Knox News

Knox News
This week in the Knox Community
Sunday, October 12
Thanksgiving Sunday
10:30am Worship Service and Kids’ Church
Monday, October 13
Thanksgiving: Office closed
Tuesday, October 14
10am Coffee Plus
Wednesday, October 15
9:30am Prayer Time
Noon Community Care lunch
7pm Women of Christ Bible Study
Thursday, October 16
9:30am Prayer and Planning
6:30pm Bobcaygeon Horticulture Society
7:30pm Choir practice
Saturday, October 18
1pm Birthday Celebration
Sunday, October 19
Anniversary Sunday
10:30am Worship Service and Kids’ Church
These notices for Knox and the community are listed for
your information and attention. If you would like more
information, contact either a person listed with the event
notice, or one of the people on the bulletin back cover.
You can get more information about items with a double
underline on our web site,
Knox News Announcements: Please leave them in the
mail slot at the bottom of the stairs or send them to
[email protected] ‘Subject: Knox News’ to
be received no later than Thursday noon.
If you have a prayer request, please pass a note to
the pastor or to the duty elder.
Please remember in prayer…
✗ Irene Stark’s sister was killed in a car accident
September 7; her funeral was October 6. Irene’s
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brother-in-law is out of the hospital and the parents
and child from the other car are also recovering. Irene
sends her thanks for your prayers for her and her
Carole & Ken Jones Carole is recovering from a fall
at Case Manor
Gregory & Agnes Bangura in Sierra Leone, fighting
Ebola outbreak. Also, their mission office burned
down last week.
Sheila and Phil Mayville’s son-in-law Dave Yurick
is recovering from a heart attack.
Ken and Marj Brown’s son Bobbie Brown is
recovering from surgery to repair a hole in his heart.
Another son, Kenneth Brown also has health issues.
Pray for Alec Remenda, KC Bowcott’s 13-year-old
great-grandson undergoing a year of cancer treatment.
Rev. Reg and Dale MacMillan’s daughter Naarah is
being treated for abdominal cancer.
Betty Irving’s great-grandniece Jenna Shearer is
having seizures.
John Treharne and Edith Bishop (Leola’s mother-inlaw) are in Ross hospital.
Marguerite Adams-Miller, Muriel Flagler, Rosie
Ingram, Lloyd Moore, Jean Treharne, and Fran
Wylie at home.
Thinking of You… Carole Jones
Specialty Care Case Manor, Bobcaygeon, K0M 1A0
We have received a new address for Joanne Redfern:
20 Queen St., Unit #16, PO Box 1395, Fenelon Falls,
K0M 1N0.
We welcome today Rev. Sandy Beaton back to our
service. Rev. Beaton, a retired minister with the
Presbyterian Church of Canada, retired from St. John’s
Presbyterian, Port Perry.
A big thank you to Joe Rasmussen for putting together
the Thanksgiving display for today.
Thank you to everyone who helped with our booth at
the Bobcaygeon Fair. Check out the posters in the hall
prepared by Pat & Jenny McCron. Also thanks to
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Dennis Carpenter, Pat & Jenny McCron, Myra Coene,
Carey Jo Johnston, Sheila Mayville, Dave & Ellen
Roberts, and Karen & Jelle Visser for representing
our church at the booth. We had personal contact with
more than 70 people plus all those who just saw the
— Mission & Outreach Committee
Congratulations to Marjorie Brown, who won five
first place ribbons at the Bobcaygeon Fair. One of her
sewing creations is going on to compete at the district
level, then possibly to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.
Also to Nicholas Kennedy who won a first and second
place ribbon, and was third overall in Junior Baking.
His chocolate chip cookies also will be going on to the
district competition later this year. And congratulations
to the many others in our congregation who also won
ribbons at the Fair.
~~~~~~~~~~This Week~~~~~~~~~~~
The next Knox Talks deadline is today, October 12.
Please have your articles in to Margaret Cosh.
For children, we offer a KIDS’ CHURCH program:
“The Followers” (Grades K-6) Margaret Cosh is
teaching a curriculum she has created on “The Life
of Moses” for children up through grade 6.
“Ignite” (Grades 7-12) will be discussing the Youth
for Christ video series “Quest,” a contemporary
look at how faith and life connect. They’ll study the
book of John at a later date.
COFFEE PLUS continues their study of the DVD series
JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted by Priscilla
Shirer. All ladies are welcome Tuesdays at 10 a.m.
The Women of Christ Bible Study have begun a study
on the Gospel of John. Any women who’d like to
join them Wednesdays at 7 p.m. are welcome.
