The Global Community of
Growth, Innovation and Leadership
& Transform
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Association of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives
The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Dear Colleague,
This year's Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) Congress 2014 in Singapore will be a platform where our global
community of leading thinkers, visionaries and industry leaders gather to exchange perspectives and best practices on
growth. This year's theme will be “Disrupt, Collapse and Transform.”
In our third consecutive year, GIL will explore key trends that are bringing the world closer, coalescing different industries
and creating new possibilities, business models and opportunities. We are truly inspired by the boundless potential of this
brave new world as envisioned by the many insightful, creative and visionary perspectives of thought leaders from around
the world that comprise our GIL community.
This year we are proud to welcome Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award recipients and their management teams to our
community. These distinguished guests represent Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 “Best-in-Class” organizations. They are an integral
part of our community and we will recognize their achievements during our Growth Excellence Awards Banquet.
At Frost & Sullivan, we believe that we can help the world advance through the company we keep and would like to invite
you to join us at GIL Congress 2014 in Singapore.
Thank you and we look forward to having you on our journey to visionary innovation today.
Aroop Zutshi
Global President & Managing Partner
Frost & Sullivan
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The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Why is this a 'MUST-ATTEND' Event?
Frost & Sullivan's global community of Growth, Innovation and
Leadership is focused on sharing, engaging and inspiring a continuous
flow of new ideas and fresh perspectives which leverage innovation as
a resource to help address global challenges.
Year after year, CEOs and members of their Growth Team invest their
time to experience a GIL event, renewing their passion, fuelling their
creativity and gaining access to best practices, tools and strategies that
will drive growth and inspire innovation.
Industry Think Tank sessions afford participants the opportunity to
examine a unique 360 Degree Perspective of their industry, global
trends and critical factors influencing market growth. These sessions
Your "C" Suite:
Business Development
Competitive Intelligence
Corporate Development
Corporate Venture Fund
will allow for interactive exchanges with Frost & Sullivan’s analyst
community and leading industry experts.
Marketing Research
Research & Development
Strategic Planning
Venture Capital
Benchmark and strengthen your company’s growth strategy against
proven best-practice tools and strategies.
Gain access to a wealth of best-practice tools and strategies to support
you in critical decision making as a member of your company's Growth
About Frost & Sullivan: Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to
leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or
break today's market participants. For more than 50 years, we have been developing growth strategies for the Global 1000,
emerging businesses, the public sector and the investment community. Is your organization prepared for the next
profound wave of industry convergence, disruptive technologies, increasing competitive intensity, Mega Trends,
breakthrough best practices, changing customer dynamics and emerging economies? Contact us: Start the discussion
The Six Platforms of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
Visions & Benchmarks
Corporate Enlightenment
360 Degree Visionary
Inspiring Innovation
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The GIL Community
The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Andrew Milroy, Senior Vice President, ICT, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
Aroop Zutshi, Global President & Managing Partner, Frost & Sullivan
Manoj Menon, Senior Partner & Managing Director, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
The increasing political and economic dominance of emerging markets, the rapid
rate of urbanization, the web of 80 billion connected devices, and the creation of
a connected life are among the key trends that will transform the world as we
know it. Mega Cities and Smart Cities; "Smart" emerging as the new Green; Geo
Socialization; Innovating to Zero; Beyond BRIC: The Next Game-Changers; Space
Jam; Personal Robots; and New Business Models, to name a few, will create some
of the Mega Trends that will influence and shape the world in the coming years
to 2025.The presentation will share the updated Mega Trends study done recently
by Frost & Sullivan and share ideas on how to integrate these into their growth
Key Take Aways:
Understand the future direction of urban movement of Mega City
corridors and networked, integrated and smart cities, and evaluate
opportunities/threats arising out of the same.
Frost & Sullivan estimates a $1.5 trillion market potential in smart cities by 2020
with multiple opportunities to tap into infrastructure development, technology
integration, and energy and security services. This presentation will discuss the
market opportunity, growth areas, new business models and also provide insights
into the competitive landscape highlighting the next game changers in the market.
Moderator: Andrew Milroy, Senior Vice President, ICT,
Asia Pacific,Frost & Sullivan
Panel Members Invited:
Wei Chan, Business Development Director, Pine Garden's Cake
Lawrence Chong, Co-founder & CEO, Consulus
Zulfiqar Zainuddin, Managing Director, i2M
Hear visionary perspectives from Singapore’s top private and public sector leaders
on how they are shaping their organizations in this highly innovative and turbulent
market environment.
Gain insight into future demographic trends and implications of
demographic dividends.
How existing industries are transforming to meet the needs of
tomorrow’s customer and stakeholders?
Identify opportunities arising from the expected 80 billion connected
devices in 2020 and the $730 billion connected living market
comprising of connected homes, work, and cities.
How do we drive and participate in this new era of globalized
and connected industries?
What are the new collaboration approaches of private and public
Moderator: Manoj Menon, Senior Partner & Managing Director,
Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan
Devendra Rautela, Chief Technology Officer,
MindWave Solutions Pte Ltd.
Panel Members Invited:
Andrew Tan, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of
Chong Joon Woon, Vice President (Strategic Planning, Investment
Promotion & Business Development), Sembcorp Urban Development
Singapore is focusing the spotlight on itself as SE Asia's most innovative smart
city. But how is innovation in Singapore moving from a concept to becoming a
reality? Sandeep will walk us through a few case studies of how disruptive
technologies are being deployed to help the island city become a smart city.
Philip Lim, CEO, Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd
Tan Yinglan, Venture Partner, Sequoia Capital India
This panel discussion provides visionary insights into the impact of Connectivity
and Convergence on our future lives, driven by the rapid proliferation of
connected devices and services.These new services will create innovative
applications, enable seamless access and ubiquitous connectivity in the main
sectors of home, work, and city. It will also explore the rise and role of Smart
cities as well as the opportunities and challenges that abound.
