Annual Academic Meeting Blair Bell Research Competition 2015 Abstract Submission Guidelines

Annual Academic Meeting
Blair Bell Research Competition 2015
Abstract Submission Guidelines
Format of the abstract
 The full title of your submission must not exceed 50 words
 The maximum length of the main body of the abstract should be 250 words (i.e. excluding title, authors and
institutions) and must follow the structured format outlined below:
o Introduction
o Methods
o Results
o Conclusion
 No figures, tables or references are permitted. Please ensure that results are given (do not state: results
will be presented at the meeting) and appropriate statistical tests have been used and reported.
 Please avoid salami submission with generation of several abstracts from the same study
 Your abstract will be presented in the abstract booklet exactly how you submit it so please check it is
exactly how you want it reproduced before you submit
General Guidance
 The presenting author must be a trainee. For clinicians this is defined as pre-CCT, and for scientists this is
defined as fewer than three years post PhD award.
 Abstract submissions are only accepted online.
 Submit your abstract using the link below by Monday 17 November 2014
 You can amend your abstract at any time up until the deadline.
 All abstracts will be considered for oral presentation in the first instance. Those not selected for oral
presentation will automatically be considered for poster presentation.
 Only authors named on the abstract are permitted to present the poster.
 One author must be registered to attend on all days of the conference for a poster to be presented.
 For abstracts presented at the event, certificates are provided to the presenter of the abstract not all
 All abstracts will be published as an online supplement unless stated on the online form
 We hope to notify authors by Friday 5 December. Notifications are sent to the presenting author.
Other information you will need before you submit
Permission from all authors to submit the abstract
Names of all authors
Affiliations of all authors
Alternate contact as a backup if we can’t get through to you
Prizes and BJOG Publication
Prizes will be awarded for the best oral and poster presentations, with the oral prize winner being offered a
maximum of £1000 towards the expenses of attending an international conference in 2015 to present their
winning abstract. The top-scoring abstracts will be put forward for publication in BJOG on a date AFTER the
meeting. It will be assumed that your abstract can be published in BJOG unless you make it clear in by emailing
Kim Helm on [email protected] that this is not possible.