Special points of interest:

October, 2014
Volume 5, Issue 10
Special points of interest:
 All Members and Associates are required to wear their membership badges at all times while
at the club.
 Did you know that there was a cookout before the club’s monthly membership meeting? Come
on down and socialize with your fellow range members! Then stay for the meeting and be involved in what goes on at your club. RRPC has a lot to offer. Don’t miss the opportunity!
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Family Fun Day & Swap Meet
“After Hours” BullsEye Match
This event will be held this year on
October 25 from 9:00 a.m.—4:00
p.m. There will be food, shooting
events, tables where members can
buy/sell/trade their guns and gun
related items and more! Volunteers
are needed to help organize and run
the event. Please see page 7 for
more details. Also visit the forum on
the club’s web site at www.rrpc.org
This new event will be held on the
2nd and 4th Wednesday of each
month beginning this month. See
page 7 for details.
DIY Gunsmith Workshop
Topic, Glock Gunsmithing. See page
3 for more details.
[email protected]
Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club 434-977-5482
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Founded January 13, 1950, The
Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club is a
private, 100-acre shooting facility
organized and maintained by member volunteers. Here you will find a
variety of shooting activities
throughout the year: something for
everyone, young and old. The club
is located in southern Albemarle
County, Virginia, about 4 miles
south of I-64 on Old Lynchburg
Road, (the extension of 5th Street
in Charlottesville, VA ).
RRPC membership continues to
grow. We do not intend to compete
with other clubs or organizations,
but to form partnerships with all,
and work toward a common goal.
We are dedicated to educating,
encouraging, and promoting the
proper and safe use of firearms,
hunting and conservation, in a
friendly, social environment.
Visit us on the web at www.rrpc.org
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October Dates and Club Highlights
Thu., Oct. 9
Sat., Oct. 11
Sun., Oct. 12
Thu., Oct. 16
Tues., Oct. 21
Sat., Oct. 25
RRPC Membership Meeting
DIY Gunsmithing Class-Glock
RRPC Orientation
RRPC Board of Directors Meeting
VCDL Meeting/Potluck Dinner
Family Fun Day
If there is inclement weather please check to see if the event is cancelled. If the schools close
due to weather all range events are cancelled as well.
Work Details will be scheduled monthly or twice a month. See page 8 for details and contact information.
(Please refer to RRPC’s calendar for the complete list of events and scheduled activities.)
2014 Family Fun Day & Swap Meet
2014 Family Fun Day & Swap Meet
The RRPC 2014 Family Fun Day &
Swap Meet will be held on Saturday,
25 Oct 2014 from 9 AM to 4 PM.
This event is open to all members,
their families and guests. The current schedule of events is:
 Swap Meet - All Day
 Shotgun - All Day
 Archery - All Day
 Cowboy Action - 9a-12p
 Food Served - 11a-1p
Drinks served all day
 Tactical Rifle - 12p-4p
 .22 Steel Silhouette - 9a-12p
 22 Rimfire Steel - 9a-12p
 .22 Shooting Gallery - 1p-4p
All of the shooting events will be
set up to allow you to try something
new in a non-competitive, low key
environment. Non-shooters and
children are encouraged to participate.
More information about the 2014
Family Fun Day & Swap Meet will be
announced as it becomes available.
Volunteers Needed
We still need folks to help out. The
more volunteers we have, the more
time everyone will have to enjoy the
activities. If you have not already
signed up to volunteer, please contact Patrick Heraghty
at [email protected] Please include your name and a telephone
number in all communication
High-Power Rifle Matches
High-power rifle matches are held
on the first Saturday of every
month at RRPC. Two relays are
squaded for 9:00am and 11:00am
on a first-come basis. It’s recommended that you arrive at the
range by 8:00am to ensure a position in the first relay. Match entry
fee is $15.00. There’s also a
$5.00 target fee for anyone
choosing to practice on the second relay — however, competitors
take priority.