Karthik Rajan, Vice President Consulting, Frost & Sullivan
Disruption can be an unsettling prospect for most companies, who often remain
unaware of the new technologies that will arrive to threaten their market
positions and send product development teams into tailspins. This discussion will
cover recent research by Frost & Sullivan to highlight the top 50 disruptive
technologies with a powerful message around what you should do to get ahead
of the threat.
Key Take Aways:
Identify the technologies impacting your business today and in the
Build a case to track technologies in a converging world.
Create awareness with your team for the need to look at disruption.
*"Programme correct at time of update, and is subject to change without prior notice"
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The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Manoj Menon, Senior Partner & Managing Director, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
What will be the next big game-changers from 2013 to 2020? After hearing about
Mega Trends and opportunities in a connected world, each industry table will
brainstorm together about what a cover story in a major national or trade
magazine or newspaper would look like in 2020. We will think as teams together
about how the Mega Trends of today will drive and determine the big news stories
of tomorrow!
What would the headline be? What are some of the key implications
for business, and for our personal lives?
What opportunities for growth might be highlighted in this cover
Manoj Menon, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
The Association of
Growth, Innovation
and Leadership
Executives (AGILE)
Association of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives
The Association of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives (AGILE)
and our members are passionate about effectively leveraging their knowledge
in order to help solve the "Big 7" challenges of our world.
AGILE – the Association of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives:
Karthik Rajan, Vice President Consulting, Frost & Sullivan
Panel Members Invited:
Gwendolyn Regina Tan, former Co-Founder and CEO, SGE.io
Jacky Tai, Partner, Strategicom
Kelvin Au, Managing Director, Metail Asia
Chris Levanes, Director of Cloud Business Development, Asia Pacific,
CenturyLink Technology Solutions
KP Unnikrishnan, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan,
Palo Alto Networks
• Is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association designed and governed by its
• Has regional chapters, programs and annual events which span more
than 20 countries around the globe.
• Supports an executive member base of over 1 million followers, 33
industries and 10 career functions.
• Leverages the skills, talents and assets of its members to make
significant strides in addressing the “Big 7” global challenges that face
our world today.
• Programs promote the acceleration and development of its members’
careers inclusive of collaboration, career coaching, certification,
networking, smart investing, and access to best practices.
• Provides the ultimate serendipity engine that supports their
members’ Journey to Visionary Innovation.
Hear perspectives from thought leaders on how the employment of new business
models, design, brands and novel technologies are transforming the industries
and communities they operate in.
How are business models evolving to this changing technology
landscape? What does it mean to your company and how is it
impacting your industry?
What is the role of design in a world where technological change i s
driving industry convergence and intensifying competition?
Can strong brands withstand technology disruptions or are they
able to leverage these changes to extend into new markets and
Visit http://agile.frost.com for more information or to join AGILE today
*"Programme correct at time of update, and is subject to change without prior notice"
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The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Roundtable 1
Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
Roundtable II
Investment Promotion – The Next Generation
Rhenu Bhuller, Senior Vice President, Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan
Shivaji Das, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Public Sector &
Government Practice, Frost & Sullivan
Objective of the session:
The objective of this platform is to build a network of like-minded professionals
who have a passion for improving inequality in healthcare access and enabling
affordable healthcare for all segments of the population.
Our world is faced with an increasing healthcare burden. Growing and aging
populations and increased urbanization is driving the incidence of chronic diseases.
The inability of the healthcare system to pick up diseases earlier is detrimental
to long term healthcare outcomes. Additionally, public hospitals are overburdened
with high occupancy rates and are faced with delays in admission or procedures.
This indicates that there is a need to find ways to leverage technology for more
and to manage the health of the population proactively in a preventive fashion
rather than the traditional way to treating illnesses as they arise. One of the ways
to address this challenge is to look at extending healthcare outside of the hospital,
and driving a change in the model where consumers and patients are put in the
driving seat through a new healthcare ecosystem.
To address this, the panel discussion during the session will discuss the following:
Objective of the session:
The objective of this platform is to deliberate on innovative and differentiated
strategies for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) to attract investments while
managing stakeholder needs. This session will involve a brief presentation by Frost
& Sullivan followed by a panel discussion among representatives from leading IPAs,
investors, and NGOs.
There are over 500 investment promotion agencies (IPAs) worldwide. They are
competing for a shrinking pie of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) targeting the
same set of Fortune 500/ Forbes 2000 companies, offering the same incentives
and pitching similar value propositions. In this hyper-competitive world of
investment promotion, how can IPAs differentiate themselves and justify their
To address this question, the panel discussion during this session will discuss the
What are the latest trends for FDI?
Unlocking the Paradigm Shifts in Healthcare
What are the top challenges and concerns faced by IPAs?
Required shifts in roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
What are the best practices that IPAs can adopt?
Innovation Opportunities to enable affordable healthcare
How to cooperate instead of compete?
Healthcare 2020:Vision for the Future
How can IPAs identify and address the unmet needs of
investors and other stakeholders?
Focus for the session:
This is a 90-min think tank session held concurrently with the annual Growth,
Innovation & Leadership, GIL Asia Pacific congress on October 16, 2014 at
Singapore. This session is exclusively by invitation only. Attendees of this session
are welcome to attend the full event that provides an opportunity to network
with CXOs of various leading organizations.
This is a 70-min think tank session held concurrently with the annual Growth,
Innovation & Leadership, GIL Asia Pacific congress on October 16, 2014 at
Singapore. This session is exclusively by invitation only. Attendees of this session
are welcome to attend the full event that provides an opportunity to network
with CXOs of various leading organisations and policy makers.
