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Issue: 15
Date: 17 October 2014
20-24 October - Year 10
07 November - Years 7-9
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Principal’s Message
Social Justice News
From Acting Dir of Welfare
From the Development office
Director Faith & Mission
Dir Teaching & Learning
Study without Stress - DOW
Careers News
From the HSIE Dept
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From the LRC
Performing Arts News
Thank you to the P&F
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Sport Report
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Scholarship 2016 Information
Uniform Shop Information
From the P&F Association
Important Dates:
22 Oct - Year 7 Vaccinations
22 Oct - Yr 7 2015 Parent Information
Evening, SCEGGS Hall 6.30pm
23 Oct - Yr 7 2015 Orientation &
Testing Day
24 Oct - Yr 7 2015 Orientation Day
25-26 Oct - Boarders’ In Weekend &
Yr 7 2015 boarder sleepover
28-30 Oct - Year 10 Immersion
28 Oct - P&F AGM, 7.15pm
31 Oct - Year 10 Reflection Day
03-07 Nov - Year 10 Parati
Young Mary Aikenhead portrait
- Deb Pettigrew
Ignatius at Mansrea
Acting Principal’s Message
Welcome back to Term 4, and a special
welcome to those students who are new to
the College this term and to the staff who
are returning after long service leave or
other leave.
justice and service is a
key focus, it is wonderful
to once again be in a
school with similar
values and aspirations.
I am excited and delighted to have this
opportunity, brief though it may be, to be
Acting Principal of St Vincent's College. It is
indeed a privilege and an honour to be
here, as St Vincent’s stands as one of the
grand schools in the history of Catholic
education in Australia.
My key objective this
term is to ensure staff
and students are all
happy and safe
especially over the forthcoming weeks when
there will be changes to the daily schedule,
and more importantly significant changes to
the College site. A great deal of
construction work is about to begin. This
will continue throughout this term and well
into next year.
Inspired by the commitment and dedication
of the Sisters of Charity to education,
service of the poor and justice, St Vincent’s
has a rich history and a proud heritage that
has its roots in our convict past where the
Sisters worked tirelessly with the poor and
disadvantaged, especially convict women.
It is also a school where education,
underpinned by Ignatian spirituality, aims to
form young women who will go out into the
world and make a difference. Having
worked for some 35 years in Ignatian
schools in Sydney where education for
For students to be happy and safe, it’s
essential that the staff themselves are
happy and able to use their talents to foster
a love of learning within our students. My
aim this term is to work and walk alongside
staff so that together we can create a
positive, enriched environment where
students are able to enjoy learning, reflect,
discern, question and grow.
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Issue: 15
Principal’s Message (cont)
As many of you will know, I have many years of experience
working in and with an Ignatian tradition. What I have
learnt during this time is that it is so important to be able to
talk about Ignatian education in a way that students can
easily understand and share with others.
To me, education informed by Ignatian spirituality, is about
the education of the whole person. Put simplistically it’s
about education of the head, the hands and the heart,
while developing in students academic wisdom and the
desire to serve God.
punctuality and uniforms. With changes to the class times
commencing this term, it is essential that we maximise our
teaching time by setting standards of punctuality. 8.45am
is the commencement of first period, not the time of arrival
at school nor the time to start walking to class! Nail polish,
or the removal of nail polish by students is a completely
new problem I have never had to face before coming to St
Vincent’s. (I am learning the difference between polish and
HSC Examinations
By the time you read this, our Year 12 students will have
Education of the hands is about the doing and the making, sat the first of their HSC examinations. While this can be a
in subjects such as Music, Art, Design and Technology and time of anxiety for many students, our prayers are that they
Sport which teaches us skills such as co-ordination, coremain focused and are able to think clearly and logically
operation and creativity as well as allowing students to use throughout the HSC examination period.
their God-given ability to create and to serve others.
A recent editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald has some
Education of the ‘head’ is about the development of
good advice for students:
wisdom, knowledge, memory and the capacity to reflect,
‘Know that other pupils are feeling just as stressed as you,
question and discern.
largely because the HSC is structured as a competition although two lucky students will be competing only with
Education of the heart occurs through conversation,
themselves. One is the lone participant in Heritage
through engagement with people not as fortunate as
Indonesian, the other in Maltese Continuers.
ourselves and through opening our heart to understand
what the face of God looks like in other people.
Know, however, that if you fall short, the Australian Tertiary
Admissions Rank is not a measure of your intelligence,
And so I say to the students, when your mother or father
knowledge, success in life or your qualities as a person.
ask, why are you doing this or that? Or what is your
education at St Vincent’s all about? All you have to say is, It's just a ranking among your peers. There will always be
well, this is an education of my head or that is an education academically brilliant students, those who have worked
of my heart or that is the development and education of my hard and those who have had extra support…you cannot
change that.
hands, and this is Ignatian Spirituality in action!
I look forward to meeting with as many people from the St
Vincent’s community as possible during my time here this
term. I have already had conversations with quite a
number of students and staff about the College and what
they enjoy most about being here. I encourage students to
come and see me and let me know how they are feeling, in
particular whether they are happy or not, as I will certainly
be going around the College asking that very important
question, ‘are you happy?’.
Ms Marina Ugonotti
I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that
Ms Marina Ugonotti, Deputy Principal and Director of
Welfare, is leaving at the end of the year to take up the
position of Deputy Principal at Loreto Normanhurst. I know
she has been an outstanding leader in the College and
very supportive of the students. I also know students and
their parents will want the opportunity to say goodbye to Ms
Ugonotti later in the year.
New Staff - Business Manager
I also take this opportunity to welcome Mr Matt Nicoll as
the College Business Manager. Mr Nicoll joins the College
Executive and brings a vast amount of experience in the
areas of finance and property management.
Punctuality and Uniforms
Two areas we will be looking at keenly this term are
Know, too, that every individual has unique
strengths. Your strength may be your sporting, cultural,
technological or interpersonal relations. Even then, it isn't
really so important to compare. Judge yourself by what
sort of person you are and how you treat others.
Your HSC is one certificate and your ATAR one ranking in
a lifelong resume of certificates and rankings. Very few
people find their life's calling at 17; most have a vague idea
in their mid-20s; and even then many change direction a
number of times. That's what makes life interesting…
Take time to think, it is the source of power.
Take time to play, it is the secret of perpetual youth.
Take time to read, it is the fountain of wisdom.
Take time to pray, it is the greatest power on earth.
Take time to love, and be loved it is a God-given privilege.
Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul.
Take time to do charity, it is the key to heaven.
by Author Unknown
Mr Shane Hogan
Acting Principal
Issue: 15
Page: 3
Social Justice News
From the Acting Director of Welfare
Welcome back to Term Four I hope everyone had a
relaxing break and all ready for the last term of the year.
Dear Parents and Students
I would like to welcome you back to a very exciting Term 4.
I am very fortunate to be Acting in the role of Director of
Welfare for Term 4, and I am aware that I have big shoes
to fill following in the footsteps of Ms Ugonotti. Many
students have already expressed their desire to have a
chance to see Ms Ugonotti again and farewell her, and as
Mr Hogan said, there will an opportunity for this later in the
term. I’ve already had students tell me that they are sure
I’ll be good but Ms Ugonotti was amazing!
As we continue to hear heartbreaking news about the
escalating violence in the Middle East, we are left once
again feeling quite helpless. What can be done? In a day
and age where we thrive on instantaneous knowledge, it is
disheartening to know that people are not willing to look
past the mainstream media hype.
It is worth remembering the things that we have in common
rather than the things that set us apart. The majority of
people in this country and this city want the same things somewhere safe to raise their children, opportunities for
their children to be educated and freedom to able to
worship whatever religion they choose. I hope that we as a
school can impart this idea to our girls to take people as
they are and realise that more often than not we are same
in a lot of ways, than we are different.
There are a couple of upcoming activities our students will
have the opportunity to represent our College this term.
