Document 36082

January 2013
Dear ConAgra Foods® Suppliers:
Below you will find important information regarding the SAP related supplier invoice requirements.
Please take the time to review this entire document to ensure your invoices can be processed
in a timely manner.
We have “gone green.” Accounts Payable will accept your invoices via email if the requirements
are met. To begin using this automated feature, please follow these guidelines:
o Invoices are required to be emailed in a TIFF or PDF file format.
o The file name cannot contain any special characters.
i.e., \ - ( ) # $ % : ; ,
Example of file title: Inv 123456.pdf
o One TIFF or PDF file equals one invoice.
o Each invoice must be a single TIFF or PDF file if multiple invoices are sent in one
o If the invoices are not sent in the correct format, you will receive the following error
Your PO or Non-PO invoice submission to ConAgra Foods has failed due to improper invoice
format. Invoices must be submitted as either a TIFF or PDF. Please correct the format and
Purchase order number and/or contact name are required data elements for every invoice. Without
this information, invoices will not be processed and will be returned to the supplier.
Submit invoice types to the appropriate email boxes. Please note: The email address you utilize
depends on whether your company has received and included a valid SAP purchase order number
on the invoice document. Email invoices, depending on the type, to:
Purchase Order related invoices (with PO # and contact name) to:
[email protected]
Non-Purchase Order related invoices (with contact name) to:
[email protected]
If you are unable to meet the requirements of the email process, mail invoices directly to ConAgra
Foods Accounts Payable at the address below:
ConAgra Foods EBS AP
PO Box 642210
Omaha, NE 68164
Purchase Card Transactions: If you have been notified that you are a “PCard Only” supplier or
received a purchase order that states “PCard” for method of payment, DO NOT send those
associated invoices to Accounts Payable. Instead, send an email confirmation/receipt to the
cardholder. Please include as much detail of the purchase as possible to enable cardholder
reconciliation. If you do send a paper invoice for a “PCard” purchase, you should send it
directly to the cardholder’s address.
Purchase Order Invoices will require the following information to be processed:
o Purchase order (PO) number
o Purchase order line item number. Line item number and description should match the actual
o Contact name at ConAgra Foods, Inc. (the person you worked with from ConAgra related to
the PO)
o The material number referred to on the Purchase Order
o Invoice number
o Invoice date
o Same unit of measure, currency, and price as denoted on the PO
o Tax and freight should be listed on a separate line for each invoice.
o Payment terms
Included with this letter is a sample “Perfect Invoice.” Invoices that do not include this information
will be returned to the supplier for resubmission with the required information.
Questions on invoice payment status should be directed to 402-240-8210 or
[email protected] This email address is for inquiries only, and invoices should be sent to
the appropriate email or mailing address provided above.
Supplier Self Service: SupplierExpress is a Web-based self-service portal that lets our
suppliers determine invoice payment status and maintain account information. Please visit
our website for more information:
If you are a freight carrier, you will need to send your invoices to the address below:
ConAgra Foods EBS Freight Pay
PO Box 642126
Omaha, NE 68164
Freight carrier invoices will need the following information for timely processing:
 Purchase order (PO) number for the goods received on the inbound raw material and
packaging shipment or contact name at ConAgra Foods, Inc. (the person you worked
with from ConAgra related to the PO)
 Master Bill of Lading (MBOL) or SBOL number
 Each charge listed as a separate line item
 Bills of Lading attached for all orders on the shipment (attached to paper invoices)
 Only net weight to be billed, not pallet weight
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.
Best regards,
Pam Russavage
Finance Manager | Enterprise Business Services
7350 World Communications Drive 7350-350 | Omaha, NE 68122
t: 402.240.8389 | c: 402.630.5556
[email protected] Food I love: Peter Pan Peanut Butter
The Perfect Invoice