Match course is a modified, National Match Course of 50 shots
for score fired at 100 yards: 20
shots standing, single feed, 10
shots sitting with magazine
change, 10 shots prone with
magazine change, 10 shots
prone, single feed. All stages are
timed. For more information,
please contact Steve Dellinger at
(434) 589-5338 after 7:00pm, or
go to: www.rrpc.org .
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DIY Gunsmithing Workshop
The first RRPC DIY Gunsmithing Workshop will be Glock Pistols: Maintenance, Repair and Modification. It will
be held 11 Oct 2014 12p-4p at
the RRPC clubhouse. It will cost $10/
person (every participant will receive a
Glock Disassembly Tool and RRPC
Chamber Flag to keep). Each participant is expected to bring their own
Glock pistol to work on. The workshop
will briefly cover the G42. However,
the majority of the workshop will address the rest of the Glock product
New workshops will be scheduled
at the rate of about one
per month. The workshops are
lead by RRPC member Patrick Heraghty, a graduate of the Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School's Master Gunsmithing Program. These
workshops are geared towards
members who are interested in
working on their own guns. The
goal is to provide members with a
set of skills so that with a basic set
of tools they can work on their own
guns. Any proceeds from a workshop that are not used for the
workshop will go to the maintenance of club firearms or the youth
Please let Patrick know if you want
to sign up for the October workshop or if have question(s)
(email: [email protected]).
FIRST Steps Pistol
“FIRST” stands for “Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training,” a program the NRA developed
to meet the need for a firearms orientation program for new gun purchasers. This FIRST Steps program is a
basic course abbreviated to the most
fundamental shooting skills, and the
specifics of a particular model of pistol.
This course, because of its narrow
focus, can be completed as quickly
as three hours. Students will get the
NRA's The Basics of Pistol Shooting
handbook and quick practical lessons on the safe use, cleaning, and
storage of their pistol. The practical
exercise covers a single pistol shooting position. As the number of participants or pistol types present increases, the course will take proportionally longer.
The course goal is: “To provide beginning shooters with an introduction to
the knowledge, skills, and attitude
necessary to own and use a specific
pistol model safely.” —NRA FIRST
Steps Pistol Orientation Lesson well as the first Thursday of DecemPlans
ber, 2014. The classes are scheduled to start at 6:00PM and end no
The Lessons covered by this pro- later than 10:00PM. Students are
requested to show up at 5:30PM to
1. Introduction to Pistol Safety, complete administrative paperwork,
Parts, and Operation
and to bring their own handgun (a
2. Introduction to Ammunition and semi-auto pistol or revolver). The
the Fundamentals of Pistol classes are limited to a maximum of
16 students and the cost is $15 for
3. Introduction to Pistol Shooting Club members ($35 for nonfrom the Benchrest Position
members). Enrollment will be on a
4. Introduction to Pistol Cleaning, first-come, first-served basis, and
Storage, and Training Opportuni- advanced payment will be reties
quested. For inquiries, or to sign-up,
contact the Training Committee at:
Students will receive feedback on [email protected] .
the live-fire exercise and a course
certificate upon successful comple- Please note: the First Steps classes
tion of the lessons. Students will have been filling up well in advance.
receive a “Basic Practical” rocker Those instructors wishing to volunupon successful demonstration of teer to help with these classes
firing a qualifying “group.”
please let us know at the email
above. Those wishing to become
RRPC will be offering its FIRST Steps instructors please send an email as
Pistol program on the fourth Thurs- well. When there is enough interest
day of each month from January we will schedule a class to certify
through October, 2014, inclusive, as more instructors. Thank you.
Page 4
25 Straight!
Congratulations to Steve Blackburn,
Mark Lackner and Matt Nelson on
achieving their first 25 Straight in
Skeet. Hitting all the claybirds in a
round of Skeet or Trap is a milestone.
Tom Templeton, our Skeet Chairman,
presented both Steve and Mark their
“25 Straight” patch on 5 September
at the club. Matt achieved his perfect score on September 27.