Pink Ribbon Day will be taking place on 24 October at
Martin Place, Kings Cross and St James/Hyde Park. There
is always an overwhelming number of volunteers and I look
forward to seeing the girls in action selling pink
merchandise for the Cancer Council. The Edmund Rice
Centre will hosting a workshop on Action for Human
Rights. It is an opportunity for the senior students in
Caritas Christi to learn develop skills in advocacy and a
day to meet and greet like-minded students from other
Ms Jessica Lee
Social Justice Coordinator
In Sympathy
The College community offers its
condolences to the following who have lost
a loved one recently:
Gabrielle Healey (Year 9) Father; Cassidy
Onslow (Year 10) Grandmother; Allie Loeve (Year 8)
Sophia Vantuno (Year 7) Grandmother. Emma Palmer
(staff) Grandfather.
Congratulations to Ms
Julianna Wick (staff) on
her recent engagement.
For those of you who don’t know me I think it is important
that I introduce myself. I have worked at St Vincent’s for
11 years and previously have been in the position of Head
of Religious Studies. Although I have been in curriculum
recently I have also held positions in pastoral care over the
years, and Acted in the position of Director of Mission. I
have two teenage daughters in high school, one 16 and
one 18, who is sitting the HSC. I feel very confident that I
am well situated to empathise with parents and understand
the needs of students as well.
The Structure of the Day
As you are aware, there have been a number of changes
that have directly affected you and your daughter this term
already. Firstly, the change to the structure of the day and
the times of the school day. Can I please reiterate that
these changes are intended to be most beneficial to the
students’ learning and to remove the busyness of the day,
and, so look after the welfare of your daughter in a more
holistic manner. Having said that, changes are always
difficult to get accustomed to so let me outline some basic,
yet essential rules.
Lessons begin at 8.45am. This means that students
are to be at school before 8.40am. The College gates will
be closed at 8.40am, and any student arriving after this
time will be required to sign in at Student Services and get
a late slip. Please remember that students have already
been allowed to arrive at school later than ever before, and
are expected to be prompt to class at the beginning of
Period 1 each morning. Teachers will begin lessons at
8.45am sharp, because they will have started their day with
meetings and professional time at 8.00am. At the end of
the day class ends at 3.06pm. Students will not be
released from class before this time and teachers will teach
until the bell sounds.
I ask for the support of parents and carers in regard to
adhering to these times to ensure the full benefits of this
exciting and innovative change.
Students have been asked to carry their bags with them
while lockers were relocated and renewed due to the
building program. The lockers will be delivered, installed
and allocated to students by the end of this month, less
than three weeks time. I acknowledge that bags are
heavy, but it has been necessary to relocate lockers and
replace them with new and improved ones. They are
sturdy and have much more room for storage of books and
Issue: 15
Acting Director of Welfare (cont)
Parking and Dropping Off During the Building Program
Drop off in Victoria Street:
The initial phases of the building works has begun and the
College car park is closed. Access is only for the builders
are their equipment. Large trucks will begin to enter and
exit the main car park via Rockwall Crescent within days.
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Development & Foundation Office News
College Masterplan - Stage Two
Over the holiday break the builders began preparation for
Stage two of the College Masterplan. Sections of the
Vincentia building and Aikenhead have been 'hoarded up'
for the work that will follow. As with any building project
there are adjustments to be made and some
inconvenience, however the end result will have a
For safety, may I please urge you to drop off your daughter transformational impact. Included below are the architect's
drawing of the end result.
ONLY in Victoria Street. Council and residents in
Rockwall Crescent are aware that heavy vehicles will
Stage two once completed will transform the College
increase and have asked parking police to ensure that
traffic signs are adhered to. I hate getting parking fines, so facilities, connecting the main learning spaces (Tarmons,
I will remind you of the heavy penalties that can be incurred Victoria Street and Vincentia buildings) together, and
create a plaza of learning and social interaction providing
outside and around the College as of 9 October 2014:
ease of access and movement, opening up existing
classrooms and creating collaborative learning
Parking Infringements spaces. This is a substantial undertaking by the College,
Disobey No Stopping sign - School zone - $311 + 2
and will benefit from the support of our entire community,
demerit points
Disobey No Parking sign - School zone - $173 + 2 demerit an undertaking that will directly impact students today and
generations to come.
Double park - School zone - $311 + 2 demerit points
If you would like to know more, to view the plans or discuss
Stop at/near bus stop - School zone - $311 + 2 demerit
your participation or gift, please contact Lyn O’Neill,
Stop on path/strip in built-up area - School zone - $173 + 2 Director of Community and Development, phone 9358
5398 or email [email protected]
demerit points
Stop on/across driveway/other access to/from land School zone - $173 + 2 demerit points.
The most important message is SAFETY FIRST.
Students all grew over the holidays! Summer uniforms
have crept up. Please check the length of your daughter’s
uniform and have it altered and lengthen if it is above the
Hats are a compulsory part of the uniform and must be
worn during the day in the College grounds. While
students don’t have a locker, the sports cap may be worn.
Mr Hogan has already mentioned nail polish is not allowed,
nor are rings, bracelets, and multiple earrings and makeup.
I ask again for your support in making sure your daughter
leaves the house in the morning looking like a proud and
well groomed St Vincent’s girl.
I look forward to working with the girls during Term 4.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Mrs Elizabeth Parker
Acting Director of Welfare
Issue: 15
Page: 5
Development & Foundation News (cont)
Ex-Students Reunions
Last Sunday the St Vincent's College Ex-Student
Union Inc held their annual reunion Mass and
lunch. This day is always a highlight on the ExStudent's Union calendar and one that is
immensely enjoyed by all who attend. The
weather was perfect and everyone gathered in the
chapel for Mass prior to lunch, which was a lovely
way to celebrate the role our ex-students play in
the College's history, and the connections shared.
Before Mass began in the
chapel, a very moving
acknowledgement was given
in remembrance of exstudents who have passed
away during the last twelve
months. Sr Genevieve Walsh
rsc read a moving eulogy on
each ex-student, sharing a
little of the remarkable lives these ladies led. It was a true
celebration of each of them, and a flower was placed in
their memory on the altar. Lunch in the dining room
followed Mass, where great chatter was testament to the
enjoyment of catching up with friends, the fellowship
shared and the strong connections still enjoyed. Thank
you to the Ex-Students’ Union for your ongoing support of
the College and our students.
Class of 1974 and Class of 1984 - Reunions
Last Saturday we welcomed back to the College ladies
from the Class of 1974, who were celebrating their 40 year
reunion and ladies from the
Class of 1984, celebrating their
30 year reunion. It was a delight
to have these ladies visit, and to
hear their stories and memories
of their time as SVC students.
Thank you for visiting.
Reunions for the Class of 1994
and Class of 1964 are planned
for November. If you know exstudents from these years please
let them know.
Ms Lyn O’Neill
Development and Foundation office
Francoise McCallum, President
of the Ex-Students Union
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Issue: 15
From the Director of Faith Formation and Mission
Over the September/October holidays I was fortunate
enough to spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating with
my family; it is such a precious gift to while days away with
those who know you and love you. I enjoyed returning to
work on Monday and seeing the welcoming faces of the
students and staff who had got the term off to a flying start
the previous week.
contact me at the College or Sr Anne at
[email protected]
Much work has been done at the College over the holidays
in preparation for the next stage of the building project.
Students have been very patient as they wait for their new
lockers which are going to be operational before the end of
October. Staff and students have moved safely and
patiently around the new corridors that have been created,
with the addition of hoarding and barricades that are in
place to provide protection from the building site as it
evolves. More information about the progress of the
building work will be communicated to parents next week.
Some important information in the meantime is as follows:
St Teresa of Avila, who the Church honours today, had a
gift for putting the experience of God into words and
images which are simple enough for most people to
understand. She did this at a time when the Church was
struggling for clarity: She wrote during the period of the
Council of Trent (1545-1563) in which the Church attended
to some overdue housekeeping. Teresa was not involved
in that council, but her writing, coming from an experience
of the heart, is a reminder that Church structures need
always to be an expression of the love of imperfect people
for God. Teresa spoke of God as a Father, Brother, Lord
and, above all, Lover.
