2014-2015 Cheerleading Handbook

2014-2015 Cheerleading Handbook
10713 Dixie Hwy. Louisville, KY. 40272
(502) 365-1VXC
Thank you for your interest in Valley Xtreme Cheer. We want you to know that
we are dedicated to giving each cheerleader the ultimate cheerleading
experience. We know your child will learn to be the best cheerleader they can
be. More importantly they will learn what teamwork is, they will gain new
friends and best of all have fun!
WELCOME to our Panther Cheer family! We encourage parents to become
actively involved. You will be making new friends and joining in on the fun and
excitement your child is experiencing. Were involved in community service
projects such as food baskets during the holidays and fundraisers for Kosair
Children’s Hospital, St. Jude Children’s Hospital along with Susan G Komen
Foundation. Please be sure to check out our website at www.valleyxtreme.com
or www.facebook.com/valleyxtreme for updates, new classes and events.
This handbook will serve as your guide for everything you need to know about
Valley Xtreme Cheer. Please make sure you have read the entire handbook
and complete all papers and turn in on Saturday April 19th. No one will be
allowed to be evaluated without paper work being turned in.
If you have any comments or questions regarding anything in this handbook,
please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you,
Mike Anderson
Valley Xtreme Cheer Evaluation Information
Thank you for your interest in Valley Xtreme Cheer. Your participation in our evaluations shows
that you are committed to the training and dedication that it takes to be a part of our family.
During our evaluations your child will be judged on standing tumbling, running tumbling, jumps,
cheer and dance. This is a time when coaches can evaluate your child and see which of our teams is
best suited for your cheerleader.
If there is a problem with you attending the evaluation on Saturday please let us know right away.
There is a way for your child to still be evaluated if he/she is unable to attend.
Evaluation Date and Times:
Saturday April 19th
3yrs-11 yrs old
12yrs old-18 yrs old
Cost For Evaluations:
Evaluation/Clinic Fee: FREE
Annual Fee: $50.00
Annual fee must be paid by May 1st.
All outstanding balances must be
paid by this date also. Anyone with an outstanding balance will NOT be listed on
the evaluation result list.
Evaluation Attire:
During evaluations you should wear comfortable shorts, t-shirt and shoes. Hair must
be in a ponytail, and no jewelry.
Evaluation Results:
Team placement will be posted at www.valleyxtreme.com by 8:00pm Tuesday evening
April 22nd. Please make sure you check the site to see what time and day your practice is scheduled.
Practice will begin the week of May 5th. There will be a mandatory parent meeting Monday May 5th
and Tuesday May 6th at 6:30pm. Please attend the one that best fits your schedule.
Team Placement
The staff spends many hours, weeks, and months working toward building the strongest teams
possible. We want each team member to be an important contributor to his or her team. Self worth,
accountability and confidence begin to surface when team members know that they are an important
piece of the puzzle. Each team is put together to be the most competitive as possible. Teams are
NOT based just on tumbling skills alone. Stunting, motions and technique play an important role in
making the best team possible.
Competitive Cheer Squads
Teams based on age as of August 31st 2014
Tiny 5yrs old & younger
Mini 8yrs old & younger
Youth 11yrs old & younger
Junior 14yrs old & younger
Senior 18yrs old & younger
Attendance Policy
1. All practice sessions are mandatory.
2. Members must be on time to practice. Continual tardiness will be grounds for disciplinary
action or dismissal from team.
3. If an absence must occur, please call or email the gym and let someone know.
4. No call/ no show to practice will be grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal from
5. Continuous failure to be productive at practice is grounds for disciplinary action or
dismissal from team
6. If you are sick or injured, you must still attend practice. You will not be required to
participate. You will watch any changes that directly affect you.
7. Parents do not use cheerleading practice as a form of punishment it hurts the whole team.
Excused absences include: illness with fever, vomiting and school events that earn a grade,
extenuating family circumstances everything else is subject to approval If you miss a practice it
is your responsibility to find out if you miss any information.
The staff has family and outside lives also. We want time from the gym also. If extra practices
are scheduled, they are for the benefit of the team and a coach deems it necessary for the teams
confidence level and success. The Valley Xtreme staff is committed to your kids. They are
willing to go the extra mile for them. 100% attendance at extra practices is a must. Please do
not waste your coaches/teammates time by not attending extra practices
Financial Information
Joining Valley Xtreme is a yearlong commitment from the beginning of May to the end of
March. Total tuition cost for the year is $935.00 per child (before multi-student discount). This
breaks down to a monthly fee of $85.00 a month. 1st payment is due May 1st 2014. All gym fees
are due on the 1st of each month; if invoices are not paid by the 10th of the month there is a
$25.00 late fee. If not paid by the 15th of the month there is a $50.00 late fee. If you become 30
days past due your child will sit out of practice. Late fees will be strictly enforced. If you are
having problems please feel free to come talk to me, there may be a solution. Payments can be
made via cash or check. Returned checks incur a $30.00 retuned check charge. If you leave the
organization or are asked to leave, there are no refunds. Checks should be made payable to:
Valley Xtreme Cheer.
