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International experience helps to develop the ability to cope
with demanding tasks as well as to improve language skills,
cross-cultural communication/knowledge, co-operation skills
and professionalism. Laurea Hyvinkää has an innovative
environment where you can study Business Management
through a unique Peer to Peer (P2P) model based around
international development projects with active companies and
guided by experienced mentors.
“Education gives you constantly new challenges and
helps you to grow into an open minded person”
If you want to participate in an international
training/internship, and increase your employability, come and
join our community. We offer you experience in business and
project management. Our innovative learning environment,
P2P, helps Laurea Hyvinkää interns to attain quality business
skills in marketing, research, finance and communication and
to become experts in their field. Laurea Hyvinkää is really
worth considering, visit
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