Alpha Sigma Nu The Honor Society of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education

Alpha Sigma Nu
The Honor Society of
Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education
loyola marymount university
2014 induction ceremony
loyola marymount university
Alpha Sigma Nu
National Jesuit Honor Society
“Adelphotes Skolastikon Nikephoron”
(company of honor students)
The Alpha Sigma Nu key bears the three Greek letters
together with the eye of wisdom.
Founded 1915
LMU Chapter Est. 1939
Alpha Sigma Nu Induction Program
Kelly M. Younger, Ph.D., Professor, English, ASN Chapter Faculty Advisor
Marc E. Reeves, S.J., Campus Minister and Faculty, Theological Studies
LMU Chapter Officers
Kailey O. Strachan, President
Caitlin E. Tomasetti, Vice President
Kevin A. Cacabelos, Secretary
Autumn C. Nailes, Treasurer
David W. Burcham, J.D., President, Loyola Marymount University
Joseph B. Hellige, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Provost
Dorian Llywelyn, S.J., Acting Rector of the Jesuit Community
Bishop Gordon D. Bennett, S.J, D.D.,
Peter Faber Fellow in Pastoral Theology and Ignatian Spirituality
Bryant Keith Alexander, Ph.D.,
Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts
Pam Rector, M.Ed.,
Director, Center for Service and Action, Student Affairs
Kathy Reed, M.Ed.,
University Registrar, Academic Affairs
Brian Treanor, Ph.D.,
Taylor Chair and Professor of Philosophy, and Director of Environmental Studies
Kelly M. Younger, Ph.D., Professor, English, ASN Chapter Faculty Advisor
Beatrice Henson-O’Neal, M.F.A., ASN Chapter Coordinator
Kailey O. Strachan, ASN Student Chapter President
David W. Burcham, J.D., President, Loyola Marymount University
Patrick J. Cain, J.D.,
President, ASN National Board, and President, Los Angeles ASN Alumni Club
Kelly M. Younger, Ph.D.,
Professor, English, ASN Chapter Faculty Advisor
2014 Honorary Inductees
Dr. Bryant Keith Alexander is Dean, College of Communication and Fine
Arts at LMU and Professor of Communication and Performance Studies.
He is an active scholar, lecturer and performer with nearly 100 publications in
leading journals and book chapters with forthcoming essays on the politics of
hair, queer theory, bodies and social difference, and globalizing intercultural
communication. His research circulates around commitments to diversity and
plurality in the identity categories of race; culture; gender and sexuality;
performances of masculinity; culture and pedagogy as evidenced in his three
published books: Performance Theories in Education: Power, Pedagogy, and
the Politics of Identity, Performing Black Masculinity: Race, Culture, and Queer
Identity, and The Performative Sustainability of Race: Reflections on Black
Culture and the Politics of Identity.
Alexander serves on the Advisory Board of LA’s Best, Afterschool Program and
has been a consistent facilitator at the California Diversity Forum committed
to encouraging the increase of underrepresented populations in graduate
programs in California. Alexander’s administrative, teaching, and scholarly life
celebrates integrative and interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge. He sees
administration, teaching and scholarship as informing practices of academic
professionalism and student success.
Bishop Gordon D. Bennett, S.J. D.D., was born on October 21, 1946 in
Denver. He was educated at Mount St. Michael’s in Spokane, Washington,
Loyola High School in Los Angeles, Loyola University in Los Angeles (later Loyola
Marymount University), the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, California,
Loyola Marymount University (for graduate studies after his undergraduate
work at Loyola), and Fordham University in New York City for the Professional
Diploma in Administration and Supervision.
Most Rev. Gordon Bennett was ordained a priest in 1975. On March 3, 1998,
he was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore. Bennett assumed his duties as
Bishop of Mandeville, Jamaica on September 24, 2004. Later he also served
with distinction as the President of Loyola High School, Los Angeles, California.
