 Taize Service at TS.
Monday 27th
Wednesday 29th
2.30 New After Eights. See p.9
1.00 Lunchtime Concert. See p.5
Sunday 2nd November TS Morning Worship with Communion.
Revd Chris Baker.
CHR Revd Peter Peirce. Communion.
Jennifer Bastable contralto
Ian de Massini piano
Mifune Tsuji
Paul Jackson piano
Jin Theriault saxophone
Matthew McCombie piano
Christina Stuart cello and piano
Patrick Hemmerlé piano
Katy Edgcombe alto
Antony Warren tenor
Matt Kelly viola
John Richens piano
"Lachrymae" and "Abraham & Isaac"
and songs by Frank Bridge
for alto, viola and piano
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
Chopin 2nd Ballade
Schumann 3 Fantasiestucke
Shostakovich Cello Sonata.
Making Peace with the Great War
Professor David Reynolds
This year has been pre-occupied with the centenary of the outbreak
of World War One. Is this good or bad? What are our debts of
remembrance to the dead? Are we too obsessed with past wars?
What can we learn from the ways we come to terms with death and
bereavement in family life? These are some of the issues David
Reynolds will raise in asking how we can make peace with the most
costly and problematic war in British history.
Tuesday 21st October at 7.30pm
Followed by discussion—ending at 9.00pm
Commitment for Life is the world development
programme of the United Reformed Church.
We encourage participating churches to take
action, pray and give for people across the
world but especially in our four partner
countries/region of Bangladesh, Central America(Honduras, Guatemala.
Nicaragua and El Salvador), Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory
and Zimbabwe. We work in partnership with Christian Aid and The World
Development Movement raising over half a million pounds a year
In Emmanuel the focus is on Israel and the Palestinian territories, and after
the recent conflict, there is an urgent need for prayer and reconstruction.
There is more information on the insert distributed with this newsletter.
Please leave your contribution in the collection plate any Sunday in
October, using the envelope enclosed with this newsletter (cheques
payable to Emmanuel URC, Cambridge). If you pay tax, please complete
the declaration on the back of the envelope, which adds 25% to your gift.
Owen and Pat Saxton
Spirit of the living God,
Come afresh on your holy land.
Help your people to restore broken relationships.
Give them patience to break down barriers of suspicion and mistrust;
ability to discern personal prejudices and the courage to overcome fear.
Teach them to respect each other’s integrity and rights
so that your kingdom may be established on earth.
For Jesus’ sake. Amen.
Rt Rev Riah Abu El-Assal, from In God’s Hands, WCC
A display for those who care about
Planet Earth
Tuesdays to Fridays
10.30am to 3pm
until 10th October
October 7th Anne Disney and Valerie Cooper
with some ‘Local Cambridge History’
14th A.G.M.
21st Penny Milsom
tells about our Autumn charity Action Aid
28th Jan Nicholls and Friends
Our first Tuesday in September entitled ‘Interesting Books’ brought
forth a great variety of books – and some surprises! A delightful and
amusing story about a cat who wangled his way into getting daily dinners
from six unsuspecting neighbours suggested the moral “Know your
There was a book about two sisters with an interest in archaeology;
another by someone who had come to live in Cambridge long ago and
who were bemused by some of the traits of local inhabitants. Of surprise
to many of us were two botanical books of a very technical nature
translated into English from their original German by Clive King –
Margaret’s late husband. Margaret told of the long hours she herself had
spent on proof-reading (for which she received a mention inside the book
– well done!).
Asher Smith, a representative of Camfed, came to update us on the
work of the charity for which we have been collecting over the past year.
(Camfed is the “Campaign for Female Education” and makes a big
difference to the lives of girls and their families in some very poor parts of
the world.) Asher showed us some video clips of a girl who was physically
disabled and could only get along with a kind of crawling action. Other
youngsters cruelly discriminated against her – “They wouldn’t call me by
my name” she said. “They called me ‘Cripple’ which hurt me very much”.
But wonderfully, with help from Camfed, she is now able to walk with
crutches, attend school and enjoy her transformed life.