Agenda Items and Topics
10 minutes
Welcome & Introduction to the session
70 minutes
Panel Discussion
• Unlocking the Paradigm Shifts in Healthcare
• Required shifts in roles and responsibilities of
• Innovation Opportunities to enable affordable
• Healthcare 2020:Vision for the Future
10 minutes
Focus for the session:
Wrap up & Next Steps
Agenda Items and Topics
10 minutes
F&S presentation on evolution of IPAs
20 minutes
Panel discussion on best practices adopted by IPAs
30 minutes
Group Exercise:
• One group (IPAs + NGOs) design the ideal IPA –
functions, rights, KPIs, reporting
• One group (Private Sector) design the ideal IPA –
functions, rights, KPIs, reporting
10 minutes
Discussion and Wrap-up
*"Programme correct at time of update, and is subject to change without prior notice"
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The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Accelerating Enterprise Growth Through
Enhancing Customer Experience
Roundtable III
SR Dinesh, Director, Growth Implementation Solutions, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
Networking that never ends - the GIL
Global Online Community
Objective of the session:
The objective of this platform is to build a network of like-minded professionals
who believe that customer experience excellence can drive differentiation and
organizational growth. This session will be led by designated team leaders where
each group will brainstorm to identify innovative solutions for a given scenario.
Today’s market place is highly competitive with changing consumer preferences,
purchase channels, industry convergence driven by technology. In a highly
commoditised market place, exceptional customer experience(s) can be a key
differentiator in [1] developing a competitive market position, [2] generating
organic revenue growth through repeat and referred customers and [3] enhanced
profitability with value-based pricing.
This session will comprise of a panel discussion and workshop that will address
the following:
How can exceptional customer experience drive and
sustain organisational growth?
How can organisations co-create positive and lasting
customer experience(s)?
How does the focus on customer experience create a
competitive advantage for organisations?
Focus for the session:
This is a 120-min think tank session held concurrently with the annual Growth,
Innovation & Leadership, GIL Asia Pacific congress on October 16, 2014 at
Singapore. This session is exclusively by invitation only. Attendees of this session
are welcome to attend the full event and network with the CXOs of various
leading organisations.
Access to best practice insights and key take-away’s via
downloadable presentations shared across all GIL Global
events worldwide*.
Your very own “Peer Connect” profile and ability to search
and communicate directly with members of the global
Participate and share your own ideas and fresh perspectives
through various blogs and forums from the GIL Global
Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders.
Agenda Items and Topics
10 minutes
Welcome and introduction to the session
10 minutes
Frost & Sullivan’s Community Charter
30 minutes
Panel Discussion - Co-creating customer experience with
the new customer
45 minutes
Workshop - “Driving Competitive Advantage Through
Exceptional Customer Experience”
• Exceptional Customer Experiences: What does it
mean for your business?
• Designing and delivering exceptional customer
experience: key elements that drive differentiation
and long-term value.
20 minutes
05 minutes
Wrap up
*Complimentary access for all GIL 2014: Asia Pacific participants.
*"Programme correct at time of update, and is subject to change without prior notice"
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The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders
Andrew Milroy
Senior Vice President, ICT, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
Andrew Milroy leads Frost & Sullivan’s APAC ICT
practice and is based in Singapore. Andrew has spent
more than 20 years in the ICT industry, and has lived
and worked in the United States, Europe, and Australia.
He has held senior management roles at IDC and
co-founded, NelsonHall, a successful outsourcing
advisory firm, in the United States. Since joining Frost & Sullivan in 2006, Andrew
has led numerous projects with multinational companies and government agencies
across the Asia Pacific region. He has become one of the region’s most sought
after public speakers and thought leaders. Andrew has been quoted widely in the
press including The Financial Times,The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. He
has also appeared on broadcast media globally including CNN, BBC, Sky,
Bloomberg, Channel News Asia and CNBC. Andrew earned his BSc and Masters
degree in IT, in the UK. He also holds an MBA from MGSM in Australia.
Additionally, he holds membership of the UK-based Chartered Institute of
Andrew Tan
Chief Executive,
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Mr Andrew Tan was appointed as Chief Executive of the
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) on 1
January 2014. The MPA is responsible for regulating,
developing and promoting Singapore as a premier global
hub port and an international maritime centre, and to
advance and safeguard Singapore’s strategic maritime
interests. Mr Tan joined the Singapore Administrative Service in 1991. He has
worked in various government agencies from the Ministry of Information and the
Arts, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Ministry of The
Environment and Water Resources. His last appointment was Chief Executive
Officer of the National Environment Agency from 2009-2013. Mr Tan was also
Principal Private Secretary to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew from 2002-2004
and worked on the Memoirs of Mr Lee from 1994-1997. He was Founding
Director of the Centre for Liveable Cities from 2008 to 2010 and remains a
Fellow. Mr Tan graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in History from
King's College, University of London, in 1989. He attended the Edward S Mason
Programme at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he obtained
his Masters in Public Administration in 2002. He also attended the Advanced
Management Programme at INSEAD Business School at Fontainebleau in July
2013. Mr Tan has a keen interest in international affairs, defence and security,
science and technology, environmental sustainability, urban development,
behaviour of complex systems, organisational transformation and the nexus
between these issues. Mr Tan also sits on the boards of the Agency for Science,
Technology and Research, Singapore Maritime Foundation, Singapore Chamber
of Maritime Arbitration, Singapore Maritime Institute, Tropical Marine Science
Institute and Centre for Maritime Studies.
