WHAT’S HAPPENING DTPHX IN Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Downtown Phoenix, Arizona
October 20–October 26, 2014
Monday October 20th
The Instant Classics - Live
Band Karaoke Copper Blues:
Sing with the band. 8:30 pm.
Free. 50 W Jefferson
Christopher Norby Crescent
Ballroom: Piano. 12 pm. Free.
308 N. 2nd Ave 602-716-2222
Must See Monday: Fred
Wednesday October 22nd
Young - Creating Great TV
News ASU Walter Cronkite
Wednesday Wind up-Lunch
School of Journalism: Fred
Hour Civic Space Park: Have
Young, former senior vice
fun in the park with food trucks,
president of news, Hearst
music, games, and rotating
Television, will share
pop-up activities. Wednesday
experiences about creating
Wind Up is your chance to
great TV news. 7 pm - 8 pm.
break the monotony of the
Free. 555 N. Central Ave.
week and enjoy something new
on your lunch hour. You never
know what you will Wind Up
doing. 11 am - 1:30 pm. Free
Charli XCX Crescent Ballroom:
admission. 424 N. Central Ave.
With Elliphant, and Femme. 8
pm. SOLD OUT! 308 N. 2nd
Ave 602-716-2222
Heritage Square Food Tour
Tuesday October 21st
Taste-It-Tours: A 3 hour guided
Lunch Time Pop-Up Park
tour with 5 food stops, history,
Arizona Center: BREAK THE
lots of food and fun. 12 pm.
MONOTONY! Forget eating
$58. 114 W. Adams St.
lunch at your dest, get away
from you chair and get outside.
Oversized games, sunshine,
board games and a DJ await.
11 am–1:30 pm. Free. 400 E.
Van Buren St. 602-495-1500
Walking Evening Food Tour
Taste-It-Tours: A 3 hour guided
tour with 5 food stops, history,
lots of food and fun. 5 pm.
$48 - $68. 114 W. Adams St.
RadiatePHX US Airways
Center: This event, hosted by
the Phoenix Suns in the Verve
Lounge at US Airways Center,
will feature brief updates on
sports and fitness initiatives in
downtown, such as FitPHX and
Zombie Walk 6 returns to Heritage & Science Park on Saturday, Oct.
25. Get all the zombie details at downtownphoenix.com/zombie
Meet Me Downtown. Guest
speakers will include Daniel
Valenzuela, Phoenix City
Council District 5; Jason
Rowley, Phoenix Suns; and
Ralph Marchetta, US Airways
Center. 5 pm - 7 pm. Free. 201
E. Jefferson St. 602-495-1500
Erasure - The Violet Flame
Tour Comerica Theatre: The
songwriting duo of Vince Clarke
and Andy Bell unleashed on the
world a succession of both
influential and chart-topping
pop anthems of the 80s, 90s
through to today. 7:30 pm. $45
- $50. 400 W. Washington St.
800-745-3000 livenation.com
Cronkite Night at the Movies
Allo Darlin’ Last Exit Live: Allo
Darlin’ are a fan’s band. They are
close friends that found each
other and the music they make
in London. Elizabeth and Bill are
from Australia, Mike and Paul are
from Kent. They’ve only been
playing seriously as a band since
January 2009. 8 pm. $10 - $12.
717 S. Central Ave. 602-2717000 lastexitlive.com
- Live from Baghdad ASU
Jarabe De Palo Crescent
Ballroom: Jarabe de Palo is
unquestionably one of the
biggest bands on the HispanoAmerican music scene in the
last two decades. 8 pm. $30
- $35. 308 N. 2nd Ave 602716-2222 crescentphx.com
Fundraiser for AZ Facts of
Walter Cronkite School of
Journalism: A group of CNN
reporters wrestle with
journalistic ethics and the
life-and-death perils of
reporting during the Gulf War.
7 pm. Free. 555 N. Central .
Laugh Till It Hurts
Life Stand Up Live: 100% of
ticket proceeds benefit AZ Facts
of Life. Featuring Terrence
Delane, Abe Cox, Teddy Ray,
and Dante Chang. 7 pm. $20.
50 W Washington 480-7196100 standuplive.com
These events and more online at DTPHX.org
Call us at (602) 495-1500 to reach an Ambassador with questions.
Walking Food Tour Taste-It-
Vanya and Sonia and Masha
Tours: A 3 hour guided tour
and Spike - Arizona Theatre
with 5 food stops, history, lots
Company Herberger Theater
of food and fun. 1 pm. $58.