Students will continue to carry their bags until the
installation and allocation of lockers which will occur
Ms Rachel McLean
Director Faith Formation and Mission
I look forward to a busy Term 4 and leave you with a
reflection that was shared with staff at our staff meeting on
Wednesday morning, a reflection from Finding God’s
 Students are able to access OLiV where the Daily
Admin notices will be stored. Admin notices will
We are delighted to have the following students as leaders
also be available through: iPad/phone apps; College
email; TV screens and printed copies positioned around for the College in 2014-2015. Each student was asked to
write a small introduction about themselves and what
the College.
leadership meant to them…their reflections and hopes
 All major demolition work will NOT occur during
auger for an exciting period of student leadership at the
examination periods. The builders and contractors College.
have been informed of all examination blocks to ensure
that students are not disrupted through their exams.
Phoebe Haylen - College Co-Captain
 Access to the College is through Victoria Street
from 7:30am-8:40am every morning and 3:06pm5:00pm every afternoon. Students are also able to exit
through Rockwall Crescent.
I am currently a proud member of St Vincent's College and
participate in many College activities such as the College
choir, Vinnies night patrol, Sport and the SRC. I have been
given the opportunity to represent the College as Co Students who are being collected by parents/carers Captain to which I am thoroughly looking forward.
during school hours will be able buzz the reception gate Leadership has always been very important to me as I
and drive into the driveway; parents then reverse out to have always looked up to the leadership team and have
Rockwall Crescent. If there are trucks in the driveway, admired how they have been positive role models to the
parents are asked to park in Rockwall Place while they younger students. As a leader, I hope to encourage and
influence students to get involved in all aspects of College
collect their daughter.
life. I also hope to listen and work with all the girls in the
school to build upon the nurturing and positive environment
we have here at St Vincent’s.
Our last Sisters of Charity Conversation will occur next
Tuesday, 21 October at 6.00pm in Bethania. The guest
Jacinta Mitchell - College Co-Captain
speaker is Angela Burke rsc who will share her insights
As a College leader I hope to help guide the St Vincent’s
and wisdom on 'The Spirit within’ and will explore her
experience of Ignatian Spirituality. We will begin at 6.00pm community by living my fundamental belief of being
with a shared meal. All students and parents are welcome extensively useful in service to others and participating fully
in College life. As a student of St Vincent’s College, I have
to attend the evening.
engaged in many aspects of College life, including being
Finding God’s Traces
an active member of Caritas Christi, as well as accepting
Sr Anne and I have been working on a committee over the the role of Transport Prefect earlier this year to oversee the
last three months planning and preparing a new publication safety and wellbeing of students travelling to and from the
College. As a member of the leadership committee, I
based on the work of the Jesuit Publication Finding God’s
Traces by Michael McGirr. All members of our community believe both Phoebe and myself will provide a positive and
are invited to submit a reflection for the publication. If you enthusiastic approach to the team, which will hopefully
resonate throughout the whole College.
would like more information about this process, please
Issue: 15
Page: 7
From the Director of Faith Formation and Mission (cont)
maintain a strong connection to St Vincent’s. Opportunity
in all areas including academic, sports, social justice and
Tess O’Connor - Aikenhead House Captain
Performing Arts are always readily available to seize and it
I first came to SVC at the beginning of Year 9 as a boarder is these opportunities, combined with a positive attitude
from Tamworth. Since my very first day I have been
and a sense of involvement in St Vincent’s College life that
nurtured in both academic and non-academic areas of
has made me want to become a leader. Leadership is
College life and formed life-long friendships both in the day more than just organising people, it is about supporting
school and boarding house. I have also been an
others to seize the opportunities that are available every
enthusiastic member of the St Vincent’s College
day at St Vincent’s. As House captain of De Lacy, I aspire
environment and to a smaller scale, Aikenhead House,
to lead the student body by example in all areas of College
being actively involved in all areas of the House. As such, life, retaining that outstanding SVC spirit whilst moving
taking on the role of Aikenhead House Captain in 2015 is
forward with House meetings that involves more of student
something I am very proud of, and am extremely excited to output and strengthening the De Lacy House bond.
work as a member of the leadership team alongside my
capable peers.
Poppy Clark - O’Brien House Captain
I started at St Vincent’s in 2012, having previously been at
Dominique Cooper - Cahill House Captain
Ascham. Since moving I have made new friends and have
I am so excited to have been given this position and look
enjoyed adapting to the challenged, which that presents. I
forward to working with all the girls and teachers of Cahill
have been involved in many in and out of school activities,
House. To me, leadership is shown by setting a
including Red Cross Calling, Vincentian House, Daffodil
positive example, not only through your action and
spirit but to the commitment you show in approaching your Day and Stella Fella.
Leadership is successful when everyone works together
learning, and I wish to accomplish that. My aim in my
and that is what I feel the leadership team for next year will
leadership position this and next year is to create and
encourage a stronger spirit and community, not only within do. I have many ideas to boost House spirit and get
my House but with that of the College. St Vincent’s spirit is everyone involved in the many House events.
what I love about this College, and I aim to support and
Ally Barron - Williams House Captain
guide the students and teachers of Cahill House to
embrace themselves in this and the opportunities it can
I have recently accepted the role of Williams House
present. I will be focusing on this in striving to improve the Captain for 2015 and I couldn’t be happier! To me,
communication between students and teachers as their
leadership isn’t defined by a badge but by results. I feel
support system, and the House growing closer and
leadership means responsibility, innovation and giving a
working together. I have many fun ideas for the year
voice to all students in the College. There are many things
ahead and look forward to getting to know every girl of my I hope to achieve over the next year, ensuring that the
Cahill House.
whole of Williams dives into every opportunity that comes
its way, because my biggest motto in life is, “You only get
Leadership is the ability to unite a whole congregation in
out what you out in.” I hope that over my time as a leader I
assuring all voices are heard, creating a neutral respect for continue to strengthen the community and St Vincent’s
one another. Being a part of this College since Year 7 as
spirit, and build on what already works from previous
both boarder and student, has given me an experience that leaders! GO WILLIAMS!!
is only unique to St Vincent's. This eye opening
Edwina Watson - Liturgy Captain
experience would not have been possible if I didn't
participate within the College life through school
When I came St Vincent’s as a boarder in Year 7, I was
productions, volunteering and co-curricular activities. It is
probably half the height and half the personality that I am
something as a leader that I wish encourage, for the SVC
today! So when I applied for leadership it was out of
spirit to be re-invented, and spark ingenuity and creativity
gratitude for this College community: for all of the diverse
to the students of 2015 in creating their own new and eye
experiences it has offered me and for the rich Catholic
opening experiences.
values it has instilled in me. Over my time at SVC I have
participated in many activities and co-curricular pursuitsEleanor Michael - Cater House Captain
from Tildesley Tennis to Trinity Guildhall (London) Speech
I have always been a part of many aspects of the College
and Drama exams, from Vinnies Night Patrol to the
participating in College plays, sports and being a part of the Indigenous Experience to the Northern Territory in 2012.
SCR team. My enthusiasm and passion for the College
When I was offered the position of Liturgy Captain for
and the Cater House will encourage the girls to get
2015, I felt extremely honored. It is my objective that all
involved and lead Cater to victory. I am very excited for my students, staff and parents of this College community will
new role and know that my approachable nature will
use their gifts and their talents for the betterment of this
continue the strong sense of community and spirit this
faith community. I hope that I can bring enthusiasm and
College offers. I cannot wait to work with all the girls and
energy to the leadership team, and I also hope that we can
staff in the House!
build upon our core College values of compassion,
empathy, Generosity of Spirit and Service to the Poor.
Lydia Ayto - De Lacy House Captain
From the beginning of Year 7 I have been determined to
Student Leadership 2014-2015 (cont)
Page: 8
Issue: 15
From the Director of Faith and Mission (cont)
Student Leadership 2014-2015 (cont)
Bronte Condador-Kelsall – Social Justice Captain
Whilst at St Vincent’s College I have involved myself in
various aspects of College life and have experienced joy in
doing so. I have been a part of social justice related
activities such as Daffodil Day, Eastern Outreach Visitors
Program, Caritas Christi and Street Retreat, as well as the
Archdale Debating competition, and representing the
College in MUNA, at both regional and national level.
Dance Tour in 2013, which was a great experience and
success! I have participated in many social justice
activities volunteering, such as Vinnies Night Patrol and
Daffodil Day, and have also represented the College on
numerous occasions and different leadership events.
Leadership to me means, taking initiative and working in a
team to achieve a goal together, and for St Vincent’s
College, using others strengths to support and motivate
each other to listen, collaborate and compromise, in order
to take action and achieve a common aim together.