Tom Templeton awarding Mark Lackner
Tom Templeton with Steve Blackburn
Skeet and Trap is shot every Sunday
from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. or until
sunset throughout the year, weather
permitting. 5-Stand sporting clays is
shot the second Sunday of each
month in place of trap. Wobble trap
is also shot every Sunday on our
wobble trap field.
The sport of Trap shooting is taught
and coached every Wednesday from
March to November from 1:00PM to
9:00PM (flood lights after sunset).
Members, Associates and nonmembers wishing to learn any of the
shotgun sports are encouraged to
check the calendar or contact us for
more details and to find out when
Bob King presenting patch to Matt Nelson
the fields may be open on other range to attend orientation contact
Tom Templeton at (757) 419-9321 or
[email protected]
Charges for a round (25 birds) are
$3 for Members and Associates You may contact
and $4 for non-members and Shotgun Chairman Jesse Davis
guests. 12 and 20 gauge shells (434) 293-3811
are available at the shotgun club- [email protected];
house when the fields are open.
Trap Director (coach) Mike Kreynus
(804) 263-1008
Skeet and Trap orientation will be [email protected];
on the 4th Saturday of the month Skeet Director Tom Templeton
from 10:00 a.m.—Noon. Atten- (757) 419-9321
dance is required for those without [email protected];
familiarity with shotgun fields 5-Stand – Sporting Clays Director
safety procedures, squading or the Luke Wright
fundamentals for shooting the (434) 977-4090
games of skeet and trap. To ar- [email protected]
Page 5
High Nooners
Cooler days are here. Beginning
Wednesday, October 1, High Nooners
return to Noon! Now, you’ll have
time for coffee before coming out to
the range. Set up at 11:30
Noon. Whenever the temperature is
over 60 degrees and dry, look for us
on the lower range.
High Nooners is an informal match
for the 22 caliber portion of the Bull-
seye Pistol competition. We use 50
yard targets, 25 yard turning targets, and standard range commands. All skill levels welcome. Come observe a course of
fire. Match leader will provide a
brief tutorial for beginners.
 Small fee for range supplies
 Held every Wednesday, year
 First shot at 10:30 am
Concludes by noon.
Karl Woerner
[email protected] or
[email protected] or visit
default.html for more information.
Although school is back in session, you can
try new activities at RRPC. Bring a .22 pistol
and 100 rounds of ammunition to practice
shooting accuracy. You’re only a beginner
the very first day. It’s a welcoming group
and great fun. For information, contact:
Karl Woerner, Hall Monitor.
Tactical Shooters Group (TSG)
The RRPC Tactical Shooters Group
[TSG] meets informally on Sundays
at 1.30pm on the AP&T (formally the
PPC) range. The TSG's primary focus
is the practical deployment of the
tactical carbine (aka "black rifles")
for sport, duty and/or self-defense.
We seek to improve our skills with a
carbine/rifle in a dynamic environment utilizing modern techniques
and skill-building drills as taught by
some of the world's top firearms
trainers (i.e., Viking Tactics, Vickers
Tactical, EAG Tactical, etc.). We also
incorporate practical pistol in our
practice sessions and have recently added informal Saturday
night pistol practice on the indoor
If you are interested in the learning
more, we invite you to join the TSG
Google group to be kept in the loop on
our activities.
Beginning in May, we will be incorporating a "Fundamentals
Day" (day TBD) on a regular basis
to help introduce shooters to the
TSG. It is designed to bring the novice and seasoned shooter alike up
to speed on current rifle technique
as it pertains to a "tactical" environment (e.g. zeroing, gun handling,
equipment briefing, etc.).
Please contact:
Ron Alabanza [email protected]
Carlos Santillan [email protected]
and we can get you sorted. The RRPC
TSG is open to all associates and
members in good standing. We invite
and encourage all levels of shooters
to join us for skill-building and fun.
Page 6
Cowboy Action
The RRPC sponsors the Rivanna
Rangers Cowboy Action Shooters
who are affiliated with the Single
Action Shooting Society (SASS). We
dress up in clothing that represents
the clothing of the “Old West” or
“Western Movies” and shoot single
action revolvers, lever action rifles
(in pistol calibers) and pre-1900
style shotguns (pumps or doubles),
and have fun. Ladies are always
welcome, this sport is not just for
the boys!
