Dates to Note

Number 32
Dates to Note
Assembly – Friday 17th October
1 Giallouris – 9.15am
Halloween Mufti Day (free dress)
Thursday 30th October - Gold Coin
Donation - Canteen Halloween
Professional Development Day
Friday 31st Oct (student free day)
Assembly – Friday 14th November
1 Collins – 9.15am
Christmas with Friends Concert
(Parap’s Got Talent)
Friday 5th December
Chief Minister and Value Awards
Assembly – Monday 8th December
Year 6 Graduation –
Wednesday 10th December
From the Principal
Dear Parents/ Caregivers,
31st October
I would like to remind parents that this is a
student free day. Our Outside School Hours
Care provider, CAMP AUSTRALIA, will be
operating on Friday 31st October for parents
who wish to book their children into their
program. The service will be open from 7.30
until 6 p.m. Please contact them on 1300 105
This Thursday evening our Parap Primary
Swimming Squad will be competing in the
Darwin Region Swimming Carnival. This event
will be held at Casuarina Pool from 4.30 to 9.00
p.m. This will be a very enjoyable evening and
all school community members are invited to
come along to support our wonderful students.
Year 6 Farewell – Thursday
11th December
Our School Mission
Contact Us
Working Together, nurturing personal achievement and life-long learning in
a learner-centered environment, sustained by explicit values and strong
school, family and community partnerships.
Urquhart Street, Parap
PO Box 69 Parap NT 0804
Phone: 8982 2922 Fax: 8982 2911
Email: [email protected]
Our School Values
Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Doing our Best, Respect, Care and
Compassion and Collaborative Learning.
Our team members are; Jade Lay, Camryn Stacey, Ashlee Cavanough, Cara
Doherty, Fisher Harris, Diarmid Browne, Muchalinda Crawford,
Tess Jungfer, Hannes Dielenberg, Ben Kronk, Zita Varatharajan, Chloe
Everingham, Mitchell Turner, Rosanna Materazzo, Mark Bawden-Hill, Laleeta
Das, Jozsef Everingham, Ben Lambert, Ian Orr, Meg Marker, Indi Evans,
Bernie Dunn, Kada Hutt, Jacob Lay, Maggie O’Loughlin and Andrew
Materazzo .
Last Saturday our two teams spent all day preparing for the finals competition.
They were given challenges and locked down while they worked on the solution. It
was fantastic to observe the presentations by the four NT representative teams.
The skill, enthusiasm, knowledge and enjoyment portrayed by all teams were
amazing and inspiring.
On Thursday 16th October our two winning teams travel to Melbourne to compete
in the Australasian/ Pacific finals. They will be staying with the teams from Darwin
Middle and Kormilda as the NT representative teams. The opening ceremony is on
Friday morning followed by a survivor challenge at the Melbourne Zoo. Our teams
will then visit the Melbourne Museum to explore for the afternoon. Saturday will
be a very busy day for our students. Once they arrive at the finals they will be
locked down for 3 hours and need to work as a team with no adult assistance.
During this time they need to complete a challenge and create a performance to
represent a solution to the problem. After lunch all teams will perform and then
they have a special dinner and awards ceremony. The teams fly back to Darwin on
Sunday morning.
I would particularly like to thank Miss Temira Wallis and Mrs Kathleen Baker
Brown for their dedication and support in working with the students and parents
in organising the interstate experience. We wish the teachers and students the
best on this amazing journey and know that they will learn so many important life
skills and represent our school and the Northern Territory in an enthusiastic,
responsible and collaborative manner.
As part of the Survivor challenge the teams had to send in a photo depicting a
tribal tableau with a survivor theme and these are the photos they chose to pose
Maths/ Engineering Team
Raphael Thomas, Ethan Hee, Csila
Nemeth, Nadia Qin, Atish
Ajayakumar and Justin Crossley,
(absent; Patrick Woodcock)
Language / Literature Team
Tai Hennessey, Oliver
Zimmerman, Ruby Surtees,
William Brown, Angus Gurry,
Ras Thomson, (absent; Lucy
Van’t Sand).
Year 6 Poetry
As part of our English unit this term the students in year 6 are looking
at different types of poems, here they have created poems about natural
Please see some of their fantastic work on the next 4 pages.
Suffocating, Suspicious, Tsunami
New York is in fear, like a child looking under her bed.
Families are devastated and praying to survive, water spreads around the city.
Families lost their loved ones; families are separated and will be scared for life.
The waves crash over buildings and all you can hear is the water dripping off
the ceilings, bouncing off walls.
As people drown, they hope for air.
Nowhere to go nowhere to hide, the anger waits so be unleashed like a tiger
not getting fed.
No one knew what was coming, they all were just humming.
The tsunami separated families apart, lives were lost and bodies were found.
Puddles of tears surrounded the ground, city windows were soaked and boats
were tipped.
The sun was hidden.
The people who survived, will never forget the word tsunami.
By Jenica Whittles
Squealing Pit of Death
Fiery furnace, spitting out furious flames and puffs of toxic ash.
You cannot run, you cannot hide.
All you can do is let the sweltering fire and poisonous ash
consume you.
Fear and visions of a pain, full death overwhelms its frightened
Red raging river full of pain and the souls of its latest victims.
By Muchulinnda Crawford
Terrifying Turning Tornado
The tornado came like an immense vortex.
