Making Women Occupy Sashes using iron-on transfer

Making Women Occupy Sashes using iron-on transfer
You will need:
White Fabric: We used a recycled white sheet that you can usually get at the thrift
store for a couple of dollars. Queen size works great because you can cut strips along
the short length (i.e. parallel to the wide band at the top edge that would be at the
top of your bed), and they are the perfect length end to end. otherwise the length
you need is 88” long x 9” wide
Transfer sheet: We used Avery # 8938 T-Shirt Transfers I happened to have leftover
from an older project, but we couldn’t find that item online. See Office Depot brand
Office Depot® Brand Light Fabric Inkjet Iron-On Transfers, 8 1/2" x 11", Pack Of 5
Item #327546 $11.19/ Pack (2.39 p/unit)
Office Depot® Brand Light Fabric Inkjet Iron-On Transfers, 8 1/2" x 11", Pack Of 18
Item #327537 $25.99/ Pack (1.44 p/unit
1. Measure - Lay out your fabric on a flat surface. Hint: If you fold the sheet in half
or quarters (along the length) it will make cutting easier. Using a yardstick,
measure and pencil strips 9” wide. Hint: If using a sheet, don’t use the wideband
at the top.
2. Cut Strips - We got 9 strips (88” x 9”) out of one sheet
3. Sew - Fold strips in half along the length and stitch the raw edge with 5/8” seam.
Pivot at the end to close the bottom edge so you have a long tube.
4. Turn - Turn right side out. Hint: we used a
yard stick to push the closed end through and
to push out the corners on the sewn end
5. Iron – It’s important to do this now because you can’t do it after you have
transferred the letters. Hint: Press with the seam along one end, if you try to
position it in the middle it will interfere with the iron on processes.
6. Print- Print out the WomenOccupyTransferArt.pdf file on a sheet of iron-on
transfer paper (see below) using an inkjet printer. Hint: Be sure Page Scaling is set
to None.
7. Trim - Trim the printed transfer right up to the edges
of the words, so you have two pieces WOMEN and
8. Position transfer - Fold your sash in
half and position the word WOMEN,
facing down, 4 ½” from the fold,
centered on the strip. Place the word
OCCUPY 1” to the right of it. Hint: DO
NOT make the mistake we made of
putting the word OCCUPY first!
9. Transfer words - Follow directions for ironing on the transfer. Hints: We used a
wooden shelf on our work table as the base. You have to press very hard so don’t
use the ironing board because it might collapse.
10. Voila! Your sash is complete. Hint: Don’t worry if you have a few dings when you
peel back the paper – it’s supposed to look homemade and you can touch up little
gaps with a purple sharpie.