September/October 2014 Dear Parents,

September/October 2014
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the Valley Youth Center, we look forward to meeting new students and reconnecting with
students from last year. We have wonderful events planned at the Center this year and some amazing new
Moms that have joined us in our mission for the children. Adult volunteers are always needed, so please think
about joining us at the Center even for one Friday a month. Many hands make the job light.
The Valley Youth Center is located in the lower level of the Huntingdon Valley Library parking lot, middle
doors. The 2100 square foot facility offers nine arcade machines with over 800 games, ping pong, foosball,
and a 72 inch big screen TV with many tables, chairs, and two sofas in a lounging area for your children to
unwind and connect with their friends. There is also a kitchen area and a new additional food counter area.
The Red Lion Gym is also available for children to play basketball, football, jump rope, hula hoop, etc. We will
also have arts and crafts for a nominal fee. This year marks our 18th year anniversary and we are honored to
still be able to provide this service to the community. We also thank the Lower Moreland School District for
providing bus transportation and the Township for their continued support daily and for allowing us to
utilize our wonderful space.
The Valley Youth Center has been a safe haven for the children of the Lower Moreland & Bryn Athyn
communities. The Center originated after the tragic beating and killing of a 16 year old Eddie Polec in nearby
Fox Chase, Philadelphia in 1994. Mark Bellomo joined forces with many community leaders & students and
stated "let's give the kids a place other than the streets, a place of their own to hang out."
The Center is unique to our community and it is wonderful that we have this facility for our children and all
community groups to enjoy daily. We are proud to say that we are still all volunteer run and operated.
You will have access to information on the following sites:
1. Valley Youth Center Web Site
2. District Web Site Main Home Page
3. Virtual Backpack for Pine Road/Murray Avenue/community
4. Facebook – Like us on Facebook. We update the page often.
We are attaching the following:
1. Dates of Operation for 2014/2015 Season
New this year on our scheduled Friday’s open, grades 1 through 6 are invited to the VYC.
How does this work? The kids are broken up into 2 groups in the Red Lion Gym when
playing basketball younger kids on one end and the older children on the other. We have
great crafts & other exciting theme weeks planned. Our Student Volunteer helpers are
plentiful. Adult Volunteers are always needed & welcome, so please consider volunteering
your time on Fridays at the Center, it fills your life with happiness and joy.
2. Emergency Contact Information and Medical Form
3. Code of Conduct
4. Media Release Form
5. Halloween Party Flyer
6. Adult Volunteer Form – your help is needed on Fridays and for our big events that are
ADMISSION: $5.00 per student per week entry fee entitles your child all of the services that the
center has to offer.
SPENDING MONEY: Snacks, drinks, and food are sold. Between $5.00 and $10.00 is more than
adequate. A price list and menu will be forthcoming.
GAMES: All games are set on "FREE PLAY" and we try to have each child rotate on each game so that
everyone gets a turn. 2 machines have about 800 games or more loaded on them. The children also
have an opportunity to play basketball, jump rope, hula hoop, and other activities in the Red Lion
Gym. Crafts without an additional charge. We also have a big screen TV, a foosball machine, ping pong
and pool table, and two sofa areas to enjoy.
TRANSPORTATION: Bus transportation is being provided for the 2nd to 6th grade students by the
Lower Moreland School District. 6th grade students will walk to the Valley Youth Center. Please see
the procedure form for your child's grade level.
PICKUP TIME: Is extended until 6pm- Please pick up at 6pm sharp. We still have to clean up after
the children leave. If you are running late, please call at 215-938-5202 and notify us. If you cannot get
thru, call our board members on their cell phones: Denise Kuritz, President at 267-7840278/[email protected], Jen Ware at 215-460-5256/[email protected], Colleen
Lennon at 215-694-3664/[email protected], and our other moms listed below.
SIGN OUT: Your child must be signed out of the Valley Youth Center by YOU. You must come into the
Center to sign your child out on our sign out sheet. If another parent is picking up your child, they
will have to sign your child out. You will also need to call us at the center and inform us on the
scheduled Friday and send us a handwritten, dated, and signed note. At that time, you will be asked
by our adults in charge to present an appropriate identification or driver license.
FUNDRAISING: The Youth Center raises money to fund its continued operations, repairs and
insurance costs both through fundraisers throughout the year, as well as, the weekly entrance fee
(new last year). Our Winter Fundraiser in the fall at Philmont Country Club everyone enjoys with a
DJ and brings the community together. Come and meet new people in the neighborhood. The 5k
Walk/Run is an amazing community event at the LM High School that brings everyone out from
strollers to seniors. We took off last year due to Pine Road Run around the school and lack of
volunteers. It takes a village to raise a child and to run this Center. Please sign up to help for these
great events and help the VYC.
1. Please go over the procedure with your child.
2. Please fill out the Emergency Contact & Medical Form as soon as possible so that in the event of an
emergency we know how to contact you. We have had only a few emergency in the 16 years we have
been at the Center.
3. If a student volunteer answers the phone, ask for an Adult Board Member in charge.
Thank you for your cooperation!
We look forward to meeting you and your children in the near future. Should you have any questions, please
feel free to contact us at the Valley Youth Center at 215-938-5202. If you gave any immediate concern or
question, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Your children are #1 to us. We work tirelessly to make
sure the Youth Center stays viable in our community and for your children and it is our pleasure. "It's all for
and about the kids!"
Denise Kuritz
Celeste Caruso Pupura
Colleen Lennon
Jen Ware
Dawn Lebowitz
Jill Duani
Jill Solar
Faith Shein
215-738-0000 267-304-0410
Dianne Gallagher
Deb Indictor
Alberta O’Brien Diedre Doneker
215-882-4627 215-914-0474
Along with rest of the Valley Youth Center Board Members who work so tirelessly for the children.
Lori Raneri, Lucille O'Donnell, Alise Ost, Mimi Levy and Marie Grimaldi, our Treasurer. We thank Nancy
Swerdlow, Vikki Trost, Sally Pitcairn, Merle Geiger, Megan Keaton, Amy Titus, Laura Roesser, Terri
Giampaolo, Amy Farber, Michelle Butler and all of the PTA who help us with our mission for the children.