Taking everything like pieces of dust,
Ripping shops, homes, cars and buses,
Uprooting trees and throwing people.
It wiped out everything in its path.
People thought of this fright,
Would it last all night.
The sound was so loud it blocked out,
Screams and cries in despair.
You can never hide, it will always find you.
Once it was gone families and people appeared out of the rubble,
Walking onto the roads.
They searched for missing, children, babies, mum and dads.
Some were alone.
This nightmare they'll never forget.
By Tyler Norton
Twisted Terrifying Tornado
Dark times when the sky was grey and there’s nothing to play.
But when something is going on outside, so unknown it is best not to say hi.
You can hide, but he will find you.
For what I am telling you is no story.
For this is a curse.
Helicopters and ships will roam by and crash down and sink.
They think if they push eject that they will be safe they are wrong.
No but stuck in a shameful place. By Tyler Norton
Now from what you have seen in movies you have seen that is nothing but
You are wrong.
Now close your eyes and see.
That you are in this EVIL thing with no gravity and you are now super terrified.
Once you are in this thing there is no escape.
If you are in this thing you won’t go to your fantasy.
You are on the road to death.
After this is all over and it has left its scraps.
This curse is called a TORNADO……..
By Charli Jamieson
SCHOOL AUTONOMY UPDATE- from Department of Education
The move to a global school budget, and the new resourcing model, will improve the
targeting of resources, provide schools with greater flexibility in decision making and a clear
framework for forward planning.
For the first time principals and school councils have visibility and control of staffing and
operational costs attributed to the total budget of the school, hence the word ‘global’. No
longer will schools be staffed through a staffing allocation model administered and controlled
centrally by head office, where every staffing decision needed to be approved centrally.
Preliminary budgets were released to principals at the end of Term 3. Principals will now
work with their leadership teams and school councils to put in place their school budget and
staffing profile for 2015 to meet the needs of their students and the school’s annual
operational plan which outlines the educational plan for the school.
Importantly, in 2015 every school will receive an increased budget per student. However, if
effective enrolment decreases, a school may receive less overall. Of course the opposite
applies where student numbers have increased. School funding will progressively transition
from current levels to the new student needs-based funding to ensure principals have the
necessary time to plan and work in the new environment.
Staffing schools under global school budgets
A key part of increasing autonomy is giving principals and school councils the ability to
determine staffing resources to deliver the best learning outcomes for their students.
It is important to note that there is no fundamental change to employment under the school
autonomy initiatives. Principals and schools will continue to operate under the Public Sector
Employment and Management Act (PSEMA) and the relevant Enterprise Bargaining
Agreement, and all permanent staff must remain in place.
A new student needs-based funding model
The new student needs-based funding model is based on research by Australia’s leading
authority on needs-based school resourcing, Professor Stephen Lamb of Victoria University,
and takes into consideration the diverse and complex needs of Northern Territory students.
Three components make up a global school budget
A global school budget is the total budget allocated to a school to provide education services
and consists of three components.
The largest part of the budget is the student needs-based component, which includes the
salaries for teachers and administration staff. This has been calculated using the new student
needs-based funding model.
Yours Sincerely
Ms Yvonne Harding
Acting Principal
[email protected]
At our assembly this Friday 17th October, we will be celebrating the
achievements of the students who participated in the UNSW ICAS Spelling,
English and Mathematics competitions.
At this assembly, students who received an award of Merit or higher will be
presented with their certificates. Students who received a Participation
award will be recognised at the assembly and their certificates will be given
to them by their class teacher.
Assembly starts at 9.15 am and we look forward to seeing you there.
School netball starts this week.
The girls play every Wednesday night from week 2 to week at 9.
Parap has three teams, a year 4/5 and year 5 who play at 5pm and a year 6 team who play
at 6pm
The teams are
4/5, Laleeta Das, Meg Marker, Grace Johns, Bella Rees (Nightcliff), Olivia Browne, Tess
Sallows, Lacey Sant and Maddy O’Meara
Year 5 Pruella Anderson, Mia Bowen, Tess Jungfer, Zita Varatharajan, Isla Baker, TamiahRae Wilson, Dayia Rossiter, Fatima Issah Bandao and Maddison Samsa
Year 6 Taylah, Sally Spain, (Kormilda), Makayla Bullivant, Maddi Busse Camryn Stacey,
Cara Doherty, Jordan Race Lexis Rohrlach, and Ashlee Caranough.
We have two ex-students joining the teams as their schools don’t have a team for them to
continue playing.
The games are at Marrara so come along and support your school.
The coaches are Sally Hartshorn (yr6), Suzie Marker (Yr4/5) and Janine Bowen and Helen
Murray (Yr5)
Come and support the Parap Preschool
Saturday 18th October,
by buying a sausage or two
at their Bunnings BBQ.
TERM 4 Tutoring
Does your child need help with his or her school work during
Term 4?
Tutoring available in English and Maths from qualified
teachers. To make a time to discuss your child’s learning
needs contact Michele on 0415 583 665. Reasonable rates
for individual and small group sessions.
Canteen Special
Tuesday 21st – Wednesday 22nd
“Mexican Taco Wrap”
(Mexican Taco mince, lettuce, tomato and grated cheese, topped with salsa sauce)
(Corn Chips topped with Taco mince, grated cheese, salsa and garnished with
lettuce and tomato)
$5.00 Each
Volunteers urgently required, please contact Sandra on PH:
8982 2955.