Common Pitfalls of Administration of Construction Contracts
3rd run
IES Academy
There are many pitfalls of administration of construction contracts. Some
arise solely from people involved in contract administration being lacking
in diligence, ignorance, incompetence, lacking in professional ethics, less
than careful, lazy or simply irresponsible, whilst others are the direct or
indirect results of wrong moves or wrong decisions having been made by
· when defining the objective of the project owner [PO], the project
and/or the project manager [PM],
· when formulating project delivery strategies, and/or
· when preparing documentations for the contract
: 18 November 2014
: 9am – 5pm
Many construction projects implemented by awarding a contract to a
contractor end up with endless disputes between the contracting parties
the resolution of which has caused a lot of time and money spent
unnecessarily. In some cases, parties involved even choice to resolve their
disputes in an arbitration hearing or in a court of law, thus enriching
arbitrators and lawyers. It is contended that most these disputes are
principally caused by the lack of knowledge of the proper ways to
administrate contracts, not to mention the pitfalls thereof. This short
course is conducted to identify these pitfalls and their consequences for
the betterment of hopefully problem-free contract administration in
In this course, the course-leader will identify the common pitfalls of
administration of construction contracts and their likely causes. He will
further suggest and discuss the possible consequences of every one of
these pitfalls and the proven ways to avoid and eliminate them.
Venue : [email protected] Executive
Centre, 11 Slim Barracks
Rise, Singapore 138664
(To be confirmed)
Course Outline
Common Pitfalls in Pre-contract-award Stage
Common Pitfalls in Construction Stage
Common Pitfalls in Contract-closing-up Stage
Common Pitfalls in Post-construction Stage
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meeting 75% of the required course attendance.
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Common Pitfalls of Administration of Construction Contracts
3rd run
IES Academy
CVs of Lecturers: Mr. Wong Yui Cheong
Mr. Wong Yui Cheong B Sc (Engineering) London, Retired P Eng (UK) and PE (Singapore), FIES, F ASCE,
Retired FICE, is known to his friends and business associates as Y C Wong. He had his basic education
in China and Malaysia and tertiary education in London. Before his retirement in 1999, he had
practised civil and structural engineering and was responsible for the design and construction of
many infra-structures residential and commercial mega-complexes, industrial estate planning and
management and management of construction projects for 43 years in the capacity of contractor,
consulting civil and structural engineer, senior public servant, construction project manager and realestate developer. His experiences span across permanent-way engineering, large waterfront
structures, industrial commercial and residential mega-complexes.
He owned and operated his own construction project management consulting firm (Y C Wong
Consultants). Immediately after his retirement, he joined the faculty of the School of Civil and
Environmental Engineering in Nanyang Technological University and was appointed adjunct professor
in 1999 through 2011. He lectured in construction project management, construction contract
administration and construction project risks management in the Master of Science (International
Construction Management) programme.
He had also served as member of board of directors of a few large publicly-listed and non-listed
companies in Singapore, member of Professional Engineers Board Singapore and council member
and vice-president of Institution of Engineers Singapore. He was a receiver of a medal for public
services in Singapore after serving as a member of Singapore Land-acquisition Appeals Board.
IES address
Contact person
: 70 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289758
: Christine Lau, 6461 1238(Tel), 6463 9468(Fax), [email protected]
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: 18 November 2014
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