Harvest is always a lovely time. Members brought all sorts of items for
the Harvest table. Some had decorated little baskets very beautifully and
filled them with flowers, fruit or sweets. Some of these were taken to
friends who would appreciate ‘a little ray of sunshine to cheer them’.
Other members brought along a good supply of non-perishable items for
a local Food Bank. Harvest readings, prayers and hymns made the
afternoon complete.
Julia Stone
Church Prayers
Emmanuel’s Choir
Every weekday morning
10.15am in church
meets on Sunday mornings at
9.30am in the church,
new singers always welcome
Requests for the
Prayer Circle
contact: Mark Dawes,
01954 212514
contact: Mary
Young Adults’ Group
Worship Planning Group
All are welcome to meet
at 7.30pm
on Tuesday, 14th October
in Olive Darke’s home,
Mackery End, Gazeley Lane
to meet with
Revd Terry Oakley
to share in the planning of
Emmanuel’s worship.
meets on Monday evenings
at the church
for a varied programme of
Emmanuel Office
contact: Liz Barrow
Cherry Hinton Road
Tuesday Fellowship
Ferried Friends
meet at 10.30am on
Wednesday 15th October
For coffee and conversation.
venue to be announced
meets in the Hall at CHR
every Tuesday
From 2.30 to 3.30
See page 7
Men and women welcome.
Liz Barrow 369212;
Penny Flynn 515815
Contact Revd Julia Stone
01954 781297
Emmanuel Band and
Singing House Group
meets on
Thursdays at 7.30
9th and 23rd October
praise and fellowship
at 1, Topcliffe Way
Knit Café
Knit Café meets weekly in the
Café on Thursdays
from 2-4pm
the church office
David or Penny Flynn
a knitting café
New members welcome
New ‘After Eights’
Come and meet
Peter Kardos, our John Hall Fund Scholar
on 27th October at 2.30
Olive Darke’s, Mackery End, Gazeley Road. CB2 9HB
contact: Liz Barrow 369212 Ruth Blackman 248344
Val Cooper 276857
Cambridge Area Partnership Meeting
Bar Hill Church
(Hanover Close, CB23 8EH)
20th October 2014
7.15 for a 7.45pm start.
Scoping, Mission and Ministry:
Deployment, churches and ministers.
If you were the Pastoral Committee—what would you do?
Be here, be heard!
Led by the Moderator
Presented by your Area Partnership Pastoral Advocates
Bruce Waldron: 07814 920187; Catherine Ball: 01480 352058
Visitors from Zimbabwe
From 2nd to 12th October six members of the Zimbabwe Presbytery of
the UPCSA will be visiting the Eastern Synod. This is the Synod’s Global
Partner, under the Belonging to the World Church programme,
Those of us who visited Zimbabwe in December 2012 will be looking
after the group, with support from others, particularly in the three
churches which have twinning arrangements, The Cornerstone,
Southend, Epping and Rayleigh. One or two will be staying in
Cambridge and so might be worshipping at Emmanuel on 5th or 12th
The visit has been arranged jointly with the Greenock & Paisley
Presbytery of the Church of Scotland which also has a partnership with
Zimbabwe, and the group will travel on to Glasgow for the second half
of their visit.
We are delighted to know that all six have been granted visas and so
plans are being finalized. They will visit the 3 twinning churches,
though unfortunately none of those selected to come actually belongs
to a twin congregation. The Synod Moderator will take them to several
churches and see projects in the Synod and they will also visit Church
House in London and Westminster College. We will bring them to the
Café after that visit.
On Saturday, 11th October the group will be welcomed at the Synod
meeting at Witham URC. We extend a very warm welcome to our
Chris Wright, ‘Belonging to the World Church’ Synod Co-ordinator
Bible Society Autumn Meeting
Just Desserts in the Old Testament:
How God serves up justice at meal times.
Speaker: Dr Nathan MacDonald
Friday 17th October, 2014
At Queen Edith Chapel, Wulfstan Way
at 7.00pm
Tickets £6 from Pat Heap [email protected] 01223 248509
Peter Kardos, John Hall Fund Scholar
I was already preparing my sabbatical leave, when I saw the news of JOHN
HALL FUND on the website of the Hungarian Reformed Church. It was
February and, after thinking and praying for a while, I wrote an email.