Center: See Wednesday for
114 W. Adams St.
details. 7:30 pm. $36 - $60.
480-274-3569 tasteittours.com
Ballroom: 8 pm. $13 - $15.
Celebration: Standing
308 N. 2nd Ave 602-716-2222
Together In The Light of
Hope Icehouse: This event
Ray LaMontagne will pour his heart out at Comerica Theatre.
The concert begins at 7:30 pm on October 22nd.
honors family, friends,
community members, and
national leaders who have been
challenged by mental health
Ray LaMontagne Comerica
Thursday October 23rd
Theatre: Ten years ago Ray
Lunch Time Pop-Up Park
Jackson St. 602-257-8929
LaMontagne released his first
CityScape: BREAK THE
album, Trouble, the gold-
MONOTONY! Ah, the office
certified start to a fiercely
headphone, savior of the
ambitious, Grammy Awardwinning, critically praised
cubicle worker. They’re great
for drowning out the office
around you, but they can’t
career. 7:30 pm. $35 - $50.
compare to a live DJ outside at
400 W. Washington St.
the CityScape Pop Up Park.
800-745-3000 livenation.com
Tunes, bags and oversized
Vanya and Sonia and Masha
and Spike - Arizona Theatre
Company Herberger Theater
Center: In rural Bucks County,
PA, Vanya and Sonia have
games await. 11 am to 1:30 pm.
Free. 1 E. Washington St.
disorders. 6 pm. 429 W.
A3F Fright Fest 72 Hour
Short Film Challenge 2014
Screening AMC 24 Theaters:
Prizes, awards and an afterparty to remember will all take
place! 7 pm. Registration is
Humanities Month: The
regret, angst and the alarmingly
Ballad of Arizona - Our First
ambiguous prophecies of their
100 Years Calvin C. Goode
house keeper. Enter their sister,
Building: Writers and scholars
self-absorbed movie star
Jay Cravath and Dan Shilling
Masha, and the stage is set for
use live music, storytelling,
an absurd weekend of hilarity
video and other visual aids to
and global warming. This
highlight stories of Arizona’s
Broadway sensation, delights
first century, including famous
audiences with abundant comic
and lesser-known chapters of
twists. 7:30 pm. $36 - $60. 222
the Arizona narrative. 12 pm.
E. Monroe St. 602-256-6995
Free. 251 W. Washington St.
602-221-4756 phoenix.gov
The Bad and The Beautiful
Jesse Teer Crescent Ballroom:
The Bad and The Beautiful
featuring Billy the Kid/The
9 pm. Free. 308 N. 2nd Ave
featuring Billy the Kid/The
Ballet - Center Dance
Ballet Herberger Lunch Time
Ensemble. Herberger Theater
Theater: A one-hour abridged
Center: In addition there are
Safe In Sound Festival taking
place today at 6 pm at the
Marquee Theatre. 10 pm. $53
includes on GA ticket to BOTH
events. 122 E. Washington St.
emotional, existential history of
the artist. With Helado Negro.
8 pm. $12 - $15. 717 S. Central
602-271-7000 lastexitlive.com
Deathsquad Comedy Stand
Up Live: With Tony Hinchcliffe,
and Brian Redban. 8 pm. $20.
50 W Washington
entertained and possibly
surprised as members of the
audience take turns joining in
the jam session creating a ever
evolving musical master piece!
8 pm to 11 pm. No cover
charge. 705 N. 1st St.
National Arts and
the official After Party for the
Mean Love rolls like an
Session The Turf: You will be
family’s farmhouse full of
Party Monarch Theatre: This is
meditatively lyrical, Sinkane’s
Sir Harrison Band Jam
Ensemble’s evening
Melodically beat-driven and
602-295-3147 theA3F.net
frittered their lives away in their
Safe In Sound Festival After
Sinkane Last Exit Live:
$40 - $50. 565 N. 3rd St.
performance of Center Dance
Gardens & Villa Crescent
19th Annual Candlelight
Friday October 24th
The Bad and the Beautiful at the
Herberger Theater Center from
Oct 23th-Oct 26th includes two
Lunch Time Theatre 50 minute
abridged performances.
four premiers on the program.
Toastmasters CityScape:
Toastmasters will help you
hone speaking and leadership
skills in a no-pressure
environment. 7:30 am. Visit
free; modest dues to join.
Squire Sanders Law Offices 1 E.