Our monthly matches usually consist of 4 to 6 stages or shooting scenarios. A stage will tell a story from
the old west that the shooter will
then act out. The shooter may be
required to say a line from a western
movie such as “I’m your huckleberry”
from Tombstone. The
shooter will then engage the targets
in the order specified. Each stage is
explained to the entire posse (group
of shooters) before the first shooter
starts and then each shooter has
the opportunity to review it again
with the Range Officer just prior to
shooting the stage. Targets are
fairly close and shooters are
scored on accuracy and speed.
While having fun is very important,
the most important thing is safety.
All participants are required to go
home with as many holes in their
bodies as they arrived with. Procedures and rules have been established by RRPC and SASS to
ensure the safety of the participants and spectators. Each
shooter is supervised all the way
through, from the loading table to
the shooting line and then to the
unloading table. This ensures that
the firearms are only loaded at the
appropriate time and with the appropriate number of shells. It also
makes sure that the firearms are
unloaded and clear after the
shooter is finished with each
The match cost is
$10 to shoot for
RRPC members and
nonmembers. Matches are held the
second Saturday of each month
from March – November with a hiatus in August. Check the RRPC for
set up and start times.
Come out to watch and shoot a partial scenario after the match. It is
possible to borrow guns and leather
if you want to try and shoot a match.
Call our POCs to work it out.
Points of Contact:
Ralph Wilson
AKA “Dunderburg Drifter,”
(434) 286-6949,
[email protected]
Werner Gstattenbauer,
AKA “Big Gus,”
(434) 989-5465,
[email protected]
Happy Trails
Big Gus #66666
Upcoming November Elections-RRPC Board of Directors
Per our club bylaws, there will be an
election for six seats on the Board of
Directors after the November 13th
Membership Meeting. The positions
up for election are the one-year
terms for President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer. There
are also two Director/Trustee positions on the ballot which are 3-year
terms. Contact the Nominations &
Elections Committee if you wish to
make a nomination by emailing:
Dave White at
[email protected]
Josephine Sandow at
[email protected]ast.net
Jesse Davis at [email protected]
Karl Woerner at [email protected]
Women’s Program
October is a busy month for all and
the women of RRPC are no exception. We will be taking part in our
annual Family Fun Day on the 25th
with cookouts, shooting activities, a
swap meet and much more. If you
want to help please contact us as
soon as possible. Also this month
many of us are going to the
Women’s Outdoor Weekend in Appomattox on Oct. 10-12 where we will
be practicing our outdoor skills. For
details send me an email.
We normally meet on the last Sunday of each month but it can vary
depending on holidays and other
events so if you want to join us sign
up for the email list. I will send out
notices around the middle of each
month to let you know what our
plans are. Just shoot me an email
at the address below!
Josephine Sandow
Chairperson, Women’s Program
[email protected]
Page 7
Coached Bull’s Eye Practice
Accuracy is the key to success in
competitive shooting, and to enjoyment of any the shooting sports, as
well as successful self-defense. This
session is designed to help members who wish to improve their pistol
marksmanship skills. Particular interest is for beginners but shooters
at any skill level are welcome and
will benefit. Family members may
also participate as long as the member is present. Format will be fundamentals of bullseye pistol, which
develops skills that are readily
adaptable to other disciplines including the speed sports of IDPA,
IPSC, and Steel Challenge. Pistols
of .22 caliber are recommended
but any pistol or revolver up to .45
caliber that is allowed on the indoor range may be used.
This program is run by coaches
Tom and Elizabeth Gathright. Both
are Distinguished Pistol Shots in
CMP .45-caliber Service Pistol national competition. The Distinguished Rifleman and Distin-
guished Pistol Shot Badges are the
highest honor that most military and
civilian rifle and pistol shooters can
aspire to earn.