Leadership to me is about building an environment that
nurtures the many talents and abilities that are possessed I am very excited to be part of the leadership team this year
by individuals, and recognising that if we develop these, we and I hope to uphold the great SVC Spirit that is so alive in
the College, and bring ideas from the girls and staff forward
can collectively work toward a common cause or goal.
to further better the College! I know it will be a great year,
being part of the team is such a privilege, and I hope in
As a member of the 2014/2015 leadership team I will
endeavour to build upon traditions, efforts and initiatives of particular, to promote the Sports aspect, encouraging girls
the past, whilst recognising the need for the year of 2015 to to get involved and bring some new and fresh ideas while
also continuing what we SVC girls do best!
leave our own unique legacy at this College.
Madeline Pryke - SRC Captain
I started my time at St Vincent's in Year 7 and since then I
have been involved in many different aspects of College
life from sporting teams, drama productions and social
justice activities. It is through these activities that I have
learnt many valuable skills and I am able to apply these to
my leadership. It is an honour to be elected as I have seen
the excellent work that our College's previous leaders have
completed. As SRC Captain I will be working closely with
SRC representatives to encourage student involvement in
all aspects of our College. Through leading the SRC team
I would like to ensure that students are represented fairly,
and are able to make effective contributions to our College.
Gabrielle Stapleton - Arts Captain
I am in Cahill House and look forward to my role in the
College leadership team as Arts Captain. This year I was
involved in the College Production of Peter Pan and the
Year 11 play, Mamma Mia. Under the leadership of
Francesca Guerrera this year, I will continue the tradition of
Performing Arts Day for 2015 and being involved in events
surrounding the Arts.
Clare Southwall - Boarding Co Captain
It’s both an honour and privilege to be accepting the role as
boarding co-captain for 2014/2015. In the past seven
months while I have been attending St Vincent’s, I have
seen great examples of leadership and those of which I
would like to emulate. I take strength in knowing that I am
following the steps of leadership from Felicity and Emily
Southwell, my cousins, and Ursula Southwell (nee Lynch),
my Grandmother. The future of boarding at St Vincent’s
has so much potential and I believe that it offers a great
opportunity for young women to acquire life skills that are
not easily gained. As Boarding Co-Captain, I believe I can
encourage these women to be themselves and achieve
their goals both inside and outside of school.
Edwina Waters - Boarding Co Captain
What leadership means to me, is the ability to unify a
community in assuring all voices are heard, creating a
neutral respect for one another. Being a part of this
College since Year 7 as both boarder and student, has
given me an experience that is only unique to St
Vincent's. This eye opening experience would not have
been possible if I didn't participate within the College life
through school productions, volunteering and co-curricular
I will work with the Arts staff to further enrich and
activities. It is something as I leader that I wish encourage,
encourage the girls next year in Arts. To me, being a
for the SVC spirit to be re-invented and spark ingenuity and
leader means to set a positive example, being fair and
creativity to the students of 2015 in creating their own new
listening to those around me and being a team player. I
hope to follow on from the leadership of the captains before and eye opening experiences.
me and work with the 2015 Leadership team in leading
the College next year.
Lauren Kava - Sport Captain
I’m Lauren Kava and I am extremely excited to be Sports
Captain for St Vincent’s College! I have attended the
College since Year 7 and have been an active member in
all aspects of the College, in particularly Sport. I have
participated in a long list of Sports for the College each
term including football, netball, basketball, water polo and
touch football. I was football captain in 2014 and also
captained the First football team on the USA Sport and
Page: 9
Issue: 15
From the Director of Teaching and Learning
I would like to add my warm welcome to Term 4. I would
especially like to welcome the new members of the College
community and hope that they experience the same
generosity of spirit for which St Vincent’s College is
renowned. I would also remind those new to our
community that the College website is a hub of information
and includes a link to the Parent Portal. The portal enables
parents to see which assessments are upcoming, what
results have been published for assessment tasks, past
reports as well as a record of attendance, awards and
behaviour issues. I remind everyone that login details are
available through our IT Department.
I have no doubt that the conversation at home in the last
week and a half has been about the changes in the
environment as well as the day. The trial of the change in
day has commenced. While not without its teething
problems, I am very impressed with the way that the vast
majority of students have adjusted seamlessly to the
changes. The consulting group, CIRCLE, who conducted
the review and helped develop the model for change, will
be conducting a review in approximately week 5. CIRCLE
will be seeking feedback from students, staff and parents
about what they have experienced and work towards
making necessary adjustments to get the greatest benefit
from the change in day.
There have already been a few questions regarding the
change in day and most relate to the quality of the
education being provided. It should be noted that research
shows that the length of the lesson (within reason) has little
impact on achievable outcomes. The greatest effect
comes from how the time is being used. It should also be
noted that all courses offered at the College exceed the
mandatory hours stipulated by the Board of Studies. In
order to maximise the time there are many things that need
to be attended to, which include factors controlled by the
students, factors controlled by the teachers and factors
controlled by the College structure. To this end, students
are required to not delay their presence in the classroom.
There is an expectation that students arrive on time and
should not leave a classroom unless it is absolutely vital.
The review of our day and its trial is very Ignatian. St
Vincent’s is underpinned by Ignatian spirituality and as
such adopts Ignatian pedagogy as a framework for
teaching and learning. During 2014 the College Heads of
Department have been reviewing Assessment, and more
recently embarked upon looking at the framework more
closely to ensure that Ignatian Pedagogy is explicit in the
curriculum. While some of you will know Ignatian
Pedagogy more intimately than others, it is characterised
by the following:
What each of these components mean will be explained
over time as we review more fully how learning occurs at St
Vincent’s, how we assess and on what we report.
Our teaching and learning practice is always under review,
but earlier this year teachers embraced and embarked
upon developing a culture of sharing practice. This
includes, but is not limited to, lesson observations. The
aim is to ensure that teachers are developing their skills in
a learning community in order to become the best that they
can be.
2015 HSC Courses and Assessment
The 2015 HSC courses commenced at the start of term
which is two weeks earlier than we have normally done.
This is partly in response to the change in day, but suffice
to say that there was a desire from students and staff to get
moving. The practice in the past was to ensure that all
timetables were sorted but as I have indicated previously,
there is no rush to drop subjects. All students were
provided with an HSC guide from the Board of Studies as
well as the St Vincent’s College HSC Assessment
Handbook. Both publications were explained highlighting
students’ rights and responsibilities. It is most important
that these publications are read and understood. For
students who may have missed the meeting on Friday 17
The College has attempted to address the teacher and
College structure impact in a number of ways. Firstly it has October, copies will be available from Student Services.
zoned times to create opportunities for appropriate
Term 4 Examinations
professional development, sharing of resources and
Year 10 students are about to embark upon their yearly
dialogue to ensure lessons are better prepared and more
examination with Years 7-9 scheduled for Week 5.
engaging. It has also sought to develop a culture of
Students have the responsibility to turn up for each
reflection and nourishment. The second break is
examination and adhere to the examination rules. It is
sacrosanct and is an opportunity for staff and students to
most important that we are informed and the necessary
obtain nourishment of the body, mind and soul. By being
less busy and having time to slow down, staff and students paperwork is completed, if a student misses an
can optimise learning opportunities. The College has also examination. This is indicated on each of the assessment
notifications that students receive prior to the examination.
performed a review of calendar events and made some
moves to minimise the number of disruptions to the
teaching and learning time. It is envisaged that while there
are less minutes in a lesson, there will be far greater value
in each lesson and less interruptions. I would like to reiterate that the expectation is that there is no increase in
Page: 10
Issue: 15
Director of Teaching and Learning (cont)
Careers News
Parati Program
After completing their examinations, Year 10 students will
be involved in a program we call Parati. The program has
been devised and developed over the last few years to
facilitate successful transitioning from stage 5 to stage 6.
Scholarship Opportunity for Year 12
All Year 10 students were informed of the program and will
receive further details on Monday 27 October. The
program has a variety of experiences that are designed to
engage and enthuse them in the final weeks of the school
year. However, Parati is ultimately designed to provide
students with experiences that will assist them in finding
the greatest success in stage 6 coursework. The hope is
that the experiences meets the needs of the students in
subject specific areas by providing a series of academically
rigorous, open and structured activities that allow students
to develop skills and confidence within specific areas. This
is balanced with a broader perspective to see the meaning
and value of learning. By the end of the program students
will have produced work that will be of a stage 6 level, and
have feedback throughout that replicates the type of
feedback stage 6 students receive.