Washington St. Suite 2700
Savor the Symphony
Women’s Luncheon Phoenix Symphony
Frances Smith Cohen’s With
Symphony Hall: The 3rd Annual
optional lunch by 5 pm the day
Wings, Frances Smith Cohen’s
Savor the Symphony Women’s
before the show for $6 - $8.
Red, Diane McNeal Hunt’s Night
Luncheon features the
Center Stage. (See 7:30 pm
of Moonlight, and Scorpius
gorgeous actor, singer and
performance for more details.)
Dance Theatre joins with Fade.
performance. Pre-order
12:10 pm. $6. 222 E. Monroe
7:30 pm. $28. 222 E. Monroe
songwriter, Cheyenne Jackson.
The lucheon will be prepared by
Chef Bernie Kantak. 11 am.
$200. 75 N. 2nd St. 602-495-
1999 phoenixsymphony.org
The Live and Learn Lunch: 7
Seminar - Actors Theatre
The Bad and The Beautiful
Comtemporary Jazz - Raul
Ways To Seal The Deal
Helen K Mason Performing Arts
featuring Billy the Kid/The
Yañez The Nash: Modern jazz
Kincaid’s Classic American
Center: Four aspiring young
Ballet - Center Dance
with deep grooves. 7:30 pm.
Dining: Featuring Jeffrey
novelists sign up for private
Ensemble Herberger Theater
$15. 110 E. Roosevelt
Durbin, Greater Phoenix
writing classes with Leonard, an
Center: See Thursday for more
602-795-0464 thenash.org
Chamber of Commerce. Meet
international literary figure.
details. 7:30 pm. $28.
new people, enjoy a great
Under his recklessly brilliant
lunch, and hear various
and unorthodox instruction,
presentations every Friday.
some thrive and others
Includes lunch, beverage, tax
flounder, alliances are made
and gratuity. 11:30 am to 1 pm.
and broken, sex is used as a
$20. 2 S. 3rd St. 602-340-
weapon and hearts are
0000 kincaids.com
unmoored. The wordplay is not
Heritage Square Food Tour
Taste-It-Tours: A 3 hour
guided tour with 5 food stops,
history, lots of food and fun.
12 pm. $58. 114 W. Adams St.
the only thing that turns vicious
as innocence collides with
experience in this biting
Broadway comedy. 7 pm. $34.
1333 E Washington St.
National Arts and
Humanities Month: Phoenix
around the world, and was
named an Honorary Phoenix
Point of Pride. With guest
Knabenchor from Frankfurt,
Germany, the choirs will
perform works in the boy choir
tradition. Atrium. 12 pm. Free.
more details. 8 pm. $36 - $60.
Victor Frankenstein, Frederick
Frankenstein (pronounced
‘Fronk-ensteen’) inherits his
family’s estate in Transylvania.
With the help of a hunchbacked
side-kick, Igor (pronounced
‘Eyegore’), and a leggy lab
assistant, Inga (pronounced
normally), Frederick finds
Cheyenne Jackson, performing
with the Phoenix Symphony
October 24th & 25th, will also
be featured at the Savor the
Symphony Women’s Luncheon.
Cheyenne Jackson - The
Phoenix Symphony
Symphony Hall: Cheyenne
Jackson, a multi-talented actor,
featuring Billy the Kid/The
singer and songwriter, makes
Ballet Herberger Lunch Time
Ok Go Crescent Ballroom: OK
Go (Damian Kulash, Tim
Nordwind, Dan Konopka, Andy
Ross) have spent their career in
a steady state of transformation.
8:30 pm. $18 - $20. 308 N. 2nd
602-716-2222 crescentphx.
himself in the mad scientist
Proper Fridays GypsyBar:
shoes of his ancestors. Hardes
Featuring 2tonedisco, Ariel
Perez and weekly guest DJs. All
EDM, all night! 9 pm. No cover.
50 W Jefferson St 602-7325490 gypsybarphx.com
6th Annual PoeFest -
200 W. Washington St.
The Bad and The Beautiful
Center: See Wednesday for
Grandson of the infamous
City Hall: The Phoenix Boys
in Europe, historical cathedrals
Company Herberger Theater
Company Phoenix Theatre:
McDowell Rd. 602-254-2151
Der Singakademie Frankfurt
Choir has sung in major venues
and Spike - Arizona Theatre
Almost Famous Theater
Theatre. 7:30 pm. $20. 100 E.
Boys Choir and the Knabenchor
Vanya and Sonia and Masha
Young Frankenstein -
Arizona Curriculum Theatre
Big Fun Friday Bar Smith:
Hotel San Carlos: Not just an
Playing the best tech house,
deep house and electro from a
wide range of areas. Sean
Watson presents Big Fun Friday
with o/w/l/s. 9 pm. $5.