~~~~~~~Community Happenings~~~~~~~
Check out flyers on the bulletin board in the
Fellowship Hall announcing…
✗ A seminar on “Safe and Secure Aging” in Lindsay
Thursday, October 23.
✗ “Filled and Overflowing,” a women’s weekend
November 7 to 9 at Fair Havens
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~~~~~~~~~~~ General~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~ Mission & Stewardship~~~~~~~
Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes are here. With
so much conflict and strife in the world today, as
we count our blessings this Thanksgiving, let’s
remember those less fortunate by participating in
Operation Christmas Child. Shoe boxes are
available today. Please return your filled shoe box
by November 9.
Stewardship Moment:
“There’s no reason to be the richest man in the
cemetery. You can’t do any business from there.”
— Colonel Harlan Sanders (1890-1980),
businessman and restaurateur
Alzheimer Society annual campaign: Knox
Presbyterian Women are supporting this campaign
by placing a donation box by the Information
Centre in the Fellowship Hall. If you would like to
support your local society, just drop a loonie,
twonie, or loose change into the box. Information
on Alzheimer’s is also available for you to pick up.
Thank you for your support.
October 16 is World Food Day
World Food Day is a day to raise public awareness of
world food production and the struggle against
hunger, malnutrition and poverty. God created the
earth to sustain us and yet 870 million people do not
have enough to eat. Presbyterian World Service &
Development is working to end global hunger by
providing food in times of emergency and by helping
small-scale farmers increase crop yields. In Guatemala,
PWS&D’s partners are working to teach 440 families
sustainable farming techniques and help mitigate the
effects of climate change. “We eat healthier now
because our maize and beans are grown using organic
fertilizers,” says Miguel Quintanilla. “The money we
were spending on chemical products is now buying
necessities for our home. We are not mistreating our
land; instead we are making the land more fertile.”
Glad Tidings is a mission magazine produced by the
Women’s Mission Society. Six times a year you can
enjoy inspirational articles, book reviews and
poetry, and hear from Presbyterian Church mission
workers. The magazine is also available in large
print. The subscription rate for 2015 is $16.95.
Please see Betty Irving downstairs to renew or start
your subscription, or look over sample copies.
Is there a special hymn or Christian song you’d like us
to sing in worship? Take a moment to let us know
at the Hymn Suggestion Box in the Fellowship
Hall. Just fill out a slip with the title of the selection.
You can also tell us why that hymn or song is
meaningful for you. We’ll do our best to include
your favourites in worship.
September/October Today devotional booklets are in.
October readings look at “The Cross of Jesus
Christ.” Devotion author John Kuperus writes, “I
have heard numerous teachings about the cross,
and yet it seems like there is always more to learn
and absorb.” Take a copy, and please leave $2 to
cover the costs.
The Board of Managers is looking for a newer, (slightly)
smaller, more efficient freezer to replace the old
unit downstairs. If you have one you could donate,
or would be willing to trade, please call Dave
Roberts 705 738 2637 or Phil Mayville 705 738 1082.
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Presbyterian Mission moment…
Service Helpers Our service this morning is made
possible by the prayers and gifts of our congregation,
with the specific help of the following…
Rev. Paul D. Johnston,
Rev. Carey Jo Johnston
Music Director:
Ruth Eberts
Joyce Anderson
Duty Elder:
Ellen Roberts
Followers and Ignite:
Margaret Cosh and Karen
Carol Fulton
Board of Managers:
Deb Risebrough, Ruth
McIsaac, Paul Graham
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Prayer Partnership
Sunday, October 12 Harvest Sunday Give thanks for
the many blessings we enjoy in this country. May we
care for those who are not as fortunate and who
struggle daily for basic necessities.
Monday, October 13 Thanksgiving Day Give thanks for
those involved in the food production and service
industries. Pray that all people will share in God’s
abundance and have nutritious food to eat.
Tuesday, October, 14 Give thanks for all the men and
women who serve their country and for the sacrifices
they are often called to make.
Wednesday, October 15 Pray that our presbyteries
will be encouraged, strengthened and creative in their
Thursday, October 16 World Food Day Pray for the
partners of Presbyterian World Service &
Development as they work with Canadian Foodgrains
Bank to end hunger around the world.
Friday, October 17 Pray for the Clerks of Assembly as
they gather to discuss matters relating to the
governance of our church.
Saturday, October 18 Pray for all people who do not
have enough healthy food, a safe home or a
community for fellowship. Pray that governments will
develop and continue programs to reduce poverty.
Sunday, October 19 Students and Colleges Sunday Pray
for university and college students as they manage a
heavy study schedule, develop new friendships and
become aware of their vital place in society.
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