Mr Robert Graham
Director of Teaching and Learning
A program for adolescents completing the HSC
The Study Without Stress Program is a psychoeducational program that equips students with both
knowledge and practical tips on how to approach
and overcome the stress associated with exams in
the final high school years. The program uses
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to
help participants get the most out of their final year
whilst keeping stress to a manageable level. The
program can be completed by students in 6 x 1.5
sessions and is ideal for students already
experiencing high stress and anxiety levels.
Each session is designed to provide the basis for
skills to be practiced and used outside of the
group. Students are encouraged to try the different
skills while they are involved in the program, both
in session and during the week, so as to seek help
with implementation and achieve a level of
The Program will be held every Day 5 and Day 10
from 2.30pm until 4.00pm for Term 4. It is open for
all Year 11 into Year 12 students. An email will be
sent to parents and students with further
information and instructions on how and when to
Mrs Elizabeth Parker
Acting Director of Welfare
The 2015 CAS Hawker Scholarships open on Monday 8
December 2014 and close on Friday 2 January 2015.
The CAS Hawker Scholarship is one of the most generous
privately funded scholarships available to undergraduate
students in Australia. Each residential scholarship is
valued at up to $45,000 over three years.
Information about the CAS Hawker Scholarship and an
application form are available at or, by contacting the
secretary to the Trustees on 08 8127 1654. The
scholarships are available to all Australian students, and
the majority have been awarded to students entering their
first year of university study.
Selection is largely based on personal qualities and
demonstrated leadership as well as academic ability.
Undergraduate Hawker scholars are able to attend a range
of Australian educational institutions.
Any current Year 12 student who would like to apply for this
highly prestigious scholarship should go to and download an
application form.
I would like to wish Year 12 all the best in their HSC
exams. If there is any way I can assist with any thing to do
with your post- school options please don’t hesitate to
contact me at the College. I would like to encourage all
Year 11 students to make an appointment with Ms Marshall
before the end of Term 4, as it is important to set goals and
be aware of the opportunities available to you.
Information for HSC Students
International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) SCHOLARSHIPS STILL OPEN FOR 2014
ICMS has partnered with the NSW Rugby League to offer a
unique industry sponsored professional scholarship valued
at over $30,000 for a student starting at ICMS in February
Professional Scholarship program rewards high-performing
and community-orientated students. With numerous
partner institutions including ANZ Bank, HOSTPLUS,
Hugos Manly, Manly Council and now NSW Rugby League
to provide industry placement scholarships, offering
practical as well as financial incentives. Find more
information at or contact
Rebecca Wise on (02) 94661030.
teach.NSW would like to wish your HSC students all
the best with their upcoming exams! Also, please note
applications have been extended for the Department’s
Teacher Education Scholarship Program, teach.Rural
Scholarships and Great Teaching, Inspired Learning
Cadetships until Friday, 17 October 2015. Please pass this
information on to your high achieving HSC students. For
more information or to apply, visit
Page: 11
Issue: 15
Careers News (cont)
Study at Notre Dame in 2015
Applications to study at the University of Notre Dame in
2015 are open. Prospective students apply directly to the
university via the Admissions Office. Applicants should
submit a personal statement of 300 words, Year 11 and
Year 12 reports, and any other relevant supporting
documentation along with their completed application form.
For more information and to download the application form,
visit: or email
[email protected]
News from the University of Sydney
Info Day 2015 - Tuesday 6 January 2015, 9.30am-4pm
The University of Sydney Info Day provides prospective
students with course advice and support for making final
decisions regarding UAC preferences.
The days are run by industry experts and give students a
true taste of what it’s like to work in their dream career
while having some fun along the way. Macleay College will
host these days for senior high school students on 25
October and 1 November 2014, 10am-1pm. RSVP is
essential as places are limited. Please visit:
Ms Helen Marshall
Careers Adviser
HSIE Department News
If you’re still unsure about which degree to choose or want
to find out more about a particular area of study, then come Year 8 History student, Kodie Mason-Bunton spent the
along. On the day there will be over 130 mini-lectures and first week of her school holidays preparing to be a future
talks, a variety of demonstrations, exhibitions and free
She was successfully selected to take part in this year’s
YMCA NSW Junior Parliament. This program for students
in Years 7 to 9 introduces "junior MP’s" to the legal and
Bachelor of Architecture and Environments
parliamentary processes of NSW, and focuses on their
This exciting new degree provides an architectural
personal development and growth as community leaders.
education that contextualises architecture within the
The HSIE Department and fellow classmates of Kodie are
framework of the wider built environment – and opens the
very proud of her achievements and we look forward to
door to a wide range of professions in the built environment
viewing her work on the website soon. If you would like to
such as town planning, project management, or specialist
follow her progress or indeed be involved yourself please
areas in the building sciences. The program has an
indicative ATAR of 85 in its first year, and students have
the opportunity to submit a design portfolio as part of the
Kodie’s Report
flexible entry program, potentially adding an additional five
During the recent holidays I was chosen to represent our
ATAR points to successful submissions. More details can
College at the YMCA NSW Junior Parliament camp. This
be found on the course homepage.
took place at Camp Yarramundi, NSW. It was one of the
greatest experiences of my life. I learnt how to dress, act
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Economics
and speak in the oldest continuous council in the world. I
This combined degree will offer students high quality,
was a member of the Aboriginal Affairs
professional training in Economics as well as the flexibility Committee for five days. Throughout the
of a Bachelor of Arts degree, with the largest range of
camp, myself and seven other students
humanities and social sciences majors in Australia.
from around NSW wrote a Bill. It
Students also have the option to take Business subjects.
contained information about how to make
These graduates will be technical experts with highly
it more accessible for aboriginal language
developed soft skills, qualities sought after by leading
tutors to come into schools and teach the
employers all over the world. For more information visit the traditional language of the land. My
Course Webpage
committee created with the Bill and
introduced it to the Legislative Assembly
Study a Language Beside Your Degree
at NSW Parliament House. I learnt how Parliament works
The University of Sydney is offering a new Diploma of
and how Bills get passed. It was a really fun experience
Language Studies in 2015. This is an accelerated, one
and it has given me an insight and ambition to make a
year program for students who are enrolled in a course
difference, and to continue to change aboriginal
who would like to study a language concurrently with their
opportunities in Australia.
degree but have no units free to do so. Languages offered
are :Indonesian, Spanish, Korean and Japanes
Ms Laura Wilson
Head of HSIE
Student Information Days
Industry Days for Students interested in: Event
Management, Travel and Tourism, Sports Management
or Journalism.
Page: 12
Issue: 15
From the Science Department
From the Learning Resource Centre
As we embark on a busy last term of the final Science
competitions, excursions and assessments for the year, the
Science team is also finding time for reflection. In
particular we are reflecting on the success of our new Year
7 and 9 programs for the National Curriculum in
preparation for the implementation of the new Year 8 and
10 programs next year. We have been experimenting with
many new practicals, texts and digital resources to ensure
that these programs provide stimulating and differentiated
experiences for the girls.
In this issue of the Bulletin the LRC has a selection of short
news about renovations, research and book donations.
Dr Chris Reynolds
Head of Science
Year 10 CSIRO Chemistry Incursion
On Friday 5 September Year 10 gathered eagerly in the
College Hall as Oliver, our
guest from the CSIRO,
came to demonstrate to
us some cool, almost
magical Science. This
helped us put some of the
more abstract concepts
that we have been
learning in class into a
practical setting.
We observed different
chemicals switching
colours with perfect
timing. This was called the
Clock Test. We watched
a reaction swing between
two states as the products of
one reaction reacted
together and continued on in
this pattern. We also
observed flames changing
colour due to the presence
of different elements - the
same chemicals found in
fireworks! The favourite
reaction for the cohort was
the luminescence test, when
a substance emits light not
resulting from heat.
In just a few hours Year 10
learnt much Science and
had fun doing so as some
of our textbook learning was
brought to life.