Chong Joon Woon
Vice President (Strategic Planning, Investment
Promotion & Business Development),
Sembcorp Urban Development
Chris Levanes
Director of Cloud Business Development,
Asia Pacific, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
Chris Levanes joined CenturyLink Technology Solutions
in November 2012 as Director of Cloud Business
Development and Product Marketing for Asia Pacific.
Based in Singapore, he is responsible for driving Cloud
growth strategies and revenues for CenturyLink
Technology Solutions across the Asian region. A 17 year
veteran of the IT Industry, his career began as a Systems Manager of various
environments for commercial and government organizations in Australia. Prior
to joining CenturyLink Technology Solutions, Chris has occupied numerous
Asia-Pacific regional roles for Red Hat, Microsoft and HP - with responsibilities
in the areas of business leadership, partner enablement, engagement with
government elites, competitive strategy, technology evangelism and analyst/media
relations. Chris holds a number of qualifications, including a Bachelor of Applied
Science (Computing) degree, a Post-graduate degree in Computer Engineering,
and a Postgraduate degree in Business.
Devendra Rautela,
Chief Technology Officer,
MindWave Solutions Pte Ltd.
Devendra is the Chief Technology Officer of MindWave
and is responsible for all the technical aspects of the
organization, including planning, infrastructure
development, IT security, and systems & network
maintenance. He is also currently a director of Aspirant
Technologies, a technology company focused on
providing IT Security solutions. Devendra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing
from the University of Portsmouth (UK) and has recently completed his Executive
MBA from the SP Jain Centre of Management. Devendra enjoys classical music,
and is a grassroots volunteer within his community, investing in a mentoring
relationship with people who want to become their best selves.
Gwendolyn Regina Tan
Former Co-Founder and CEO,
Based in Singapore, Gwen is an entrepreneur, investor
and community leader focused on technology startups
in Asia. She built and sold SGEntrepreneurs to Tech in
Asia, where she now continues to track innovation in
some of the world's largest markets. Gwen was also a
founding partner of early stage technology investment
firm, Thymos Capital where she saw two exits (one of which was iHipo) and
continues to oversee their investment in Padlet, a Y-Combinator graduate. She
sits on the advisory boards of some associations, was a mentor at Polish tech
startup incubator Gamma Rebels, is the Singapore curator for US-headquartered
StartupDigest and the Singapore Ambassador for the Sandbox Network - the
leading global network of innovators under 30. Gwen is an alumnus of the
National University of Singapore, having graduated from its University Scholars
Programme and spent a year at Stanford University doing technopreneurship.
Gwen has lived in Singapore,Vietnam, and the US, given talks across Asia, Europe
and the US, speaks 3.25 languages, loves physics, travelling, dance and adventure
Joon Woon leads the team responsible for Sembcorp
Development's strategic planning and investment
promotion, and business development for land
development opportunities. Prior to joining Sembcorp
in 2012, Joon Woon spent 14 years in the Singapore
Economic Development Board (EDB) with 7 years based out of EDB's United
States offices. His last stint in the United States was at the San Francisco office as
Regional Director of Western Americas, overseeing EDB's multiple offices
responsible for investment promotion from the western half of the United States
(including Texas), western Canada and Central America. Joon Woon was the
Director of Electronics before he left EDB. He led the team responsible for the
planning, industry development and investment promotion efforts in Singapore's
electronics sector, which was the largest contributor of manufacturing
investments for Singapore and accounted for more than 5% of Singapore's GDP.
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The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders
Jacky Tai
Principal Consultant,
StrategiCom – The B2B Branding Specialist
Jacky Tai graduated from the University of Wisconsin –
Madison in 1994 with a Bachelor of Business
Administration degree, majoring in Marketing. During
his university days, he worked with several start-up
companies that specialised in direct marketing which
allowed him to put classroom theories into practice. He
joined a education software start-up in 1997 to head its marketing
communications department and quickly helped the company to establish its new
brand as a leader in e-learning programmes for general education. After 7 years,
he decided to try something different and landed with a job as Programme
Manager with the job of programme manager of branding for International
Enterprise Singapore, the government agency that is tasked to help Singapore
companies internationalise successful. As branding is one of the competencies
identified by the government as critical for success, Jacky set about developing a
new brand training programme to train Singapore companies on the rules of
branding that must be followed to build a strong brand.The programme was very
well received and Jacky managed to train over 2,200 companies in his 3 years in
International Enterprise Singapore. These rules of branding eventually became
institutionalised in the critically acclaimed book, B2B: 10 Rules To Transform Your
Business Into A Brand.
Karthik Rajan
Vice President Consulting,
Frost & Sullivan
Karthik Rajan expertise lies in the practical planning
and management of business transformation for
organizations - big and small; private and public. He have
managed large transformational and change programs
for the last 6 years and have worked in the management
consulting space for over 12 years. Specialties:An
experienced professional with over ten years of experience in strategy,
organizational change, process and project management. Adept at CXO
engagement, program management, change management and consulting. Good
executive presentation, analytical and problem solving skills. Effective leader with
quality communication, relationship management and co-ordination skills.
Kelvin Au
Managing Director,
Metail Asia
As Managing Director of Metail, Kelvin is responsible
for running the Asian operations including business
strategy, sales and partnerships and product
development. He is also involved in group strategy
having served on the board since 2010. Prior to joining
Metail, Kelvin was a venture investor at DFJ Esprit, one
of Europe's largest technology VC funds focusing on e-commerce, software and
mobile. Prior to that, he worked at Credit Suisse and HSBC where he provided
M&A and financing advice to technology companies globally, and at IBM focusing
on commercial and product development activities of their proprietary Java
platform. Kelvin holds a first class Master's degree in Computer Science from
Imperial College London. Metail is a holistic provider of garment and body fit
visualisation technology, giving consumers the right size and fit recommendations
for specific garments, as well as allowing them to see how these garments (and
combination of those to build outfits) realistically look on their personal body
shape. This has been proven to drive key performance metrics such as increasing
conversion, increasing basket size, and reducing garment returns. In addition, there
is also significant increase in consumer engagement with shoppers who use the
Metail fitting room, both as a transactional tool and via various data services and
marketing initiatives which are customised for partners. Metail is currently present
across the UK, Germany, Brazil and South East Asia, having launched with a
number of retail and media partners including Tesco, Warehouse, Shop Direct
Group, ITV, Zalando, Dafiti and SingTel.
