from Anny

No. 31
16th October 2014
from Anny
What is the process for grade placement?
The opportunities to build relationships and the sense of belonging underpin the process of allocating students
to classes. The process has been developed collaboratively with staff and is reviewed annually.
The process of class placement begins with this newsletter.
The first step is to invite parents to write to me with any educational concerns or
needs in regard to their child/ren’s class placement for 2015. This information
must be in writing, addressed to the principal and received by
Friday October 31, 2014.
In late October, early November each child nominates five students when they
are asked:
Who are five students you think you can or want to work well with and you
would like us to consider being with you in your new class next year?
Students write their choices on a proforma and they are photocopied. The
original is placed in the student file and teachers check the file for previous
parent requests.
Then, teachers work individually and in year levels to form classes using the
following criteria:
each student has one student listed in his or her hand and if that can’t be
done the parents are contacted and the situation is explained to them
there are groups of like-minded students (ie students working at the same
level academically)
students’ social and emotional needs are taken into account
special needs students are placed with a supportive group
students with behavioural needs (ie. those who require extra support to
access the curriculum) are carefully placed
a balance of gender
a good mix of students from previous classes.
Following this step, the parent letters are given to team leaders so they can inform the process, then each letter
placed on the individual student’s file.
Next, the specialist teachers look at class lists and identify any issues they have encountered with students or
groups of students and pass a copy to year level teams.
Finally, teachers review the lists a number of times to ensure all criteria are met before finalising classes. The final
class lists along with the parent information are passed to leadership for input and to deal with confidential
On Orientation day, Tuesday December 9, students will meet their classes and teachers for the next year.
National Bandanna Day
Friday 31st October.
20th October
Mr. Kolivas has a limited number of
Parents are welcome to attend
our Monday morning assemblies
on the Junior Oval at 9.00am.
bandannas for sale to help the CanTeen
organization raise funds to support young
people living with cancer.
Congratulations to next
Monday’s PYP Attitudes award
The bandannas cost $4 each.
He also has pens available at $3 each.
Tamia Jung-Phelan
Tom Gallus
These can be bought from him in Room 33,
before school, during recess, at lunch time
or after school.
Ollie Lewis
Jasper Williams
Lily Cecala
Ruby Anastasiadis
Charlie Moulang
Thomas Dunne
Ryan Pappin
Leo Dickinson
Theodore Barbounis
Finn Pelgrim
JJ Cunningham
Leni Severin
Lola Grosso
Diana Gonzalez Lesseur
Emily Bowles
Nickolas Skocic
Michelle La Grange
Charlie Rumble
Flynn Bongiorno
Tiana Hatzipetrou
Sam Severin
Olivia Vargiu
Kai Seeto Grossi
George Weitemeyer
Kosta Mellas
Kevin Dinesh
Jayden Rowan
Katy Butler
Students may wear the bandannas at
school on Friday 31st October only.
Bill Kolivas,
Manager, Social Service Program
As most of the information contained in our
weekly newsletter can now be found on our
website, our newsletter will comprise Anny’s
page and just one or two additional pages plus
What does it mean in a
primary school?
This week, families received
notification of Parent Payments for 2015.
It detailed payments for students in
Foundation to Grade four. With the introduction of the Australian
National Curriculum, the first year of
school is now called Foundation instead
of Prep.
This change is Australia wide.
Times: 9.30am - 11.30am (1) &
11.30am - 1.30pm (2)
Jane Simpson 9.00
Laura Marchese 9.00
Natalie Livings
Wish Hill
Natasha Scott
a friendly reminder to all families
that all students must wear their hats
when in the
playground. In accordance with our
school Sun Smart Policy (accessed on
our website) students must wear a hat
from September 1st to May 1st. This
includes recess, lunch and outdoor
learning activities such as PE lessons.
Students who do not have a hat will be
asked to move into a shaded area.
We also remind parents to provide
sunscreen for their child – we advise
sunscreen be applied during the day
before children go outdoors. If your
child has their own sunscreen in their
bag it helps protect them during the
warmer weather.
Let’s promote SunSmart practices!
Abi Hookway
Sophie Weitemeyer
Rowena Collins
Fiona Carney
Mila Lakic
Genie Yeatman 9.00
June Pennacchia 9.00
Jo Poole
Melissa Brown
Many thanks,
Lou, Marie and Jenny
9539 7131
Thank you. Nurse Cecile
The Uniform Shop trading hours are Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday
from 3.00-4.00pm.
The price list is on the website.
Bronwen Peterson
[email protected]
Dr Seuss
6 weeks until the Brighton
Primary School Election Day
Community Fair!
Come along – Vote; browse the
market stalls; scavenge for
bargains in the car boot sale;
recharge with yummy cakes and
our gourmet sausage sizzle
PLUS entertain the kids at the
bouncy castle and entertainment
This page will provide you with a
weekly update on planning and
organization for our last major
fundraiser for 2014.
It lets you know how you can
help, ways you can get involved
and what you can do to make
the Community Fair exciting, fun
and memorable.
We’ll need everyone’s help to
make this event a success, and
look forward to everyone’s
participation on what will be a
great day.
[email protected]
Every family will need to help in at least
one roster time slot.
Your stall co-ordinators will be in touch
shortly with the details of the online
roster so please pick a time that suits
your family.
If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested
in having a stall please contact [email protected]
for more details.