Bishop Bennett has rich experience in education, administration and spiritual
formation. He has been a High School Campus Minister, as well as Rector and
Master of Novices at the Jesuit Novitiate in Southern California, and Principal
and more recently President of Loyola High School, one of the largest Jesuit
High Schools in the United States.
2014 induction ceremony | 3
Bishop Bennett has established an outstanding reputation as a Preacher of
Spiritual Retreats to clergy, religious and laity. He has received the Irma Brown
Dillon Community Service Award, which honors leaders who exemplify LMU’s
mission and tradition of serving others. Bishop Bennett retired as Bishop of
Mandeville in 2008 and is currently the Peter Faber Fellow in Pastoral Theology
and Ignatian Spirituality at LMU.
Ms. Pam Rector, the Founder and Director of the Center for Service and Action
at Loyola Marymount University, is a lifelong advocate for social justice with
special interest in immigration reform, educational equity for all, and working
toward a justice system focused more on rehabilitation than retribution. Her
work in the Lennox School District for 17 years and her work with a wide
variety of organizations and schools during the last 15 years at LMU keep
her energized for collaboration with community partners and LMU colleagues.
As the Co-Founder of the El Espejo program, she is committed to developing
college readiness programs. She is currently a board member and has served
on several boards including St. Margaret’s Center, Lennox Math Science and
Technology Academy, Greet Dot Public Schools, the Religious of the Sacred
Heart of Mary, the Ignatian Volunteer Corp, the Center for Ignatian Spirituality
and she served as member and President of the National Alumni Association
for LMU. Pam holds a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling and a M.Ed. in
Educational Administration, all from Loyola Marymount University. Past honors
include LMU Educator of the Year, LMU Alumni of the Year for Community
Service and the Ignatian Volunteer Corps Madonna Della Strada Award. Pam’s
daughter Grace and extended family make for a life filled with joy.
Ms. Kathy Reed is the University Registrar who reports to the Vice President
of Enrollment Management and is responsible for protecting the integrity of
the university’s academic regulations. The University Registrar oversees the
management and maintenance of student records and directs and coordinates
university registration activities, produces the university bulletin and schedule
of classes, publishes the academic calendar, and directs commencement
activities. Kathy Reed came to Loyola Marymount University as Graduation
Coordinator in 1982. Since that time she has served the university as Assistant
University Registrar, Associate and Senior Associate University Registrar, and
most recently as University Registrar.
Reed is an alumna of Loyola Marymount University, having received a Bachelor
of Arts degree in English and a Master of Education degree in Reading.
While receiving her master’s degree, Reed earned an Elementary Education
Teaching Credential and the Reading Specialist Credential. Prior to her return
to Loyola Marymount University, Reed spent several years as an educator at
elementary, middle, and adult schools in the Southern California area. Reed
4 | loyola marymount university alpha sigma nu
is an active member of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and
Admission Officers (AACRAO), the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars
and Admissions Officers (PACRAO), serves as the West Coast representative
on the Banner Student Advisory Board for SunGardHE Community Source
Initiative, and is chairperson for the Enrollment Management Technology Team.
Dr. Brian Treanor is currently Professor of Philosophy, Taylor Chair of
Philosophy, and Director of Environmental Studies at Loyola Marymount
University. He received his Ph.D. at Boston College studying under Richard
Kearney and Jacques Taminiaux. Prof. Treanor’s research covers a wide variety
of issues from a broadly hermeneutic perspective, focusing on the way in which
philosophy can tap into the “surplus of meaning” in texts and, by extension,
other phenomena that solicit or require interpretation. His work has touched
on virtue, hope, faith, God, risk, place, the natural world, personal identity,
embodiment, and other subjects.
Published widely in journals and edited volumes, his book-length scholarship
includes authoring Emplotting Virtue (SUNY 2014) and Aspects of Alterity
(Fordham 2006) as well as editing Interpreting Nature (Fordham 2013) and A
Passion for the Possible (Fordham 2010). He is currently finishing work on two
additional edited collections—Being in Creation (Fordham 2015) and Carnal
Hermeneutics (Fordham 2015)—and is working on a monograph on the topic
of joy as it is related to carnal embodiment and the material world.