130 E. Washington St.
ordinary reading of one of
literature’s favorite authors,
PoeFest unites a cadre of
talented actors to perform in
character as inmates from a
19th century insane asylum.
$15 - $20. 202 N. Central Ave.
Pete Holmes Stand Up Live:
Saturday October 25th
Be The Match Walk + Run
Cesar Chavez Plaza: Be The
Pete Holmes is a nationally
his Arizona debut with The
Match Foundation raises funds
touring standup comedian,
to help patients who need a
Theater: See Tuesday for more
Phoenix Symphony singing a
actor, improviser, writer and
marrow or umbilical cord blood
details. 12:10 pm. $6.
dazzling parade of popular
cartoonist. Pete’s cartoons have
transplant find a donor and
appeared in various magazines,
receive treatment. 7:30 pm.
most notably The New Yorker.
$10 - $30. 251 W. Washington
7:30 pm and 10 pm. $22. 50 W
Washington 480-719-6100
222 E. Monroe 602-252-8497
Blaine Long Bar Bianco:
Warm soulful vocals and
powerful rhythmic acoustic
guitar style. 6 pm to 10 pm.
Free. 609 E. Adams
DJ Jared Alan District
American Kitchen & Wine Bar:
Electro, techno, house, rock ‘n’
roll, disco punk, Goth, and
everything in between. 7 pm–
11 pm. No Cover Charge.
320 N. 3rd Street 602-817-5400
songs from the Great American
Songbook. 7:30 pm. $18 - $83.
75 N. 2nd St. 602-495-1999
Narnia: The Lion, The Witch
Warpaint The Pressroom: The
and The Wardrobe Valley
most important element of
Youth Theatre: Four siblings:
Warpaint’s second, self-titled
Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund
album is space. The hauntingly
discover a magical forest
lovely sounds that comprise its
inhabited by a faun named
12 songs are punctuated by a
Tumnus, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver,
distinct absence of sound, one
Aslan and dozens of other
that elevates the band’s music
talking animals and mythical
to a new place of depth. 8:30
Narnia: The Lion, The Witch
creatures. 7:30 pm. $18.
pm. $18 - $22. 441 W. Madison
and The Wardrobe Valley
525 N. First St.
St. 602-725-7797
Youth Theatre: See Friday for
602-253-8188 x 2 vyt.com
details. 12 pm and 3 pm. $18.
Community Yoga
Project Civic Space Park:
Ashtanga yoga in the beautiful
park scenery. Bring a mat,
some water and a friend!
8:30 am. Free. 424 N. Central
Walking Evening Food Tour
The Bad and The Beautiful -
Peep Me XOXO Gypsy Bar:
Dia de los Muertos Phx
Taste-It-Tours: A 3 hour guided
Center Dance Ensemble.
Live burlesque performances,
Festival Margaret T. Hance
tour with 5 food stops, history,
Herberger Theater Center:
art, music and DJs. 9 pm. No
Park - East: An interactive,
lots of food and fun. 2 pm and
See Thursday for more details.
Cover. 50 W. Jefferson St.
multi-generational, and
5 pm. $48 - $68. 114 W.
7:30 pm. $28.
participatory cultural immersion
Cheyenne Jackson - The
Latin Ladies Night Sky
Phoenix Symphony
details. 7:30 pm. $18 - $83.
Lounge: Featuring Kyko, Daffy,
Image, and Mario. 9 pm. 132 E.
Washington St. 602-229-1110
the biggest baddest, bloodiest
Marisa Ronstadt and The
Sunday October 26th
zombie gathering west of the
Know-It-Alls Last Exit Live:
multicultural roots to the
Marisa Ronstadt hails from a
community at large through
talented family based in Arizona
culturally relevant programming
whose name was made famous
and activities. 1 pm to 6 pm.
by her cousin, the multi-
Free. 1134 N. Central Ave.
Help Downtown Phoenix make
platinum recording artist, Linda
zombie history! 2 pm - 11 pm.
Ronstadt With Teneia Sanders,
FREE!!! 115 N. 6th St. 602-
and Old Jack City. 7:30 pm .
Adams St. 480-274-3569
Zombie Walk 6 Heritage &
Science Park: Zombie Walk is
Mississippi and this year we’re
shuffling and moaning our way
toward a Guiness World Record.
495-1500 downtownphoenix.
