Schedule of Events Thankful for our Ringette Friends!

Schedule of Events
Active Start 1
Active Start 2
11:00 am or 11:45
Glen Allan Rec Centre
Begins Oct 19.
Mon., 5:30 pm or
6:15 pm and
Sat (every second
week) 5:00 pm
Glen Allan Rec Centre
Begins Oct 20.
November 7-9
Thankful for our Ringette Friends!
Just over 75 days
Picture Submitted by Anne MacTaggart
For those of you who are wanting a couple paragraphs from our president, you
will have to wait until the next newsletter…. Her brain is mush.
One thing she wants you to know is that:
SPRA has 17 teams in the Black Gold
(BGL) League, with roughly 357 members. Awesome!!!
Jen mentioned, she has received
over 2500 emails since becoming
President, in April. It’s been a long
road and we still have a whole season to go. So, on behalf of SPRA, I
would like to take this opportunity
to thank Jen Rogers for all her hard
work and dedication. We are very
fortunate to have her in place.
SPRA Committee Updates
Sherwood Park Platinum Ring Tournament, November 7-9
All the planning for the home tournament
is going really well thanks to an amazing
committee! The Platinum Ring Website is
up and running and includes online registration, (thanks to Shaun Hladysh and the
Stratomer team!)
Team entries are coming in fast and furious! All Sherwood Park teams need to
send in their entry as soon as possible!
Almost all divisions have maximum entry,
and some have many more. In these cases, we will be doing a random draw to
select the teams and everyone will be notified by October 15. Obviously, all Sherwood Park Teams are confirmed.
Teamwear and Game Pants
We are currently short teams in U12B
and U14A. If coaches or parents
know anyone in other areas that they
can remind to enter into these divisions, it would be great!
Teamwear orders are being handled directly through Laurie
Lalonde of Lalonde Signs and Designs at:
Ph: 780 777-3960
Our committee is doing an amazing
job at planning this to be all about
the kids. Keep your eye on the website for more information leading up
to the tournament on the fun, games,
and entertainment for the kids!
Laurie has samples of the clothing
choices that teams can pick up
and use for their team to try-on
for sizing.
As well, game pants are still available. If interested in game pants
or if you have any team wear
questions or concerns, contact
Judi Niebergall at (780) 242-0071,
or [email protected] (Director of
Thank you to our sponsors:
Zone AA News
Congratulations to 23 Sherwood Park athletes playing with Zone 5 AA this season!
U14AA -Tia Beraldo, Olivia Bolin, Sidney Fix, Mya
Parker, Taylor Pidhirniak
U16AA - Danica Gillespie, Brittany Held, Kennedy
Hickey, Sarah Kristensen, Kiara Sims, Logan Sims,
Leah Toma, Reese VandenBrink
U19AA - Emilie Bolin, Morgan Cels, Brittany Ens,
Kaitlyn Hickey, Sadie Michael, Madison Yaworski
Open A - Sydney Chodan, Rachel Demarco, Sophie
Keegan, Kiersten Moulding
Upcoming games are posted on the Zone 5 AA
ringette site, located at http://
Congratulations to Robyn Gillespie
of Sherwood Park, now playing with
Edmonton WAM! Check out the
WAM! schedule at http://
An Offer too Good to Refuse
Looking for exciting new drills and
ramped up practices? Zone 5 AA
coaches will come out with a couple
of Zone 5 AA athletes and run a
practice. Contact Chris Broadhurst
at [email protected] to arrange a
time or discuss options.
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