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Mountain College
Friday 17th October 2014
Contact Details:
Phone/fax: 5545 3644
Admin Email: (Bev)
[email protected]
Reception Email: (Julie)
[email protected]
Accounts: (Mel)
Phone: 0408 453 644
[email protected]
TMC Bank Account Details:
NAB BSB: 084-917
A/C No:
675 498 935
The next meeting will be on
Thursday 6th Nov at
2 pm in the Common Room
Student Free Day
Monday 20th October.
New Uniform Shop Hours
Mon to Friday - 8 am to 9 am; 11 am to 11.30 am and 1 pm to 1.30 pm.
New Staff
We welcome two new staff members; Mr Mark Stevens, Assistant Principal,
Primary Campus and Mrs Krista Coughlan who will take over from Mr Mel
Kirk in the Accounts Dept at the end of this Term. Mrs Coughlan will also
run the Uniform Shop. This is the reason that we are now able to have the
Uniform Shop open 5 days a week which is very convenient for our
Students and Parents.
Open Day
It was certainly a most successful and fun day last Saturday when we had
the official opening of The Michael Kyle Learning Centre by Mr Kyle, our
Chairman. We all enjoyed listening to the exceptional talents of Ruby Luck
on piano, and the wonderful vocal talents of Estelle MacPherson, Charlotte
Stubbs and Eddy Sarroff. Thank you to our fantastic Volunteers who kept
the crowds fed and watered, thanks to our dedicated Teachers and
Students and, especially, thanks to all our College family who supported the
event. We all look forward to the next
building. There is no stopping us now!
All parents and friends are
invited to attend
Uniform Shop is open
8 AM TO 9 AM
11 AM TO 11.30 AM
1 PM TO 1.30 PM
UNSW English Competition Results 2014
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 11
Yr 12
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 12
For your Diary…
Blake Lindsay-Little
Sam Elliott, Eden Knight, Ruby Luck
Will Klupfel, Hollie Munn, Niamh Warwick
Nathan Chan, Madeline Coker, Kilian Nielson, Sarah
Monday 20th October
Student-free day
Friday 24th October
Games Night
Rebecca Emmonds, Andrew Mossetter
Eden Thomas Pacnik, Lacey Wood
Sasha Gubbins, Jonathon Wendell
Zachary Hinkins, Zoe Lewis
Liana Laughton, Thor Wendell
Jack Arbuckle
Samantha Wooller
Congratulations to all our students; your efforts have been rewarded and your school is extremely
pleased and proud of you.
New Uniform
A new College hat is being introduced in 2015 with a band identifying our logo. The existing Akubra
will become obsolete over time but be aware that NO second-hand hats can be bought or sold for
College uniform use in 2015 and beyond.
On Tuesday 21 October all Yr 8 students will need to hand their Akubra hats into their Form Teacher to
have their hat fitted with the new band, free of charge. The following week we will do Yr 9 and so on.
We will not change Yr 12.
Navy blazers will have a new pocket with the full College logo
from 2015 and only donations of the old version blazer will be
accepted into the Uniform Shop. No sales or buying of these
will be acceptable for College uniform in 2015 and
beyond. Only existing navy blazer without the full logo will be
Games Night
The final Games Night for the year will take place on Friday
the 24th of October from 4pm to 9pm. The event costs $10 to
attend and includes drinks and a sausage sizzle. See Mr
Hoyne to secure your place………..Excelsior!!!
Snow Trip 2015
There are now fewer than 5 places available for the Snow
Trip next year. If you are interested in your child attending the
Snow Trip, please contact Mr Byrnes ASAP.
We again ask that our Seniors get involved in the Blue Light
Disco. This excellent Community service will pay for their
Safe Drive Training Course at the end of Term 4.
Food for thought………
“ painful, continual and difficult work to be done in kindness, by watching, by
warning,... by praise, but above all -- by example.” ……….. John Ruskin
Available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from
10am to 5pm for groups of 4 or more with at least 2
hours notice. Just call us on 1300 666 559
and we'll entertain you.
Open every Saturday and Sunday 10am to
5pm. Also open School holidays and Public
Holidays (except Christmas Day and ANZAC
Day morning).
101 Alpine Terrace, Mt Tamborine - Ph: 07 5545 1177
Bliss Within
Deep releasing, relaxing, therapeutic
Yoga. Svaroopa Yoga is a compassionate
Style of yoga and is
available to everyone regardless
of prior yoga experience, fitness level
shape or size!
Tues:12:45pm Sat 10:45am
Masonic Centre 10 Knoll Rd,
North Tamborine.
Ph: Amanda Cahill 5545-4094 0401531453
Balance Veterinary
Dr Steve Denley BVSc CVA
Housecall Vet for busy mums and
dads. Flexible hours. 16 years exp.
0431 263 728
All routine services.
Email :
[email protected]