Juliette Tighe Year 10
Renovations and a reading nook
A great deal of
work was done
in and around
the library
during the
holidays. With
new partitions
and a
collection, we
are thinking of
ways to use the
space. We now have a new reading nook and big plans for
livening up temporary wooden partitions, which just beg for
some artwork.
During the holidays, the LRC hosted a LARK (Library
Applied Research Kollektive) workshop. As always, we
had a diverse group comprised of teachers, librarians from
different types of libraries and academics. LARK was born
at the College a couple of years ago to connect
professional communities around research interests and
has been thriving ever since.
Some of our regular readers may remember that research
was an important part of the digital storytelling project iTell.
Results of the study have been published in the peerreviewed article entitled iTell: transliteracy and digital
storytelling. A full-text copy of the article is available from and a
blog-post version of study findings will be (hopefully, at the
time of Bulletin publishing “is”) available at
Books to Footpath Library
After an extraordinary effort from the College community to
collect books for children in detention centres in Nauru and
Christmas Island as part of the library Spark for the Dark
project, we had some leftover books which were not
suitable for postage. These books have finally found a
good home at the Footpath Library. This organisation
collects and delivers books to homeless people. The
Footpath Library has accepted our donation of books for
men and teens. At the end of the first week of term, I
sighed a big sigh of relief when I placed five boxes of
books in storage for the Footpath Library. We now have
only a small collection of picture books and books for
women left, which will hopefully go to one of the women’s
Dr Suzana Sukovic
Head of the LRC
Issue: 15
Page: 13
Performing Arts News
As usual Performing Arts was wildly busy last term and this performer. Her recent performance of Sholem-Alkhem,
term there is much to look forward to.
Rov Feidman! by Bela Kovacs at the ‘Music Night with
Wine and Cheese’ was breathtaking and exhilarating. It is
As the Year 12 finished their HSC Practical exams, Year
wonderful to have students involved at every level in the
11 students began their final Preliminary exams before
Performing Arts but it is inspiration for juniors when we
they enter the HSC year. For some students they felt an
have a student like Claudia to share her talents and skills.
incredible sense of relief as more than half their HSC for
I look forward to sharing the Trinity exam results and any
Performing Arts is done, but many felt sadness as they
other triumphs that our students achieve.
leave behind performances, compositions and projects that
they have spent over six months creating and refining.
KEY DATES for the Diary: This term there are some
One of my Drama students said she will miss her
exciting events coming up. Please stay tuned for
character; she has become an escape and an alternate
announcements and book through Trybookings.
ego - a haven from the other forms of study. A Music
Dance Night 2014: 12 November, 6.00pm at Waverley
student told me she will remember singing her pieces for
College, R J Wallace Performing Arts Centre. Adults $20,
the rest of her life. There were cheering and crying from
students $15 - book through trybookings.
both joy and relief! We wish our Year 12’s the best of luck
Snippets Film: 21 November, 6.00pm in the MCR Hall.
in the upcoming written components.
All tickets $5 - book through trybookings.
Exams are only part of life and the Music Night with Wine
Carols by Candlelight: 27 November, 6.30pm on the
and Cheese was an example of celebration. On Tuesday 9 Garcia lawn - free.
September at 5.30pm parents, friends and the extended
community were welcomed to the Bethania boardroom on Ms Catherine Johnson
the ground floor of Garcia by the Jazz Ensemble. Here the Head of Performing Arts
adults drank wine and enjoyed cheese and crackers, while
the siblings and friends of our students enjoyed juice and
the music. At 6.00pm the audience came upstairs to enjoy
a vast array of musical performances. The evening was
graciously opened by our outgoing Arts Captain Francesca
Guerrera who also performed the final performance, which
Thank you to the Parents and Friends for a delicious lunch
was a magnificent performance of Caruso by Lucio Dalla.
on Thursday. The lunch was to thank and acknowledge
The evening included performances by our Orchestra,
the staff for all they do. It was greatly appreciated and
Choir, Glee Club, Ukulele Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Wind enjoyed by all the staff!
Ensemble, performances representing each Year group
and students performing solos, duets and class items.
Congratulations to all our students and a big thank you to
our Music teachers, accompanists and co-curricular tutors
for their excellent and rigorous tutelage.
World Teachers’ Day Lunch
Thank you to the P&F Association
On Thursday 11 September the Performing Arts day was
able to be completed. Previously in the term the event was
postponed because of the rain. All six Houses had
created, rehearsed and costumed their House Dance. The
six Houses performed an array of musical and dance styles
ranging from a fabulous Grease performance, a Disney
medley and even themed classics like ‘I Will Survive’ (Gloria
Gaynor) and ‘Single Ladies” (Beyonce). The performances
were creative, clever and incredibly energetic and
inclusive. Like a sports carnival, having every student up
and dancing and participating with their House is thrilling. I
look forward to next year’s.
This term students have returned to their studies and
exams. First is Year 10 then Years 7, 8 and 9. Cocurricular students of Speech and Drama have Trinity
College of London Acting, Speech and Performance exams
next week, and one of our seniors completed her AMusA
over the holidays.
Congratulations to Claudia Jelic! Claudia performs in our
Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble AND Choir.
She is a very talented Music student and a wonderful
Page: 14
Issue: 15
From the PD/H/PE Department
Term four is here already and with the arrival of the
summer months the PD/H/PE Department would like to
stress the importance of girls remembering their hats for
practical lessons (water bottles and sunscreen are also a
good idea!). Not only is the Sports hat part of the
compulsory uniform for all outdoor lessons, but it also
provides vital protection from the summer sun.
Elsewhere in the department there is lots going on with the
HSC course starting for the Year 11 group and of course
the final HSC examinations taking place for PD/H/PE and
CAFS classes. In fact by the time this goes to print the
PD/H/PE exam will be over!. Year 10 students are also
about to sit their yearly examination, which for many
students will mark the end of their PD/H/PE studies at the
College. In Term four students in Years 7-9 will be
studying the following topics.
Staying Safe
(First Aid)
Nutrition and
Racquet Sports
Striking Sports
Net Games
In preparation for Years 7-9 Semester two examinations in
Week 5, students are reminded to use their chapter
summaries as a useful study tool. These summary notes
are designed to help students reduce content into bite
sized chunks so that they don’t feel like they have to “learn
everything in their book” when it comes time to study.
Mr Ben Doyle
Head of PD/H/PE
Sport Report
NB: EASTS have a Wet Weather
Facebook page - Eastern Suburbs
Touch Association.
Saturday 18 October Games: All
divisions play games on 18 October at
both Queens Park and Centennial Park
Reservoir Fields. Reservoir Fields are
off Oxford Street. You can enter via
Paddington gates and park inside the
park, in Carrington Street, or park on
Oxford Street, Paddington.
Alice and Emily
Morgan scored the
Congratulations to our Volleyballers
first try at touch on
who commenced the season last
Saturday 11 October. Four out of the
six teams won their games and enjoyed the spring weather
and easy-going atmosphere at
Santa Sabina College. This was a
great start and I'm proud of all the
A note to parents to please ensure
your daughter wears sunscreen,
plus for yourselves bring a camping
chair and hat so that watching the
game is more comfortable!.
Training is on even if it rains as we
can use room A14. Monday 3.15pm
and Tuesday 7.30am.
Ms Kat McGrath
Bianca Wallace, Year 7
Basketball training for teams 2, 3, 4 and 5 are on Tuesday
afternoons, 3.15pm-4.15pm. SVC1 will train on Thursday
afternoons 3.15pm-4.15pm. Wear your basketball singlet
and PE shorts for the Saturday games. All games are held
at Santa Sabina College, 90 The Boulevard, Strathfield.
On Saturday 11 October over 390 girls commenced Week
1 of the Term 4 Sports season. All went really well and the
teams played with great Vinnies spirit, and we had some
good wins and close losses. Most importantly, the girls
worked well with our dedicated coaches and everyone is
now revved-up for the season.
It’s wonderful to see such a large number participating in
sport, however, girls, please be aware that you have made
a commitment to your training sessions, just as your
coaches have made a commitment to your team. Turn up
on time, be courteous, enthusiastic and organised! That
way you will see your personal performances improve as
well as team spirit and results.
Basketball first week back
Futsal competition games are held on Friday (between
4.30pm-9.30pm) at Indoor Central, 5 Kent Road, Mascot.
