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Octavia Hedwig Zahrt
[email protected] | email | website
I am a final-year undergraduate student at University College London (UCL) studying Social Psychology
and Economics.
My coursework has included courses on Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, Behavior Change,
Concepts and Methods in Psychology, Further Statistical Methods and Computing, Microeconomics,
Macroeconomics, Neuroeconomics and Consumer Behavior, Human Resources, and Organizational
Behavior, amongst other subjects.
I am currently applying to PhD programs in Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior for
admissions in Fall 2015. During my doctoral studies, I would like to conduct research on the complex
interplay of self-conceptions, mindsets, and stereotypes with interpersonal relationships, motivation and
prosocial behavior.
University College London
B.A. European Social and Political Studies
Honors Thesis: Social Network Diversity and Minority Achievement
Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po)
Sciences Po Exchange Program
London, England
2011 – 2015 (expected)
Paris, France
2013 – 2014
Goethe University of Frankfurt
Academic studies for highly skilled students in Mathematics and Politics
Frankfurt, Germany
2007 – 2010
Anton Woehler School
Completed Abitur with average grade 1.0 (A+ equivalent)
Frankfurt, Germany
2001 – 2010
Zahrt, O.H., Carney, D.R., & Maner, J.K. (in preparation). [The differential impact of hierarchies based on
power versus social status on prosocial behavior.]
Woolf, K. & Zahrt, O.H. (in preparation). [An intervention to improve minority student achievement by
encouraging inter-ethnic friendships.]
Work in Progress
The impact of social hierarchies on prosocial behavior
(Haas School of Business, Collaborators: Dana Carney, Jon Maner)
We are investigating the effects of social hierarchies on prosocial behaviors such as cooperation and
helpfulness. Specifically, we are interested in how power and social status interact with hierarchical
instability to affect prosocial behavior.
Social-psychological intervention study to improve student achievement
by encouraging inter-ethnic friendships
(University College London, Collaborator: Katherine Woolf)
We are conducting an intervention study at the UCL Medical School to encourage inter-ethnic friendships
and reduce the ethnic achievement gap. The ethnic divide of medical students' social networks is
hypothesized to constitute a psychological barrier for minority students’ success by weakening their sense
of social belonging and depriving them of access to social capital.
Research Experience
Visiting Researcher
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.
Berkeley, USA
Summer 2014
Worked in Dana Carney’s Social and Nonverbal Behavior Lab. Developed and
conducted a study on the impact of social hierarchies on prosocial behavior.
Undergraduate Research Assistant,
Department of Psychology, Stanford University.
Stanford, USA
Summer 2013
Worked in Gregory Walton’s lab on a social-psychological intervention study to ease
freshmen’s transition into college. Developed key indicators of student academic and
social success, conducted statistical data analysis and classification using R.
Worked in Michael Frank’s Language and Cognition Lab on a study investigating
children’s pragmatic language abilities. Designed an experiment, collected data with
child participants, and conducted statistical data analysis.
Undergraduate Research Assistant,
Department of Communication, Stanford University.
Stanford, USA
Summer 2012
Worked in Clifford Nass’s CHIMe Lab. Helped develop and conduct an fMRI study
investigating differences in neural activity of heavy and light multitaskers when
performing cognitive tasks. Trained and certified Level 3 MR Operator in the Stanford
Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging (CNI).
Academic Services
President of the UCL European Society (2012 - 2013)
University College London.
Directed a committee of 7 delegates, responsible for the approx. 300 members of a UCL student
organization. Organized academic talks and debates focusing on political, economic, and social issues in
Europe and the world. Facilitated UCL-wide careers events. Led social and cultural events, and supervised
the publication of the society’s magazine Eureka.
Honors and Awards
German National Academic Foundation Scholarship (2012 - present), awarded to students of
outstanding academic achievements and potential.
Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence (2012), awarded to the academically most
outstanding first- and second-year undergraduate student in each UCL Faculty.
Second Year Sessional Prize (2013), awarded to students with the best overall performance in the UCL
Department of European Social and Political Studies.
First Year Sessional Prize (2012), awarded to students with the best overall performance in the UCL
Department of European Social and Political Studies.
ESPS1001 Core Module Prize (2012), awarded to the student with the best performance among all first
years on this module at UCL.
Technical Skills
R, statistical data analysis, good knowledge
MediaLab, experimental design, excellent knowledge
Java, programming language, basic knowledge
English, fluent
French, fluent
German, native speaker
Latin, excellent knowledge