Literacy Reading Skills

Reading Skills
Learning the letter sounds: s, a, t, i, p, n, c,
k, e & h. The sounds will be introduced
through fun activities, including learning of
phonic songs linked to the week’s
Learning and discussing nursery rhymes,
stories and poems linked to the ‘focus letters’.
Visiting Bluebelle Library. Looking at both
fiction and non fiction books
Writing Skills
Developing the girls early-writing skills:
through activities such as making a shopping list, birthday cards for family/friends,
writing messages and make stories from
their drawings.
Learning to form ‘name’ letters correctly
Learning to recognise and write their name
Speaking and Listening
Learning to listen and develop good
listening skills
Autumn Term
Through games and fun
activities, the girls’ will
be working on:
Help your daughter look smart:
 Earrings should not be worn
 Nail polish should be
 Hair longer than collar
length should be fully tied
back, with blue or black hair
bands/clips only.
 A small sports– style water
bottle and a small snack box
Developing mouse skills
Naming parts of the computer
Developing confidence to use technology
The girls will have access to computers, the Interactive
White Board, cameras, programmable toys and
electronic toys.
Counting up to 10 and beyond e.g.
how many friends are here today?
Learning to form numerals 0, 1, 2
and 3
Learning to use mathematical language to describe 2D shapes
Developing the vocabulary of
capacity –full, 1/2 full and empty
Learning to estimate quantities of
things and then to count to check
how many
Learning about patterns
Understanding of the World
Topics to be covered this term will be:
Me, my Nursery and my Family
Our Five Senses
Colour, pattern and shapes
Festivals & Celebrations
The seasonal changes of
Introduction to our Thinking Skills
programme through Philosophy Bear
Cooking activities, learning to
observe the changes of state
Encouraging the girls to separate
from their main carer with
 We shall support the girls to
become familiar with and have the
ownership of the nursery, routines,
boundaries & ‘friends’
Learn the names of and access
the different areas in the
Nursery e.g. Mr Maker’s Area
 Learning to share and take turns
Physical Development
Weekly PE, Ballet and Yoga lessons.
Developing gross motor
skills such as balancing,
co-ordination, cycling
Taking acceptable realistic
Developing fine motor
skills through multi-sensory
activities such as, sand,
water, early -writing,
play dough, clay, painting
and threading
Accessing the
outdoor areas
Learning to become
independent in
personal hygiene.
Creative Development
The girls have 2 weekly music sessions with a specialist
We teach the girls a wide
range of songs, rhymes,
poems and riddles
In addition the environment
is set to develop the girls’
imagination through role
play, free painting, colour
mixing activities and multisensory activities
We prepare the
girls for our