The girls played superbly last week and we had many wins!
For games, wear St Vincent’s College football socks, PE
shirt and PE shorts. Purchase socks from the uniform
shop. (for details see the uniform shop flyer in this Bulletin
The Easts draw is now available on their website and
below is some important information about the competition. page 13)
Page: 15
Issue: 15
Sport Report (cont)
Games all went well the first week on Saturday 11 October,
and SVC held their own in the pool! For games, wear the
St Vincent’s swimming costume which can be purchased
from the uniform shop (see flyer page 13).
CONGRATULATIONS to the following
athletes who competed at the Combined All Schools NSW
Athletics Carnival on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 October.
All of the girls performed wonderfully and represented the
College with pride. Well done girls.
 Samantha Kiss placed 9th in the 14 years high jump
 Ruby Fifield placed 10th in the 13 years 80m hurdles
 Isabel Di Paolantonio placed 6th in the 100m and
finished 5th in the 200m.
Water polo from Saturday’s first games
CONGRATULATIONS to Alannah Griffiths (Year 7) who
played in the under 13 years State Softball tournament on
13 and 14 September at Liverpool, playing for Sutherland
Shire Softball Association. They ended up coming 7th but
their win loss record was 3 and 2. Well
Note: All draws for touch, volleyball, basketball, water
polo and futsal are on the Sports noticeboard and St
Vincent’s College website.
CONGRATULATIONS also to Stephanie
Augoustis (Year 7) who played in the
under 13 years State Football tournament
in Mudgee during the holidays. Stephanie
was the major goal scorer for her team,
Tildesley tennis squad will kick off with training sessions
who won five of their eight games and
from week 3 due to inclement weather this week. We wish finished 4th in the competition. Due to her
our talented tennis athletes well in their mission to win the excellent attacking skills, Stephanie was
‘Most Improved School’ trophy at the tournament next year! then selected to trial for the NSW Institute
Training will be held on the College courts from 4.15pmteam. Well done Steph!
5.15pm on Wednesdays.
I think all girls found out that getting fitter could be a goal in
order to cope with the speed of basketball, touch, futsal
and water polo! So we offer a fitness session now on
Monday afternoons, 3.15pm-4.15pm. The sessions are run
by Tash, an accredited fitness trainer and badged athletics
coach. Only $5 per session and is billed at the end of term.
Please go on to the College website to register for next
term’s sports.
Go to Beyond the Class Room/Sport/Term 1 Registrations.
Choices are EASTS Touch; Danebank Invitational Water
polo; and IGSSA Tennis. There will also be noncompetitive tennis
lessons, cardio
tennis and fitness,
which will be
organized at the
start of next year.
Registrations close
at 3pm on Friday
24 October.
The Sports Department is very
excited to announce that we
have a new itinerary and price
for our tour next year. All
interested Dance and Basketball
girls will be given a hard copy of
this itinerary on Monday. Please
contact Ms Jacobs in the Sports
office if you have any questions.
Deposits will be due in two weeks to
secure your spot.
Ms Jacinta Jacobs
Sports Co-ordinator
Issue: 15
Page: 16
Recommended Reading
I really wanted to dislike Brooke Davis’ novel, Lost and
Found. This was me at my most curmudgeonly worst: the
author was clever and pretty, she had a Ph.D. in creative
writing and was the star of an episode of Australian Story.
Fortunately for me, I overcame my bigotry, read the book
and LOVED it. It concerns Millie Bird who is
deposited by her mother in a department store,
and left there while her mother travels first from
Perth to Melbourne and then to America. Both
Millie and her mother are grieving for Millie’s father
who has died of cancer. Millie is sort-of rescued
by a lonely elderly man, Karl, who understands grief
because his beloved wife has died. He escapes from a
horrible nursing home where his graceless son has
deposited him. Millie and Karl meet Agatha who has lived
inside her home for the past ten years because of her grief
for her dead husband. Despite the theme of grief, much of
this book is very funny because of the eccentricities of
these three people. They are also good and kind people
and we care about them a great deal. I have had to accept
that Brooke Davis was surrounded by a number of fairy
godmothers at her birth who gave her beauty, talent and
vivacity. However, she wrote this, her first book, as a way
of coping with the accidental death of her own mother. I
would recommend this book for HSC students for
Discovery but also to everyone who enjoys reading good
books written by Australian writers.
insane. One of the many strengths of this novel
is that the creature is never described, so that we
can use our imaginations. The plot moves back
and forth over four years. Malorie is a young
woman who has almost absent-mindedly become
pregnant. Her parents and sister surround her
with support. However, they are consumed by madness
and so Malorie has to leave home to find shelter with other
survivors. Four years later she is rowing down a river,
blindfolded and with two young children with her. It has
taken her four years to be brave and desperate to leave the
house that was both a shelter and a scene of a massacre.
She has trained the two children in skills they need in this
dreadfully dangerous world. We read on breathlessly,
totally involved with this brave, determined and terrified
woman. I think the end could suggest a sequel and the
author’s Afterword suggests a film. I look forward to both a
great deal. This is a brilliant holiday read! When I
researched the author, I found out he is a member of a
rock band appropriately called Highly Strung. Just like his
Pirouette is Robyn Bavati’s second novel about ballet in
Melbourne. I loved her first novel, Dancing in the Dark
because it was a great story and it converted that rare
Vinnies beast, the non-reader, to becoming a reader. I
found the second book somewhat less engaging because
of some rather creaky plot devices. Beautiful
Popular is a book about a book by Maya Van Wagenen. It identical twins are born in Brazil. Their father had
is the non-fiction account of how one horribly shy
been driving their mother, a beautiful ballerina, to
girl became much kinder to herself and everyone
hospital to deliver the babies but a traffic accident
about her. Van Wagenen came from a fairly poor
occurs and he is killed instantly and the mother
family, despite her father’s position at university.
lives just long enough to give birth before she dies
She had two younger siblings: a lovable little
as well. The babies are placed in an orphanage from
brother and an autistic younger sister. She was
where they are adopted. To the distress of one of the
attending a junior high school near the Mexican border, so nurses, the twins are to be separated, one going to Texas
it was common for the school to go into real lockdown with and the other to Melbourne. The nurse switches the
gun battles raging in the street outside. Maya was utterly
babies so that they are both adopted by Melbourne
miserable, anxious, self-conscious and lonely. She found
families. Fifteen years later, we find that one twin is a
in the book-cluttered house a self-help book about how to
technically brilliant dancer but she has no passion for
be popular - but it was published in the 1950’s. Despite the performance. The other twin attends a fairly good ballet
advice being decades old, she decided to follow the advice school but both her parents see dance as a hobby rather
month by month. Each chapter is made up of the
than a serious career option. When the twins meet at a
achievements and failures of the year-ling project. She
summer dance school in Canberra, they believe they can
learns to hate the constricting evil device call “a step-in” but solve all their problems. Despite the creakiness, there is a
also learns that walking up to people and introducing
lot to like about this novel and I am sure girls who dance
yourself is actually possible. One of the many great
will especially enjoy reading the book.
moments in the book is when she makes contact with the
Peter Read begins his biography of Joy Januka Wiradjuri
author of the original book and is encouraged by her
admiration for what Maya is trying to do. The final chapter Williams, Tripping Over Feathers, with a description of her
funeral and an explanation of the title. She had said to him
of the book has great moments of triumph in it. This is an
that there had been so much tragedy in her life, that she
excellent book for all ages. It really does challenge the
was so sad, that she would trip over an insubstantial
reader to think about a detailed definition of “popularity”
feather. Williams was the third generation in her family to
and how it can be either a destructive or affirming
be removed from her mother. As for the two preceding
generations, when there was a mother-daughter reunion,
One of the many joys of holidays is being able to read a
there was no joy or connection. In each situation, the child
book a day. I am especially grateful for this luxury because had been so brutalised in an institution that she was afraid
it would have frustrated me to have to put down Bird Box
to love unconditionally and the mother had never learned to
by Josh Malerman and re-enter the real world. A hideous
be a parent. Addictions to legal and illegal drugs,
danger is stalking the world - if a person looks at a
prostitution and in Williams’ case, years in mental
creature, that person becomes violently, murderously
institutions also wreaked their havoc.
