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URRÚS Ireland's Community Addiction
URRÚS (Irish for “strength” or “confidence”)
was founded in 1996, by the Ballymun Youth
Action Project, to provide training in relation
to drug misuse.
Most of the work done by URRÚS is with adults,
parents and professionals working in the area
or with those who through their work
encounter addiction issues. URRÚS also does
research on issues that concern drug use and
the local community.
Ballymun Youth Action Project
The Ballymun Youth Action Project (BYAP) was
established in 1981 as a community response to
drug and alcohol misuse in the area. The
project responds to the needs of individuals
and families, but does so in the context of the
community in which they live.
Studies Training Centre
A Ballymun Youth Action Project Initiative.
Introduction to
Addiction Studies
(2-day workshop)
Tuesdays 11th & 18th November 2014
The project offers a range of services on all
aspects of drug and alcohol misuse, ranging
from work with individuals, families and groups
to education and training courses.
Horizons Centre, Balcurris Road
Ballymun, Dublin 11
Phone: 01 846 7980 Fax: 01 846 7981
Email: [email protected]
The workshop will cover:  Drug/Alcohol Information
 Process of Addiction
 Addiction & Family
 Treatment Approaches / Making
This workshop is aimed at those who wish to
find out more about drugs and addiction
related issues. The training will deal with a
number of areas and give participants a good
basic understanding of drugs and related
issues. This course is for those who wish to
refresh their knowledge about drugs and gain
further information.
Content will include:
 Drugs and their Effects
 Signs and Symptoms
 Drug Trends and Patterns
 Stages in the Process of Addiction
 Progression to Problematic Use
 Explore our Understanding of Family
 Effect of Addiction on the Family
 Models of Treatment/Therapy
All of the above will be cov ered using
input and discussion.
(2-day workshop)
Dates: Tuesdays 11th and 18th November 2014
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Introduction to
Addiction Studies
Introduction to
Addiction Studies
Introduction to
Addiction Studies
Tel. No.
Times: 10:00am-4:30pm
Registration at 9:45am
Place of Work:
Venue: URRÚS/Ballymun Youth Action Project
Horizons Centre
Balcurris Road, Ballymun
Category 1 - €40. Booking deposit €10
Category 2 – Living/working in the
Ballymun Local Drug Task Force Area €5
registration fee applies (non-refundable)
What do you hope to gain from participating in this
Category 1 - €40. Booking Deposit €10 (nonrefundable).
Category 2 - Living/working in the Ballymun Local
Drug Task Force Area €5 Registration Fee (nonrefundable).
All cheques must be made payable to
Ballymun Youth Action Project
Noel O’Connor, B.A. M.A. (Addiction Studies).
Noel is the Urrús Trainer and has worked with
various groups in the community and voluntary
sector of the drug and alcohol field over the past
twelve years.
To book a place on the workshop please
complete this form and return it along with the
booking deposit or registration fee to: URRÚS, Horizons Centre
Balcurris Road
Ballymun, Dublin 11
 Please select √ if you do not wish to receive further
information about our training.