KP Unnikrishnan,
Marketing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan,
Palo Alto Networks
KP Unnikrishnan (Unni) is part of Palo Alto Network’s
regional leadership team, responsible for the company’s
growth strategy, building brand and visibility, driving
opportunities in new and existing markets, and
increasing the demand for Palo Alto Networks’ next
generation enterprise security solutions. Unni has
extensive sales, partner/alliances and marketing leadership experience, having
worked in companies like HCL- Hewlett Packard, Datacraft, Parametric
Technology Corp, Sun Microsystems and Brocade Communications. He is also
part of the APAC Advisory Board, CMO Council and Chairman, Cloud Computing
Chapter, SiTF (Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation). Unni has received
many industry and media recognition for marketing and business impacts,
including the CMO Asia 2012 Awards and was featured in Top 20 Marketing
Practitioners and Visionaries in India by PITCH! He played a key role in building
the Sun Microsystems brand that led to the company's "Business Superbrand"
status in the region. A mechanical engineer, Unni holds an MBA degree and has
done leadership courses from Singapore Management University and Stanford
Business School.
Lawrence Chong
Co-founder & CEO,
Lawrence is the Co-founder and CEO of Consulus, an
innovation and design firm which specialises in in
redesigning organisations so as to collaborate more
effectively to innovate. He is a featured keynote speaker
at global events such as the World Marketing Summit,
World Brand Congress, Business of Design Week, a
featured Columnist on ideas of innovation and design for Asian businesses His
insights appear regularly in regional media such as TheEdge, Radio938, Marketing,
Business Times Singapore, VTC (Vietnam), Ceylon Today, Brunei Times. At the
industry level, he served as the 8th President of Design Business Chamber
Singapore from 2009 -2013. Lawrence has advised global clients such as MTU
Asia, SONY, regional firms like Cyclect, FastFlow, large government linked
enterprises such as HealthCity, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam, public institutions
such as IE Singapore, CAAS Pakistan, Ministry of Communication - Brunei.
Manoj Menon
Senior Partner & Managing Director, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
Manoj Menon directly manages Frost & Sullivan’s
business in Asia Pacific. Manoj started at Frost & Sullivan
in December 1996 as one of the pioneers when the
company was just beginning its trajectory into Asia. He
has, since then, successfully grown the company’s
presence and business in Asia Pacific by manifold. Manoj
continues to drive Frost & Sullivan’s expansion in the region, yielding the highest
year-on-year growth to the group’s global business.Throughout his tenure at Frost
& Sullivan, Manoj has consulted on multiple strategic and syndicated projects for
leading multinational companies, regulators and government bodies, providing
growth workshops and client counsels, among others. He is today one of the
region’s most sought-after speakers and thought leaders, wherein his expert
opinions have been heard at seminars and industry conferences globally. Manoj is
also frequently featured in leading media, namely CNN, Bloomberg, Channel News
Asia, CNBC, BBC, Singapore Business Times and Straits Times, and Malaysian
Business. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering at Mumbai University, and MBA
at the ICFAI Business School in India. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.
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The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
16 October, 2014 | Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders
Philip Lim
Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd
Wei Chan
Business Development Director,
Pine Garden's Cake
Mr. Lim is the CEO of ETPL, ASTAR’s commercialization
company, since December 2009. He has led the
company to significant improvements in performance
outcomes, especially in licensing and start-ups. Under
his leadership, ETPL manages over 50 POC and
productisation projects to close the commercialisation
gap within the industry. Mr Lim has also spent 20 years in the Singapore Armed
Forces and was a Brigadier General/Head Joint Logistics before joining ETPL. His
academic background is in Engineering, attaining an MBA from the National
University of Singapore (NUS) in 2008, and a Master of Science from CIT (UK)
prior to that. Mr. Lim is currently on the Board of the IP Academy, CommonTown
Pte Ltd and the ACE Steering Committee.
Wei Chan was born in 1972 into a family of
entrepreneurs, with his mum, aunts, uncles all having
owned bakery businesses then and now. Unlike most
Singaporeans, Wei Chan took an unconventional path
when it came to his education. He did not enroll in a
local university but decided to follow in his sister’s
footsteps and enrolled into the University of Calgary (Canada), one of Canada's
top ten universities. He completed his studies in a Business Management course
with a double major in Marketing and Tourism. In 2003, after 5 years working
in the corporate world, Wei Chan decided to embark on his very own
entrepreneurial journey - to make cakes part of his everyday life.With no industry
knowledge and baking skills then, he took on the uphill task and took over the
reins at Pine Garden’s Cake Pte Ltd (then known as Pine Delight Pte Ltd). The
journey was not all that smooth as it was then a company in the reds and had a
team who hung on to the old mind set of management and production methods.
