WE PAINT... Heirlooms! The Wylie House Museum, 307 E. Second Street

WE PAINT... Heirlooms!
The Wylie House Museum,
307 E. Second Street
Bloomington, IN 47401
UP TO THREE WATERCOLORS PER ARTIST / no entry fee required!
Submit paintings produced without the help of an instructor. They must have been created from
the artist's original reference materials or BWS provided photographs, painted with aqua media
on watercolor paper. A Wylie House themed painting from the recent BWS Membership show is
acceptable. See CONTENT below.
Watercolor paintings may include other mediums (collage, pastel, pen & ink, etc.) as long as
their use does not exceed 10% of the work. Please follow rules designated in our by-laws.
No copies of published imagery permitted.
Jan. 15th: Unframed Paintings are to be delivered to the Wylie House Museum for scanning
by the Lilly Library. Scanning of works: The Staff of Lilly Library will carefully transport and
scan all artwork submitted prior to framing. Wylie House will provide consent forms for the use
of the images for each artist that chooses to participate. As a thank you for donating use of the
image, each artist will receive a digital copy of their painting, and an invite to the closing
The plan is to use the scanned images for in-house use such as future event announcements or
notecards (used as gifts to donors only, and not for sale). Your name will be printed on the
backs of cards, and if your image is selected for card usage, you will be given a packet as a
thank you. Approximately 15-20 of the paintings will be selected by the Wylie House staff to be
part of the curated show.
Artists will retain copyright and ownership of their works.
Feb 9th, the scanned paintings will be returned to Wylie House for artists to pick up for framing
from 10 A.M to Noon.
Feb. 25th Framed paintings curated as part of the Wylie House Show (15-20) are to be delivered
to the Education Center (barn) 10:00 A.M. to Noon.
Frame: Use flat hangers with no saw-toothed hooks or screw eyes. Wires should be stretched
tightly and attached approximately 1/3 down the vertical dimension.
Glass or plexi-glass is acceptable, but if larger than 24" x 30", please use plexi.
Content: Imagery (all things related to Wylie House or of an antique nature) must be suitable
for public viewing. Keep in mind: The Heirloom Seed Sale, The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show
and the BWS We Paint… Heirlooms! will all be promoted in tandem throughout our region.
If you are unable to make delivery yourself, on any one of the above dates, please make
arrangements with a friend to deliver.
Pricing/ Sales: Paintings do not need to be for sale, but prices need to be consistent if works
have been offered in other local galleries. Artist information will be made available for potential
clients, and there is no commission taken by Wylie House Museum. In the event of a sale,
artists will be contacted to manage their individual transactions. Artists are encouraged to
leave all works on display for the show’s duration.
April 30th: Pick Up of Works at the closing reception.
Closing Reception: April 30th. A Wine and Cheese reception will be hosted by Wylie House
Museum. Artists will be thanked for their contribution, (digital scans passed out) and artists will
pick up their paintings at that time.
Exact times for all the above dates will be sent via emails as reminders to participants .
Insurance: There is no insurance provided by Wylie House or BWS, so the artist is
responsible for insurance. There is a release form that all artists must sign and return to the
committee when delivering works, and copies will be available for signing at check in. BWS
volunteers, The Wylie House & Lilly Library staff will exercise great care in the handling of all art
BIOS: If you wish to include or update your bio in our gallery book, please print and
deliver it with your paintings.
Any questions? Contact me directly: (812) 333-3907, email [email protected], or contact any
BWS board member.
Thanks to all participating artists!
Tricia Wente
BWS Show Chair
Place a label on the back of all unframed works. When the paintings are returned after
scanning, additional labels will be available for your use on your framed painting. These
Artist Phone #
Artist Phone #