TIMES: 1st & 3rd Wed. nights from
7:00—9:00 p.m. on the indoor range
(one half of the indoor range will be
closed to others during this time).
Contact: Elizabeth Gathright at
(540) 456-6462 or email her at
[email protected]
Please note that the activities detailed on this page will not be held in December or on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Also,
in inclement weather please check for cancellations.
“After Hours” Bullseye Pistol League
2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings each
month, from 7-9 pm on the indoor
range. The match will be run by Elizabeth and Tom Gathright.
Standard 900-point Bullseye match,
course of fire is all at 25 yards:
 2 strings of slow fire. Each string
consists of 10 shots in ten minutes.
1 National Match Course consisting of one 10-shot slow fire
string, two 5-shot strings of timed
fire, and two 5-shot strings of
rapid fire.
 4 strings of timed fire. Each
string consists of 5 shots in 20
4 strings of rapid fire. Each string
consists of 5 shots in 10 seconds.
Beginners welcomed. We will be
tracking scores and awards will be
made at the end of the season in
Match fee: $2.00
Page 8
Building & Grounds
There will be a prospective member
work party held on 5 Oct 2014 from
8am-12pm. This will be the last work
party before the 9 Oct 2014 membership meeting. For up to date information regarding work parties
see http://rrpc2.org/workdetail. To
sign up for a work party contact Walt
(email: [email protected]).
Please keep in mind that RRPC is
an all volunteer club. Members are
welcome to come to work parties
and lend a hand, it is a great way to
meet some of the incoming mem-
bers and to help the club.
If you see something at the club
that should be addressed by the
Building & Grounds committee
please let Patrick Heraghty know
about it by emailing.
(email: [email protected]).
Traditional Muzzleloader Group
Many of you have expressed interest
in a primitive muzzleloader (flintlock
or cap, real black powder) group. If
you are interested, please email
Robert G at [email protected] Once I
have an idea of interest, I will send
a link to a poll so we can pick a
time to get together to share ideas.
VCDL Meeting October 21
Our third VCDL meeting of the year at
RRPC will be held on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. We have not set a
topic yet, but the meetings are always informative and interesting. We
start by sharing a potluck dinner and
follow up with the meeting. As always, you need not be a member of
VCDL or RRPC to attend. In fact, we
encourage you to bring friends and
neighbors who have never been to
the range or are not familiar with
VCDL. It is a great way to see what
RRPC and VCDL have to offer.
requests. While we can’t promise
that we will be able to accommodate these requests it gives us insight into your interests and ideas
for future meetings.
If you have a topic that you are interested in, please feel free to
email [email protected] with your
To stay up to date on VCDL’s activities go to www.VCDL.org or visit
them on Facebook.
Rimfire Steel Match
These matches are designed to be
easy, fun, safe and affordable for
shooters of all ages and experience
levels. Matches include both .22 LR
rifle and handgun stages and the competition is open to all safe and responsible individuals who can legally own or
handle a firearm.
A typical stage is set up with 5-6 plates
at a distance of 20 feet to 30 yards.
You must place one shot on each plate
and time will stop when the last plate is
hit. The string of fire will be shot 5
times and the times added for a total
score. The cost will be $10 for ages 13
and up and free for those under ginners and will also challenge the
13, with a family maximum of experienced competitor.
$20. Our first matches will have 2
shooting stages which can be shot
with rifle, hand-gun or both. All
repeating firearms styles are allowed (except full auto). If all you Matches will be held on the RRPC
have is a semi-auto .22lr pistol or Bullseye Pistol Range
March 1
a lever action rifle, bring what you
April 5
have and have a good time. The May 3
club will also have rifles and pis- June 7
tols available for participants to July 5
use if desired. These matches are August 2
designed to be fun for the whole September 2
family, so kids, bring your parents October 4
along! This is a great event for be- November 4
No match in December
Page 9
International Defensive Pistol Association
International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches promote the
use of practical equipment including
full charge service ammunition to
solve simulated “real world” selfdefense scenarios. Aimed at men
and women who carry concealed, it
adds the pressure of a clock and
target scoring to help you assess
your equipment, mind-set and skills
under the friendly atmosphere of
like-minded shooters. Open to all
citizens who can legally possess a
handgun and with a minimum of
equipment requirements it's a low
cost way to start in the action shooting sports.