Tuition Fee: Your fee includes 2 hours of team practice 2 days a week and an additional
tumbling class one day a week. All students are required to attend additional tumbling class.
Competition fees- we will have the competition schedule and fees sometime in May. All
competition fees will have coaches fees added to the total this year.
Practice wear – Practice wear will be offered to all cheerleaders to purchase sometime in July.
Music Fee- Each cheerleader will be required to pay a competition music fee in Aug. The cost
will be around $25.00 per child.
USASF FEE: Every competitive cheerleader must join the USASF in the 2014-2015 cheer
season. The cost is $30.00 and will be due Aug. 1st. All new members must supply a copy of
their child’s birth certificate by this date.
Uniforms- Everyone is required to purchase a uniform, cheer shoes, make-up, and hair bow.
Uniforms will be sized sometime in July. Payment is due at the time of sizing. One parent will
be required to be present at the time of sizing.
Uniform $335.00
Shoes $80.00
Make-up & Hair-bow $50.00
* These cost are estimated and could go up or down depending on style and any tax or shipping
We will compete in approximately 9-12 competitions this season. Competitions will begin in
October 2014 and end in March 2015. Here are some important things to remember for the
competition season.
Competitions are mandatory for all cheerleaders
Be on time and ready
No jewelry of any kind
Parent must provide transportation to and from competition event
Remember your child is part of a TEAM that depends on them
You will receive an itinerary before each competition with times and schedule
Arrive early to cheer on younger teams and stay late to cheer on older team
Stay in uniform until awards are complete
Every cheerleader must stay for his or her awards session; if you need to leave make
other arrangements. Leaving early shows bad sportsmanship
You are representing Valley Xtreme, show them how great we are
NEVER approach a judge or competition host
NO ONE IS EVER ALLOWED BACK STAGE. We will bring your child to you after
they perform.
Parents remember you should always set an example to all our athletes. Please make sure your
actions and your words reflect a positive representation of Valley Xtreme Cheer.
Spirit awards are routinely given out at competitions. We want the world to know who the
XTREME fans are. We are looking for wild and crazy parents who will make sure everyone
knows Valley Xtreme is in the house. Sportsmanship is another award given out at most
competitions. Even when there isn’t an award we expect our cheerleaders and parents to show
supports and respect to all other gyms, just as we would expect then to do for us. Respect isn’t
gained by taking first place; respect is earned by your actions to your fellow cheerleaders and
parents. There are occasions where you will run into a cheerleader or parent who does not have
the respect, class or tolerance that you have. That’s ok, if someone says or does something that
is mean or hurtful, just hold you head up high, give them a smile and tell them good luck.
Disrespect, bad mouthing and foul language will not be tolerated.
Gym Rules
No gum, candy or food allowed out of the parent area
Proper practice clothes must be worn. Shorts and t-shirts. No baggy clothing or jeans are
Long hair must be worn in a ponytail
All personal items, bags, cell phones, electronic devices, purses, etc. are to be kept in
parent area.
No cheerleaders allowed in office.
Cell phones are to be turned off or on vibrate
Please clean up after yourselves.
No jewelry of any kind is to be worn during practice. Rings, earring, bracelets, necklaces
No stunting or tumbling without proper supervision
No horsing around or running around is permitted; this is for obvious safety reasons.
Do not ask coaches to hold personal items, coaches are not responsible for your items
Cheerleaders and staff only allowed on floor.
Cheerleaders stay in parent area until your practice time, there are other classes going on
and they don’t need to be disturbed
Do not yell at your child from the parent viewing area, not only is this not safe it’s very
Respect, bonding and friendship are the most important assets for a winning team. As a
cheerleader for Valley Xtreme you are expected to treat your fellow teammates with respect and
honesty. Bonds and friendship grow from that. True winners honor and respect their fellow
cheerleaders. Each of you shares the same goals, work hard, work as a team, have fun and be the
best you can be! If you do all this you will be a TRUE WINNER. We will not tolerate disrespect
of gossiping weather it is about a cheerleader or coach. Sometimes issues or problems arise,
please go through the proper channels, and talk to a coach or the owner. Talking to the coach or
owner avoids the embarrassment of miscommunication and rumors.
While we hope issues or problems never arise, rules are in place to ensure our teams success both
during practice and at competitions. If you child is reprimanded at any time, we will let you
know. Depending on the severity of the problem the cheerleader can be made to sit out a
practice, miss a competition or removed for the team. Cheerleaders are expected to listen and
respect all coaches, staff and fellow cheerleaders. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal from
team. Discipline starts with the parents. Removal from team will be at owner’s discretion. No
refunds will be given.