Page: 17
Issue: 15
Recommended Reading (cont)
Each chapter of the biography goes further back in time, so
that we are able to see the damage caused by the taking
away of children because their skins were lighter
than their mothers’. Williams’ son was another
victim of this cycle and her daughter who did not
really know her birth mother, was further alienated.
This is a book that should be read by all Australians
so that we are aware of the ongoing tragedies caused by
government policy.
life and death over all the gypsies. I long to believe the
ending of this fascinating book but I am not quite confident
that there were people who were that brave - and still alive
- in the Reich.
Dear Mum, this book supports a worthy cause: the
breast Cancer Foundation. A number of well-known
people were asked to write a letter to their mothers,
whether they were still alive or not. Some of the
resulting letters are hilarious and some are touching,
It is no accident that The Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys and some are a mixture of both. At the end of the
is so deeply lyrical: the author is a well-known Canadian
collection is a space to allow readers to write a letter to
poet. Although I have only to stare at rosemary to kill it, I
their own mother. I think this would be a thoughtful present
love gardening and this book is redolent with gardens. The for many mothers, especially if the giver were to complete
narrator, Gwen, has been encouraged to feel deep
the letter space to make the gift even more personal and
guilt for existence - her birth robbed her beautiful
mother of any chance of a career in the theatre. To
Ms Suzanne O’Connor
add to her guilt, Gwen is told how very plain she is
almost daily by her mother. She is a horticulturist
English Teacher
and in 1941, in the quickly disappearing London, is
researching a cure for canker in parsnips. Her research is
unsuccessful so she decides to apply for a position in
charge of a group of Land Army girls who are ordered to
turn the grounds of a stately home into potato fields in
order to help feed the civilian population. Gwen finds her
charges sullen and defiant at first but she eventually
The St Vincent’s College Board makes available academic
blunders into a positive relationship with them and the
scholarships to students entering Year 7 and Year 11.
group of Canadian soldiers who are waiting to be sent to
These scholarships cover part remission of tuition fees and
Europe to fight. This is a book of less than two hundred
are awarded on the basis of the ACER Scholarship
pages and it beautifully written. It made me want to rush
examination with your supporting application to the College
out to my balcony and plant some climbing roses which,
sadly, would be as doomed as many of the Canadians are. and an interview. All scholarships will be awarded at the
discretion of the Principal.
Although this gentle novel will appeal to older readers, it
could be used as a Related Text for Area of Study:
To sit for an Academic Scholarship you must register
online and submit an application for enrolment. Please
visit our website: and go to
I love learning new information and The Extra by
Scholarships. Candidates for Academic Scholarships will
Kathryn Lasky met this function as well as being a
sit for the ACER examination on SATURDAY 28
very good book. The novel is based on the life of
FEBRUARY 2015 at the College. Registrations close
the ambiguous Leni Riefenstahl who had the
Monday 9 February 2015.
doubtful honour of being Hitler’s favourite film
maker. She had great success with documentaries but her PERFORMING ARTS SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE TO
dream was to write a script, direct and star in a feature film. STUDENTS ENTERING YEAR 7 TO YEAR 11
In the middle of World War II, she realised this ambition
The Madame Christian Scholarship is awarded to a student
with endless financial support from the Reich. The film was of singing. The Annie McParland Scholarship is awarded
based on a Spanish folk tale: Riefenstahl played a
to a student of instrumental music and The St Vincent’s
beautiful woman called Martha (a very Spanish name) who College Ex-Students’ Union Drama Scholarship is awarded
rejects a rich aristocrat in favour of a handsome shepherd. to a student of outstanding ability in Drama. These
The purpose of this piece of fluff was to enable the German scholarships cover music tuition fees and part remission of
people to escape the growing horror of the war.
College tuition fees, and are awarded on the basis of an
Riefenstahl died at 101: she claimed in trials after the war audition and interview. Please contact the Registrar to
that she had no idea about the camps. This claim is rather obtain a Music or Drama Scholarship form and return it to
undermined by the people she used as extras in the film.
the College Registrar with a cheque for the fee payable.
They were gypsies, a group as despised as the Jews by
NB: There is a fee of $100 for each audition for
the Nazis. The title is about a Lilo, a Santi girl, (this is
Instrumental and Vocal Scholarships.
some of the information I learned from the novel) who is
one of a group to act as extras - street urchins and peasant Candidates for the Music and Drama Scholarships will be
required to attend auditions at the College on Saturday
women. The positive aspect of this experience is that the
group is slightly better fed and housed than they had been afternoon 28 February 2015.
in the camps from which they were taken. The negative
Mrs Tammy Hancock
aspect was the close connection with Riefenstahl who is
presented as narcissistic and cruel with complete power of
Scholarship Information 2016
Issue: 15
From the Uniform Shop
Page: 18
Issue: 15
Page: 19
From the P&F Association
Farewell to our departing Principal, Ms Fay Gurr, who has
steered the College through the past six years and brought
in some exciting changes. We have greatly appreciated
your work with parents over the years and the way you
have welcomed parent involvement at so many levels. On
behalf of the parents and friends of the College, I wish you
all the best in your next move, and thank you sincerely.
just to name a few. Prices are well below retail and the
stock is first grade quality. This is a popular event so get in
the queue early by booking here now. The cover charge,
for P&F fundraising is $10 per adult, $5 per student. (see
the flyer on the next page)
Year Group Parent Coordinators
Each Year group has one or more designated volunteers to
The HSC exams are now underway and I wish all HSC
keep parents informed particularly on College P&F events
families well at this important milestone.
such as the Fair or Year group events for families in your
Year Group. You may remember filling out a P&F form at
Thank you to the Year 12 families who have been involved time of enrolment. You can opt to have your details
in P&F events over the years, from the Cocktail Party to
included in the class contact list.
Open Days, our inaugural ‘Vine to Vinnies’ Wine Night and
Please contact: Felicity Ratcliffe
of course, the Spring Fair - we will miss you!
([email protected]) ; Sally Ayto
([email protected]), or your Year Group coordinator Now we are well into Term 4, the P&F Annual General
see below.
Meeting looms large on the events calendar. So it is time
Year 7 (Therese Powell & Despa Fitzgerald)
for those so inspired to get motivated about taking on a
[email protected]
P&F role. See below for what it all means!
Year 8 (Trish Pryke, Carin Gerrard, Gina Turco & Ann
[email protected]
Elizabeth Roydhouse
Year 9 (Geraldine King, Adrienne Ruz & Katherine Aitken)
2014 P&F President
[email protected]
Year 10 (Annette Moran)
[email protected]
P&F Meeting AGM Tuesday 28 October
Hugonnet & Lynne Carr)
The next meeting of the St Vincent’s College P&F
[email protected]
Association is in Term 4 on Tuesday 28 October,
commencing at 7.15pm. The Term 4 meeting is the Annual Year 12 (Mary O’Sullivan, Sally Doyle & Abigail Gruzman)
General Meeting and all parents and carers are welcome,
[email protected]
and indeed encouraged to attend. At this meeting there
will be an election for the 2015 Executive committee
2014 P&F Executive:
positions. This is your chance to be part of the P&F
Executive. The following roles will be up for nomination
President: Elizabeth Roydhouse and election of leaders:
[email protected] 0416 107 029
Vice President: Robert Goldrick 0422 259 364
Vice President
Treasurer: Chris Dunn
Secretary: Sally Ayto - [email protected] or
[email protected]
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary: Felicity Ratcliffe [email protected]
Please think about getting involved by putting your name
forward! If you have questions about what any of these
roles entail, please contact any of the current P&F
Executive - our details are at the end of this article.
Year 10 Social Saturday 8 November 2014
This event is now sold out!
Thank you to the parents who have kindly come forward to
volunteer as supervisors on the cruise - you will be
contacted shortly by the Year group coordinator to finalise
Estée Lauder Showroom - Shopping Night
A shopping night has been organised in Term 4 at the
Estée Lauder shop at 165A Mitchell Road, Erskineville.
When? Thursday 6 November, 5.30pm-8.30pm (you can
come any time during these hours). This is a great
opportunity for some “retail therapy” with well-known
brands including Estée Lauder, Clinique and Bobbi Brown
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From the P&F Association
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