From beginner to expert, it is fun
and challenging. People from all
walks of life participate and contribute to the learning and friendly atmosphere. It is not training, although you can learn a lot, but practice of what you already know. It is a
good environment for new shooters
to be mentored and work on their
skills in a safe and supervised environment.
Matches are held at RRPC on the
3rd Saturday of every month except
December. Registration is from 8:0011:00AM. 9:00 squads are assigned
by 8:50. Shooting usually wraps up
by 3:00pm. April and August classifier matches require pre-registration.
For shooters new to RRPC and/or
IDPA there is a mandatory new
shooter briefing that begins promptly
at 8:30AM, you should arrive to register by 8:00AM. You do not need to
be a RRPC member to participate in
a match. IDPA membership is required after your first match.
Round count is 50-70 rounds minimum. The match fee is $15, cash or
check only. Except for severe
weather all matches except January
are held rain or shine on the lower
Bullseye and AP&T ranges. The Plinking and 300 yard ranges are closed
during matches.
Further information, schedule and
scores can be found at:
2014 Schedule
Jan 18 - BUG (Backup Gun) Match
Feb 15 - MD Choice
Mar 15 - MD Choice
Apr 19 - Classifier
May 17 - MD Choice
Jun 21 - MD Choice
Jul 19 - MD Choice
Aug 16 - Classifier
Sep 20 - Weapons Master (3 Gun)
Oct 18 - MD Choice
Nov 15 - Top Gun Match
Dec -No Match Merry Christmas!
The results are in from our annual
Rivanna Weapons Master (3 Gun)
Match. Everyone reported having a
good time shooting and the weather
was perfect.
2014 Weapons Master
1st Place - William Johnston
2nd - Dylan Welsh
3rd - Steven Crouch
IDPA Pistol
1st SSP - Tony Rogers
1st ESP - Steven Crouch
1st CDP - Dave Schullery
1st SSR - Stuart Ashton
1st ESR - Lewis Wenger
1st Iron Sights - Eddie Begoon
1st Optics - Dylan Welsh
1st Pump - Mark Gilland
1st Semi - William Johnston
Full results at www.RivannaAP.org
Congratulations to the winners!
Remember October is the last match
this year to qualify for the Rivanna
Top 10 Match in November.
Page 10
There is a lot of activity going on at
the club regarding archery. The ladies group has become very active
in archery and have become particularly fond of Clout Archery. A clout is
just a flag stuck in the ground and
from distances of up to 140 yards,
you try and shoot your arrows as
close to the clout (flag) as possible.
The closer to the clout, the more
points you score.
broadhead target will be coming
matches based on NFAA and USA
Archery guidelines.
From time to time, target matches
are scheduled based on NFAA
(National Field Archery Assoc.) guidelines. Usually these matches are shot
at 20 yards on a 40cm target face.
It’s a great way to test your mental
For more information, please contact:
Peter Netland
(434) 249-5588 or
[email protected],
Michael Lilly at
[email protected],
or Jim Wilmoth at
[email protected]
Occasionally, we will have target
Target Archery
The target range has been moved to
the property behind the clubhouse,
next to the blue house For now use
is limited to field points only. A
3D Archery
The 3D range is based on IBO(International Bowhunting Organization)
guidelines. Shooting positions are marked by stakes in the ground but
the distances are approximate to test your hunting skills. The blue
stakes are at a maximum distance
of 50 yards but could be shorter.