Treanor is a native of California, though he has traveled widely on six continents
and lived abroad in Europe and Asia. He lives near LMU with his wife, Gitty, and
daughters Darya and Ciara, with whom he shares his love of poetry, theater,
climbing, skiing, camping, and myriad other pursuits.
2014 induction ceremony | 5
2014 Inductees
Alyssa Catlin Loomer
Carmen Marina Abella
Jessica-Mae Novicio Mejia
Katherine Rose Altobello-Czescik
Kayla Lu Fuki Mikasa
Julia Rose Ayeroff
Caisen Mirassou
Alexander John Baptiste
Joseph Montoya
Loana C. Benjamin
Marissa Irene Morgan
Roshan Pirnazar Berentes
Ryan J. Nielsen
Brianna Sorel Bruns
Carolina Nuñez
Lindsey Nicole Convoy
Shannon L. O’Brien
Allison E. Croley
Steven R. O’Connor*
Nicole Elizabeth Daly
Zaneta Pereira
Connor David DeVane
Alyssa Monique Perez
Shirley Liane Drange
Eric Joseph Pittaluga
Nicole Giambone
Jacqueline Shaib
Miranda Rachel Grey
Carlie Bree Smith
Sarah Melad Indrawes
Hannah Elaine Stone
Ebehireme M. Iyoha
Tyler Anne Townsend
Rochelle H. Kwan
Megan Virginia Unger
Rebecca Rose Lepore
Caitlin Rose Dickson
Joseph Johnson
Bryanna Y. Dooley
Jessica Lopez
Jon M. Florentino
Kristina Ann Pollock
Juan José Gálvez San Martin
Alison Roth
Brendan Robert Henderson
Amy Sims
Kellee Melissa Kemp*
Genna Mikaela BloomBecker
Riley Catherine Mostrom
Patrick Buchanan
Eliza Ann Pfister*
Kathryn Rose Callaghan*
Monica Isabella Rosales
Mary Grace Cerni
Sarah E. Scherk
Adam John Dlugolecki
Hallie Marie Spoor
Khayla Jordan Golucke
Miriam Guadalupe Vega
Carolyn Lucia Herrera
graduate student
6 | loyola marymount university alpha sigma nu
Ana Ávila Bohórquez*
Juliana Collins
Tucker Tewksbury King
Andrew P. Langdon
Pamela Loh
Christopher Meinen
Samantha Jean Ring
Andre Robert
Megan Anne Smallen
Elizabeth Quinn*
Cole G. Merritt
Lauren Susan Adams
Joshua Dominador Napial
Carly Joy Bagnall
Kasey Elizabeth O’Connor
Katrina Alexandra Camus
Kyle Timothy Peerless
Lauren Emily Carlson
Alexander Luke Santiago
Claire Lewis Cronenweth
Samantha Nicole Sawicki
Simone Evett
Liam Thomas Clarke Shorrock
Carrie Elizabeth Giesen
Michelle Hiromi Siu
Maria Isabel Gonzaga
Adrianna Elyse Sosa
Jennifer Alejandra Gonzalez
Pablo Teixeira
Sergio Ezequiel Gonzalez
Robert Quinlan Thames
Patrick Buckley Hodgkiss
Luis Ivan Ventura
Ben M. Horten
Madison M. Wesseln
Kevin S. Joerger
Katherine Eileen Wikholm
McKenzie L. Kerr
Ellen Hope Zirkelbach
Juan David Llanos
Jacqueline Measer
Linda Rae Andrews*
Lauren Marie Bertoni*
Samantha Rae Brawn*
Lisa Chan*
Marissa Esther Chavez*
Patrick Uchenna Chikwe*
Kelli Ellesse Clayton*
Brian W. David*
Sandy Melissa Diaz*
Lauren Simoes Garcia*
Erin Kathryn Gaughan*
Samantha Claire Godfrey*
Kara Danielle Gross*
Marisol A. Gutierrez*
Jesse S. Jovel*
Colleen P. Kielich*
Esther Jung Kim*
Samantha Rachel Kollar*
Jin Myungjin Lee*
Emily Yuan-Shuan Liu*
Brandi Odom Lucas*
Liliana Luviano*
Sarah Marie Manson*
Corena Marasco*
Bronwen Cait McAuliffe*
Brittany A. Meadows*
Angela Meyer*
Catherine Cichocki Muzzy*
Katie Elizabeth Yumiko Omori*
Christine Reyes Onvtiveros*
Adriana Ortiz*
Paul Augustine Ostick*
Allyson Patricia Page*
Hannah Rose Passafuime*
Roydavid V. Quinto*
Matthew James Malgapo Uy*
Christina Nicole Watson*
graduate student
2014 induction ceremony | 7
2014 Inductees
Mark Bolin*
Courtnee Draper*
Ashley Neglia*
Mark Oknyansky*
Stephanie Roberts*
Margaret Rose*
Elena Sadowsky*
Tiffany Tejeda-Rodriguez*
Rosemarie Unite*
graduate student
Faculty and Administration Membership
Jose Badenes, S.J.