In 2010, Wei Chan was awarded winner of Singapore first SME’s I.T. Hero under
Hewlett Packard Total Care Challenge 2010, which was a first of its kind
nation-wide campaign to discover and celebrate I.T. talent amongst small and
medium size enterprises in Singapore. Wei Chan was also voted Junior Chamber
International Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World in 2011 and in 2012, he
was roped in both as a Council Member of Association of Small and Medium
Enterprises and also the Assistant Honorary Secretary of Restaurant Association
of Singapore. 2013 was one of the great years for Wei Chan as he represented
Pine Garden’s Cake to receive the Spirit of Enterprise Honoree award.
Rhenu Bhuller
Senior Vice President, Healthcare, Asia Pacific,
Frost & Sullivan
Rhenu Bhuller is the Senior Vice president of Healthcare
and has close to 20 years of healthcare industry
knowledge, including 10 plus years of consulting
expertise focusing on the pharmaceutical, clinical
diagnostics and medical devices sector. A healthcare
industry expert with particular expertise in new market
and therapeutic area analysis, strategy level discussions with c-level executives,
regulators, opinion leaders. Industry expertise covers key healthcare sectors with
specific focus on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and medical
devices. Rhenu has moderated groups with healthcare industry participants,
healthcare professionals and KOLs from both the private and public sectors.
Expert opinions have been heard at private client seminars and industry
conferences, as well as in the media like BBC, Bloomberg, CNN and CNBC. Rhenu
is also a regular keynote speaker at industry conferences.
Tan Yinglan
Venture Partner,
Sequoia Capital India
Yinglan is a Venture Partner with Sequoia Capital India.
Prior to joining the firm, Yinglan headed the National
Framework for Innovation and Enterprise, investing in
high-tech growth ventures in the Prime Minister's
Office in Singapore. Earlier, Yinglan had been the
founding Director of 3i Venturelab China and an
entrepreneur in the digital media industry.Yinglan received an MS in Management
Science and Engineering from Stanford University and finished two Bachelor
Degrees (ECE and Econ) at Carnegie Mellon and graduated top of his class as
the William L.Everitt Scholar. Yinglan was named a Young Global Leader by the
World Economic Forum and is a Kauffman Fellow.
Zulfiqar Zainuddin
Managing Director,
Zulfiqar Zainuddin is the Managing Director of i2M
Ventures Sdn Bhd (“i2M”), a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Khazanah Nasional Berhad. Prior to his appointment,
he was the Head of the Business Services Unit of
Investments in Khazanah Nasional Berhad. He has a
wealth of experience in managing large multinational
clients as the Head of Foreign Direct Investments during his time at the
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). Zulfiqar has worked with
companies that have successfully established operations in Malaysia include Dell,
HP, AIG, Nokia and many others. This includes an annual investment value of USD
1.5 billion by the regional and global centers established in MSC Malaysia. He was
also the Director of Business & Industry Development for Frost & Sullivan in
Kuala Lumpur.
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Sponsors and Media
CenturyLink is the third largest
telecommunications company in the United
States and is recognized as a leader in the
network services market by technology
industry analyst firms. The company is a
global leader in cloud infrastructure and
hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers. CenturyLink provides data, voice
and managed services in local, national and select international markets through
its high-quality advanced fiber optic network and multiple data centers for
businesses and consumers. The company also offers advanced entertainment
services under the CenturyLink® Prism™ TV and DIRECTV brands.
Headquartered in Monroe, La., CenturyLink is an S&P 500 company and is
included among the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations. For more
information, visit www.centurylink.com.
The Multimedia Development
Corporation (MDeC) was incorporated
in 1996 to formulate ICT-related legislation
and advise the Malaysian Government on
ICT policies and standards and oversee the
Multimedia Super Corridor (now MSC
Malaysia) development. MSC Malaysia, the national ICT initiative attracted a host
of global ICT companies to choose Malaysia as their operations hub.
i2M Ventures Sdn Bhd (“i2M”), a whollyowned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional
Berhad, formerly known as Malohom Bay
Ventures Sdn Bhd, was established in 2012 as
its operational company which focuses on
the development of strategic investment
promotion initiatives for the Business Services / Shared Services and
Outsourcing sector in Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia. i2M’s key role is to attract
and facilitate local and foreign corporations to develop the Business Services
sector, strategic to the economic development of Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia as
the upcoming Business Services/Shared Services and Outsourcing destination.
MindWave is an end-to-end IT solutions company that
aims to drive disruptive innovation by connecting data,
devices and demographics to enrich human experience
and enhance business value. Founded in Singapore in
2005, MindWave is now backed by venture funding from
Nomura Research Institute. MindWave delivers real time
intelligence by combining Business Analytics & M2M
Communications.Visit us at: www.mindwaveglobal.com
Palo Alto Networks is leading a new
era in cybersecurity by protecting
thousands of enterprises, government, and
service provider networks from cyber
threats. Thousands of customers have
chosen them, making them the fastest
growing security company in the market.
With expertise, commitment to innovation and game-changing security platform
provided by Palo Alto Networks, organizations can safely enable the use of
applications, maintain complete visibility and control, and be protected from
cyber attacks — known and unknown.
The Asian Century Institute (ACI)
conducts research and analysis, and participates
in policy dialogues to foster a better
understanding of the opportunities and
challenges of the Asian Century.
Asia Research News is an annual publication
of ResearchSEA Ltd,Asia's premier platform for
raising awareness of research in Asia. The
magazine highlights exciting, innovative and
significant breakthroughs from prestigious
Asian research organizations and their international partners.
For eight years, August Man has been a guide
for the urban male. Each month, we explore
the globe for new and interesting ideas and
people to present a comprehensive journal on
everything from luxury lifestyle to in-depth
interviews with inspiring men of our generation. Based in Singapore, we write
with a voice that speaks to all from an Asian perspective of what’s taking place
in the world today. August Man aim to create provocative editorials with
outstanding photography, both in print as well as on the Internet, digital spaces
and more. www.augustman.com
CIO Asia connects top management executives
with business and technology innovation. It builds
the IT business case for C-level leaders (CIOs,
CEOs, CFOs, COOs), who can be viewed as the IT
steering committee. CIO Asia magazine (www.cioasia.com) provides the practical business essentials
of IT, with clearly explained technical information for informed decision-making.