More than 2000 ministers, Religious Education teachers and churchworkers could have read that call - all over the Carpathian Basin. I thought
lots of them would answer, though some do not know the language or
some - having young children - are not interested at all. Still, I believed
there must be hundreds of applicants. After the exchange of emails, I was
invited for an interview at the beginning of June. Instead of an official
testing we had very relaxed talks. When I asked the number of applicants
– ‘seven or eight’ was the astonishing answer. And among these, I was
Thanks God - I arrived safely on September 11th. After spending four really
lovely days with Roger and Anthea, I moved into Westminster College to a
quite comfortable room. When I write these lines, I have not yet spent one
week in England, but I have already a lot of experiences: the ‘Awayday’ at
Houghton Chapel, the Sunday service with Richard Lewney, the visit to the
Round Church, the fellowship meeting at Cherry Hinton Road, lunches in
the Café, a lunchtime concert, and several conversations with new friends.
I am so grateful to the John Hall Fund and its Convenor for the chance to
be here for three months. And I gladly hear about my unknown pathmaker, Krisztina (this is how we spell Christina in our language). I did not
know her, but everybody speaks of her with real enthusiasm and love. I
asked nobody, but I suspect, she must be the reason why the Fund
advertised a post of bursary for a member of the Hungarian Reformed
Church... Thanks a lot!
My sabbatical leave is for six months. I happily spend three months of
these here, in Cambridge. I do not have fixed plans for the rest of it but
God will sort it out. Glory be to Him forever.
Peter Kardos, Minister, Hungarian Reformed Church
Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus
Peace to those who enter,
health to those who depart
Béke a belépőknek,
Drawing Breath at Houghton Chapel:
the church away day remembered
No Bible study, no seminars, no committee meetings, no deep discussions
about the future of the church now that Lance has gone. So what did we
all do at last Saturday’s church away day? Well, we simply ‘drew breath’.
And what a perfect time to do this. There will be plenty of time, as late
summer turns to autumn and winter to address the big questions. What
we all needed now more than anything was the opportunity to come
together, to get to know each other better, to reinforce the unity and
togetherness of the fellowship before moving on to new and hopefully
better things to come.
So, in that spirit some 40-odd members and friends of Emmanuel
gathered at Houghton Chapel, a stone’s throw from the National Trust’s
Houghton Mill amidst the beauty of the meadows dotted with thatched
cottages. It was a simple, modest place, yet also homely and welcoming.
But unlike past Emmanuel away days, we were left to our own devices,
including the catering.
Confidently, yet very sympathetically and warmly led by Liz Caswell we
began with a short, simple act of worship. As we sang together we soon
all realised that we had a common need, simply to be together and to
share our common bond. That said, it was not long before the
remarkable reservoir of creative talent that is Emmanuel emerged.
Appreciating and writing poetry were the centrepiece of two sessions,
one led by Alison Binney the other by Ann Phillips. Meanwhile, Penny
Milsom coaxed still life pastel drawings from another group while Jane
Bower helped others to design and then make their own books. Maureen
Kendall led a group exploring the startling realities of living in the Holy
Land today and all this while Anna McIvor was leading an exploration of
Taize style music, the sound of which wafted around the building.
But in the meantime there was food to prepare. So, some of us, led by
master chefs William McVey and John Kendall, set to in the kitchen
chopping onions, leeks and potatoes and boiling up two huge cauldrons
of freshly made vegetable soup. What better way is there to enhance the
sense of togetherness than to sit and eat simple, fresh, wholesome bread
and soup around big tables buzzing with lively conversation?
Well there is a way. That is to do the same with Liz Barrow’s freshly
baked scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam which we all did in
the afternoon after some of us had walked over the meadows in the
emerging, warming late summer sunshine. If heaven is half as good as this,
I’m up for it!
As someone who simply showed up on the day, I want to say, on behalf of
us all, a massive thank you to all those who shaped and designed the event
and those who actively contributed on the day. As Lorraine said to me as we
drove home, “with a fellowship such as that, I am sure that even with Lance
departing, this church will have a positive future.”
Stephen Thornton
We were sad to learn of the death of Heather Cubitt earlier
this month, and we remember her sister, Sheila, at this sad
time. Heather and Sheila were members of Emmanuel for
many years, and it was just in the last few years they
decided to worship closer to their home in Girton.
