Fleetwood Elementary School LION’S NOTE OCTOBER 2014

Fleetwood Elementary School
Remember the dates…
October 1
Fall Book Fair begins
October 3
PTO Family Bingo/Pizza Night 6:00 p.m.
October 8
Fall Plant sale ends
Fall Book Fair ends
October 13
PTO Committee Chair Meeting – Library – 7:00 p.m.
October 14
Fall School Pictures 9:00
October 17
Physical Fitness Testing
October 22
Chick-Fil-A Night 5:00 p.m.
October 24
Physical Fitness Testing – Raindate
Pumpkin Contest begins
October 30
Pumpkin Contest ends
October 31
Halloween Party & Parade 1:15 p.m.
Principal’s Corner
Dear Fleetwood Community,
Where did September go? It's amazing how fast time goes. Our boys and girls have hit the
ground running and are diligently working at demonstrating their knowledge. They have already
produced some remarkable work. Our expectation is that our boys and girls will continue to work
as hard as they can and make all of us proud.
As always we expect our community to be involved. Please check the calendar to see what
events may interest you. Although time moves fast and we are all very busy please consider
volunteering for just one activity. It's always wonderful to see the look on our boys and girls
faces when someone they know gets involved in their education.
Mike Profico
Please read over the following information concerning policies,
procedures and future events at Fleetwood School
Our annual Halloween Parade will take place during the afternoon of Friday, October 31. All
parents, grandparents and friends are invited to come and view our parade. However only Room
Parents are permitted back in the building for the parties. You will be receiving a flyer with more
specific information on this special event.
Parents should leave a message requesting homework on the answering machine when calling a
student in absent or by calling the office before 9:30. Homework should not be picked up by
parents before 2:30 p.m., as teachers need time to get the homework organized. We cannot
honor requests for homework to be ready that day if called in after 9:30 a.m. Thank you for your
consideration in honoring this policy.
It is Fleetwood’s policy that if a student forgets his/her homework a parent or other adult must
accompany the child to the classroom to get the homework before 4:00 p.m. We do not want
children wandering the halls unsupervised after school. If you need to return for homework,
please see Mr. Profico in the main office. Please do not ask custodians to open any doors. We
would like to encourage you not to return to pick up the homework so that your child learns to be
responsible for his/her own homework.
When you send in a check for lunch money, please put your child’s name on the check so the
cafeteria workers will know which student it is for.
This is just a reminder that the policy for transportation, other than to and from home, must be on
a five day a week basis.
Unfortunately they are unable to accommodate social events, rotating schedules or other
Changing to a location other than home will only be done in case of an emergency. Thank you
very much for your cooperation in this matter.
Our annual Fall Picture Day will take place on Tuesday, October 14. You will be receiving a
packet explaining the procedures for ordering pictures of your child.
Tired of staying up all night trying to bake for your child’s class? Tired of going to the Stop &
Shop (now Shoprite) at the last minute to but cupcakes for your child’s class? Well be tired no
more. Nutri Serve (Mount Laurel’s food service provider) offers birthday treats. And get
this…they fall within the guidelines of New Jersey School Nutrition Policy. Check out the forms
at our online backpack.
Be a Birthday Book Giver!
Would you like to remember your child’s birthday in a special way that many
children could share? Why not honor him or her by donating a new book to the school
When the book is added to the collection, the gift will be acknowledged in the
child’s classroom with a presentation of a certificate. A bookplate bearing the child’s
name will be put in the front of the book, and he or she will be the first to check it out
from the library.
I will purchase an attractive and suitable, hardcover book for your child. A gift of
$15.00 will purchase a book that the child will be proud of for many years.
If you would like to honor your child in this special way, please send in $15.00
cash (no checks please) along with the completed form at the bottom of this page. I will
purchase the book at the beginning of the month, so I will need the information and
money by the 1st of the month of the child’s birthday. September birthdays may be
celebrated in October, and summer birthdays can be celebrated anytime.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions!
Mrs. Tiffany Andrayo, Library Media Specialist
[email protected]
Yes, I would like to participate in the Birthday Book Program for the Fleetwood
Child’s Name ________________________________
Child’s Teacher ______________________________
Birthday _____________________________________
If your child has any special interests or a favorite subject (Example: science,
fairy tales, cooking, etc.) you may list them below. This will help me in the
selection of a special birthday book for your child.
Return this form along with payment to Mrs. Andrayo in the library.