Visit CIO Asia at www.cio-asia.com to get the latest executive insights into IT
strategy, business tactics and management practices for the enterprise C-suite.
Visit CIO Asia at www.cio-asia.com
Headquartered in New York, ISI Emerging
Markets works from over 15 offices around the
world to deliver electronic information
products, by subscription, to institutional
customers globally. ISI provides hard-to-get
information covering more than 100 emerging markets. Its flagship product is
the Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS, www.emis.com). EMIS delivers
deep, rich company and industry information, alongside the relevant proprietary
and multi-source news, research, analytics and benchmarking tools that allow
professionals to make profitable decisions faster. www.emis.com
Logistics Insight Asia, published by
Contineo Media, is a go-to resource for
professionals in manufacturing industries
across the region looking to make real and
lasting improvements in their companies'
supply chain and logistics performance. Unique in its scope of coverage – which
goes all the way from top floor supply chain strategies, to software solutions, to
tracking technology, right down to handling and storage equipment on the
warehouse floor – Logistics Insight Asia targets the needs of executives,
managers, and engineers responsible for the various elements of their company’s
logistics activities and infrastructure. http://www.logasiamag.com/
品 Prestige (PIN Prestige, pronounced as pĭn) is not just
about enjoying the high life or being inspired by movers and
shakers. It is also about touching one’s heart and soul with
the best that life has to offer. With exclusive and engaging
content that appeals to influential and discerning men and
women, 品 Prestige brings a new edge to luxury. Anchoring
the title is editorial veteran Grace Lee and together with her
experienced team, PIN Prestige features high fashion editorials complete with
celebrity-driven spreads and runway reports. These are presented with fresh,
contemporary perspectives to captivate and entice, with news written with wit
and keen insights to appeal to the intellectually hungry.
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Society's luxury authority, Prestige is the
lifestyle magazine of choice for the affluent and
influential. Packed with useful, relevant material
that enriches, informs and entertains, Prestigesingapore.com.sg presents a feast of intelligent
reads on subjects, such as local society, business
titans, international news, entertainment,
fashion, travel, high-end gadgetry and diversions. Reaching out to an
international audience, it also features a host of exclusive online-only digital
content, including unabridged versions of print stories, videos, behind-thescenes photo footage and multimedia content to put Singapore's high society
scene on the global luxury map. www.prestige-singapore.com)
Systems Integration Asia is a bi-monthly
magazine dedicated to the AV industry and key
vertical market end-users. Each issue gives an
overview of what is happening in the industry,
discusses technology advances, market trends
and highlights views and opinions of industry players. S.I. Asia’s fortnightly
E-newsletters keep you updated on the latest happenings. To view the
E-newsletters, please kindly visit the website. You may also download our
Android and iOS platform Apps for free to view the latest issue, get the latest
news, or link to our facebook.
The Top 10 of Asia is an English language
magazine owned and published by RHA Media
Sdn Bhd. The acronym 'RHA' is derived from
the words, 'Research House of Asia'. The
magazine is all about celebrating beautiful
stories of successful businesses, people, and inspiring lifestyles across the entire
fabric of Asian life. This publication seeks to acknowledge the excellence of
Asian corporations and enterprises, personalities and bodies in the hope that
they become paragons of inspiration, especially to the future generation who
will see this as an impetus to strive for success, and pursue new opportunities.
This publication brings to its readers the vibrant faces and stories of success
from all walks of Asian life, showcasing the crème de la crème of Asian
companies and captains of industries, and of personalities and lifestyles through
surveys, researches, interviews, and collaboration with local and international
media powerhouses. The Top 10 of Asia is an initiative to showcase Asia's
excellence in all its diversity: arts, literature, cultures, industries, personalities,
lifestyles, innovations, politics, governments, sports and so on.This initiative will
bring to the readers beautiful, perhaps rare, insights into Asia's excellence
through the interviews conducted, articles, events and television programmes.
Top 10 of Asia is envisaged to reach out to target readers in the region of
100,000 through print and online media. One of the uniqueness of the Top 10
of Asia is its distribution to the various Asian cities.
BrightTALK provides online events for
professionals and their communities. Every day,
thousands of thought leaders are actively
sharing their insights, ideas and most up-todate knowledge with professionals all over the
globe through the online event technologies BrightTALK has created.
The Frost & Sullivan Global Alliance
Partner Program offers one of the most
compelling channel relationships in the
industry with the goal of bringing world
Lenos Software is revolutionizing
Relationship Event Marketing. The Lenos
Campaign Platform puts the power of Event
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The Manufacturing Leadership Council,
Frost & Sullivan, is the world’s first
member-driven, global business leadership
network dedicated to senior executives in
Manufacturing Leadership Council’s mission is to help senior executives define
and shape a better future for themselves, their organizations, and the industry
at large.The Council produces an extensive portfolio of leadership networking,
information, and professional development products, programs, and services—
including the Manufacturing Executive Website, an online global business
network with over 5,000 members around the world; the Manufacturing
Leadership Council, an invitation-only executive organization of over 100
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Leadership 100 Awards, celebrating industry achievement; and the thoughtleading Manufacturing Leadership Journal.
Eloqua is the category-defining
marketing automation leader and
provider of best-practices expertise
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company’s mission is to make its
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Prominic.NET helps small-sized and mid-sized companies
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PR Newswire, an industry-leading content syndication
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Newswire helps marketing and communications professionals implement
cutting-edge campaigns that stand out from the crowd.