Participant Information
Must be filled out completely & signed by parent to participate
As of August 31, 2014
Home Address
City, State and Zip
Home Phone
Father’s Full Name
Work #
Cell #
Mother’s Full Name
Work #
Cell #
Email – Student
Email – Mom
Email - Dad
I/We the parents/guardians of
do hereby permit my son/daughter named above
to participate in cheerleading, gymnastics, tumbling, or other physical activities while at Valley Xtreme Cheer. By granting
permission of said student to participate in these activities, I/We hereby assume full responsibility for said participants
personal safety and release Valley Xtreme Cheer, their supervisors, employees and instructors, whether paid or volunteer,
from any and all liabilities that may occur from any injury, including death to said participant (son/daughter) that may arise
by participating in this activity. I/We understand that these activities can result in serious injury and disability. I/We assume
all responsibility and waive any claim for compensation for accidental injury, disability or death while attending Valley
Xtreme Cheer and hereby agree to hold harmless Valley Xtreme Cheer and the hosting site in which premises any Valley
Xtreme Cheer event will occur, their agents, employees, or servants whether paid or volunteer, against any and all claims
which may arise while participating in a Valley Xtreme Cheer activity. I/We agree that my child will follow all rules
pertaining to Valley Xtreme Cheer and its staff. Furthermore, all images and videos of Valley Xtreme are the property of
Valley Xtreme Cheer, LLC. and can be used for promotional consideration.
Parent’s Signature
authorize Valley Xtreme Cheer, its staff, supervisors and instructors to take the
necessary steps regarding medical attention (first aid, calling aid, ambulance) will allow authorized hospital
faculty and staff to treat my child for any illness or injury.
Doctors Name
Insurance Carrier
Phone #
Policy No.
Responsible Party’s Full Name
Office Use:
Date: _________________ Cheer Squad: _______________________ Tumbling Class: ______________________
Open Gym: ______________ Birthday Party: _______________________ Other: ________________________
By signing this form below, I acknowledge that in the event that we choose to leave or if we are
asked to leave Valley Xtreme Cheer program, all fees paid into Valley Xtreme or are raised through
fundraising will not be refunded under any circumstances. This includes all fees previously
discussed in the packet given to us by Valley Xtreme.
Please read and sign the following:
I have read and understand the above information. I understand that the fees I pay will not be
refunded if I choose to remove my athlete from the program or my athlete is removed for reasons
explained in the rules and regulations of this packet.
Parents Signature: ___________________________________
Date: ____________________________
Athlete Signature: ___________________________________
Date: ____________________________
Cheerleader Information:
Cheerleaders Name
Home Phone:
Birth date:
Cell Phone:
Grade (14/15)
Age as of Aug. 31, 2014
Email Address:
T-shirt Size:
Short Size:
Parent Information
Parent Name:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
Emergency Contact Information:
In the event the parents can’t be reached
Are there any medical conditions we should be aware of?
Summer Vacation Plans:
(Please note any days you are planning on being out of town during the summer)
Cheerleader Agreement
By signing this form I have read Valley Xtreme Cheer Handbook and agree to the
I will follow the rules of the gym
I will practice safely and be aware of the safety of those around me.
I will conduct myself in a positive manner; my actions reflect not only myself but also my fellow
I will show respect to my fellow cheerleaders, coaches, parents and other teams.
I will not post any negative comments about Valley Xtreme, coaches or other gym via media (i.e.
internet, my space, facebook, twitter or cell phones).
I will not use foul language.
I will not drink take drugs or smoke.
I will be on time for practices and ready to work hard.
I will respect everyone regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability.
I will give 110% of myself both at practices and competitions.
I will accept the coaches’ decision at all times.
I will accept the judges’ decision at competitions and show true sportsmanship
I will maintain a positive attitude and congratulate the winning team at competitions
Print Cheerleader Name: _________________________________________
Cheerleader Signature: __________________________________________
Parent Acknowledgment Signature: _______________________________
Parent/Guardian Agreement
By signing this form I have read Valley Xtreme Cheer Handbook and agree to
the following:
I will address any problems or issues with the owners.
I will not gossip or spread rumors
I will conduct myself in a positive manner. My actions also affect my child.
I will not post any negative comments about Valley Xtreme, coaches or other gym via media (i.e.
internet, myspace, facebook, twitter or cell phones).
I will get my child to practices and competitions on time
I will respect everyone regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability.
I will not interrupt any practices to speak to a coach.
I will not use practices or competitions as a form of discipline
I will show good sportsmanship at all competitions
I will never approach a judge or competition host with a complaint.
I will cheer loud and proud at competitions for all Valley Xtreme teams.
Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________
Date: _____________