As well as a number of market stalls, the following stalls are
being organized by our fabulous Year Level Liaison/Class
BBQ/Cold Drinks
Tash Scott [email protected]
Cake Stall
Kylie Stewart [email protected]
Second Hand Books GRADE 2
Maureen Secatore [email protected]
Scones and Tea
Petra Okhuizen [email protected]
Lucky Jars
Trudi Shepard [email protected]
Kids Zone
Maureen Rodbard-Bean [email protected]
Lolly Bags/Quick Fire Raffle GRADE 6
Caly Price [email protected]
If you are able to help any of the teams outside of your Year
Level please feel free to make contact!
Car Boot Sale, Trash & Treasure
Anyone interested in having a trash & treasure / second hand
car boot sale, save this date.
Limited spaces available so be quick & get in early!
Running from 8am-midday
Cost $15
For more information please contact
Emily Higgins 0424428875 / [email protected]
Jane Haddow 0448366194 / [email protected]
Calling for Marquees
If anyone owns or has access to a marquee that could be
used on fete day, please let us know!
Second Hand Book Stall
If your shelves are overflowing here’s your chance to
declutter – please place donations in the box outside the FOB
kitchen or directly to 12 Baker St Brighton (leave on the
Occupational Health
and Safety
If you notice a potential OH&S issue around the school please report it to the office ASAP
so that it can be addressed.
Bill Kolivas
Facilities Manager
Pupil free day
Monday November 24
Monday November 24 is a pupil free day.
Teaching staff at Brighton Primary School will be participating in professional learning lead
by Dr Eeqbal, who is an expert on intercultural education. A well-published author and
sought after speaker, his influential work includes UNESCO recognition and has been
profiled in the media both nationally and internationally. Eeqbal has worked as a university
academic and as a consultant developing educational resources and professional
learning for principals, teachers and teacher educators. Presently, he is Senior Manager for
Research and Curriculum at the Asia Education Foundation. Eeqbal works closely with
ACARA as member of its General Capabilities Advisory Group and Cross-Curriculum
Priorities Advisory Group, and is also Council Member of the Asian Studies Association of
Hi everyone
Welcome back to the final term of the year. I hope you all enjoyed some family time over the holidays
and feel ready to embrace another busy and fun filled term. Due to a technical glitch you didn’t hear
from me last week (some could say that’s a good thing!) so there’s lots of information to share.
I'm unsure if many of you are aware, but the fundraising element of FoB is actually a necessity for BPS.
The first $25,000 of funds we raise each year goes directly to the school for their program
budget. Anything additional is what we are able to use for funding projects such as new air conditioners
for the classrooms, new external blinds for the classrooms, the new covered walkway leading into the
gym - all of which has occurred in the past 12 months.
The renovation of the “Wonder Garden”, the renovation to the performing arts centre, and any required
maintenance to heating/cooling, new roofing, new landscaping ideas - all are funded with whatever is left
With the focus this year having been more on re-engaging our community from a social perspective, our
fundraising thus far for 2014 is at a lower level than previous years. I am waiting on figures but will
share this info when I have it. As a result we need to maximise our opportunity to raise much needed
funds by attracting non-BPS families to our huge Election Day Community Fair to boost our coffers!
Hopefully by now you are all aware that the FoB team is planning a huge event to coincide with Election
Day. BPS is holding a massive Community Fair on Saturday 29th November with kids activities and
rides, food, great coffee, and lots more. Each year level has been nominated to run an area and the
communication for this has been sent out already. We hope to attract a large participation on the day
from the broader community, so please tell grandparents, neighbours and friends to come and vote at
BPS on that day and spend some time at The Fair! Our event lead for this is Roxanne O’Brien who needs
help from right now in order to organise the day. Please contact her directly on 0400 903 769 to
become involved, we need your support.
Additionally, the FoB team needs to organise our 2015 event calendar to maximise not only our 2015
fundraising efforts but also our social get togethers and community events such as Grandparents Day,
and this decision is not my responsibility or the FoB committee’s to make alone - it's a team effort. We
have an open FoB meeting on this Friday 17th October at 2pm outside the FoB kitchen, so I really
encourage seeing as many of you as possible on Friday to contribute to what you’d like to see on the event
calendar for 2015. Bring your ideas, or email them to me in the meantime.
And as always, please contact me on the fob email should you have any suggestions or queries at
[email protected]
Samm Brown
President - Friends of Brighton
Melbourne’s first Hair Colour Bar has opened in Hampton.
Our innovative technology and skilled stylists allow us to colour your hair in less time than
traditional salons, for a fraction of the price.
All Brighton Primary parents receive a 10% discount and a complimentary mineral ampule treatment.
Please refer to our website for pricing and services. or call 83953039
Parents of Catholic children in Grade 2 or 3 are notified that 5 required
Pre-Sacramental Classes for their children are starting on 29th October.
Enrolment forms are available in the Foyer of St Joan of Arc Church,
118 New Street, or by contacting [email protected] for the form.
Enrolments are due 24th October.
You are warmly invited to a
Celebratory Morning Tea
Sunday November 30, 2014 at 10am
for the 150th anniversary of
Cudgee Primary School
Please RSVP to the school by November 15th
Cudgee Primary School invites families to find out more about our school community, by
calling to arrange a school tour or coming along to annual school events:
Cudgee Primary School Night Market (Fri 28 November 5 – 8pm)
Cudgee Primary School Concert (Tue 9 December 6pm).
Fiona Selway (Principal) and Matt Dodson (Classroom Teacher)
3 Hallowells Rd, Cudgee 3265
p: 55676346 m: 0438659095 e: [email protected]