SCIP is a global, non-profit organization providing
education, networking and professional development
opportunities to business professionals involved in
developingncompetitive intelligence that enhances
organizational decision-making. www.scip.org
Zula is a cross platform mobile app enabling teams of all
sizes and types to bring their communication to the 21st
century. Any and all functionality needed for streamlined
team communication in one mobile offering. File sharing,
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AGILE’s unique contribution to the
world is leveraging executives who are
experienced in and passionate about
growth, innovation and leadership to
address the globes big 7 challenges by
forming visionary perspectives on each
challenge and exploring new and innovative approaches for transforming
challenges into opportunities. AGILE members leverage their entrepreneurial
skills, capital and leadership abilities working toward creating “The Next Big
Thing” and solving some of the planet’s most complex and overwhelming
challenges of our time. http://agile.frost.com
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The Association of International
Product Marketing and Management
(AIPMM) is the world’s largest professional
organisation of product managers, brand
managers, product marketing managers
and other individuals responsible for
guiding their organisations and clients through a constantly changing business
landscape. It is the only organisation that represents those who manage the
entire product life-cycle throughout any industry. www.aipmm.com
The Appropedia Foundation is building a
crowd-sourced multi-lingual sustainable knowledge
base at Appropedia.org. Beyond providing
infrastructure, Appropedia also fosters a community
of volunteers, foundations, academic institutions,
international development organisations and for-profit
firms that support open sharing of practical wisdom
to enable better living with a sustainable
environmental footprint. www.appropedia.org
BMA is the business marketer's first
line of defence in changing business
marketing environments.Today, we're
even better at delivering membership benefits that make a difference to your
business...today and tomorrow. From our information-packed website to our
online skills-building and marketing certification programme, to papers and
industry surveys, to interaction with peers, no other organisation delivers the
same level of commitment to the information and networking needs of
business-to-business marketers. www.marketing.org
Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit
organization dedicated to leveraging innovation to
address global challenges. Our world is facing serious
challenges, which in the coming years could have result
in catastrophic impacts on our lives if nothing is done
to shape the future. The institute leverages Frost &
Sullivan research, its staff, clients and partners to work
in collaboration to leverage technology innovation and
ideas to address these challenges.The institute also provides research support
and marketing services to other non-profits around the globe whose missions
are aligned with ours.The mission of Frost & Sullivan Institute is to support the
leveraging of emerging innovation to address global challenges. Together with
the support of Frost & Sullivan — the Growth Partnership Company — and
members of its Global Partnership Alliance, FSI works in collaboration with its
partners to inspire and evolve technology innovations and ideas to address
global challenges. www.gilcommunity.com/about-gil/fsi/
With a qualified directory of more
than 2,000 Venture Capital and
Mid-Market/LBO private equity
firms, BoogarLists is an excellent
place for entrepreneurs to begin their search for investment capital. Whether
starting a new company or striving to take an early stage company to the next
level, CEOs and CFOs will invariably want to seek out new sources of capital
or other financial services. BoogarLists provides an extensive directory of
financial, operations and marketing services, as well as a comprehensive
directory of conferences and associations, across the technology, media and
communications industries. www.boogar.com
CEOWORLD Magazine is the only
magazine written strictly for chief executive
officers (C-level or C-suite) and business
leaders — the senior executives, corporate
capitalists, researchers and their peers. As an authority on the future of
Business, Finance & Technology, it is a leading source for reliable news, review
and updated analysis for people who create and fund the innovations that drive
the global economy. With more than 12 million monthly page views, it is now
one of the most widely read and respected magazines in the world. An
invaluable source of intelligence for and about CEOs, it provides ideas,
strategies and tactics for top executive leaders seeking to build more effective
organizations. www.ceoworld.biz
The Connect-World series of
magazines is a forum where the
highest-level decision-makers in the
ICT industry can air their views
technologies have upon regional and global development. Connect-World
publishes editions for each of the world's major regions: Africa and the Middle
East, Asia-Pacific, EMEA, Europe, India, Latin America and North America.
Exec Digital is a pioneering
portfolio of digital media products
for professionals and executives,
featuring all aspects of executive
business and lifestyle. Through its
digital magazine, online website, daily
news and weekly e-newsletter, Exec
Digital helps executives stay up-to-date with the most current business and
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Innovation Management is the
number one platform offering best
practice and inspiration to innovation
management practitioners. We source
and provide knowledge in collaboration with experts in the field from leading
business schools, companies and universities worldwide. Our goal is to be the
best source of best practice for innovation management practitioners.
Toolbox.com help professionals do
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experienced peers. Leveraging a
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Conference Guru knows that the reasons
you attend conferences are to help establish
your leadership position in the marketplace
and network with your peers. A worthwhile
conference experience generates new
contacts, sales leads, potential strategic
partners and investors; helps gather
competitive intelligence and even provides inspiration for new products and
services. Conference Guru helps find the right conference for you and hopefully
save you a few bucks along the way. www.conferenceguru.com
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About Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation
that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today's market participants.
Our “Growth Partnership” supports clients by addressing these opportunities and incorporating two key elements driving
visionary innovation: The Integrated Value Proposition and The Partnership Infrastructure.
The Integrated Value Proposition provides support to our clients throughout all phases of their journey to
visionary innovation including: research, analysis, strategy, vision, innovation and implementation.
The Partnership Infrastructure is entirely unique as it constructs the foundation upon which visionary
innovation becomes possible. This includes our 360 degree research, comprehensive industry coverage, career
best practices as well as our global footprint of more than 40 offices.
For more than 50 years, we have been developing growth strategies for the global 1000, emerging businesses, the
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