Media Release JD Williams to outsource Manchester Contact Centre to Serco

Media Release
JD Williams to outsource Manchester Contact Centre to Serco
Local jobs protected and will remain in Manchester
14 October 2014
Manchester-based JD Williams today confirmed that it had reached the decision to outsource a further
proportion of its contact centre operation in the city.
The move comes after a thorough review which looked at how best to provide an even more flexible solution
to customers’ needs due to shifts to trading on-line and people opting for a number of ways to contact the
retailer from email through to social media channels and web chat. The move builds on the already strong
capabilities that are already in place.
It also allows the retailer to retain people skills, knowledge and years of experience as well as colleagues
being able to work from the same building, dealing with the same customers with similar day to day roles and
Around 550 employees will transfer across to Serco who are experts in contact centre operation management,
provide on-going state-of-the-art software and handle similar functions for many other High Street names and
their on-line/mail order and multi-channel needs.
This will happen in January following a consultation period. Over this time colleagues will be able to ask any
questions and meet teams from Serco.
The roles will also stay within Manchester with the outsourced Serco operation being based in the existing
Martin House premises. Serco has also committed to refurbish the current offices.
The online, catalogue and stores retailer said it had looked at a number of options and the Serco solution
protected jobs, met the growing needs of the business and the requirements of customers.
JD Williams added that one of its priorities was to ensure that the roles stayed within Manchester and that this
wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly and would do everything it could to work with colleagues through the
Media Release
The move sees Serco working closely with JD Williams & Co senior customer service team and across all its
retail brands which include Simply Be, Jacamo and JD Williams.
For more information, please contact:
Diana Robertson, Head of External Communications, Serco Global Services UKE&A
Tel: 07718 165955 and Email: [email protected]
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