Jasper J. Blystone*
Robert J. Braus*
Katherine Joyce Brown
Thomas Buckley, S.J.
Patrick J. Cahalan, S.J.
Patrick J. Cain
Robert V. Caro, S.J.
Joanne Connolly, S.S.L
Matt Dillon
William F. Fitzgerald*
Michael R. Foy
David French
William Fulco, S.J.
Michael Genovese
Deena J. González
Donna Gray
John Grever, C.F.M.M.*
Cheryl Tawede Grills
Fernando Guerra
James G. Hanink
Renée L. Harrangue*
Daniel Harper
Joseph LaBrie
Dorian Llywelyn, S.J.
Sharon Locy*
James T. Mathieu*
Marie Anne Mayeski*
Linda M. McMurdock
John Mitchell, S.J.
Loretta M. Morris*
Michael J. O’Sullivan
Antonia Petro
Thomas P. Rausch, S.J
Randy Roche, S.J.
Tanya S. Salvini
Jeffrey Siker
Rosenia M. St. Onge*
Joseph S. Tiedemann
Paul Vu, S.J.
Amy Woodson-Boulton
Kelly M. Younger
Marc E. Reeves, S.J.
Mark Bandsuch
Lynne B. Scarboro
Dennis W. Draper
Gary P. Sibeck
Arthur Gross-Schaefer
John T. Wholihan
George Hess
Robert D. Winsor
W. Frederick Kiesner
Ralph Quiñones
8 | loyola marymount university alpha sigma nu
Nina Reich
Bernadette Bernard
Susan Robinson*
Barbara J. Busse
Judith Royer, C.S.J.
C. Melvin Davidson*
Warren C. Sherlock*
Paul Humphreys
Birute Anne Vileisis*
Thomas P. Kelley*
Kimberly Rehrer Petok
Marilyn Beker
Arlene Clendenin
Stephen V. Duncan
Daniel Hyslop, M.D.
Amy Meredith
Sue Scheibler
Edward Siebert
Richard Plumb
Philip Chmielewski, S.J.
Martina Ramirez
S.W. Tina Choe
James A. Roe
Jacqueline Dewar
Paul Rude*
M. Catherine McElwain
Raymond J. Toal
Michael E. Mulvihill*
John A. Page
Elena M. Bove
Victoria L. Graf
Judith C. Delavigne
Ja Taileasha Jones
Albert P. Koppes, O.Carm
Chaké H. Kouyoumjian
Shane Martin
Gohar Mnatskanyan
Irene Oliver
Francesca Piumetti
Abbie Robinson-Armstrong
Ernest Rose
Elizabeth Stoddard
Robert Walsh, S.J.
David W. Burcham
William G. Coskran
Frederick J. Lower, Jr.*
Gerald T. McLaughlin
Dan Schechter
Frederica Sedgwick*
2014 induction ceremony | 9
Graduate Membership
Manuel A. Aceves, Jr.
