Sophomore Ladywood High School Fall, 2014

Ladywood High School
Fall, 2014
PLAN Test in October
The PLAN test will be given on Wednesday October 15th from 7:25 AM –11:30 AM. Materials will be
handed out. Please take the time to review the test questions and become familiar with the test
beforehand. Practice test questions can be found at There is no fee for this test.
 Helpful Test Hints:
Get plenty of sleep the night before the test
Follow directions exactly, and don’t be afraid to ask questions
Mark your answer folder carefully. Fill in the ovals neatly.
Don’t spend too much time on any single questions. For hard ones, choose the answer you think
is best and move on.
Standardized Testing Help
Online Resources
Connects you to the college search database,
which contains more than 3,200 two- and
four-year institutions
This accesses information about
financial aid
Provides educational and career information
Allows you to access information about
different schools
College Night: Schoolcraft College
Schoolcraft College will sponsor a college fair on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, in
the VisTaTech building. This is a great opportunity to visit representatives from a variety of colleges and
universities. More than 80 college representatives will be available to help students through the college
search process. Plan to attend! This event is very beneficial for helping you in deciding which university
is the right choice for you. For more information, visit the Schoolcraft College web site, at
Naviance offers many features to help students navigate successfully through the high school years.
Through self discovery and collaboration with parents, teachers and school counselors, Naviance helps
students be better prepared for attending college. It includes information about various colleges, career,
and scholarship search.
Guidance Counselors:
Mrs. Epps
Freshman & Sophomore Levels
Mrs. LeVasseur
Junior & Senior Levels
The following formula has been very successful for students.
It is important to note that you must follow the steps to expect results;
If you do nothing to change, then nothing will change.
Instructions to web site:
Go to
Go to “Academics”
Go to “Media Center”
Go to “Michigan e-Library” link under Online Resources
Go to “Practice Tests” under MeL features
Go to “All Centers” tab and click on “College Preparation Center”.
Choose which test you want to practice: ACT, SAT, AP, PSAT/NMSQT, TOEFL, or Practice College
Admissions Writing.
8. Login or Register as a New User to “Start Using Tests Now!”
********Other online resources include (or /PSAT) or
1. Four weeks prior to your exam date begin spending 15 minutes each day on practice tests of your choice.
Complete this review in three weeks.
2. One week prior to your test date, on Saturday morning, set your alarm as if you were going to the test site. Get
up, get ready, and take the practice tests as if it were the real thing. No extra breaks, no phones, no interruptions.
3. During the next week spend 15 to 20 minutes reviewing the sections of the test that you struggled most with.
Find answers to questions you were unfamiliar with.
4. The evening before the test:
a. Go to bed EARLY. Do not attempt to cram; it does not work.
b. Pick out your clothes, plan your breakfast, and get some sleep.
5. Test Day:
a. Get up 10 minutes earlier than normal.
b. Eat breakfast. Girls test better on a full stomach.
c. Spend no more than 10 minutes browsing the “weak” areas of the test. Do not attempt to answer
the question, just look at them.
d. Drive to the test location. Sit in your car for a minute. RELAX. This is a test, it is only a test. You
will do great.
e. Answer ALL the questions, even if you have to guess.
f. Watch your time. Do not get hung up on one or two questions that cause you to fall behind. Do
your best then move on.
Guessing on Standardized Tests:
These are some common, well-used and practiced methods of accurately guessing on standardized tests.
These are to be used ONLY if necessary.
2 out of 4 answers will be easy to eliminate.
Look for grammar and punctuation errors, they indicate wrong answers.
Answers that appear very long or “scientific” are most often incorrect.
Answers containing the words “always” or “never” or any similar ideas are usually wrong.
The answer “C” has a reoccurrence of 33% as a correct answer. If all else has been tried, always guess “C”.
Try prayer.
Trust your own mind.
Have faith in the gifts you have been given and you will succeed.