Green stake maximum is 45 yards,
red stake max is 40 yards, yellow
stake max is 35 yards, orange stake
max is 30 yards and white stake
max is 25 yards
Page 11
2014 Archery Lessons at Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club (RRPC)
Time: 3rd Sunday of each month; 12:30 to 1:30 PM
Place: Indoor Range at RRPC, at the clubhouse (we will shoot outside, weather permitting)
(Address for RRPC on GPS: 1570 Old Lynchburg Road, Charlottesville)
Equipment provided
Ages: 10 and up (younger ages, special permission)
Contact Information:
Director Archery: Peter Netland ([email protected], 434-249-5588)
Director Target Archery: Jim Wilmoth ([email protected], 434-906-0724)
Director Archery Instruction: Michael Lilly ([email protected], 804-922-2091)
Director 3D Archery: Len Bailey ([email protected], 434-589-3662)
The RRPC Board has approved purchase of equipment, and a $5 fee to defray expenses
Instructors Certified by USA Archery and NFAA
Open to non-members
Archery Lessons
We have 3 USA Archery/NFAA certified instructors who give archery lessons for beginners from youth to adult. Lessons are usually conducted as a group activity and usually on the 3 rd Sunday of the month at 12:30 PM. Ladies
group lessons are posted by the ladies group separately. Lessons are open to the public and the cost is minimal.
All equipment is provided by the club. If you are interested, please email the archery chair.
Page 12
Project Appleseed Clinic, 2014 Schedule
RRPC will host one more Appleseed
clinic in 2014, on November 8-9.
Appleseed is a two-day program that
combines rifle marksmanship instruction with learning about our
American heritage and the spirit that
animated the Founders to fight for
our freedom, by telling the real story
of April 19, 1775 – the first day of
the Revolutionary War. Participants
will learn the skills required to shoot
accurately at distances of up to 400
yards from standing, sitting and
prone positions. Students who score
210 or higher on the Army Qualification Test target (equivalent to Expert)
are awarded a Rifleman patch.
The clinic takes place at the rear of
the lower Bullseye pistol range. The
distance is 25 meters, and the target is scaled to replicate the Army
“D” target at distances from 100-400
yards. Expect to shoot 400-500
rounds during the course. Centerfire rifles up to .30 caliber are allowed, but most students use .22
rifles. You should equip the rifle
with a sling and two magazines
(tube-fed rifles are OK, too), and
also bring a shooting mat, lunch/
snacks and water, and a chair. A
set of peep sights or a scope is recommended but not required.
Anyone who can handle a rifle
safely, from beginners to experienced shooters, can participate.
Beginners and families are particularly welcome. Cost is
$60 for adults, $20
for youth under 18.
Pre-registration is required. Appleseed
clinics are open to
the public. Clinics
typically sell out in
advance with a 25
shooter limit in each session. For
complete information, or to register
A parent, guardian or other responsible adult must be present during
the time that "their" young person
is shooting. The past few months
have shown a great increase in the
number of young people wanting to
learn about the shooting sports.
Their parents have taken the time
to bring them out to the club, learn
the right way, and what fun they
can have.
people learn and improve their safe
shooting skills.
Youth Activities
The RRPC Youth Shooting Program
meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of
each month (except for some major
holidays) from 4:00pm until 6:00pm.
Any young person, 10-18 years old, is
invited to participate.
Shooting is primarily with .22 rifles
on the Indoor Range. Some shooting
is also done with .22 pistols, .177 air
rifles and air pistols. If there is
enough interest, there might be arrangements made to shoot other firearms. The Club supplies the firearms,
equipment and most of the needed
supplies for this activity. One may
use their own firearm and ammunition if they wish. Instruction and
coaching is provided.
The work assignment members
who have assisted at these youth
groups, have had such an enjoyable time, they are now returning
as coaches. People from all walks
of life, including current and retired
combat veterans help the young
For further information, contact:
Steve Sandow,
[email protected]
Paul Benneche,
[email protected]
The Indoor Range is reserved for the
exclusive use of this activity during
its normally scheduled time, but
may be open to use by Members
and Associates on a space available
basis, as determined by the Youth
Program instructors. If you want to
check and see if space on the range
is available call the Club at (434)
977-5482 during the regular Youth
Shooting time.
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