Big Red Night Of The Dead
Collier Surface Lot: Featuring
Five Finger Death Punch,
Volbeat, Killswitch Engage,
Hellyeah, and Nothing More.
Symphony Hall: See Friday for
$8 - $10. 717 S. Central Ave.
602-271-7000 lastexitlive.com
Young Frankenstein Almost Famous Theater
Company Phoenix Theatre:
Mexican experiences with a
twist of Southwestern flavor.
The festival aims to instill a
sense of history, pride and
knowledge about our
The Bad and The Beautiful
Aunt Rita’s annual charity event
begins at City Hall at 7 am on
October 26th
featuring Billy the Kid/The
Ballet - Center Dance
Ensemble Herberger Theater
Center: See Thursday for more
details. 2 pm. $28.
See Friday for more details.
AIDS Walk & 5K Run City Hall:
7:30 pm. $20.
Funds raised by AIDS Walk
Arizona & 5K Run support
3 pm. $40. 125 E. Washington
6th Annual PoeFest Hotel San
480-838-0400 98kupd.com
Carlos: See Friday for more
member agencies that provide
details. 8 pm. $15 - $20.
programs to prevent HIV/AIDS
Vanya and Sonia and Masha
event blending traditional
or assist those living with the
Seminar - Actors Theatre
Helen K Mason Performing Arts
Center: See Friday for more
details. 2 pm. $34.
Young Frankenstein -
and Spike - Arizona Theatre
ShouTheory Live Jazz
Company Herberger Theater
disease in Central Arizona. 7
Company Phoenix Theatre:
am. $50. 200 W. Washington
See Friday for more details.
4 pm. $20.
$36 - $60.
District American Kitchen &
Wine Bar: 8 pm–11 pm. No
Cover. 320 N. 3rd St 602-8175400 districtrestaurant.com
Elgar’s Viola Concerto -
1st Annual Food and
Arctic Monkeys Comerica
Wierd Science Fake Wounds
MusicaNova Central United
Thought Speaker Series:
Theatre: With Mini Mansions.
Lab Arizona Science Center:
Methodist Church: Featuring
How the Harvey Girls Tamed
8 pm. $30 - $45. 400 W.
Freak friends and family with
soloist Milena Pajaro-Van de
the West A. E. England
Washington St. 800-745-3000
your fake wounds this
Stadt, a member of the Dover
Building: Stephen Fried will
Halloween! Learn how to make
Quartet. 4 pm. $20. 1875 N.
Melvins Crescent Ballroom:
wounds at home just in time to
Central Ave. 480-585-4485
With Le Butcherettes. 8:30 pm.
be a part of the walking dead!
$19 - $20. 308 N. 2nd Ave
This is an hour-long session. 11
Walking Food Tour Taste-It-
am and 3 pm. Free with
Tours: A 3 hour guided tour
general admission. 600 E.
with 5 food stops, history, lots
Center: See Wednesday for
more details. 4 pm and 8 pm.
share an entertaining
presentation on his research
into the Fred Harvey Company
that redefined quality food
service along the railways. The
event will include food, wine
Almost Famous Theater
Washington St. 602-716-2000
of food and fun. 5 pm. $48 -
$68. 114 W. Adams St.
and entertainment reminiscent
The Crystal Method Monarch
of the great Fred Harvey House
Theatre: They’ve rightfully
restaurants. 6:30 pm. $35. 424
earned a reputation as ‘one of
Narnia: The Lion, The Witch
N. Central Ave. 602-496-1854
the best live dance acts on
and The Wardrobe Valley
Earth,’ according to the Village
Youth Theatre: See Friday for
Pete Holmes Stand Up Live:
Voice. 9 pm. $20. 122 E.
more details. 12:30 pm and
See Friday for more details.
Washington St. 602-229-1266
4 pm. $18.
7 pm. $22.
Vanya and Sonia and Masha
and Spike - Arizona Theatre
Griffin House Crescent
Solstice Saturday Bar Smith:
Pete Holmes Stand Up Live:
See Friday for more details.
7 pm and 10 pm. $22.
Seminar - Actors Theatre
Helen K Mason Performing Arts
Center: See Friday for more
details. 7 pm. $34.
Pete Salaz and Senbad on the
patio. 9pm–3 am. $10 130 W.
Washington St. 602-229-1265
Ballroom: With Miller James.
Company Herberger Theater
8 pm . $15 - $17. 308 N. 2nd
Center: See Wednesday for
Ave 602-716-2222
more details. 1 pm. $36 - $60.