Sheila Cubitt would like to thank all at Emmanuel for
their very kind messages and letters regarding Heather’s
death. These were all very much appreciated.
It was also with great sadness that we learned of the death on 23rd
September of Ruth Blackman in Addenbrooke’s. Ruth has been
Emmanuel’s chief steward for a long time, as well as being an elder and in
recent years a regular volunteer in the café; she will be greatly missed.
Our prayers go to Ruth’s family and especially Margaret Todman.
We also remember Lawrence and Moyra Laidlaw, as Lawrence is
slowly recovering after two months in hospital; and it is good to see
Christine and Roger Sansom more regularly in Emmanuel once again.
We remember Lance as he starts his new ministry in Amsterdam and we
are glad some Emmanuel members were able to go and support him at
this exciting time. Look out for photos in the Garden Room!
Emmanuel-St. Columba’s House Groups in November
Preparing for Advent—looking at issues in Mark’s gospel.
There will be four groups: two evening, one afternoon and one morning . .
It is hoped members from both churches will be represented in each group!
Details of venues and dates in the Notice Sheet and November Newsletter.
St Luke’s Church is in
Victoria Road, CB4 3DZ
parking available
An Advent Miscellany
Friday 28 November
For all the family 6.30 - 8.30pm
Book this Date!
An opportunity for friends and members to meet together and
share songs, music and readings over a glass of nonalcoholic mulled punch and home made mince pies.
If you have an item to share, add your name to the list in the Garden Room
or speak to Jane Bower who is co-ordinating entertainment; and if you can
offer to make mince pies, please sign the other list!
Jan Nicholls
2015 Reform subscriptions
Subscriptions for Reform, the magazine of the United Reformed Church, for
2015 are due soon. Only £25 for 10 copies for one year.
To all existing subscribers, I hope that you continue to enjoy the magazine
and anyone who would like to know more about Reform, please contact
Andy McKenzie.
Contacts: John and Maureen Kendall
Tel: 500593
Evening Worship at 6.30pm
shared with Castle Street Methodists.
Wendy Roe
At Castle Street Methodist
Penny Flynn
Castle Street Centenary Anniversary.
Circuit Service at 3.00pm.
Margaret Cooper.
The Harvest Offering for the Seed Project raised £111.60
from the sale of produce and the free-will offering.
Many thanks to all who joined us!
URC Prayer Handbooks and Diaries for 2015
Prayer handbooks: ‘Listening for the Whisper’ £6.00
Now available to order . . .
URC 2015 Diaries: Hardback in midnight blue or green or purple;
Only £7.00 Softback in royal blue or red;
Orders with cash to Ted Dennison by 12th October
to avoid disappointment—stocks are limited!
Cheques payable to ‘Emmanuel Bookstall’
Notices for each Sunday’s sheet should reach the church
office by 9.00am on the previous Wednesday [by paper,
‘phone, or email].
Contributions for the next issue - November 2014 - of the
Newsletter (named or initialled) should be with the editor— in
the Newsletter pigeon hole in the Garden Room or emailed to
[email protected] by Sunday October 19th Thank you.
Minister: Vacant
Organist Emmanuel TS
Mark Dawes
Community Development Director:
Jan Nicholls
Time for God Worker:
Imke Esmann
Office Assistant:
Anne Field
Church Secretary:
Margaret Thompson
Elders Secretary:
Liz Barrow
Convener of Finance and Management Committee:
Mark Reader
Secretary to Finance and Management Committee:
Stephen Thornton
Finance Officers:
Church Office
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Church Office
Gift Aid:
Elaine Proctor
Junior Church & Young People:
Pat Saxton
Diane Saxon
Ted Dennison
Newsletter Editor:
Maureen Kendall
REFORM distributor
Andy McKenzie
01223 351174
email address: [email protected]
website: http://www.emmanuel-urc.org.uk
address: Trumpington Street, Cambridge. CB2 1RR
Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge. CB1 7AJ
Text for the Year
‘For in Christ all God’s fullness chose to dwell, and through
Christ to reconcile all things to himself, making peace