Gail Anderson
Rebecca Arguello
Natalie Berberian-Darakjian
Lucien Bourjeily
Wade Brown
Molly Casanova
Amanda Edwards
Andrea Fuentes
Jasmin Gonzalez
Kortney Hernandez
Jennifer Lambert
Courtney Leopold
Dianna Myers
Xenia Paniagua
Harold Pleitz Guerra
Jennifer Sewell
Christina Vierra
Maria Ablaza Whittington
Undergraduate Membership
Nour S. Abi Samra
Jessica Lauren Baker
Alexi Anne Brooks
Kevin A. Cacabelos
Jonathan Steven Carin
Kiara Alexis Cerda
Sarah Elizabeth Comstock
Daniel J. Conti
Thomas Francis Costello
Mara G. De La Rosa
Alex R. DeAngelis
Anna Michaela Franco Diaz
Coralie C. Eilers
Andrea M. Fisher
Caitlyn Dessaint Handy
Michael Alexander Hanover
Gina R. Hirose
Michelle Elizabeth Iafe
Thomas James Ireton
Maximiliano Isi
Margaret Pei-Yu Kao
Emma M. Kennedy
Alice Aurea
Caitlin Elizabeth Lopes
Xavier Armando Loza Morales
Anthony Edward Martin
Kevin M. Meilak
Autumn Cherell Nailes
Kiana Kala’iku Tatsue Otsuka
Quinn Akari Ison Painter
Marc R. Papakyriakou
Raquel E. Pappas
Pooja H. Patel
Teresa Ann Penilla
Andrew P. Petersen
Spencer W. Roberson
Chelsea L. Sabella
Madeline Voula Santy
Alexander V. Sasso
Austin James Scheiber
Jacquelyn Michelle Sheehan
Keeya Shawnee Singer
Riley Kathleen Stauffer
Kailey O. Strachan
Caitlin Elizabeth Tomassetti
Brian P. Trott
Sasha G.
E. Trump*
more information and upcoming chapter events, visit
* emeriti
For the National Chapter, visit
For the Lost Angeles Alumni Chapter, visit [email protected]
2010 induction ceremony | 8
Alpha Sigma Nu Mission
Alpha Sigma Nu, the honor society of Jesuit institutions of higher education,
recognizes those students who distinguish themselves in scholarship, loyalty and
service. The only honor society permitted to bear the name Jesuit, Alpha Sigma
Nu encourages its members to a lifetime pursuit of intellectual development,
deepening Ignatian spirituality, service to others, and a commitment to the core
principles of Jesuit education.
Kelly M. Younger, Ph.D.
LMU ASN Chapter Faculty Advisor
Beatrice Henson-O’Neal, M.F.A.
LMU ASN Chapter Coordinator
Kailey O. Strachan
LMU ASN Chapter President
Caitlin E. Tomasetti
LMU ASN Chapter Vice President
Kevin A. Cacabelos
LMU ASN Chapter Secretary
Autumn C. Nailes
LMU ASN Chapter Treasurer
LMU ASN Chapter Board Members
Jonathan Steven Carin
Sarah Elizabeth Comstock
Anna Michaela Diaz
Emma M. Kennedy
Kevin M. Meilak
Kiana Kala’iku Otsuka
Quinn Akari Ison Painter
Alexander V. Sasso
Taurus P. Vigalys
Patrick J. Cain, J.D.
ASN National Board President and LA Alumni Chapter President
Kate Gaertner, M.Ed.
ASN National Office Executive Director
Alpha Sigma Nu Pledge
As a member of Alpha Sigma Nu,
I promise to do everything in my power
to carry out the ideals of scholarship,
loyalty and service.
I will be committed to intellectual integrity
and the pursuit of wisdom.
I will be loyal to the moral, social,
and religious ideals of my education,
and I will continue to be genuinely committed
to the well-being of others
and active in serving them.
I will do all of this
in light of the Jesuit concern
for the greater honor and glory of God.